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Abbreviation:   SRC-1  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   steroid receptor coactivator-1
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Nuclear receptor coactivator SRC-1 promotes colorectal cancer progression through enhancing GLI2-mediated Hedgehog signaling. AOM/DSS, CRC, GLI2, Hh
2022 Phytosterols in hull-less pumpkin seed oil, rich in ∆7-phytosterols, ameliorate benign prostatic hyperplasia by lowing 5α-reductase and regulating balance between cell proliferation and apoptosis in rats. 5AR, AR, BPH, GC/MS, HPLC, NMR, TPS
2022 Steroid Receptor Coactivator-1 (SRC-1) Promoted Cell Metastasis of Gastric Cancer via VEGFC Activator by NF-κB. NF-kB, VEGF-C
2021 A Novel Mouse Model for SNP in Steroid Receptor Co-Activator-1 Reveals Role in Bone Density and Breast Cancer Metastasis. BMD, SERMs, SNP
2021 Comparison of the mechanisms of estrogen disrupting effects between triphenyl phosphate (TPhP) and tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate (TDCIPP). AOP, ERalpha, GPER, OPFRs, TDCIPP, TPHP
2021 FXR-mediated epigenetic regulation of GLP-1R expression contributes to enhanced incretin effect in diabetes after RYGB. CDCA, GLP-1, GSIS, RYGB
2021 Hydrophobic Tagging-Mediated Degradation of Transcription Coactivator SRC-1. UPS
2021 PRMT5 promotes progression of endometrioid adenocarcinoma via ERalpha and cell cycle signaling pathways. EAC, EC, ERalpha, PRMT5
2021 SRC-1 Deficiency Increases Susceptibility of Mice to Depressive-Like Behavior After Exposure to CUMS. CUMS, CUS, LPS, NRs
10  2020 Inhibition of steroid receptor coactivator-1 in the hippocampus impairs the consolidation and reconsolidation of contextual fear memory in mice. AAV, RNAi
11  2020 Myotubularin-related protein 7 activates peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma. CC, KRAS, PPARgamma
12  2020 Progesterone Receptor Coregulators as Factors Supporting the Function of the Corpus Luteum in Cows. CL, CREB, HAT, HDAC, NCOR-2, PgR
13  2020 SRC-1 Knockout Exerts No Effect on Amyloid beta Deposition in APP/PS1 Mice. AD
14  2020 Steroid receptor coactivator-1 enhances the stemness of glioblastoma by activating long noncoding RNA XIST/miR-152/KLF4 pathway. GBM, KLF4, miR, XIST
15  2020 Targeted Degradation of Transcription Coactivator SRC-1 through the N-Degron Pathway. PROTAC
16  2019 Effect of Paecilomyces tenuipes Extract on Testosterone-Induced Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Sprague-Dawley Rats. 5AR, AR, BPH, DHT, Fi, P. tenuipes, PE, PSA, Saw, TP
17  2019 Equol Pretreatment Protection of SH-SY5Y Cells against Abeta (25-35)-Induced Cytotoxicity and Cell-Cycle Reentry via Sustaining Estrogen Receptor Alpha Expression. ERalpha, ERK
18  2019 FXR Mediates Adenylyl Cyclase 8 Expression in Pancreatic beta-Cells. ADCY8, FXR, GK
19  2019 Letrozole induces worse hippocampal synaptic and dendritic changes and spatial memory impairment than ovariectomy in adult female mice. LET
20  2019 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass enhances insulin secretion in type 2 diabetes via FXR-mediated TRPA1 expression. AcH3, BAs, FXR, GK, GSIS, IVGTT, RYGB, TRPA1
21  2019 Steroid Receptor Coactivator-1 Expression in Pheochromocytoma: Clinicopathologic Correlation and Potential Diagnostic Pitfall. ACC
22  2019 Steroid receptor coactivator-1 modulates the function of Pomc neurons and energy homeostasis. POMC
23  2019 The In Vitro Functional Impairment of Thyroid Hormone Receptor Alpha 1 Isoform Mutants Is Mainly Dictated by Reduced Ligand Sensitivity. NCOR1, RTHalpha, TH, TREs, TRs
24  2019 The steroid receptor coactivator 1 (SRC1) and 3 (SRC3) recruitment as a novel molecular initiating event of 4-n-nonylphenol in estrogen receptor alpha-mediated pathways. 4-n-NP, AOPs, ERalpha, ERE, MIE, SRCs
25  2018 Cigarette Smoke Extract Disrupts Transcriptional Activities Mediated by Thyroid Hormones and Its Receptors. CSE, GRIP1, PBS, TH, TRs
26  2018 Network analysis of SRC-1 reveals a novel transcription factor hub which regulates endocrine resistant breast cancer. RIME, RNA-Seq, TFs
27  2018 Novel split luciferase-based biosensors for evaluation of vitamin D receptor ligands and their application to estimate CYP27B1 activity in living cells. DRIP205, LBD, TIF2, VDR
28  2018 Oleanolic Acid Inhibits Liver X Receptor Alpha and Pregnane X Receptor to Attenuate Ligand-Induced Lipogenesis. ABC, LXRalpha, NAFLD, OA, RCT, SMILE, SREBP-1c
29  2018 Orchiectomy and letrozole differentially regulate synaptic plasticity and spatial memory in a manner that is mediated by SRC-1 in the hippocampus of male mice. LET
30  2018 SRC1 Deficiency in Hypothalamic Arcuate Nucleus Increases Appetite and Body Weight. AMPK, ARC
31  2018 Steroid receptor coactivator-1 interacts with NF-kappaB to increase VEGFC levels in human thyroid cancer. VEGF-C
32  2018 Steroid Receptor Coactivator-1 Knockdown Decreases Synaptic Plasticity and Impairs Spatial Memory in the Hippocampus of Mice. LTP, pCREB, PSD, RNAi
33  2018 Steroid receptor coactivator-1 regulates glioma angiogenesis through polyomavirus enhancer activator 3 signaling. bFGF, EC, MMP, PEA3, VEGF
34  2018 Ursolic Acid, a Novel Liver X Receptor α (LXRα) Antagonist Inhibiting Ligand-Induced Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver and Drug-Induced Lipogenesis. AMPK, LXRalpha, NAFLD, SMILE, SREBP-1c, UA
35  2017 Anti-androgenic mechanisms of Bisphenol A involve androgen receptor signaling pathway. AR, BPA, CCK-8, NCoR, RTCA, SMRT
36  2017 Differential activation of pregnane X receptor by carnosic acid, carnosol, ursolic acid, and rosmarinic acid. hPXR, mPXR, PXR, rPXR
37  2017 HDX reveals the conformational dynamics of DNA sequence specific VDR co-activator interactions. AF-2, HDX, VDRMs, VDRRXRalpha
38  2017 PGC1alpha Transcriptional Adaptor Function Governs Hepatitis B Virus Replication by Controlling HBcAg/p21 Protein-Mediated Capsid Formation. CBP, HBV, PGC-1alpha, PRMT1
39  2017 Progesterone Receptor Isoforms, Nuclear Corepressor-1 and Steroid Receptor Coactivator-1 and B-Cell Lymphoma 2 and Akt and Akt Phosphorylation Status in Uterine Myomas after Ulipristal Acetate Treatment: A Systematic Immunohistochemical Evaluation. Bcl-2, NCoR1, PR, PR, UPA
40  2017 Silencing steroid receptor coactivator-1 in the nucleus of the solitary tract reduces estrogenic effects on feeding and apolipoprotein A-IV expression. apoA-IV, DIO, ERalpha, NTS, shRNA
41  2017 SRC1 promotes Th17 differentiation by overriding Foxp3 suppression to stimulate RORgammat activity in a PKC-theta-dependent manner. FoxP3, iTreg, PKCtheta, RORgammat, TCR
42  2017 Steroid receptor coactivator-1 can regulate osteoblastogenesis independently of estrogen. ER, SRC-1 KO
43  2017 The co-regulators SRC-1 and SMRT are involved in interleukin-6-induced androgen receptor activation. AR, IL-6, RTCA, SMRT
44  2017 [The molecular mechanisms and morphological manifestations of leiomyoma reduction induced by selective progesterone receptor modulators]. NCOR1, SPRM
45  2016 High activity of the stress promoter contributes to susceptibility to stress in the tree shrew. aGRE, CRH, HPA
46  2016 Inhibition effect of cypermethrin mediated by co-regulators SRC-1 and SMRT in interleukin-6-induced androgen receptor activation. AR, IL-6, RTCA, SMRT
47  2016 Isoform switching of steroid receptor co-activator-1 attenuates glucocorticoid-induced anxiogenic amygdala CRH expression. CRH, GR
48  2016 Letrozole regulates actin cytoskeleton polymerization dynamics in a SRC-1 dependent manner in the hippocampus of mice. LET
49  2016 Ubiquitination of RORgammat at Lysine 446 Limits Th17 Differentiation by Controlling Coactivator Recruitment. RORgammat, USP
50  2015 Developing Adnectins that target SRC co-activator binding to PXR: a structural approach toward understanding promiscuity of PXR. CCR1, LBD, PXR
51  2015 Dose-dependent regulation of steroid receptor coactivator-1 and steroid receptors by testosterone propionate in the hippocampus of adult male mice. AR, ERs
52  2015 Hormonal regulation of steroid receptor coactivator-1 mRNA in the male and female green anole brain. BS, NBS
53  2015 Implications of a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha) ligand clofibrate in breast cancer. ACO, CBP-300, FASN, PPARalpha, SREBP-2
54  2015 Knockout of SRC-1 and SRC-3 in Mice Decreases Cardiomyocyte Proliferation and Causes a Noncompaction Cardiomyopathy Phenotype. NCC
55  2015 Protein arginine methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5) is a novel coactivator of constitutive androstane receptor (CAR). CAR, PBREM, PGC-1alpha, PRMT5
56  2015 Regulation of beta-catenin transcription activity by leupaxin in hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC
57  2015 Steroid Receptor Coactivator 1 Promotes Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression by Enhancing Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling. HCC, PCNA
58  2015 Steroid receptor coactivator-1 mediates letrozole induced downregulation of postsynaptic protein PSD-95 in the hippocampus of adult female rats. ---
59  2014 Agonist ligands mediate the transcriptional response of nuclear receptor heterodimers through distinct stoichiometric assemblies with coactivators. CAR, RXR, SAXS
60  2014 Aromatase inhibitor letrozole downregulates steroid receptor coactivator-1 in specific brain regions that primarily related to memory, neuroendocrine and integration. ---
61  2014 Association between SRC-1 gene polymorphisms and coronary artery aneurysms formation in Taiwanese children with Kawasaki disease. CAA, KD, SNPs
62  2014 Differential ERalpha-mediated rapid estrogenic actions of ginsenoside Rg1 and estren in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells. ER, MAPK
63  2014 Expression of glucocorticoid receptor and coactivators in ependymal cells of male rats. GR, ir, LV
64  2014 Genomic interaction between ER and HMGB2 identifies DDX18 as a novel driver of endocrine resistance in breast cancer cells. HMGB2
65  2014 Intriguing roles of hippocampus-synthesized 17beta-estradiol in the modulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity. AD
66  2014 LXXLL peptide converts transportan 10 to a potent inducer of apoptosis in breast cancer cells. ER, TP10
67  2014 Nigramide C is a natural agonist of human pregnane x receptor. CYP3A4, hPXR, NigC, PXR
68  2014 Regional specific regulation of steroid receptor coactivator-1 immunoreactivity by orchidectomy in the brain of adult male mice. ---
69  2014 SRC-1 and Twist1 expression positively correlates with a poor prognosis in human breast cancer. DFS, OS
70  2014 Steroid receptor coactivator 1 is an integrator of glucose and NAD+/NADH homeostasis. ---
71  2014 Targeting steroid receptor coactivator 1 with antisense oligonucleotides increases insulin-stimulated skeletal muscle glucose uptake in chow-fed and high-fat-fed male rats. ASO, EGP
72  2014 The ability of thyroid hormone receptors to sense t4 as an agonist depends on receptor isoform and on cellular cofactors. TR, TRAP220
73  2014 Thyroid hormone signaling in vivo requires a balance between coactivators and corepressors. ChIP, NCoR1, RTH, TH, TRbeta, TSH
74  2013 A structural explanation of the effects of dissociated glucocorticoids on glucocorticoid receptor transactivation. dGCs, GR
75  2013 Adrenocortical carcinoma: a comprehensive immunohistochemical study of 40 cases. ACC, HMWCK
76  2013 Agonism of human pregnane X receptor by rilpivirine and etravirine: comparison with first generation non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. hPXR, PXR
77  2013 Antisense-mediated isoform switching of steroid receptor coactivator-1 in the central nucleus of the amygdala of the mouse brain. AON, CeA
78  2013 Lipin1 regulates PPARgamma transcriptional activity. TAD
79  2013 Nuclear receptor coactivators: master regulators of human health and disease. ---
80  2013 Nuclear receptor coactivators: regulators of steroid action in brain and behaviour. ---
81  2013 Regulation of the structurally dynamic N-terminal domain of progesterone receptor by protein-induced folding. NTD, PR, TBP
82  2013 Seasonal and sexual dimorphisms in expression of androgen receptor and its coactivators in brain and peripheral copulatory tissues of the green anole. AR, BS, CBP, NBS
83  2013 Steroid receptor coactivator-1: a versatile regulator and promising therapeutic target for breast cancer. ---
84  2013 TO901317, a potent LXR agonist, is an inverse agonist of CAR. CYP2B6, hCAR, LXR, NCOR1
85  2012 A simple heterogeneous one-step assay for screening estrogenic compounds. ER
86  2012 Astaxanthin functions differently as a selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma modulator in adipocytes and macrophages. ASX, CREB, PPAR, RGZ, TIF2
87  2012 Binding of the ERalpha and ARNT1 AF2 domains to exon 21 of the SRC1 isoform SRC1e is essential for estrogen- and dioxin-related transcription. AF-2, AhR, ARNT1, D-boxes, ERs, HIF-1alpha, NID, TCDD
88  2012 Expression of functional full-length hSRC-1 in eukaryotic cells using modified vaccinia virus Ankara and baculovirus. ---
89  2012 Gonadectomy differentially regulates steroid receptor coactivator-1 and synaptic proteins in the hippocampus of adult female and male C57BL/6 mice. ---
90  2012 Identification of a novel LXXLL motif in alpha-actinin 4-spliced isoform that is critical for its interaction with estrogen receptor alpha and co-activators. ACTNs
91  2012 Low concentrations of bisphenol a suppress thyroid hormone receptor transcription through a nongenomic mechanism. NCoR, SMRT, TH, TR
92  2012 Mitotane induces CYP3A4 expression via activation of the steroid and xenobiotic receptor. ACC, CYP3A4, XREs
93  2012 Organotin compounds act as inhibitor of transcriptional activation with human estrogen receptor. ERs, TBT-OH, TPTCl
94  2012 Progesterone receptor and SRC-1 participate in the regulation of VEGF, EGFR and Cyclin D1 expression in human astrocytoma cell lines. EGFR, PR, VEGF
95  2012 Quantitative analysis of the interaction of constitutive androstane receptor with chemicals and steroid receptor coactivator 1 using surface plasmon resonance biosensor systems: a case study of the Baikal seal (Pusa sibirica) and the mouse. CAR, LBD, SPR
96  2012 Steroid receptor coactivator-1 mediates estrogenic actions to prevent body weight gain in female mice. ERalpha
97  2012 The function of steroid receptor coactivator-1 in normal tissues and cancer. ---
98  2011 Alterations of steroid receptor coactivator-1 (SRC-1) immunoreactivities in specific brain regions of young and middle-aged female Sprague-Dawley rats. ---
99  2011 Construction and characterization of hepatocyte nuclear factor HNF4alpha1 over-expressing cell line derived from human hepatoma HepG2 cells. AhR, HNF4alpha, PXR
100  2011 Development of a novel PPARgamma ligand screening system using pinpoint fluorescence-probed protein. PPARgamma