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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Characterization of Polyurethane Foam Environmental Monitoring Tools for the Recovery and Release of Viruses. EM, hNoV, PFU, PUF, TV
2020 Characterization of PTFE Film on 316L Stainless Steel Deposited through Spin Coating and Its Anticorrosion Performance in Multi Acidic Mediums. AFM, EDS, HCl, PE, PTFE, SEM
2020 Contact Killing of Cu-Bearing Stainless Steel Based on Charge Transfer Caused by the Microdomain Potential Difference. ---
2020 Determination of Iron Valence States Around Pits and the Influence of Fe3+ on the Pitting Corrosion of 304 Stainless Steel. ---
2020 Early adherence and biofilm formation of Cutibacterium acnes (formerly Propionibacterium acnes) on spinal implant materials. C. acnes, CC, PEEK
2020 Effects of Low Frequency-Low Voltage Alternating Electric Current on Apoptosis Progression in Bioelectrical Reactor Biofilm. AC, BER, CC, DHA
2020 Evaluation of a conducting elastomeric composite material for intramuscular electrode application. CNT, SW
2020 Evolution of metallic cardiovascular stent materials: A comparative study among stainless steel, magnesium and zinc. Zn
2020 Facile Fabrication of Highly Perforated Hollow Metallic Cylinder with Changeable Micro-Orifices by Electroforming-Extrusion Molding Hybrid Process. ---
10  2020 Finite element study of controlling factors of anterior intrusion and torque during Temporary Skeletal Anchorage Device (TSAD) dependent en masse retraction without posterior appliances: Biocreative hybrid retractor (CH-retractor). CH-retractor, FEM, NiTi, TSAD
11  2020 Heparin/poly-l-lysine nanoplatform with growth factor delivery for surface modification of cardiovascular stents: The influence of vascular endothelial growth factor loading. Hep-PLL, VEGF, WCA
12  2020 Low-Power, Multimodal Laser Micromachining of Materials for Applications in sub-5 m Shadow Masks and sub-10 m Interdigitated Electrodes (IDEs) Fabrication. IDE, IDEs, PDMS
13  2020 Microbiologically influenced corrosion mechanism of 304L stainless steel in treated urban wastewater and protective effect of silane-TiO2 coating. EDS, EIS, IOB, MIC, SEM, SRB, SVET, TUWW
14  2020 Microbiologically influenced corrosion of 304 stainless steel by nitrate reducing Bacillus cereus in simulated Beijing soil solution. CLSM, EDS, MIC, NRB, XPS
15  2020 Profilometric Analysis of Periodontally Diseased Root Surfaces After Application of Different Instrumentation Tools: An In Vitro Study. TIN
16  2020 Stainless steel or titanium mini-implants? A systematic review. MIs, RoB
17  2019 A Binder Jet Printed, Stainless Steel Preconcentrator as an In-Line Injector of Volatile Organic Compounds. AM, BJP, BN, GC, PCs
18  2019 A Comparison of the Compositional, Microstructural, and Mechanical Characteristics of Ni-Free and Conventional Stainless Steel Orthodontic Wires. IIT, SEM, XRD
19  2019 A facile dopamine-mediated metal-catecholamine coating for therapeutic nitric oxide gas interface-catalytic engineering of vascular devices. CuII-DA, EC, NO, SMC
20  2019 An Albumin Biopassive Polyallylamine Film with Improved Blood Compatibility for Metal Devices. BSA, FTIR, PPAa
21  2019 Anoxybacillus and Geobacillus biofilms in the dairy industry: effects of surface material, incubation temperature and milk type. PVC
22  2019 Antibacterial durability and biocompatibility of antibacterial-passivated 316L stainless steel in simulated physiological environment. ---
23  2019 Application of a Molybdenum and Tungsten Disulfide Coating to Improve Tribological Properties of Orthodontic Archwires. ---
24  2019 Bacillus cereus s-EPS as a dual bio-functional corrosion and scale inhibitor in artificial seawater. B. cereus, S-EPS
25  2019 Biocompatibility and Durability of Diazonium Adhesives on Dental Alloys. Co-Cr, HGF, ICP, PMMA, Ti, TOC, XPS
26  2019 Biofouling of stainless steel surfaces by four common pathogens: the effects of glucose concentration, temperature and surface roughness. ---
27  2019 Biomechanical Analysis of Retrograde Flexible Intramedullary Nail Constructs in a Simulated Pediatric Femur Fracture Model. FIMN, Ti
28  2019 Corrosion Evaluation of 316L Stainless Steel in CNT-Water Nanofluid: Effect of CNTs Loading. CNT, GA
29  2019 Datasets on the corrosion behaviour of nanostructured AISI 316 stainless steel treated by SMAT. EIS, OCP, SMAT
30  2019 Development and Characterization of an Antimicrobial Polydopamine Coating for Conservation of Humpback Whales. PDA
31  2019 Disposable stainless steel-based electrochemical microsensor for in vivo determination of indole-3-acetic acid in soybean seedlings. IAA, LOD, LOQ, PST, UPLC-MS
32  2019 Dynamic Fluid-Like Graphene with Ultralow Frictional Molecular Bearing. COF, DLC
33  2019 Effect of 0.05% Sodium Fluoride Mouthwash on Surface Roughness and Friction between Ceramic Brackets and Rhodium-Coated and Uncoated Stainless Steel Wires. AFM, ANOVA, RC, SEM
34  2019 Effect of Chlorine-Induced Sublethal Oxidative Stress on the Biofilm-Forming Ability of Salmonella at Different Temperatures, Nutrient Conditions, and Substrates. TSB
35  2019 Effect of coating method on the structure and properties of a novel PbO2 anode for electrochemical oxidation of Amaranth dye. EIS
36  2019 Effect of Silica Fume and Fly Ash Admixtures on the Corrosion Behavior of AISI 304 Embedded in Concrete Exposed in 3.5% NaCl Solution. CPC, CS, FA, LPR, SF
37  2019 Effects of orthodontic appliances on the diagnostic capability of magnetic resonance imaging in the head and neck region: A systematic review. MR
38  2019 Effects of the presence of probiotic bacteria in the aging medium on the surface roughness and chemical composition of two dental alloys. ---
39  2019 Efficacy of Synthetic Furanones on Listeria monocytogenes Biofilm Formation. ---
40  2019 Enhanced antibacterial and corrosion resistance properties of Ag substituted hydroxyapatite/functionalized multiwall carbon nanotube nanocomposite coating on 316L stainless steel for biomedical application. ---
41  2019 Enhancing the performance of germanium nanowire anodes for Li-ion batteries by direct growth on textured copper. NW
42  2019 Evidence-based analysis on the toxicity of disinfection byproducts invivo and invitro for disinfection selection. DBPs, HANs, HKs, NOM, THMs, WDS
43  2019 Extracellular electron transfer of Bacillus cereus biofilm and its effect on the corrosion behaviour of 316L stainless steel. B. cereus, CV, DPV, EET, EPS
44  2019 Facile Development of a Fiber-Based Electrode for Highly Selective and Sensitive Detection of Dopamine. DA, rGO
45  2019 Failure rates for stainless steel versus titanium alloy infrazygomatic crest bone screws: A single-center, randomized double-blind clinical trial. AG, BSs, IZC, MM, TiA
46  2019 Fatigue data for laser beam powder bed fused 17-4 PH stainless steel specimens in different heat treatment and surface roughness conditions. LB-PBF
47  2019 Flame-Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube Forests on Metal Mesh Structure: Dependence, Morphology, and Application. GF/PEI, LSS, MWCNTs, SEM, TEM, XRD
48  2019 Formation of odorant haloanisoles and variation of microorganisms during microbial O-methylation in annular reactors equipped with different coupon materials. 2,3,6-TCA, 2,4,6-TBA, 2,4,6-TCA, 2,4-DCA, 2-CA, ARs, DI, HAs, HPs, PVC
49  2019 Hard Cr2O3 coatings on SS316L substrates prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering technique: a potential candidate for orthopedic implants. ICP-OES
50  2019 Heterolayered Ni-Fe Hydroxide/Oxide Nanostructures Generated on a Stainless-Steel Substrate for Efficient Alkaline Water Splitting. AWE, LDH, OER
51  2019 In Vitro Comparative Evaluation of Frictional Resistance of Connecticut New Arch Wires, Stainless Steel and Titanium Molybdenum Alloy Archwires Against Different Brackets. CNA, SEM, TMA
52  2019 In vitro comparison of frictional forces of a new polycrystalline ceramic bracket versus metal-insert ceramic bracket before and after aging. MBT
53  2019 Influences of Horizontal and Vertical Build Orientations and Post-Fabrication Processes on the Fatigue Behavior of Stainless Steel 316L Produced by Selective Laser Melting. NSR, SLM, SP, SR, XY-M-SR
54  2019 Investigation of Strain Effects on Photoelectrochemical Performance of Flexible ZnO Electrodes. IPCE, PEC, ZnO
55  2019 K-doped FeOOH/Fe3O4 nanoparticles grown on a stainless steel substrate with superior and increasing specific capacity. DFT, NF
56  2019 Kinetics of biofilm formation by pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms under conditions that mimic the poultry, meat, and egg processing industries. PP, SEM, WM
57  2019 Multispecies biofilm formation by the contaminating microbiota in raw milk. ---
58  2019 Neural cell responses to wear debris from metal-on-metal total disc replacements. Co-Cr, GFAP
59  2019 Osteoblast Biocompatibility and Antibacterial Effects Using 2-Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphocholine-Grafted Stainless-Steel Composite for Implant Applications. AFM, BP, MPC, S. aureus
60  2019 Plasma nitriding under low temperature improves the endothelial cell biocompatibility of 316L stainless steel. RAEC, XRD
61  2019 Polymer brush based fluorescent immunosensor for direct monitoring of interleukin-1beta in rat blood. IL-1beta
62  2019 Precision Vascular Delivery of Agrochemicals with Micromilled Microneedles (MMNs). MMNs
63  2019 Pure Mandibular Incisor Intrusion: A Finite Element Study to Evaluate the Segmented Arch Technique. FEM, IBA, MI, PFA
64  2019 Quantitative analysis of free fatty acids in gout by disposable paper-array plate based MALDI MS. FFAs, LODs, MALDI-TOF MS, PA, PCA
65  2019 Retrograde Stainless Steel Flexible Nails Have Superior Resistance to Bending in Distal Third Femoral Shaft Fractures. Ti FIN
66  2019 Robust Photoelectrochemical Oxygen Evolution with N, Fe-CoS2 Nanorod Arrays. N, Fe-CoS2, OER
67  2019 Salvia officinalis extract mitigates the microbiologically influenced corrosion of 304L stainless steel by Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm. MIC
68  2019 Smart Microneedles with Porous Polymer Coatings for pH-Responsive Drug Delivery. MNs, PBS
69  2019 Sulfadiazine destruction by chlorination in a pilot-scale water distribution system: Kinetics, pathway, and bacterial community structure. FC, PE, rRNA, SDZ, WDS
70  2019 Surface Persistence of Trace Level Deposits of Highly Energetic Materials. DNT, FTIR, TATP, TNT
71  2019 Surface-Degradable Drug-Eluting Stent with Anticoagulation, Antiproliferation, and Endothelialization Functions. CADs, DES, ECs, PLA, SMCs
72  2019 Survival and inactivation of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium on food contact surfaces during log, stationary and long-term stationary phases. CB, LA, LTS
73  2019 The effect of simulated erosive conditions on the frictional behavior of different orthodontic bracket-wire combinations. NiTi
74  2019 Three-dimensional batch electrochemical coagulation (ECC) of health care facility wastewater-clean water reclamation. Al, CD, COD, ECC, HCFWW
75  2019 Torque efficiency of acustomized lingual appliance : Performance of wires with three different ligature systems. betaIIITi, NiTi
76  2019 Triboelectric Nanogenerator Driven Self-Charging and Self-Healing Flexible Asymmetric Supercapacitor Power Cell for Direct Power Generation. PVDF-HFP, SCSHASC
77  2019 Use of alternating current for colored water purification by anodic oxidation with SS/PbO2 and Pb/PbO2 electrodes. ---
78  2019 Using Atomic Force Microscopy to Measure Thickness of Passive Film on Stainless Steel Immersed in Aqueous Solution. AFM, OCP
79  2018 A systematic characterization of the distribution, biofilm-forming potential and the resistance of the biofilms to the CIP processes of the bacteria in a milk powder processing factory. PS
80  2018 Ability of Shiga toxigenic Escherichia coli to survive within dry-surface biofilms and transfer to fresh lettuce. POL
81  2018 An in vivo comparison of accuracy of two electronic apex locators in determining working length using stainless steel and nickel titanium files. EAL, EWL, NiTi, RWL, WL
82  2018 Antibiotic loaded calcium sulfate bead and pulse lavage eradicates biofilms on metal implant materials in vitro. CS-B, PJI, PL, TOB, VAN
83  2018 Biomarkers of exposure to stainless steel tungsten inert gas welding fumes and the effect of exposure on exhaled breath condensate. EBC, HNE, LOD, MDA, Ni, TIG, WFs
84  2018 Biomechanical assessment of an alternative method of staple fixation for anchoring the Bone Patellar Tendon Bone graft to the tibia. ACL, BPTB
85  2018 Circumferential root strains generated during lateral compaction with stainless steel vs. nickel-titanium finger spreaders. FSs, NiTi
86  2018 Coffee processing industrial wastewater treatment using batch electrochemical coagulation with stainless steel and Fe electrodes and their combinations, and recovery and reuse of sludge. BECC, COD, CPWW, PAC
87  2018 Comparative Evaluation of Frictional Resistance of Silver-Coated Stainless Steel Wires with Uncoated Stainless Steel Wires: An In vitro Study. ---
88  2018 Comparison of Frictional Resistance in Conventional Brackets with Different Stainless Steel Wires. ANOVA
89  2018 Corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of titanium nitride plating on orthodontic wires. NiTi, TiN
90  2018 Demonstration of biofilm removal from type 304 stainless steel using pulsed-waveform electropolishing. ---
91  2018 Does long-term intraoral service affect the mechanical properties and elemental composition of multistranded wires of lingual fixed retainers? IIT, LRW, TCH
92  2018 Dynamics of biofilm formation by Listeria monocytogenes on stainless steel under mono-species and mixed-culture simulated fish processing conditions and chemical disinfection challenges. APC
93  2018 Early Comparative Outcomes of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Plate in the Fixation of Distal Femur Fractures. CFR-PEEK
94  2018 Effect of Electrolyzed Water on the Disinfection of Bacillus cereus Biofilms: The Mechanism of Enhanced Resistance of Sessile Cells in the Biofilm Matrix. AEW, BEW, EW, KCTC, PS, SAEW
95  2018 Effect of Hatch Spacing on Melt Pool and As-built Quality During Selective Laser Melting of Stainless Steel: Modeling and Experimental Approaches. FEM, SLM
96  2018 Elastic stable intramedullary nailing (ESIN) in paediatric femur and tibia shaft fractures: Comparison between titanium and stainless steel nails. ESIN, Ti, Ti group
97  2018 Electropolymerized hydrophilic coating on stainless steel for biomedical applications. EP, PEGDMA
98  2018 Evaluating the suitability of tungsten, titanium and stainless steel wires as current collectors in microbial fuel cells. CC, MFC, TW
99  2018 Evaluation of the load system produced by a single intrusion bend in a maxillary lateral incisor bracket with different alloys. ---
100  2018 Finite element analysis of slot wall deformation in stainless steel and titanium orthodontic brackets during simulated palatal root torque. Ti