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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A hybrid convolutional neural network for super-resolution reconstruction of MR images. CNN, MRI, PSNR, SNRs, SR
2020 A Multi-Scale U-Shaped Convolution Auto-Encoder Based on Pyramid Pooling Module for Object Recognition in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images. MSCAE, PPMs, RL, SAR
2020 A new robust method for blood vessel segmentation in retinal fundus images based on weighted line detector and hidden Markov model. ACC, DC, FSIM, HMM, Se, Sp
2020 Accelerating GluCEST imaging using deep learning for B0 correction. DL, GluCEST, PSNR, SNR
2020 Cat Swarm Optimization based Functional Link Multilayer Perceptron for Suppression of Gaussian and Impulse Noise from Computed Tomography Images. CSO-FLMLP, CT, PSNR
2020 Comparison of Objective Image Quality Metrics to Expert Radiologists' Scoring of Diagnostic Quality of MR Images. FSIM, GMSD, HDRVDP, IQMs, IWSSIM, MRI, MSSSIM, NQM, PSNR, RMSE, SROCC, VIF
2020 Data-Driven Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Using Loss Adaptive Dipole Inversion (LADI). COSMOS, FANSI, HFEN, IQ, IS, LADI, MEDI, QSM, RMSE, ROI
2020 Deep complex convolutional network for fast reconstruction of 3D late gadolinium enhancement cardiac MRI. LGE, LOST, MSE, realNet
2020 Deep Learning Single-Frame and Multiframe Super-Resolution for Cardiac MRI. CNNs, DL
10  2020 Deep regression neural networks for collateral imaging from dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance perfusion in acute ischemic stroke. DSC-MRP, MAE, TM
11  2020 Dose image prediction for range and width verifications from carbon-ion induced secondary electron bremsstrahlung X-rays using deep learning workflow. DL, MSE, SEB
12  2020 DRPL: Deep Regression Pair Learning For Multi-Focus Image Fusion. DRPL
13  2020 Dynamic cardiac MRI reconstruction using motion aligned locally low rank tensor (MALLRT). ADMM, MALLRT, SER
14  2020 Introducing Hann windows for reducing edge-effects in patch-based image segmentation. CNNs
15  2020 Methamphetamine drug abuse and addiction: Effects on face asymmetry. ---
16  2020 MimickNet, Mimicking Clinical Image Post-Processing Under Black-Box Constraints. DAS, DTCETM
17  2020 Projection-space implementation of deep learning-guided low-dose brain PET imaging improves performance over implementation in image-space. FD, LD, PET, PSNR, SUV
18  2020 Pseudo-CT generation from multi-parametric MRI using a novel multi-channel multi-path conditional generative adversarial network for nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients. DSC, MAE, MCMP-GAN, MCSP-GAN, NPC, PSNR, ResU-Net, SCSP-GAN, T1W, T2W
19  2020 Single patient convolutional neural networks for real-time MR reconstruction: coherent low-resolution versus incoherent undersampling. coherent-LR, DC
20  2020 Synthesis of Electrocardiogram V-Lead Signals From Limb-Lead Measurement Using R-Peak Aligned Generative Adversarial Network. ECG, GAN, MLII, PRD, PTB
21  2020 Temporally downsampled cerebral CT perfusion image restoration using deep residual learning. CTP, DCNN, PSNR
22  2020 View-invariant Deep Architecture for Human Action Recognition using Two-stream Motion and Shape Temporal Dynamics. ARP, AUC, avg, HPM, max, mul, RGB-DIs, ROC, STD
23  2019 A joint deep learning model to recover information and reduce artifacts in missing-wedge sinograms for electron tomography and beyond. GAN, PSNR, SART, WBP
24  2019 A novel diagnostic information based framework for super-resolution of retinal fundus images. CSI, DRIVE, HR, LR, MR, PSNR, SR, SVM
25  2019 A Novel Hierarchical Coding Progressive Transmission Method for WMSN Wildlife Images. DCT, EZW, PSNR, SPIHT, WMSN
26  2019 A Soft-Threshold Filtering Approach for Tomography Reconstruction from a Limited Number of Projections with Bilateral Edge Preservation. BEP, DGT, PSNR, TV
27  2019 Accelerated imaging of metallic implants using model-based nonlinear reconstruction. MSI, NRMSE
28  2019 Brain tumor detection using statistical and machine learning method. AUC, BG, DSC, ER, FG, GWT, LBP, MRI, MSE, PF, PSNR
29  2019 Computationally efficient deep neural network for computed tomography image reconstruction. CNN, CT, GPU, RMSE
30  2019 Computed Tomography (CT) Image Quality Enhancement via a Uniform Framework Integrating Noise Estimation and Super-Resolution Networks. CADs, CT, DCNN, MSE, PSNR
31  2019 Development of a deep neural network for generating synthetic dual-energy chest x-ray images with single x-ray exposure. ACR, DECR, SECR
32  2019 Direct attenuation correction of brain PET images using only emission data via a deep convolutional encoder-decoder (Deep-DAC). Deep-DAC, MAC, NAC, PSNR, RE
33  2019 Feasible Self-Calibration of Larger Field-of-View (FOV) Camera Sensors for the Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS). ADAS, ADAS, FOV, LM, PSNR
34  2019 Few-view CT image reconstruction using improved total variation regularization. CT, DL, PWLS-TGV, RMSE
35  2019 Geometrical X-lets for Image Denoising. 2D-DWT, CNR, CT, DT-CWT, EP, OCT, PSNR, STP, TP
36  2019 Highly and Adaptively Undersampling Pattern for Pulmonary Hyperpolarized 129Xe Dynamic MRI. CNR, CS, HP, MAE, QILV
37  2019 Hybrid Optimization Method (HOM) Reconstruction with limited angle in Dual Energy Breast CT. DL, HOM, PSNR, SART, STD
38  2019 Image Quality Performance of Virtual Single-Source CT Using Dual-Source Computed Tomography. ADMIRE, CNR, DS, SS
39  2019 Integrating Morphological Edge Detection and Mutual Information for Nonrigid Registration of Medical Images. CC, GMSD, MI, MRI, VIF
40  2019 Intercomparison of MR-informed PET image reconstruction methods. FDG, LVS, MAP, MLEM, MR, NRMSE, PET
41  2019 K-Space Aware Multi-Static Millimeter-Wave Imaging. DIC, PSNR
42  2019 Laplacian Eigenmaps Network-Based Nonlocal Means Method for MR Image Denoising. LEPNet, MR, NLM, PSNR
43  2019 Low dose cone-beam computed tomography reconstruction via hybrid prior contour based total variation regularization (hybrid-PCTV). CBCT, EPTV, hybrid-PCTV, PCTV, REs
44  2019 Low-Dose Computed Tomography Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction via Random Forests. CT, HDCT, LDCT, PSNR
45  2019 Medical Image Enhancement by a Bilateral Filter Using Optimization Technique. BF, EGOA, GA, GSA, MR, MSE, PSNR, SNR
46  2019 Metal artifacts with dental implants: Evaluation using a dedicated CT/MR oral phantom with registration of the CT and MR images. CT/MR, GRE, SE
47  2019 Modified dragonfly algorithm based multilevel thresholding method for color images segmentation. AF, DA, DE, EOBL, FSIM, MDA, PSNR, STD
48  2019 MRI super-resolution reconstruction for MRI-guided adaptive radiotherapy using cascaded deep learning: In the presence of limited training data and unknown translation model. DAE, DL, DSN, HR, LR, MRI, p-SRG, RMSE, SR
49  2019 Multi-modality medical image fusion using hybridization of binary crow search optimization. BCSO, FF
50  2019 Optimization of the proposed hybrid denoising technique to overcome over-filtering issue. AD, AFSWM, EPI, HSA, MPBLOW, PSNR, PSO, SNR, US
51  2019 Real-time optical 3D reconstruction based on Monte Carlo integration and recurrent CNNs denoising with the 3D light field display. EIA, MC, PSNR
52  2019 Reconstruction of compressively sampled MR images based on a local shrinkage thresholding algorithm with curvelet transform. CLSTA, FISTA, GTIA, ISTA, LSTA, MRI, MSE, NMI, PNSR, TEI
53  2019 Reducing image artifact in diffuse optical tomography by iterative perturbation correction based on multiwavelength measurements. US
54  2019 Restoration of Full Data from Sparse Data in Low-Dose Chest Digital Tomosynthesis Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. CDT
55  2019 Separation of bones from soft tissue in chest radiographs: Anatomy-specific orientation-frequency-specific deep neural network convolution. AS, ASOFS, CAD, MTANN, NNC, OFS, PSNR
56  2019 SPARE: Sparse-view reconstruction challenge for 4D cone-beam CT from a 1-min scan. CBCT, FDK, PTV, RMSE, ROI
57  2019 Sparsity adaptive reconstruction for highly accelerated cardiac MRI. CMR, CS, RMSE, SCoRe
58  2019 Synthetic CT reconstruction using a deep spatial pyramid convolutional framework for MR-only breast radiotherapy. ASPP, CT, GAN, MRI, MRIgRT, PSNR, RMSE, sCT
59  2019 Technical Note: Real-time 3D MRI in the presence of motion for MRI-guided radiotherapy: 3D Dynamic keyhole imaging with super-resolution. IRE, MRgRT, MRI, SRG
60  2019 The effectiveness of the choice of criteria on the stationary and non-stationary noise removal in the phonocardiogram (PCG) signal using discrete wavelet transform. DL, MSE, PCG, PRD, SNR
61  2019 Unsupervised binocular depth prediction network for laparoscopic surgery. MIS, PSNR
62  2018 A motion artifact reduction method for dental CT based on subpixel-resolution image registration of projection data. MAR, NAE
63  2018 A novel approach for accelerating mouse abdominal MRI by combining respiratory gating and compressed sensing. CS, FSD, MRI, PSNR, RMSE, UD
64  2018 A Novel Texture-Quantization-Based Reversible Multiple Watermarking Scheme Applied to Health Information System. HIS, PSNR, UIQI
65  2018 A prospective case study of high boost, high frequency emphasis and two-way diffusion filters on MR images of glioblastoma multiforme. EMBM, GBM, MR, NSR, PSI, PSNR, SEI, SOR
66  2018 A respiratory-guided 4D digital tomosynthesis. DTS, mSL, NPA, NRMSE, SuFB, SwG
67  2018 A study about color normalization methods for histopathology images. PCC, QSSIM, SPCN, WSI
68  2018 Accurate Reconstruction of Image Stimuli From Human Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based on the Decoding Model With Capsule Network Architecture. CapsNet, CNAVR, fMRI
69  2018 Adrenal tumor segmentation method for MR images. CAD, CLAHE, MR
70  2018 An adaptive multiscale anisotropic diffusion regularized image reconstruction method for digital breast tomosynthesis. ASD-POCS, DBT, MTTV, POCS, PSNR, SD-SART
71  2018 Cluster-based filtering framework for speckle reduction in OCT images. AWF, CSRF, KM, LF, OCT, SNR
72  2018 Coherence enhancement in quantitative susceptibility mapping by means of anisotropic weighting in morphology enabled dipole inversion. AW, GDA, HFEN, MEDI, QSM, RMSE
73  2018 Compressibility of High-Density EEG Signals in Stroke Patients. EEG, hdEEG
74  2018 Compressively sampled MR image reconstruction using generalized thresholding iterative algorithm. AP, CS, ISTA, MRI, PSNR
75  2018 Cone Beam Computed Tomography Image Quality Improvement Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network. CBCT, DCNN, i-CBCT, IGRT, pCT, PSNR, SNU
76  2018 Content-oriented sparse representation (COSR) for CT denoising with preservation of texture and edge. CBCT, CNR, COSR, CT, MDCT, SD
77  2018 Deep learning enables reduced gadolinium dose for contrast-enhanced brain MRI. GBCA, IR-FSPGR, PSNR
78  2018 Electrocardiogram Signal Quality Assessment Based on Structural Image Similarity Metric. ECG, IQI, SQI, UCSF
79  2018 Generating synthetic CTs from magnetic resonance images using generative adversarial networks. CNN, GANs, HU, MAE, PSNR, ResNet, synCTs
80  2018 High-resolution CT Image Retrieval Using Sparse Convolutional Neural Network. MAE, PSNR
81  2018 Image quality of four-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography obtained at various gantry rotation speeds for liver stereotactic body radiation therapy with fiducial markers. CBCT, CNR, GRSs, RMSEs, SBRT, SNR
82  2018 Networked medical data sharing on secure medium - A web publishing mode for DICOM viewer with three layer authentication. IWT, LAN, MSE, OTP, PSNR, QR, RONI
83  2018 Novel Automated Approach to Predict the Outcome of Laser Peripheral Iridotomy for Primary Angle Closure Suspect Eyes Using Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography. AS-OCT, CC, LPI, PACS
84  2018 Optimized Multistable Stochastic Resonance for the Enhancement of Pituitary Microadenoma in MRI. CEF, DCE, MRI, MSSR, PSNR, ROIs, UQI
85  2018 PCANet based nonlocal means method for speckle noise removal in ultrasound images. ENL, NLM, PReLU
86  2018 Quantitative susceptibility mapping: Report from the 2016 reconstruction challenge. HFEN, QSM, RMSE
87  2018 Respiratory Motion Correction for Compressively Sampled Free Breathing Cardiac MRI Using Smooth l1-Norm Approximation. ARPS, CS, MRI, MSE, PSNR
88  2018 Simple motion correction strategy reduces respiratory-induced motion artifacts for k-t accelerated and compressed-sensing cardiovascular magnetic resonance perfusion imaging. CAD, CMR, CS, MC, PCA, RMSE, ROI, SLR
89  2018 Step adaptive fast iterative shrinkage thresholding algorithm for compressively sampled MR imaging reconstruction. CS, FISTA, GTIA, ISTA, MRI, MSE, PSNR, SAFISTA, STA, TV
90  2017 A comparison of Bayesian and non-linear regression methods for robust estimation of pharmacokinetics in DCE-MRI and how it affects cancer diagnosis. CCL, DCE-MRI, NR, ROC AUC
91  2017 A Novel Method of Cone Beam CT Projection Binning Based on Image Registration. 4DCBCT, AS, FT, IRPB, LIFT, PSNR
92  2017 A sparse Bayesian representation for super-resolution of cardiac MR images. CMR, PSNR
93  2017 Deformable registration of CT and cone-beam CT with local intensity matching. CBCT, NCC, TRE
94  2017 Fast Compressed Sensing MRI Based on Complex Double-Density Dual-Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform. CDDDT-DWT, CS, FISTA, MRI, PSNR, SNR
95  2017 Motion compensation in extremity cone-beam CT using a penalized image sharpness criterion. CBCT
96  2017 Multi-atlas-based CT synthesis from conventional MRI with patch-based refinement for MRI-based radiotherapy planning. ---
97  2017 Nonlocal total variation based on symmetric Kullback-Leibler divergence for the ultrasound image despeckling. KL, KS, NIQE, NLTV, SNR
98  2017 Rapid acquisition of magnetic resonance imaging of the shoulder using three-dimensional fast spin echo sequence with compressed sensing. CS, FSE, RMSE
99  2017 Structural similarity index family for image quality assessment in radiological images. ---
100  2016 Accelerated cardiac cine MRI using locally low rank and finite difference constraints. FD, HFEN, LLR