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Abbreviation:   T7 RNAP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   T7 RNA polymerase
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2022 Dielectricity of a molecularly crowded solution accelerates NTP misincorporation during RNA-dependent RNA polymerization by T7 RNA polymerase. NTP, PEG
2022 Reprogramming T7RNA Polymerase in Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 under Specific Lac Operon for Efficient p-Coumaric Acid Production. ET7L, p-CA, TAL
2021 A Self-Regulating DNA Rotaxane Linear Actuator Driven by Chemical Energy. ss
2021 Development of a T7 RNA polymerase expressing cell line using lentivirus vectors for the recovery of recombinant Newcastle disease virus. rNDV, SW620
2021 gEL DNA: A Cloning- and Polymerase Chain Reaction-Free Method for CRISPR-Based Multiplexed Genome Editing. gRNAs
2021 Improving genomically recoded Escherichia coli to produce proteins containing non-canonical amino acids. ncAAs, sfGFP
2021 Regulating the T7 RNA polymerase expression in E. coli BL21 (DE3) to provide more host options for recombinant protein production. Ecb, GDH, PlacUV5
2021 Technical challenges in the development of reverse genetics for a viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus (VHSV) genotype Ib isolate: Alternative cell lines and general troubleshooting. rVHSV, VHSV
2020 A transient CRISPR/Cas9 expression system for genome editing in Trypanosoma brucei. ---
10  2020 Design and validation of a transposon that promotes expression of genes in episomal DNA. PBAD
11  2020 Development of orthogonal T7 expression system in Klebsiella pneumoniae. 3-HP
12  2020 In vivo diversification of target genomic sites using processive base deaminase fusions blocked by dCas9. BD, dCas9, T7-DIVA
13  2020 New Insight into Plasmid-Driven T7 RNA Polymerase in Escherichia coli and Use as a Genetic Amplifier for a Biosensor. PDT7
14  2020 NMR Spectroscopy of Large Functional RNAs: From Sample Preparation to Low-Gamma Detection. BEST-TROSY, HSQC, YIPP
15  2020 Single-pass transcription by T7 RNA polymerase. ---
16  2019 An Engineered B.subtilis Inducible Promoter System with over 10 000-Fold Dynamic Range. ---
17  2019 Bisubstrate Function of RNA Polymerases Triggered by Molecular Crowding Conditions. KF, PEG, PEG200
18  2019 Building an Inducible T7 RNA Polymerase/T7 Promoter Circuit in Synechocystis sp. PCC6803. ---
19  2019 Deoxyuridine in DNA has an inhibitory and promutagenic effect on RNA transcription by diverse RNA polymerases. Pol II, UBER
20  2019 Gene Circuit Compartment on Nanointerface Facilitatating Cascade Gene Expression. ---
21  2019 Metabolic engineering of Bacillus megaterium for heparosan biosynthesis using Pasteurella multocida heparosan synthase, PmHS2. MW
22  2019 Promoter Length Affects the Initiation of T7 RNA Polymerase In Vitro: New Insights into Promoter/Polymerase Co-evolution. RNAPs
23  2018 A novel regulation mechanism of the T7 RNA polymerase based expression system improves overproduction and folding of membrane proteins. MP, sfGFP
24  2018 A specific, promoter-independent activity of T7 RNA polymerase suggests a general model for DNA/RNA editing in single subunit RNA Polymerases. ---
25  2018 An RNase P-Based Assay for Accurate Determination of the 5'-Deoxy-5'-azidoguanosine-Modified Fraction of in Vitro-Transcribed RNAs. az G, IVT
26  2018 Bacteriophage T7 transcription system: an enabling tool in synthetic biology. ---
27  2018 Construction of synthetic T7 RNA polymerase expression systems. aTc
28  2018 The highly efficient T7 RNA polymerase: A wonder macromolecule in biological realm. ---
29  2017 A computational assessment of pH-dependent differential interaction of T7 lysozyme with T7 RNA polymerase. MD, T7L
30  2017 A T7 RNA Polymerase Mutant Enhances the Yield of 5'-Thienoguanosine-Initiated RNAs. IVT
31  2017 An in-silico glimpse into the pH dependent structural changes of T7 RNA polymerase: a protein with simplicity. MD
32  2017 CRISPR-Cas Expands Dynamic Range of Gene Expression From T7RNAP Promoters. ---
33  2016 Interaction Analysis of T7 RNA Polymerase with Heparin and Its Low Molecular Weight Derivatives - An In Silico Approach. ---
34  2015 High-level production of membrane proteins in E. coli BL21(DE3) by omitting the inducer IPTG. IPTG
35  2015 RNA editing by T7 RNA polymerase bypasses InDel mutations causing unexpected phenotypic changes. NGS
36  2014 Construction of an infectious molecular clone of Japanese encephalitis virus genotype V and its derivative subgenomic replicon capable of expressing a foreign gene. JEV
37  2014 Efficient CRISPR-Cas9-mediated genome editing in Plasmodium falciparum. EBA-175, sgRNAs
38  2014 PNA binding to the non-template DNA strand interferes with transcription, suggesting a blockage mechanism mediated by R-loop formation. hPu-hPy, PNAs
39  2013 Bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase-based expression in Pichia pastoris. GAP, HCV-IRES, PARS1
40  2013 Library of synthetic transcriptional AND gates built with split T7 RNA polymerase mutants. ---
41  2011 Biphasic association of T7 RNA polymerase and a nucleotide analogue, cibacron blue as a model to understand the role of initiating nucleotide in the mechanism of enzyme action. ---
42  2011 Importance of steric effects on the efficiency and fidelity of transcription by T7 RNA polymerase. ---
43  2011 Transcription arrest by a G quadruplex forming-trinucleotide repeat sequence from the human c-myb gene. ---
44  2010 Activation of T7 RNA polymerase in Xenopus oocytes and cell-free extracts. ---
45  2010 Photocaged t7 RNA polymerase for the light activation of transcription and gene function in pro- and eukaryotic cells. ---
46  2010 [High-level transcription of human mitochondrial tRNA(Trp) based on ribozyme and characterization on its aminoacylation activity]. Trp
47  2009 Redox-regulated Inhibition of T7 RNA polymerase via establishment of disulfide linkages by substituted Dppz dirhodium(II,II) complexes. DFT, EPR, LUMOs, phz
48  2009 The structural changes of T7 RNA polymerase from transcription initiation to elongation. ---
49  2008 Development of a hamster kidney cell line expressing stably T7 RNA polymerase using retroviral gene transfer technology for efficient rescue of infectious foot-and-mouth disease virus. FMDV
50  2008 Transcription of DNA containing the 5-guanidino-4-nitroimidazole lesion by human RNA polymerase II and bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase. hRNAPII, NI, TCR, TM
51  2007 [Eukaryonization of T7 RNA polymerase prokaryotic expression system and development of its couple expression system]. EGFP, FCM, IRES
52  2007 [Visualization of bacteriophage T7 RNA-polymerase complexes with DNA template in the process of transcription elongation]. AFM
53  2006 An efficient helper-virus-free method for rescue of recombinant paramyxoviruses and rhadoviruses from a cell line suitable for vaccine development. N or NP, RNP, rVSV
54  2006 Azobenzene-tethered T7 promoter for efficient photoregulation of transcription. ---
55  2006 Coupled transcription-and-translation in Xenopus oocyte and egg extracts. TnT
56  2006 Cytoplasmic expression systems triggered by mRNA yield increased gene expression in post-mitotic neurons. CMV, DRGN
57  2006 Transcription arrest at an abasic site in the transcribed strand of template DNA. RNAPII, TCR
58  2006 Translocation by T7 RNA polymerase: a sensitively poised Brownian ratchet. ECs
59  2006 Visualizing polynucleotide polymerase machines at work. ---
60  2005 Coupled cytoplasmic transcription-and-translation--a method of choice for heterologous gene expression in Xenopus oocytes. ---
61  2005 Inducible trans-activation of plastid transgenes: expression of the R. eutropha phb operon in transplastomic tobacco. PHB
62  2005 Tagging a T. brucei RRNA locus improves stable transfection efficiency and circumvents inducible expression position effects. RNAi, rRNA
63  2004 Effect of 8-oxoguanine on transcription elongation by T7 RNA polymerase and mammalian RNA polymerase II. 8-oxoG, RNAPII, TCR
64  2004 Effect of equatorial ligands of dirhodium(II,II) complexes on the efficiency and mechanism of transcription inhibition in vitro. AX, eq
65  2004 Joining of long double-stranded RNA molecules through controlled overhangs. dsRNA
66  2004 T7 RNA polymerase transcription with 5-position modified UTP derivatives. ---
67  2004 Transcription reinitiation properties of bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase. ---
68  2003 A novel T7 system utilizing mRNA coding for T7 RNA polymerase. UTR
69  2003 Transcription arrest at a lesion in the transcribed DNA strand in vitro is not affected by a nearby lesion in the opposite strand. CPDs
70  2002 Kinetic and thermodynamic basis of promoter strength: multiple steps of transcription initiation by T7 RNA polymerase are modulated by the promoter sequence. ---
71  2002 Plastid genes transcribed by the nucleus-encoded plastid RNA polymerase show increased transcript accumulation in transgenic plants expressing a chloroplast-localized phage T7 RNA polymerase. NEP, SSU
72  2002 Structural basis for the transition from initiation to elongation transcription in T7 RNA polymerase. ---
73  2002 The energetics of consensus promoter opening by T7 RNA polymerase. ---
74  2001 Kinetic modeling and simulation of in vitro transcription by phage T7 RNA polymerase. ---
75  2001 Polycomb group repression reduces DNA accessibility. Pol II
76  2001 Probing the nucleotide binding sites in T7 RNA polymerase using cibacron blue. ---
77  2001 Thermal and urea-induced unfolding in T7 RNA polymerase: calorimetry, circular dichroism and fluorescence study. CD
78  2001 [Interaction of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase with NTP phosphonate analogs and inorganic pyrophosphate]. HIV-RT
79  1999 Recent studies of T7 RNA polymerase mechanism. ---
80  1999 Structure of a transcribing T7 RNA polymerase initiation complex. ---
81  1999 Trypanosoma brucei variant surface glycoprotein regulation involves coupled activation/inactivation and chromatin remodeling of expression sites. ES, VSG
82  1998 Cancer gene therapy by direct tumor injections of a nonviral T7 vector encoding a thymidine kinase gene. GCV, HSV-TK, i.p
83  1998 Mutant T7 RNA polymerase is capable of catalyzing DNA primer extension reaction. ---
84  1998 Recognition sites of 3'-OH group by T7 RNA polymerase and its application to transcriptional sequencing. ---
85  1998 Synthesis of mixed ribo/deoxyribopolynucleotides by mutant T7 RNA polymerase. dcRNAs
86  1997 Construction and expression of a modular gene encoding bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase. IMAC
87  1997 Substrate properties of C'-methyl UTP derivatives in T7 RNA polymerase reactions. Evidence for N-type NTP conformation. ---
88  1996 A T7 promoter-specific, inducible protein expression system for Bacillus subtilis. ---
89  1995 Mutants of T7 RNA polymerase that are able to synthesize both RNA and DNA. ---
90  1995 Protection from proteolysis using a T4::T7-RNAP phage expression-packaging-processing system. EPP
91  1995 Targeted mutagenesis identifies Asp-569 as a catalytically critical residue in T7 RNA polymerase. ---
92  1994 The studies of cooperative regions in T7 RNA polymerase. ---
93  1993 Interaction of ribonucleotides with T7 RNA polymerase: probable role of GTP in transcription initiation. ---