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Long Form:   T cell receptors
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 A bead-based method for high-throughput mapping of the sequence- and force-dependence of T cell activation. pMHCs
2022 A CMV-induced adaptive human Vδ1+ γδ T cell clone recognizes HLA-DR. ---
2022 A phenotypic signature that identifies neoantigen-reactive T cells in fresh human lung cancers. NSCLC, TILs
2022 A rational approach to assess off-target reactivity of a dual-signal integrator for T cell therapy. CARs
2022 Amino acids at position 5 in the peptide/MHC binding region of a public virus-specific TCR are completely inter-changeable without loss of function. CDRs
2022 AttnTAP: A Dual-input Framework Incorporating the Attention Mechanism for Accurately Predicting TCR-peptide Binding. AUCs
2022 Atypical sideways recognition of CD1a by autoreactive γδ T cell receptors. ---
2022 Cancer Therapy With TCR-Engineered T Cells: Current Strategies, Challenges, and Prospects. ACT, CARs, TCR T
2022 Changes in the Immune Cell Repertoire for the Treatment of Malignant Melanoma. ICIs
10  2022 Characterization of the Elasticity of CD4+ T Cells: An Approach Based on Peak Force Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping. AFM, IS, PDMS
11  2022 Clonotype pattern in T-cell lymphomas map the cell of origin to immature lymphoid precursors. CDRs, TCLs
12  2022 Combination of genetically engineered T cells and immune checkpoint blockade for the treatment of cancer. CARs, IC
13  2022 Deep learning-based prediction of the T cell receptor-antigen binding specificity. pMHCs, pMTnet
14  2022 Defined tumor antigen-specific T cells potentiate personalized TCR-T cell therapy and prediction of immunotherapy response. FACS, PDX, scRNA-seq, Tas, TSAs
15  2022 Differential location of NKT and MAIT cells within lymphoid tissue. MAIT, NKT
16  2022 Engagement with the TCR induces plasticity in antigenic ligands bound to MHC class I and CD1 molecules. CDRs, NR-PA, pMHC
17  2022 Engineering strategies to enhance oncolytic viruses in cancer immunotherapy. CARs, ICIs, OVs, TILs
18  2022 Engineering the T cell receptor for fun and profit: Uncovering complex biology, interrogating the immune system, and targeting disease. MHC
19  2022 Fast track to personalized TCR T cell therapies. ---
20  2022 Fluctuations in T cell receptor and pMHC interactions regulate T cell activation. APCs, pMHC
21  2022 High TRGV 9 Subfamily Expression Marks an Improved Overall Survival in Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia. AML, CDR3, HIs, OS, PB
22  2022 High-throughput T cell receptor engineering by functional screening identifies candidates with enhanced potency and specificity. ---
23  2022 HLA autoimmune risk alleles restrict the hypervariable region of T cell receptors. CDR3, HLA
24  2022 How Naive T-Cell Clone Counts Are Shaped By Heterogeneous Thymic Output and Homeostatic Proliferation. TCR
25  2022 Identification of Claudin 6-specific HLA class I- and HLA class II-restricted T cell receptors for cellular immunotherapy in ovarian cancer. ACT, CARs, CLDN6, DR4, PBMCs
26  2022 IL-6 production through repression of UBASH3A gene via epigenetic dysregulation of super-enhancer in CD4+ T cells in rheumatoid arthritis. Bach2, BRD4, eRNA, IL, MED1, RA, SE
27  2022 Inflammatory Response, Immunosuppression and Arginase Activity after Cardiac Surgery Using Cardiopulmonary Bypass. Arg-1, CPB, L-Arg
28  2022 Innate-like NKp30+CD8+ T cells armed with TCR/CAR target tumor heterogeneity. CARs, NK
29  2022 Instructive Cues of Thymic T Cell Selection. ---
30  2022 MART-1 TCR gene-modified peripheral blood T cells for the treatment of metastatic melanoma: a phase I/IIa clinical trial. IL, MART-1
31  2022 Molecular signatures of antitumor neoantigen-reactive T cells from metastatic human cancers. NeoTCRs, TILs
32  2022 mRNA delivery technologies: Toward clinical translation. CARs, LNPs, mRNA
33  2022 Multiple instance neural networks based on sparse attention for cancer detection using T-cell receptor sequences. MIL, MINN-SA
34  2022 Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children and Long COVID: The SARS-CoV-2 Viral Superantigen Hypothesis. GI, KD, MIS-C, SAgs, SEB, TRBV11-2, TSS
35  2022 Nanoscale organization of two-dimensional multimeric pMHC reagents with DNA origami for CD8+ T cell detection. pMHC
36  2022 Natural high-avidity T-cell receptor efficiently mediates regression of cancer/testis antigen 83 positive common solid cancers. CTAs, DCs, HLA, TCR-Ts, YHDs
37  2022 Neoantigen T-Cell Receptor Gene Therapy in Pancreatic Cancer. ---
38  2022 Non-structure protein ORF1ab (NSP8) in SARS-CoV-2 contains potential γδT cell epitopes. ---
39  2022 Peptide-dependent tuning of major histocompatibility complex motional properties and the consequences for cellular immunity. MHC
40  2022 Physical and in silico immunopeptidomic profiling of a cancer antigen prostatic acid phosphatase reveals targets enabling TCR isolation. PAP, PBMCs, pMHCs
41  2022 Primary and secondary functions of HLA-E are determined by stability and conformation of the peptide-bound complexes. SAXS
42  2022 Rapid cloning of antigen-specific T-cell receptors by leveraging the cis activation of T cells. MHC
43  2022 Repertoire-scale measures of antigen binding. CMV
44  2022 Resolving SARS-CoV-2 CD4+ T cell specificity via reverse epitope discovery. HLA, SARS-CoV-2
45  2022 Revealing Clonal Responses of Tumor-Reactive T-Cells Through T Cell Receptor Repertoire Analysis. ---
46  2022 Riboflavin Attenuates Influenza Virus Through Cytokine-Mediated Effects on the Diversity of the Gut Microbiota in MAIT Cell Deficiency Mice. FCM, MAIT, MHC
47  2022 Spatial maps of T cell receptors and transcriptomes reveal distinct immune niches and interactions in the adaptive immune response. ---
48  2022 Stitchr: stitching coding TCR nucleotide sequences from V/J/CDR3 information. ---
49  2022 Structural assessment of HLA-A2-restricted SARS-CoV-2 spike epitopes recognized by public and private T-cell receptors. ---
50  2022 T cell receptors employ diverse strategies to target a p53 cancer neoantigen. ---
51  2022 T cells discriminate between groups C1 and C2 HLA-C. ---
52  2022 T Cells Engineered to Express Immunoreceptors Targeting the Frequently Expressed Medullary Thyroid Cancer Antigens Calcitonin, CEA, and RET M918T. ACT, CAR, CEA, MTC
53  2022 TCR and CAR Engineering of Primary Human T Cells. CARs
54  2022 TCR-engineered iNKT cells induce robust antitumor response by dual targeting cancer and suppressive myeloid cells. alpha-GalCer, iNKT, MHC, MSV, TCR-iNKT, TME
55  2022 TCR-L: an analysis tool for evaluating the association between the T-cell receptor repertoire and clinical phenotypes. TCR
56  2022 TCR-like antibodies targeting autoantigen-mhc complexes: a mini-review. Abs, APCs, MHC, TCRL
57  2022 The Roles and Mechanisms of TRAT1 in the Progression of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. GSEA, NSCLC, TRAT1
58  2022 Transcriptional Regulation of Early T-Lymphocyte Development in Thymus. ChIP-seq, DN, DP, scRNA-seq, SP
59  2022 Tuning T cell receptor sensitivity through catch bond engineering. pMHCs
60  2022 V-CARMA: A tool for the detection and modification of antigen-specific T cells. HLA, PLVs, pMHC, V-CARMA
61  2022 What makes tics tick? Insights into Tourette syndrome. TS
62  2022 [The TCR repertoire diversity and its application in the prevention and treatment of lung cancer]. ---
63  2021 A new clustering method identifies multiple sclerosis-specific T-cell receptors. CMV, GLIPH, HCs, MS, MSSS
64  2021 A simple assay to quantify mycobacterial lipid antigen-specific T cell receptors in human tissues and blood. GEM
65  2021 A Single-Cell Atlas of Lymphocyte Adaptive Immune Repertoires and Transcriptomes Reveals Age-Related Differences in Convalescent COVID-19 Patients. BCRs, scSeq
66  2021 A structural-based machine learning method to classify binding affinities between TCR and peptide-MHC complexes. APC, MHC, pMHC
67  2021 Adoptive cell therapy with tumor-specific Th9 cells induces viral mimicry to eliminate antigen-loss-variant tumor cells. ACT, ALV, CARs, CD, IFN, MAVS, Th, TLR3
68  2021 Adoptive cellular therapy in solid tumor malignancies: review of the literature and challenges ahead. ACT, CAR, ICIs, TILs
69  2021 Advances in identification and selection of personalized neoantigen/T-cell pairs for autologous adoptive T cell therapies. ACT, PBLs, TIL
70  2021 Antigen Specific Regulatory T Cells in Kidney Transplantation and Other Tolerance Settings. CAR
71  2021 Autoreactive T cell receptors with shared germline-like α chains in type 1 diabetes. scRNA-seq, T1D
72  2021 Backbone Modifications of HLA-A2-Restricted Antigens Induce Diverse Binding and T Cell Activation Outcomes. MHC-I
73  2021 Cancer/testis antigens: from serology to mRNA cancer vaccine. CAR, CTAs
74  2021 CD1 and MR1 recognition by human gammadelta T cells. MHC, MR1
75  2021 Characterization of a library of 20 HBV-specific MHC class II-restricted T cell receptors. GrzB, HBV, IFN, IL, TNF
76  2021 Characterization of amino acid residues of T-cell receptors interacting with HLA-A*02-restricted antigen peptides. Ala, Gly, HB, PDB
77  2021 Clonal dynamics of tumor-infiltrating T-cell receptor beta-chain repertoires in the peripheral blood in response to concurrent chemoradiotherapy for Epstein-Barr virus-associated nasopharyngeal carcinoma. CCRT, EBV, ITCs, NPCs
78  2021 Combined presentation and immunogenicity analysis reveals a recurrent RAS.Q61K neoantigen in melanoma. TILs
79  2021 Cooperative Stabilization of Close-Contact Zones Leads to Sensitivity and Selectivity in T-Cell Recognition. ---
80  2021 Direct identification of neoantigen-specific TCRs from tumor specimens by high-throughput single-cell sequencing. ---
81  2021 Droplet-based mRNA sequencing of fixed and permeabilized cells by CLInt-seq allows for antigen-specific TCR cloning. CMV, EBV
82  2021 Empirical identification and validation of tumor-targeting T cell receptors from circulation using autologous pancreatic tumor organoids. CFSE, opT, PD-L1
83  2021 Engineered T Cell Therapy for Gynecologic Malignancies: Challenges and Opportunities. ACT, CARs
84  2021 Engineered TCR-T Cell Immunotherapy in Anticancer Precision Medicine: Pros and Cons. HSV-TK, ImmTAC
85  2021 Engineering stem cells for cancer immunotherapy. CARs
86  2021 Enhanced target-specific delivery of docetaxel-loaded nanoparticles using engineered T cell receptors. HLAs, NPs
87  2021 Functional analysis of peripheral and intratumoral neoantigen-specific TCRs identified in a patient with melanoma. ---
88  2021 Generation of TCRα-transduced T cells for adoptive transfer therapy of salmonellosis in mice. ---
89  2021 Global analysis of shared Tcell specificities in human non-small cell lung cancer enables HLA inference and antigen discovery. ---
90  2021 Height, but not binding epitope, affects the potency of synthetic TCR agonists. pMHC
91  2021 High Throughput Human T Cell Receptor Sequencing: A New Window Into Repertoire Establishment and Alloreactivity. HIS, HTS
92  2021 High-affinity T-cell receptor specific for MyD88 L265P mutation for adoptive T-cell therapy of B-cell malignancies. TCR
93  2021 High-throughput and single-cell T cell receptor sequencing technologies. MHC
94  2021 High-Throughput Functional Screening of Antigen-Specific T Cells Based on Droplet Microfluidics at a Single-Cell Level. ---
95  2021 HLA-A∗02:01 restricted T cell receptors against the highly conserved SARS-CoV-2 polymerase cross-react with human coronaviruses. HLA, SARS-CoV-2
96  2021 huARdb: human Antigen Receptor database for interactive clonotype-transcriptome analysis at the single-cell level. BCRs, huARdb
97  2021 Humanization of T cell-mediated immunity in mice. MHC
98  2021 iCAT: diagnostic assessment tool of immunological history using high-throughput T-cell receptor sequencing. iCAT
99  2021 Identification of cross-reactive CD8+ T cell receptors with high functional avidity to a SARS-CoV-2 immunodominant epitope and its natural mutant variants. DCs
100  2021 In chronic infection, HIV gag-specific CD4+ T cell receptor diversity is higher than CD8+ T cell receptor diversity and is associated with less HIV quasispecies diversity. TCR