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Abbreviation:   TEWL  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   transepidermal water loss
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 12R-lipoxygenase activity is reduced in photodamaged facial stratum corneum. A novel activity assay indicates a key function in corneocyte maturation. 12R-LOX, CE, CLE, CPE, eLOX3, PE, PP, SC, TG
2019 A 10% Lactobionic acid-containing moisturizer reduces skin surface pH without irritation-An in vivo/in vitro study. AHAs, APGs, EI, LA, SCH
2019 A novel moisturizer with high sun protection factor improves cutaneous barrier function and the visible appearance of rosacea-prone skin. DFM30, EC, ROSCO
2019 A series of in vitro and human studies of a novel lip cream formulation for protecting against environmental triggers of recurrent herpes labialis. RHL, SPF, UVA
2019 A study of skin characteristics according to humidity during sleep. RH
2019 Age-related changes in lip morphological and physiological characteristics in Korean women. ---
2019 Ameliorative effects of green tea extract from tannase digests on house dust mite antigen-induced atopic dermatitis-like lesions in NC/Nga mice. AD, GTT
2019 Anatomical site variation of water content in human skin measured by the Epsilon: A pilot study. SC
2019 Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Chloroform Fraction of Pyrus Ussuriensis Maxim. Leaf Extract on 2, 4-Dinitrochlorobenzene-Induced Atopic Dermatitis in nc/nga Mice. AD, HPLC, IFN-gamma, IgE, IL, NO, PUL
10  2019 Assessment of Skin Physiology Change and Safety After Intradermal Injections With Botulinum Toxin: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Split-Face Pilot Study in Rosacea Patients With Facial Erythema. BTX, CEA, GAIS
11  2019 Biophysical Measurements and Ultrasonographic Findings in Chronic Dermatitis in Comparison with Uninvolved Skin. SLEB
12  2019 Biophysical skin measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of photobiomodulation therapy in the prevention of acute radiation dermatitis in breast cancer patients. ARD, PBMT, RT
13  2019 Combination of microneedles and microemulsions to increase celecoxib topical delivery for potential application in chemoprevention of breast cancer. ME-15
14  2019 Correlations between skin hydration parameters and corneocyte-derived parameters to characterize skin conditions. SH/SS, SWC
15  2019 Cosmetic benefit of a biomimetic lamellar cream formulation on barrier function or the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in randomized proof-of-concept clinical studies. ---
16  2019 Diabetic skin and UV light: Protection by antioxidants. MEDs
17  2019 Dietary enzyme-treated Hibiscus syriacus L. protects skin against chronic UVB-induced photoaging via enhancement of skin hydration and collagen synthesis. AP-1, EI, ETH, HSL, MAPKs, MMP-1, NHDFs, SC
18  2019 Direct assessment of skin epithelial barrier by electrical impedance spectroscopy. EI
19  2019 Distinct transcriptomic profiles of early-onset atopic dermatitis in blood and skin of pediatric patients. AD, DEGs, FCH, FDR, IL, RT-PCR
20  2019 Dry skin and skin barrier in early infancy. AD
21  2019 Effect of Physical and Chemical Hair Removal Methods on Skin Barrier Function in vitro: Consequences for a Hydrophilic Model Permeant. CRS
22  2019 Effect of Resveratrol-Enriched Rice on Skin Inflammation and Pruritus in the NC/Nga Mouse Model of Atopic Dermatitis. AD, DNCB, ELISA, IgE, NR, RR
23  2019 Effect of spraying of fine water particles on facial skin moisture and viscoelasticity in adult women. ---
24  2019 Effect of Topically Applied Wikstroemia dolichantha Diels on the Development of Atopic Dermatitis-Like Skin Symptoms in Mice. HPLC/MS, WDE
25  2019 Epidermal aquaporin-3 downexpression in symmetrical acrokeratoderma. AQP3, SAK
26  2019 Evaluating the Moisturizing Abilities and Sun Protection Factor of New Lip Balm Formulations. SPF
27  2019 Exploratory study to evaluate two clinical methods for assessing moisturizing effect on skin barrier repair. SC
28  2019 Facial application of high-concentration carbon dioxide prevents epidermal impairment associated with environmental changes. ---
29  2019 Impact of Acacia bark extract tablets on the skin of healthy humans: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. DLQI
30  2019 Influence of polyester spacer fabric, cotton, chloroprene rubber, and silicone on microclimatic and morphologic physiologic skin parameters in vivo. ---
31  2019 Instrumental evaluation sensitively detects subclinical skin changes by the epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors and risk factors for severe acneiform eruption. AfE, EGFRI, TKI
32  2019 Longitudinal progress of transepidermal water loss, color, and sensory elements in split-thickness skin graft donor sites in East Asians. STSG
33  2019 Measurement of trihydroxy-linoleic acids in stratum corneum by tape-stripping: Possible biomarker of barrier function in atopic dermatitis. EOS
34  2019 Measuring epidermal effects of ostomy skin barriers. ---
35  2019 New Cosmetic Formulation for the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Infantile Atopic Dermatitis. AD
36  2019 Pilot study using five methods to evaluate skin barrier function in healthy dogs and in dogs with atopic dermatitis. ---
37  2019 Post-irradiation recovery time strongly influences fractional laser-facilitated skin absorption. SEM, TJ
38  2019 Potential treatment of atopic dermatitis: tolerability and safety of cream containing nanoparticles loaded with hydrocortisone and hydroxytyrosol in human subjects. ACTH, AQ, CS-NPs, HC, HT
39  2019 Priming with Toll-like receptor 3 agonist or interferon-gamma enhances the therapeutic effects of human mesenchymal stem cells in a murine model of atopic dermatitis. AD, IFN-gamma, MSCs, WJ-MSCs
40  2019 Selective modification of skin barrier lipids. AC, FTIR, SC
41  2019 Spirulina, Palmaria palmata, Cichorium intybus, and Medicago sativa extracts in cosmetic formulations: an integrated approach of in vitro toxicity and in vivo acceptability studies. HET-CAM
42  2019 Tattoos and skin barrier function: Measurements of TEWL, stratum corneum conductance and capacitance, pH, and filaggrin. NMF
43  2019 Temporal variation of Staphylococcus aureus clonal complexes in atopic dermatitis: a follow-up study. AD, CC, FLG, SCORAD
44  2019 Th2 and Th17 Induce Dry Skin in a Mouse Model of Arthritis. IL, RA, Th, TNF
45  2019 The association between postburn vitamin D deficiency and the biomechanical properties of hypertrophic scars. ---
46  2019 Transepidermal water loss, stratum corneum hydration, and skin surface pH of female African and Caucasian nursing students. SC, SS
47  2019 Validation of a novel smartphone application-enabled, patient-operated skin barrier device. ICC, SC
48  2019 Validation of GPSkin Barrier for assessing epidermal permeability barrier function and stratum corneum hydration in humans. SC
49  2019 Will repeated ablative Er:YAG laser treatments cause facial skin sensitivity? Results of a 12-month prospective randomized split-face study. ---
50  2019 Woad extract containing cream improves significantly dry, irritated, and pruritic skin. DPS, ItchCD, NRS, ODS
51  2018 A Comparison of Physicochemical Properties of an Emulsion Containing Chemically Interesterified Fat for Demanding Skin with Commercial Formulations for Atopic Skin. ---
52  2018 A comprehensive in vivo study of Caucasian facial skin parameters on 442 women. ITA
53  2018 A cross-sectional study of variations in the biophysical parameters of skin among healthy volunteers. ---
54  2018 A daily skincare regimen with a unique ceramide and filaggrin formulation rapidly improves chronic xerosis, pruritus, and quality of life in older adults. QOL
55  2018 A new strategy for the passive skin delivery of nanoparticulate, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid prepared by a polyion complex method. HA, HAnp, UV
56  2018 A new technique for evaluating heel xerosis grade and the effects of moisturizer on heel skin dryness. ---
57  2018 A Novel Night Moisturizer Enhances Cutaneous Barrier Function in Dry Skin and Improves Dermatological Outcomes in Rosacea-prone Skin. CRCNC, EC
58  2018 A Phase II Trial to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of a Topical Repair Cream Containing Skin-identical Ceramide Complex in Patients with Contact Dermatitis. CRTSDL, PGA, SC, TIS
59  2018 A pilot study on the effect of oclacitinib on epicutaneous sensitization and transepidermal water loss in a colony of atopic beagle dogs. ---
60  2018 A Pilot Study to Evaluate the Effects of Topically Applied Cosmetic Creams on Epidermal Responses. ---
61  2018 Accelerated barrier recovery and enhancement of the barrier integrity and properties by topical application of a pH 4 vs. a pH 58 water-in-oil emulsion in aged skin. ---
62  2018 Age related depth profiles of human Stratum Corneum barrier-related molecular parameters by confocal Raman microscopy in vivo. ICL, NMF, SC
63  2018 Age-related differences in the functional properties of lips compared with skin. SC
64  2018 An intra-individual surgical wound comparison shows that octenidine-based hydrogel wound dressing ameliorates scar appearance following abdominoplasty. TRAM, VAS, VSS
65  2018 Anti-Atopic Properties of Gracillin Isolated from Dioscorea quinqueloba on 2,4-Dinitrochlorobenzene-Induced Skin Lesions in Mice. AD, D. quinqueloba, DNCB
66  2018 Anti-IL-12/IL-23p40 antibody ameliorates dermatitis and skin barrier dysfunction in mice with imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like dermatitis. ---
67  2018 Applying a vernix caseosa based formulation accelerates skin barrier repair by modulating lipid biosynthesis. SC, VC
68  2018 Are skin equipment for assessing childhood eczema any good? AD, ITA, SH
69  2018 Assessment of the moisturizing properties of a magnetic mask containing iron oxide particles. ---
70  2018 Characteristic features of neck skin aging in Chinese women. Ra
71  2018 Characterization of dry skin associating with type 2 diabetes mellitus using a KK-Ay/TaJcl mouse model. DM, HABP
72  2018 Characterization of oily mature skin by biophysical and skin imaging techniques. ---
73  2018 Clinical and instrumental evaluation of the efficacy of an emollient cream and a cleansing cream in the management of mild to moderate adulthood atopic dermatitis. AD, DLQI
74  2018 Comparison of biophysical, biomechanical and ultrasonographic properties of skin in chronic dermatitis, psoriasis and lichen planus. S.C
75  2018 Comparison of linoleic acid-containing water-in-oil emulsion with urea-containing water-in-oil emulsion in the treatment of atopic dermatitis: a randomized clinical trial. AD, LA, SC, SCORAD
76  2018 Correlation between transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and severity of clinical symptoms in cats with atopic dermatitis. AD, FeDESI, SCORFAD
77  2018 Decrease of superficial serine and lactate in the stratum corneum due to repetitive frictional trauma. AD, NMF, SC
78  2018 Detailed Sonographic Anatomy of Dorsal Hand Augmentation With Hyaluronidase and Calcium Hydroxyapatite Fillers. CaHA, GAIS, MHGS, SCH
79  2018 Development of Drug-in-Adhesive Patch with a Honeycomb Film as a Backing Layer. DIA, SC
80  2018 Dietary intake of glucono-delta-lactone attenuates skin inflammation and contributes to maintaining skin condition. GDL, UV
81  2018 Do we need another symptom score for childhood eczema? AD, SH
82  2018 Dual-Frequency Ultrasound as a New Treatment Modality for Refractory Rosacea: A Retrospective Study. DFU, EI, ETR, PPR, PSA
83  2018 Effect of Evening Primrose Oil on Korean Patients With Mild Atopic Dermatitis: A Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Study. AD, EASI, EPO, GLA
84  2018 Effect of Torula Yeast (Candida utilis)-Derived Glucosylceramide on Skin Dryness and Other Skin Conditions in Winter. GlcCer
85  2018 Effects of blue light on inflammation and skin barrier recovery following acute perturbation. Pilot study results in healthy human subjects. ---
86  2018 Effects of Composite Supplement Containing Collagen Peptide and Ornithine on Skin Conditions and Plasma IGF-1 Levels-A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial. CPO, IGF-1
87  2018 Effects of four soaps on skin trans-epidermal water loss and erythema index. ---
88  2018 Effects of kestose on gut mucosal immunity in an atopic dermatitis mouse model. AD, FOS, MLNs, TSLP
89  2018 Effects of moisturizing skincare on skin barrier function and the prevention of skin problems in 3-month-old infants: A randomized controlled trial. SCH
90  2018 Efficacy and safety of retinaldehyde 0.1% and 0.05% creams used to treat photoaged skin: A randomized double-blind controlled trial. RAL
91  2018 Emollient Acceptability in Childhood Atopic Dermatitis: Not All Emollients are Equal. AD, AQ, SH
92  2018 Epidermal barrier and oxidative stress parameters improve during in 311 nm narrow band UVB phototherapy of plaque type psoriasis. Asc, CAT, DLQI, MDA, NB-UVB, PASI, ROS, SCH
93  2018 Epidermal barrier function in healthy black South African infants compared with adults. SB, SSH
94  2018 Epidermal permeability barrier function and sphingolipid content in the skin of sphingomyelin synthase 2 deficient mice. Cer, HPLC, HPTLC, KO, SC, SM, SMS, WT
95  2018 Ethnic differences in stratum corneum functions between Chinese and Thai infants residing in Bangkok, Thailand. SC
96  2018 Evaluating the role of small particle hyaluronic acid fillers using micro-droplet technique in the face, neck and hands: a retrospective chart review. HA, SP-HA
97  2018 Evaluation of psychological stress in confined environments using salivary, skin, and facial image parameters. ---
98  2018 Impaired Skin Barrier Function and Downregulated Expression of Caspase-14 in Moderate to Severe Chronic Hand Eczema. CHE, OD
99  2018 Improvement of cutaneous delivery of methylene blue by liquid crystals. HEC, HET-CAM, LCPs, MB, SAXS
100  2018 Improvement of skin conditions by ingestion of Aspergillus kawachii (Koji) extract containing 14-dehydroergosterol in a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial. 14-DHE