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2018 3T magnetic resonance spectroscopy as a powerful diagnostic modality for assessment of thyroid nodules. CHOL, Cr, MRS, ROC, TNs
2018 A novel approach to probing in vivo metabolite relaxation: Linear quantification of spatially modulated magnetization. ---
2018 Bi-exponential 23 Na T2 * component analysis in the human brain. GM, WM
2018 Hybrid quantitative MRI using chemical shift displacement and recovery-based simultaneous water and lipid imaging: A preliminary study. ADC, GM, LF, SF, SL, SPLIT, SSD-EPI, TA, TB, TIs
2018 Magnetic resonance spin-spin relaxation time estimation in a rat model of fatty liver disease. AIC, CDAA
2017 Chemical Shift magnetization transfer magnetic resonance imaging. CSMT, MRI, MTR
2017 Fast measurement of the quadriceps femoris muscle transverse relaxation time at high magnetic field using segmented echo-planar imaging. MRI, MSME, QF, SE, sSE-EPI
2017 Influence of Free Radicals on the Intrinsic MRI Relaxation Properties. ---
2017 Inversion recovery ultrashort echo time imaging of ultrashort T2 tissue components in ovine brain at 3T: a sequential D2 O exchange study. IR-UTE, PD-FSE
10  2016 Feasibility and reproducibility of whole brain myelin water mapping in 4 minutes using fast acquisition with spiral trajectory and adiabatic T2prep (FAST-T2) at 3T. COV, FAST-T2, FAST-T2, mBIR-4, MWF
11  2016 Magnitude-based Asymmetric Fourier Imaging (MagAFI). AFI, MagAFI, MagAFI, POCS
12  2016 Non-invasive quantification of hepatic steatosis in living, related liver donors using dual-echo Dixon imaging and single-voxel proton spectroscopy. CI, COV, ICC, IP, MRI, MRS, OP, ROC
13  2016 On the Utility of Short Echo Time (TE) Single Voxel 1H-MRS in Non-Invasive Detection of 2-Hydroxyglutarate (2HG); Challenges and Potential Improvement Illustrated with Animal Models Using MRUI and LCModel. 2-HG, TE
14  2016 T2-adjusted computed diffusion-weighted imaging: A novel method to enhance tumour visualisation. ADC, T2-cDWI
15  2016 The immediate effect of long-distance running on T2 and T2* relaxation times of articular cartilage of the knee in young healthy adults at 3.0 T MR imaging. ---
16  2015 7T MRI-Histologic Correlation Study of Low Specific Absorption Rate T2-Weighted GRASE Sequences in the Detection of White Matter Involvement in Multiple Sclerosis. CNR, EPI, GRASE, NAWM, RF, SAR, T2W, TSE, WM, WMLs
17  2015 A simple method for MR elastography: a gradient-echo type multi-echo sequence. MRE
18  2015 Comparisons of Reproducibility and Mean Values of Diffusion Tensor Imaging-Derived Indices between Unipolar and Bipolar Diffusion Pulse Sequences. DTI
19  2015 Incorporation of nonzero echo times in the SPGR and bSSFP signal models used in mcDESPOT. bSSFP, SPGR
20  2015 IVIM analysis of brain tumors: an investigation of the relaxation effects of CSF, blood, and tumor tissue on the estimated perfusion fraction. CSF, IVIM
21  2015 Using MRI to detect and differentiate calcium oxalate and calcium hydroxyapatite crystals in air-bubble-free phantom. CaHA, CaOx, T2W
22  2015 UTE imaging in the musculoskeletal system. MRI, UTE
23  2014 Effect of echo-sampling strategy on the accuracy of out-of-phase and in-phase multiecho gradient-echo MRI hepatic fat fraction estimation. FF, HIPAA, IP, IRB, MRI, MRS, OP, PDFF
24  2014 Ultrashort echo time (UTE) magnetic resonance imaging of the short T2 components in white matter of the brain using a clinical 3T scanner. IR-dUTE, MRI, RPDs, SNR, UTE
25  2013 Direct water and fat determination in two-point Dixon imaging with flexible echo times. ---
26  2013 T2 relaxation effects on apparent N-acetylaspartate concentration in proton magnetic resonance studies of schizophrenia. MRS, NAA, SZ
27  2012 In vitro MR imaging of renal stones with an ultra-short echo time magnetic resonance imaging sequence. MR, UTE
28  2011 Effect of J-coupling on lipid composition determination with localized proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy at 9.4 T. PRESS
29  2011 MR properties of brown and white adipose tissues. BAT, ndb, TIs, WAT
30  2010 Ultra-short echo time (UTE) MR imaging of the lung: comparison between normal and emphysematous lungs in mutant mice. SI, UTE
31  2009 Multi-echo acquisition of MR angiography and venography of the brain at 3 Tesla. MRV, SWI
32  2008 Comparison of T(1) and T(2) metabolite relaxation times in glioma and normal brain at 3T. Cho, Cr, MRSI, NAA, PRESS, WM
33  2008 Effect of echo time pair selection on quantitative analysis for adrenal tumor characterization with in-phase and opposed-phase MR imaging: initial experience. IP, MR, OP, SI
34  2008 Improved functional mapping of the human amygdala using a standard functional magnetic resonance imaging sequence with simple modifications. fMRI
35  2008 Snapshot gradient-recalled echo-planar images of rat brains at long echo time at 9.4 T. GRE-EPI
36  2007 3D radial projection technique with ultrashort echo times for sodium MRI: clinical applications in human brain and skeletal muscle. CNR, Na, PC
37  2007 Correction of frequency and phase variations induced by eddy currents in localized spectroscopy with multiple echo times. Cho, Cr, Glu
38  2007 Perfusion mapping with multiecho multishot parallel imaging EPI. DSC, EPI, PI, SNR, ss
39  2006 Alterations of the proton-T2 time in relaxed skeletal muscle induced by passive extremity flexions. EMG, SE
40  2006 Artificial multiple sclerosis lesions on simulated FLAIR brain MR images: echo time and observer performance in detection. FLAIR, MR, MS
41  2006 Measurement of brain glutamate and glutamine by spectrally-selective refocusing at 3 Tesla. Gln, Glu, PRESS
42  2006 Simultaneous imaging and R2* mapping using a radial multi-gradient-echo (rMGE) sequence. rMGE
43  2006 T2 measurement and quantification of glutamate in human brain in vivo. Gln, Glu, GM, LF, NAA, PF, PRESS, tCr, WM
44  2006 Use of tissue water as a concentration reference for proton spectroscopic imaging. Ch, Cr, CSF, GM, WM
45  2005 Magnetic resonance imaging of cortical bone with ultrashort TE pulse sequences. UTE
46  2005 Optimal timing for in vivo 1H-MR spectroscopic imaging of the human prostate at 3T. PRESS, TR
47  2004 Calibration of echo-planar 2D-selective RF excitation pulses. RF
48  2004 Localized in vivo human 1H MRS at very short echo times. PRESS
49  2004 Quantitation of simulated short echo time 1H human brain spectra by LCModel and AMARES. MRS, SNRs
50  2004 Susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI). GM, SWI, WM
51  2003 Changes in the proton T2 relaxation times of cerebral water and metabolites during forebrain ischemia in rat at 9.4 T. BOLD, Cr, NAA, PCr, tCr
52  2003 Comparison of inversion recovery preparation schemes for lipid suppression in 1H MRSI of human brain. DIR, MIR, MRSI, SIR, SNR
53  2003 Comparison of polarization transfer sequences for enhancement of signals in clinical 31P MRS studies. DEPT, HSQC, INEPT, PC, PDE, PME, PT
54  2003 Radial alternating TE sequence for faster fat suppression. PSFs
55  2002 Ferumoxides-enhanced double-echo T2-weighted MR imaging in differentiating metastases from nonsolid benign lesions of the liver. MR
56  2002 Human rectal adenocarcinoma: demonstration of 1H-MR spectra in vivo at 1.5 T. ---
57  2002 Multiple gradient echo sequence optimized for rapid, single-scan mapping of R(2)(*) at high B0. ---
58  2002 Quantitative and qualitative assessment of reactive hematopoietic bone marrow in aplastic anemia using MR spectroscopy with variable echo times. MR
59  2002 Reduction of flow-related signal loss in flow-compensated 3D TOF MR angiography, using variable echo time (3D TOF-VTE). PSF, VTE
60  2001 Differentiation between high-grade glioma and metastatic brain tumor using single-voxel proton MR spectroscopy. Cho, Cr, MRS, NAA
61  2001 Effect of graded hypo- and hypercapnia on fMRI contrast in visual cortex: quantification of T(*)(2) changes by multiecho EPI. CBF, fMRI, PET
62  2001 Effect of T1 relaxation time on lesion contrast enhancement in flair MR imaging: a study using computer-generated brain maps. FLAIR
63  2001 Reducing off-resonance distortion by echo-time interpolation. ---
64  2001 Temperature mapping of frozen tissue using eddy current compensated half excitation RF pulses. ---
65  1998 Comparison of cerebral occipital gray and parietal white matter metabolite differences using PRESS and STEAM at different echo times. Cr, GM, WM
66  1998 Simultaneous measurement of perfusion and oxygenation changes using a multiple gradient-echo sequence: application to human muscle study. MRI, SI
67  1997 Gradient-echo magnetic resonance signal decay in a porcine vertebral body model: influence of chemical shift. MR
68  1996 Gadolinium-enhanced three-dimensional MR angiography of the thoracoabdominal aorta. MIP, MPR, MRA, SE, TOF
69  1995 Detection of necrosis in human tumour xenografts by proton magnetic resonance imaging. MRI, TR
70  1995 MRI of human tumor xenografts in vivo: proton relaxation times and extracellular tumor volume. TR
71  1994 Magnetic resonance imaging of chronic myocardial infarcts in formalin-fixed human autopsy hearts. ---
72  1993 Three-dimensional time-of-flight MR angiography with a specialized gradient head coil. MR, TOF
73  1991 Multiple giant cell tumors and Paget disease of bone: radiographic and clinical correlations. CT, GCT, MR
74  1990 Cine MR imaging of valvular heart disease: display and imaging parameters affect the size of the signal void caused by valvular regurgitation. ---
75  1990 Volume MR angiography: methods to achieve very short echo times. ---
76  1989 Adrenal masses: evaluation with fast gradient-echo MR imaging and Gd-DTPA-enhanced dynamic studies. DTPA, MR
77  1989 Paget disease: MR imaging findings. CT, MR
78  1987 Edema and the lack of blood perfusion produce opposite effects on the magnetic resonance characteristics of acutely ischemic rat kidneys. CMC
79  1987 MR imaging of marrow changes adjacent to end plates in degenerative lumbar disk disease. ---
80  1987 Thyroid imaging with high-field-strength surface-coil MR. MR
81  1987 Use of cerebrospinal fluid gating to improve T2-weighted images. Part I. The spinal cord. CSF
82  1987 Use of cerebrospinal fluid gating to improve T2-weighted images. Part II. Temporal lobes, basal ganglia, and brain stem. ---
83  1987 [Intracavitary and parietal cardiac measurement with nuclear magnetic resonance: comparison with echocardiography in healthy volunteers]. NMR
84  1985 0.6 T MR imaging of the cervical spine: multislice and multiecho techniques. CT, MR
85  1985 MR imaging of the acoustic nerves and small acoustic neuromas at 0.6 T: prospective study. CT, MR, SE