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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A comparative study of trace elements in Cymodocea nodosa from three semi-enclosed coastal areas in Tunisia. TFs
2019 A critical prospective analysis of the potential toxicity of trace element regulation limits in soils worldwide: Are they protective concerning health risk assessment? - A review. ---
2019 A geochemical perspective on the natural abundance of trace elements in beaver (Castor canadensis) from a rural region of southern Ontario, Canada. ---
2019 ADM1 based mathematical model of trace element complexation in anaerobic digestion processes. AD, ADM1
2019 An ecological microsystem to treat waste oil contaminated soil: Using phytoremediation assisted by fungi and local compost, on a mixed-contaminant site, in a cold climate. PHC
2019 Data matrix of site-specific environmental variables: Phytomanagement of a contaminated brownfield site. ---
2019 Dual Role of Metallic Trace Elements in Stress Biology-From Negative to Beneficial Impact on Plants. ---
2019 Effects of green tea polyphenols on trace metals level of rats on food restriction and high-fat diet. Co, GTPs, ICP-MS, Mn, Mo, Se, TC, TG, Zn
2019 First assessment on trace elements in sediment cores from Namibian coast and pollution sources evaluation. REEs
10  2019 Mechanism of process imbalance of long-term anaerobic digestion of food waste and role of trace elements in maintaining anaerobic process stability. AD, FW
11  2019 Occurrence and human health implications of chemical contaminants in vegetables grown in peri-urban agriculture. HQ, OMCs, TTC
12  2019 Recovery of unstable digestion of vegetable waste by adding trace elements using the bicarbonate alkalinity to total alkalinity ratio as an early warning indicator. BA, ER, OLR, TA, VFAs, VS, VW
13  2019 Release and transformation mechanisms of trace elements during biomass combustion. ---
14  2019 Soil and maize contamination by trace elements and associated health risk assessment in the industrial area of Volos, Greece. HI
15  2019 Trace Element Mass Flow Rates from U.S. Coal Fired Power Plants. CFPPs
16  2019 Trace element partitioning in a poplar phytoextraction stand in relation to stem size. DBH
17  2019 Trace elements in berries collected near upgraders and open pit mines in the Athabasca Bituminous Sands Region (ABSR): Distinguishing atmospheric dust deposition from plant uptake. ABSR
18  2018 Ambient air quality in the holy city of Makkah: A source apportionment with elemental enrichment factors (EFs) and factor analysis (PMF). AQI, BC, EFs, PMF
19  2018 Atmospheric deposition of trace elements to Daya Bay, South China Sea: Fluxes and sources. ---
20  2018 Functional activity and functional gene diversity of a Cu-contaminated soil remediated by aided phytostabilization using compost, dolomitic limestone and a mixed tree stand. ---
21  2018 Impact of trace element supplementation on mesophilic anaerobic digestion of food waste using Fe-rich inoculum. AD, FW, SMA
22  2018 Occurrence and bioaccumulation of chemical contaminants in lettuce grown in peri-urban horticulture. OMCs, PCA
23  2018 Optimizing critical source control of five priority-regulatory trace elements from industrial wastewater in China: Implications for health management. ---
24  2018 Phytoremediation of sewage sludge contaminated by trace elements and organic compounds. MSS
25  2018 Seabird colonies as relevant sources of pollutants in Antarctic ecosystems: Part 1 - Trace elements. ---
26  2018 Seasonal assessment of trace element contamination in intertidal sediments of the meso-macrotidal Hooghly (Ganges) River Estuary with a note on mercury speciation. EF
27  2018 Signals of pollution revealed by trace elements in recent snow from mountain glaciers at the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau. ---
28  2018 Socio-demographic, lifestyle, and dietary determinants of essential and possibly-essential trace element levels in adipose tissue from an adult cohort. HR-ICP-MS
29  2018 Sorption, mobility, and bioavailability of PBDEs in the agricultural soils: Roles of co-existing metals, dissolved organic matter, and fertilizers. e-waste, PBDEs
30  2018 Spatial variations and sources of trace elements in recent snow from glaciers at the Tibetan Plateau. EF, GRHK, MK, QMLK, TP, XDKMD, YZF
31  2018 The chemical and dynamic distribution characteristics of iron, cobalt and nickel in three different anaerobic digestates: Effect of pH and trace elements dosage. AD
32  2018 Trace elements dosing and alkaline pretreatment in the anaerobic digestion of rice straw. VFAs
33  2017 Antioxidant trace elements serum levels in long-term parenteral nutrition (PN): Prevalence and infectious risk associated with deficiencies, a retrospective study from a tertiary home-PN center. CIF, PN, SBS, Se, Zn
34  2017 Application of leaching tests on phosphogypsum by infiltration-percolation. MCLs
35  2017 Association of fine particulate air pollution with cardiopulmonary morbidity in Western Coast of Saudi Arabia. BC, CVD, RD
36  2017 Atmospheric wet deposition of dissolved trace elements to Jiaozhou Bay, North China: Fluxes, sources and potential effects on aquatic environments. AWD, JZB, VWM
37  2017 Determining the geographical origin of Asian longhorn beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) specimens using stable isotope and trace element analyses. ---
38  2017 Effect of electromagnetic fields and antioxidants on the trace element content of rat teeth. ELF-EMFs, GL, MLT, Sr, Zn
39  2017 Element-specific behaviour and sediment properties modulate transfer and bioaccumulation of trace elements in a highly-contaminated area (Augusta Bay, Central Mediterranean Sea). TOC
40  2017 Evaluating the potential health risk of toxic trace elements in vegetables: Accounting for variations in soil factors. ---
41  2017 Experimental Column Setup for Studying Anaerobic Biogeochemical Interactions Between Iron (Oxy)Hydroxides, Trace Elements, and Bacteria. ---
42  2017 Influence of fireworks displays on the chemical characteristics of PM2.5 in rural and suburban areas in Central and East China. EC, OC, WSIIs, WSOC
43  2017 Metals as chemical tracers to discriminate ecological populations of threatened Franciscana dolphins (Pontoporia blainvillei) from Argentina. ---
44  2017 Mobility and phytoavailability of As and Pb in a contaminated soil using pine sawdust biochar under systematic change of redox conditions. BC300, BM
45  2017 Monitoring and source apportionment of trace elements in PM2.5: Implications for local air quality management. PMF, XRF
46  2017 Native rhizobia from Zn mining soil promote the growth of Leucaena leucocephala on contaminated soil. ACC, IAA, SID
47  2017 Occurrence of chemical contaminants in peri-urban agricultural irrigation waters and assessment of their phytotoxicity and crop productivity. CECs, TWW
48  2017 Phytoextraction of soil trace elements by willow during a phytoremediation trial in Southern Quebec, Canada. ---
49  2017 Potential of Eucalyptus camaldulensis for phytostabilization and biomonitoring of trace-element contaminated soils. ---
50  2017 Role of Streptomyces pactum in phytoremediation of trace elements by Brassica juncea in mine polluted soils. FC, MEA, MSC, TF
51  2017 Systematic comparison of biologically active foreign ions-codoped calcium phosphate microparticles on osteogenic differentiation in rat osteoporotic and normal mesenchymal stem cells. 45S5 BG, BGs, CaPs
52  2017 Tissue partition and risk assessments of trace elements in Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoises (Neophocaena phocaenoides) from the Pearl River Estuary coast, China. PRE, RQ
53  2017 Trace element concentrations along a gradient of urban pressure in forest and lawn soils of the Paris region (France). Cd, Cr, Ni, OC, Zn
54  2017 Trace element concentrations, risks and their correlation with metallothionein genes polymorphism: A case study of narrow-ridged finless porpoises (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis) in the East China Sea. MTs
55  2017 Trace Elements in Parenteral Nutrition: Considerations for the Prescribing Clinician. PN
56  2017 Trace elements in surface sediments of the Hooghly (Ganges) estuary: distribution and contamination risk assessment. SQGs
57  2016 Biochar as possible long-term soil amendment for phytostabilisation of TE-contaminated soils. ---
58  2016 Comparative avoidance behaviour of the earthworm Eisenia fetida towards chloride, nitrate and sulphate salts of Cd, Cu and Zn using filter paper and extruded water agar gels as exposure media. ---
59  2016 Effect of Medicago sativa L. and compost on organic and inorganic pollutant removal from a mixed contaminated soil and risk assessment using ecotoxicological tests. dw, GRO, PHC
60  2016 Impact of metallurgical activities on the content of trace elements in the spatial soil and plant parts of Rubus fruticosus L. ---
61  2016 Mechanisms of biochar-mediated alleviation of toxicity of trace elements in plants: a critical review. BC
62  2016 Modelling and mapping trace element accumulation in Sphagnum peatlands at the European scale using a geomatic model of pollutant emissions dispersion. ---
63  2016 Relationships between trace elements in Posidonia oceanica shoots and in sediment fractions along Latium coasts (northwestern Mediterranean Sea). SIC
64  2016 Retrospective biomonitoring of chemical contamination in the marine coastal environment of Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica) by environmental specimen banking. PAHs, PCBs, PCNs, POPs
65  2016 Sustainability of an in situ aided phytostabilisation on highly contaminated soils using fly ashes: Effects on the vertical distribution of physicochemical parameters and trace elements. ---
66  2016 The epidemiology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in the Mount Etna region: a possible pathogenic role of volcanogenic metals. ALS
67  2016 The Levels of Trace Elements in Honey and Molasses Samples That Were Determined by ICP-OES After Microwave Digestion Method. ---
68  2016 Trace Elements in Dominant Species of the Fenghe River, China: Their Relations to Environmental Factors. ---
69  2016 Urinary trace element concentrations in environmental settings: is there a value for systematic creatinine adjustment or do we introduce a bias? spotU
70  2015 Earthworm populations of highly metal-contaminated soils restored by fly ash-aided phytostabilisation. ---
71  2015 Oxidative stress, trace elements, and circulating microparticles in patients with Gaucher disease before and after enzyme replacement therapy. ERT, GD, MPs, NO
72  2015 Performance and kinetic evaluation of semi-continuously fed anaerobic digesters treating food waste: role of trace elements. AD, FW, OLRs, VFA
73  2015 Trace elements in particulate matter from metropolitan regions of Northern China: Sources, concentrations and size distributions. ---
74  2014 A reassessment of the use of Posidonia oceanica and Mytilus galloprovincialis to biomonitor the coastal pollution of trace elements: New tools and tips. TEPI, TEPI, TESVI
75  2014 An improved medium for the anaerobic growth of Paracoccus denitrificans Pd1222. ---
76  2014 Comparison of soil solution sampling techniques to assess metal fluxes from contaminated soil to groundwater. ---
77  2014 Efficiency of soil organic and inorganic amendments on the remediation of a contaminated mine soil: I. Effects on trace elements and nutrients solubility and leaching risk. ---
78  2014 Efficiency of soil organic and inorganic amendments on the remediation of a contaminated mine soil: II. Biological and ecotoxicological evaluation. ---
79  2014 Evaluation of the phytostabilisation efficiency in a trace elements contaminated soil using soil health indicators. ---
80  2014 Soil organic matter and salinity affect copper bioavailability in root zone and uptake by Vicia faba L. plants. SOM
81  2014 Trace element concentrations in barramundi (Lates calcarifer) collected along the coast of Vietnam. ---
82  2014 Trace elements and nutrients adsorption onto nano-maghemite in a contaminated-soil solution: A geochemical/statistical approach. CCD, NM
83  2014 Understanding selected trace elements behavior in a coal-fired power plant in Malaysia for assessment of abatement technologies. CCP, DOE, ESP, FGD
84  2013 A review of the distribution coefficients of trace elements in soils: influence of sorption system, element characteristics, and soil colloidal properties. ---
85  2013 Assessment of trace element concentrations in soil and plants from cropland irrigated with wastewater. ---
86  2013 Composition and distribution of elements and ultrastructural topography of a human cardiac calculus. EDXRF, ESEM
87  2013 Metal ions and infectious diseases. An overview from the clinic. ---
88  2013 Prescription of trace elements in adults on home parenteral nutrition: current practice based on the Canadian Home Parenteral Nutrition Registry. PN
89  2013 Reference values and upper reference limits for 26 trace elements in the urine of adults living in Belgium. ICP-MS
90  2013 Responses of Noccaea caerulescens and Lupinus albus in trace elements-contaminated soils. ---
91  2013 Size-resolved aerosol trace elements at a rural mountainous site in Northern China: importance of regional transport. EF, SE, SW
92  2012 Mobility of selected trace elements in Mediterranean red soil amended with phosphogypsum: experimental study. PG
93  2012 Trace elements as tumor biomarkers and prognostic factors in breast cancer: a study through energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence. EDXRF, ROC, XRF
94  2011 Dosing and monitoring of trace elements in long-term home parenteral nutrition patients. PN, SBS
95  2011 Gene expression analysis of 4 biomarker candidates in Eisenia fetida exposed to an environmental metallic trace elements gradient: a microcosm study. Cd
96  2011 Hybrid calcium phosphate coatings with the addition of trace elements and polyaspartic acid by a low-thermal process. rMSCs, teCaP
97  2011 Investigation of DGT as a metal speciation tool in artificial human gastrointestinal fluids. DGT, JESS, UBM
98  2011 Microbial activity and water-soluble trace element species in the rhizosphere of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum cv. USU-Perigee). Bk, Rz
99  2011 Safety of food crops on land contaminated with trace elements. ---
100  2010 Aluminium and lead abnormalities in children on haemodialysis: relationship with some medications. Al, EPO, HD