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Long Form:   T cell-independent
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2020 Essential cell-extrinsic requirement for PDIA6 in lymphoid and myeloid development. ENU, PDIA6
2020 Essential requirement for nicastrin in marginal zone and B-1 B cell development. NCSTN
2019 Inositol polyphosphates promote T cell-independent humoral immunity via the regulation of Bruton's tyrosine kinase. BCR, BTK, InsPs, XLA
2018 Expansion and Sub-Classification of T Cell-Dependent Antibody Responses to Encompass the Role of Innate-Like T Cells in Antibody Responses. MHC, MZ, NKT, TD
2018 Let-7 Suppresses B Cell Activation through Restricting the Availability of Necessary Nutrients. GLS, Hk2, Ig
2018 Reactivity of IgM antibodies elicited by PEGylated liposomes or PEGylated lipoplexes against auto and foreign antigens. IgM, PEG, PLpx
2018 The Role of Interleukin-10 in Mediating the Effect of Immune Challenge on Mouse Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Neurons In Vivo. GnRH, HYP, IL, KO, TD
2017 Ageing adversely affects the migration and function of marginal zone B cells. MZ
2016 Positive Regulation of Lyn Kinase by CD148 Is Required for B Cell Receptor Signaling in B1 but Not B2 B Cells. BCR, SFK
10  2016 Reduced Number of Transitional and Naive B Cells in Addition to Decreased BAFF Levels in Response to the T Cell Independent Immunogen Pneumovax23. MZ, PnPS
11  2016 Whole-Virion Influenza Vaccine Recalls an Early Burst of High-Affinity Memory B Cell Response through TLR Signaling. ---
12  2015 B Cell-Intrinsic IDO1 Regulates Humoral Immunity to T Cell-Independent Antigens. ---
13  2015 Immune responses to HBsAg conjugated to protein D of non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae in mice. PD, TD, Th
14  2015 The omentum is a site of protective IgM production during intracellular bacterial infection. MZ
15  2014 B-1a transitional cells are phenotypically distinct and are lacking in mice deficient in IkappaBNS. ENU, TrB, TrB-1a, WT
16  2014 Boosted rat natural xenoantibodies cross-react with Enterococcus faecalis by targeting melibiose and L-rhamnose. CLP, TD
17  2014 Control of Toll-like receptor-mediated T cell-independent type 1 antibody responses by the inducible nuclear protein IkappaB-zeta. AID, CSR, TLR
18  2014 Cytokine-Mediated Regulation of Plasma Cell Generation: IL-21 Takes Center Stage. Ab, PC, TD
19  2014 Effects of prostaglandin E2 on p53 mRNA transcription and p53 mutagenesis during T-cell-independent human B-cell clonal expansion. AID, PGE2
20  2014 Innate lymphoid cells integrate stromal and immunological signals to enhance antibody production by splenic marginal zone B cells. Dll1, ILCs, MZ, TNF
21  2014 Limited expression of APRIL and its receptors prior to intestinal IgA plasma cell development during human infancy. BCMA, CD40L, IgA, ILFs
22  2014 Nitric oxide regulates BAFF expression and T cell-independent antibody responses. DCs, NP
23  2013 B cell activating factor inhibition impairs bacterial immunity by reducing T cell-independent IgM secretion. BAFF
24  2013 Long-lasting T cell-independent IgG responses require MyD88-mediated pathways and are maintained by high levels of virus persistence. Ab, BCR, KO, PyV, TCRbetadelta, TLRs
25  2013 T cell-independent B cell activation induces immunosuppressive sialylated IgG antibodies. BCR, TD
26  2013 TLR4- and TRIF-dependent stimulation of B lymphocytes by peptide liposomes enables T cell-independent isotype switch in mice. TRIF
27  2012 Long-lived bone marrow plasma cells are induced early in response to T cell-independent or T cell-dependent antigens. GCs, TD
28  2012 The RP105/MD-1 complex is indispensable for TLR4/MD-2-dependent proliferation and IgM-secreting plasma cell differentiation of marginal zone B cells. Blimp-1, mAbs, MZ, RP105, TLR4, WT, XBP1
29  2011 Oral-nasopharyngeal dendritic cells mediate T cell-independent IgA class switching on B-1 B cells. Ab, CSR, DCs, nCT, NPs, SMGs, TACI, TNP
30  2011 Prominent role for plasmacytoid dendritic cells in mucosal T cell-independent IgA induction. cDCs, CSR, GALT, MLNs, pDCs, PPs
31  2010 AUF1 is involved in splenic follicular B cell maintenance. 3'NCR, ARE, MZ
32  2010 CD20 deficiency in humans results in impaired T cell-independent antibody responses. ---
33  2010 Genetic immunization converts the trypanosoma cruzi B-Cell mitogen proline racemase to an effective immunogen. CRP, FM, GG, IL-10, MZ, TcPRAC
34  2010 Hypophysectomy and neurointermediate pituitary lobectomy decrease humoral immune responses to T-independent and T-dependent antigens. BSA, NIL, OVA, SHAM, TD
35  2010 IL-7-dependent B lymphocytes are essential for the anti-polysaccharide response and protective immunity to Streptococcus pneumoniae. PPS
36  2010 Regulation of T-cell-independent and T-cell-dependent antibody production by circadian rhythm and melatonin. TD
37  2010 T-cell-independent immune responses do not require CXC ligand 13-mediated B1 cell migration. Cxcl13, NP
38  2009 Development of 5-valent conjugate pneumococcal protein A - Capsular polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccine against invasive pneumococcal disease. PCPs, PspA, S. pneumoniae, TD
39  2009 Generation of protective T cell-independent antiviral antibody responses in SCID mice reconstituted with follicular or marginal zone B cells. FO, MZ, PyV
40  2009 T-independent antibody responses to T-dependent antigens: a novel follicular dendritic cell-dependent activity. FDCs, ICs
41  2009 TRAF6 is required for generation of the B-1a B cell compartment as well as T cell-dependent and -independent humoral immune responses. TD, TLRs
42  2008 A distinct role for B1b lymphocytes in T cell-independent immunity. TD
43  2007 PEGylated liposomes elicit an anti-PEG IgM response in a T cell-independent manner. MZ, TD, TI-2 antigen
44  2006 T cell-independent and T cell-dependent immunoglobulin G responses to polyomavirus infection are impaired in complement receptor 2-deficient mice. PyV, TD
45  2005 Roles of CD4+ T-cell-independent and -dependent antibody responses in the control of influenza virus infection: evidence for noncognate CD4+ T-cell activities that enhance the therapeutic activity of antiviral antibodies. Ab, BCR, MHC-II, TD
46  2004 A new murine model of humoral immuno-deficiency specifically affects class switching to T-independent antigens. Ig
47  2002 Abnormal T cell-dependent B-cell responses in SCID mice receiving allogeneic bone marrow in utero. Severe combined immune deficiency. BM, GC, GVHD, PC, SCID, TBI, TD
48  2002 Reconstitution of functional human B lymphocytes in NOD/SCID mice engrafted with ex vivo expanded CD34(+) cord blood cells. CB, DNP, NOD/SCID, TD
49  2001 Antiviral T-cell-independent type 2 antibody responses induced in vivo in the absence of T and NK cells. PyV
50  2001 Cutting edge: germinal centers can be induced in the absence of T cells. GCs
51  2001 Enhanced immune response to T-independent antigen by using CpG oligodeoxynucleotides encapsulated in liposomes. i.v, ODN, PEG, s.c
52  2000 B cell immunopoiesis: visualizing the impact of CD40 engagement on the course of T cell-independent immune responses in an Ig transgenic system. TD, Tg
53  2000 Correlation of anti-viral B cell responses and splenic morphology with expression of B cell-specific molecules. BCR, BTK, LCMV, TD, VSV
54  2000 Immunomodulatory effects of pretransplant donor blood transfusion on T-cell-independent xenoreactive immunity. NK, pHBT, xAbs, Xgs
55  2000 Route of administration determines induction of T-cell-independent humoral responses to adeno-associated virus vectors. AAV, TD
56  2000 The role of CD40-CD154 interaction in antiviral T cell-independent IgG responses. CD40L, PyV
57  1999 Maintenance and reversibility of natural killer cell- and T cell-independent B lymphocyte xenotolerance in athymic nude rats. Ig, MHH, NK, TR, xAbs, Xg
58  1998 Antiviral protection and germinal center formation, but impaired B cell memory in the absence of CD19. CR, TD
59  1998 Germinal center formation following immunization with the polysaccharide dextran B512 is substantially increased by cholera toxin. CT, GC, PNA, TD
60  1998 T cell-independent type I antibody response against B cell epitopes expressed repetitively on recombinant virus particles. HBcAg, HBsAg
61  1998 T-Cell-independent immunoglobulin G responses in vivo are elicited by live-virus infection but not by immunization with viral proteins or virus-like particles. IgG, PyV, TCR-beta, TD, VLPs
62  1997 Immunogenicity of bacterial carbohydrates: cholera toxin modulates the immune response against dextran B512. CT, MW, TD
63  1997 Lack of type 2 T cell-independent B cell responses and defect in isotype switching in TNF-lymphotoxin alpha-deficient mice. TD
64  1997 T cell-independent response to Brucella-insulin identifies a preimmune repertoire for insulin. AFC, TD
65  1996 Comparison of the T cell-independent antibody response of mice and rats exposed to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin. PFC, TCDD, TNP-LPS
66  1996 Differential activation requirements of isotype-switched B cells. Ab, PNAhi, TD
67  1996 In vivo interleukin-4 regulation of antibody responses in euthymic and athymic mice to a T-independent antigen (hydroxyethyl starch). ---
68  1995 Immunoregulation in fish II: intermolecular-induced suppression of antibody responses studied by haptenated antigens in atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L). CGG, LPH, LPS, TD
69  1994 CD40-deficient mice generated by recombination-activating gene-2-deficient blastocyst complementation. ES, IL-4, LPS, sCD40L, TD, TNP
70  1993 IL-10 inhibits T cell-independent but not T cell-dependent responses in vitro. ---
71  1993 Mu switch region deletion is associated with both T cell independent and T cell dependent responses. C mu, TD
72  1993 Towards a comprehensive view of immunoglobulin class switching. TD
73  1991 CD4+ T cells regulate the magnitude of the antibody response to several helper T cell independent antigens. LPS, SSS-III
74  1989 Functional analysis of lymphocytes subpopulations in experimental cocaine abuse. I. Dose-dependent activation of lymphocyte subsets. Con A, PFC, SIII, SRBC
75  1988 The T-cell independent antigen, NP-ficoll, primes for a high affinity IgM anti-NP response. ---
76  1987 Functional analysis of T-cell subsets in chronic experimental alcoholism. PFC, SRBC
77  1987 Haptenated streptococcal antigens elicit either T cell-dependent type 1 or T cell-independent type 2 immune responses. TD, TNP, xid
78  1987 Maturation of the immune response to (4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl)-acetyl (NP) haptens in C57BL/6 mice. CGG, KLH, NP3-BSA, TD
79  1987 The in vitro B-cell response to pneumococcal polysaccharides in adults and neonates. ---
80  1986 Stress and immune responses. IV. Adrenal involvement in the alteration of antibody responses in restraint-stressed mice. TD
81  1985 An ELISA assay efficiently detects clonal antibody formation by single, hapten-specific B lymphocytes. AFC, ELISA, FLU, FLU-LPS, OD, RIA
82  1985 Rescue of IgM, IgG, and IgA production in common varied immunodeficiency by T cell-independent stimulation with Epstein-Barr virus. BIF, CVI, EBV, Sac, TD
83  1984 A reappraisal of "T-independent" antigens. II. Studies on single, hapten-specific B cells from neonatal CBA/H or CBA/N mice fail to support classification into TI-1 and TI-2 categories. BGDA, FLU, FLU-BA
84  1984 Alteration of antibody-mediated responses of suckling mice to T-cell-dependent and independent antigens by maternal marginal zinc deficiency: restoration of responsivity by nutritional repletion. SRBC, TD
85  1984 Paradoxical effects of LPS on the T-cell-independent type 2 anti-H-2 alloantigen antibody responses to allogeneic erythrocytes. LPS, RBC
86  1984 Single-cell studies on hapten-specific B cells: response to T-cell-dependent antigens. FLU, Flu-POL, KLH, PFC, TD
87  1983 A requirement for nonspecific T cell factors in antibody responses to "T cell independent" antigens. Con A SN
88  1982 Lectin-induced regulation of human thymus-independent anti-TNP responses in vitro. TNP-BA
89  1982 T cell-independent responses to an Ir gene-controlled antigen. I. Characteristics of the immune response to insulin complexed to Brucella abortus. TD
90  1979 B-cell subsets responsive to fluorescein-conjugated antigens. III. Differential effect of E. Coli lipopolysaccharide on T-dependent and T-independent responses in vivo. LPS, TD