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Long Form:   thymus-independent
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Influence of CD4-1+, CD4-2+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes subpopulations on the immune response of B lymphocytes in flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) immunized with thymus-dependent or thymus-independent antigen. Imax, KA, LA, PBLs, TD
2018 Characterization of Thymus-dependent and Thymus-independent Immunoglobulin Isotype Responses in Mice Using Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay. APCs, ELISA, i.p, Ig, IHC, TD
2018 The Sjogren's syndrome-associated autoantigen Ro52/TRIM21 modulates follicular B cell homeostasis and immunoglobulin production. BCR, TD, TRIM
2017 Splenic Ly6Ghigh mature and Ly6Gint immature neutrophils contribute to eradication of S. pneumoniae. MZ, RP
2013 Innate B cell helpers reveal novel types of antibody responses. BCR, NKT cells, TD
2012 The immunogenic characteristics associated with multivalent display of Vi polysaccharide antigen using biodegradable polymer particles. PLA
2011 AFCo1 as nasal adjuvant of capsular polysaccharide from Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C induces systemic and mucosal immune responses. i.n, PsC
2010 Toll-like receptor agonists allow generation of long-lasting antipneumococcal humoral immunity in response to a plain polysaccharidic vaccine. ODN, PS, TLRs
2009 Production and characterization of a cross-reactive monoclonal antibody to lipopolysaccharide. LPS, mAb
10  2009 The thymus-independent immunity conferred by a pneumococcal polysaccharide is mediated by long-lived plasma cells. BM, ODNs, PS, TD
11  2008 Neonatal and infantile immune responses to encapsulated bacteria and conjugate vaccines. TD
12  2008 Thymus-independent class switch recombination is affected by APRIL. IgA, TACI, TNF
13  2007 Comprehensive phenotypic analysis of the gut intra-epithelial lymphocyte compartment: perturbations induced by acute reovirus 1/L infection of the gastrointestinal tract. IELs, TD
14  2007 Specific TLR ligands regulate APRIL secretion by dendritic cells in a PKR-dependent manner. DC, MoDC, PKR
15  2007 The early protective thymus-independent antibody response to foot-and-mouth disease virus is mediated by splenic CD9+ B lymphocytes. DCs, FMDV, IL-6
16  2007 The role of Blimp-1 in the GC reaction: differential expression of Blimp-1 upon immunization with TD and TI antigens. GC, SHM, TD
17  2005 The unresponsiveness of aged mice to polysaccharide antigens is a result of a defect in macrophage function. IL, TNP
18  2004 Defective macrophage function in neonates and its impact on unresponsiveness of neonates to polysaccharide antigens. Ab, Ag, IL, LPS, TLR2, TNF-alpha, TNP, WT
19  2004 Understanding thymus-independent antigen-induced reduction of thymus-dependent immune responses. DNP, OX, TD
20  2002 Adapter molecule Grb2-associated binder 1 is specifically expressed in marginal zone B cells and negatively regulates thymus-independent antigen-2 responses. FL, Gab1
21  2002 The humoral response in TCR alpha-/- mice. Can gammadelta-T cells support the humoral immune response? APCs, GCs, TD
22  2001 Development and characterization of anti-idiotype based peptide and DNA vaccines which mimic the capsular polysaccharide of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C. MCPS, TD
23  2001 The response in old mice: positive and negative immune memory after priming in early age. CSA, CT, Dx, TD
24  2000 Murine immune response to Neisseria meningitidis group C capsular polysaccharide: analysis of monoclonal antibodies generated in response to a thymus-independent antigen and a thymus-dependent toxoid conjugate vaccine. Ab, IgM, mAb, MCPS, MCPS-TT, PSs, TD
25  1998 Clonal analysis of a human antibody response. III. Nucleotide sequences of monoclonal IgM, IgG, and IgA to rabies virus reveal restricted V kappa gene utilization, junctional V kappa J kappa and V lambda J lambda diversity, and somatic hypermutation. TD
26  1998 Role of T cells and germinal center formation in the generation of immune responses to the thymus-independent carbohydrate dextran B512. CT, Dx, GC
27  1998 Unresponsiveness following immunization with the T-cell-independent antigen dextran B512. Can it be abrogated? CT, TD
28  1998 [Immunoglobulin production by human peripheral B cells against Staphylococcus aureus]. Ig, IL-2, SAC
29  1997 Impaired B cell maturation in mice lacking Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk) and CD40. BTK, CD40M
30  1996 Humoral immune responses against particulate bacterial antigens are dependent on marginal metallophilic macrophages in the spleen. ASC, TD, TNP-BA, TNP-LB
31  1996 Immune and inflammatory responses in TNF alpha-deficient mice: a critical requirement for TNF alpha in the formation of primary B cell follicles, follicular dendritic cell networks and germinal centers, and in the maturation of the humoral immune response. FDC, TD
32  1995 Flow cytometric analysis of T-independent antigen binding to dinitrophenyl-specific cells. dex, mIg, pol, TRITC
33  1994 Different use of T cell receptor transducing modules in two populations of gut intraepithelial lymphocytes are related to distinct pathways of T cell differentiation. IEL, TCR
34  1994 Lipopolysaccharide-stimulated events in B cell activation. LPS
35  1994 The immune responses in CD40-deficient mice: impaired immunoglobulin class switching and germinal center formation. CD40L, TD
36  1993 The effects of temperature and oleic acid on murine memory and virgin T cell activation: interleukin-2 secretion and interleukin-2 receptor expression. Con A, IL-2R, PHA, rIL, TD, Tm, TPA, Tv
37  1992 Effect of priming with a thymus-independent antigen on susceptibility to B-cell tolerance. anti-Ig
38  1992 Neuroendocrine regulation of immunity: the effects of noradrenaline in Xenopus laevis, the South African clawed toad. NA, TD
39  1992 Observations on lymphomagenesis and lymphoma in AKR mice. A description of prelymphoma changes in the thymus and phenotypic diversity of lymphomas induced by SL3-3 virus. TD
40  1992 Thymus-independent and thymus-dependent responses to polysaccharide antigens. TD
41  1990 Antibody responses to thymic independent antigens in the peripheral and mesenteric lymph nodes of mice. BA, MLN, PFC, PLN, PVP, s.c, TNP
42  1990 Normal immune responses in systemic sclerosis. DNP-Ficoll, KLH, TD
43  1990 Primary antibody responses to thymus-independent antigens in the lungs and hilar lymph nodes of mice. HLN, IT, TNP-LPS
44  1990 Selective immunosuppression of prodigiosin 25-C and FK506 in the murine immune system. Con A, CTL, IL-2, IL-2R, PHA, SRBC, TD, TfR
45  1990 Temperature-mediated processes in immunity: differential effects of low temperature on mouse T helper cell responses. IL-2, TD
46  1990 The in situ immune response in popliteal lymph nodes of mice after macrophage depletion. Differential effects of macrophages on thymus-dependent and thymus-independent immune responses. AFC, PLN, s.c, SCS, TD, TNP-KLH, TNP-LPS
47  1990 The preferential effects of chloroquine on the IgM and IgG subclass responses to TI and TD antigens in BALB/cAn mice. TD
48  1989 Functional heterogeneity of virgin and memory B murine lymphocytes revealed by the utilization of cyclosporin A: an overview. ---
49  1989 Marginal zone of the murine spleen in autotransplants: functional and histological observations in the response against a thymus-independent type 2 antigen. TNP
50  1989 Primary in situ immune response in popliteal lymph nodes and spleen of mice after subcutaneous immunization with thymus-dependent or thymus-independent (type 1 and 2) antigens. AFC, PLN, TD, TNP-KLH, TNP-LPS
51  1989 Progression to development of lymphoma in the thymus of AKR mice treated neonatally with SL 3-3 virus. TD
52  1988 B cell memory to thymus-independent antigens type 1 and type 2: the role of lipopolysaccharide in B memory induction. DNP-HES, TD, TNP-LPS
53  1988 Defective primary and secondary IgG responses to thymic-dependent antigens in autoimmune PN mice. PFC, PN, TD
54  1988 Immunomodulation by Trichinella spiralis: primary versus secondary response to phosphorylcholine-containing antigens. PFC, TD
55  1988 Marginal metallophilic macrophages in the mouse spleen: effects of neonatal injections of MOMA-1 antibody on the humoral immune response. TD
56  1988 Neonatal development of lymphoid organs and specific immune responses in situ in diabetes-prone BB rats. TD
57  1988 Responses in Xenopus to the thymus independent antigen polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and its haptenated derivative, trinitrophenylated PVP (TNP-PVP). PVP, TD, TNP-Ficoll, TNP-PVP
58  1987 Functional maturation of immature B cells accumulated in the periphery by an intraperitoneal administration of a traditional Chinese medicine, xiao-chai-hu-tang (Japanese name: shosaiko-to). FACS, i.p, PC, TD, TNP-LPS
59  1987 Functions of accessory cells in B cell responses to thymus-independent antigens. IL-1
60  1987 In vivo effects of lipopolysaccharide on lymphoid and non-lymphoid cells in the mouse spleen. Suppressive and adjuvant effects of LPS on the development of specific antibody forming cells in situ. KLH, LPS, TD, TNP
61  1987 Synergistic effects of the xid gene in X chromosome congenic mice. I. Inability of C3.CBA/N mice to respond to thymus-dependent antigens in adoptive transfer assays. BA, TD
62  1986 Human immune responses in vivo to protein (KLH) and polysaccharide (DNP-Ficoll) neoantigens: normal subjects compared with bone marrow transplant patients on cyclosporine. BMT, CSP, DH, KLH, TD
63  1985 Delayed maturation of the antibody response to type 2 thymus-independent antigens in a partially inbred strain of chicken. PFC, TNP
64  1985 Immune memory expression to Tnp-Ficoll in CB.20 mice: evidence for a multigenic control. LPS, Tnp
65  1985 Immunogenicity of a synthetic glucosyl-alpha(1,3)-glucosyl protein conjugate. LK, TD, Th
66  1985 Impaired human antibody response to the thymus-independent antigen, DNP-Ficoll, after splenectomy. Implications for post-splenectomy infections. HD
67  1985 Inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation by free fatty acids. III. Modulation of thymus-dependent immune responses. FFA, MLR, TD
68  1985 Low affinity of kappa chain bearing (4-hydroxy-3-nitrophenyl)acetyl (NP)-specific antibodies in the primary antibody repertoire of C57BL/6 mice may explain lambda chain dominance in primary anti-NP responses. anti-NP, PFCs, RIA
69  1985 Phylogeny of lymphocyte heterogeneity: the cellular requirements for in vitro antibody responses of channel catfish leukocytes. TD
70  1985 Selective effect of irradiation on responses to thymus-independent antigen. PFC, TNP
71  1984 Anti-immunoglobulin antibodies. V. Age-dependent variation of clones stimulated by polysaccharide TI-2 antigens in 129 and MRL mice spontaneously producing anti-gamma-globulin antibodies. BL
72  1984 Conversion of a tolerogenic to an immunogenic signal by P388AD.2 cells, a lymphoid dendritic cell-like tumor line. FL, SGG
73  1984 Differential effects of nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) on B-cell subsets: reversal of NDGA-induced antibody suppression by cyclic GMP is subset specific. 2-ME, BHA, BHT, cGMP, dbcGMP, NDGA, NDGA, PFC, TD
74  1984 sIgD-negative B cells from neonatal mice do not respond to the thymus-independent antigen TNP-BA in limiting dilution cultures. FACS, mu p, TNP-BA
75  1984 Temperature-mediated processes in teleost immunity: differential effects of temperature on catfish in vitro antibody responses to thymus-dependent and thymus-independent antigens. TD
76  1984 TRF requirements for in vitro PFC responses to SRBC and R36a. I. TRF is distinct from IL 2 but indistinguishable from polyclonal BCSF. BCSF, TD, TRF
77  1983 Analysis of the B cell subpopulations influenced by allogeneic effect factor. I. MHC restricted enhancement of b cell responses to thymic-independent antigens, types 1 and 2, in normal and CBA/N mice. AEF, SRBC, TD, TNP-BA, TNP-Ficoll
78  1983 B cell activation. III. B cell plasma membrane depolarization and hyper-Ia antigen expression induced by receptor immunoglobulin cross-linking are coupled. mI-A, TD
79  1983 Characterization of a concanavalin A-induced amplifier T cell which augments in vitro antibody responses to DNP-Ficoll. ALS, Con A, PFC, TA
80  1983 Effect of cyclosporin A on the induction and activation of B memory cells by thymus-independent antigens in mice. TNP-LPS
81  1983 Fine-specificity of the lambda and chi L chains associated with antibodies directed to alpha (1 leads to 3) glucosyls in dextran. Ab, DEX, LPH, LPS, TD
82  1983 Generation of immune memory by haptenated derivatives of thymus-independent antigens in C57BL/6 mice. I. The differentiation of memory B lymphocytes into antibody-secreting cells depends on the nature of the thymus-independent carrier used for memory induction and/or revelation. AFC, TNP-LPS
83  1983 Immunoregulation in the rat: requirements for in vitro B cell responses to classical TI-1 and TI-2 antigens. BU, IM, LPS, Ph, TNP, TNP-BA
84  1983 Pretreatment of mice with anti-IgD serum does not result in suppression of immune responsiveness induced by TNP-AECM-Ficoll or lipopolysaccharide. ---
85  1983 Some characteristics of thymus suppression of antibody production in vitro in Xenopus laevis, the South African clawed toad. TD
86  1983 The immune response to bacterial dextrans. I. Genetic control of responsiveness. ---
87  1982 Antibody formation in mouse bone marrow during secondary type responses to various thymus-independent antigens. LPS, Pn, TNP-BA, TNP-dLPS
88  1982 Characterization of immunogenic properties of haptenated liposomal model membranes in mice. VI. Response in B-cell-defective CBA/N mice. PE
89  1982 Concanavalin A supernatant recruits antigen-insensitive IgG memory B lymphocyte precursors into an antigen-sensitive precursor pool. Con A Sup, TD, TNP-KLH
90  1982 Different effect of LPS-induced macrophage factor on antibody responses to TI-1 and TI-2 antigens. DNP, MF, TNP
91  1982 Differential effect of activated T amplifier cells on B cells responding to thymus-independent type 1 and type 2 antigens. ALS, Con A, TA
92  1982 Limitations in response capacity of the newt, Notophthalmus viridescens, to soluble and particulate antigens. DNP, KLH, LPS, TD, TNP
93  1982 Ontogenic development of the suppressed secondary response to native dextran. PFC
94  1982 Potentiation of the PFC response to thymus-independent antigens by heterologous erythrocytes. BSA-dextran, DNP-dextran, TD
95  1982 The capacity and mechanism of bone marrow antibody formation by thymus-independent antigens. BM, HU, PFC
96  1981 Induction and persistence of B-cell tolerance to the thymus-dependent component of the alpha(1 leads to 6) glucosyl determinant of dextran. Recovery induced by treatment with dextranase in vivo. TD
97  1981 Induction of IgG memory responses with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is antigen dose dependent. PVP, TD
98  1980 High anti-TNP plaque-forming cell potential of residual mIg+ cells in a T cell population. mIg
99  1980 IgG B memory cell subpopulations: differences in susceptibility to stimulation by TI-1 and TI-2 antigens. BUdR, TD
100  1980 Impaired antibody response against T-dependent antigens in rhino mice. TD