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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A controlled heat stress during late gestation affects thermoregulation, productive performance, and metabolite profiles of primiparous sow. BW, HS, RR, RT, ST
2019 A panting score index for sheep. PS, RH, RR, Ta
2019 Chronic Heat Stress Induces Acute Phase Responses and Serum Metabolome Changes in Finishing Pigs. HS, NEB
2019 Dietary Betaine Improves Intestinal Barrier Function and Ameliorates the Impact of Heat Stress in Multiple Vital Organs as Measured by Evans Blue Dye in Broiler Chickens. EBD, HS, RR, TER
2019 Differentiating between the effects of heat stress and lipopolysaccharide on the porcine ovarian heat shock protein response1. CL, dpe, HS, HSPs, LPS
2019 Effect of galactooligosaccharides delivered in ovo on meat quality traits of broiler chickens exposed to heat stress. GOS, MUFA, PM, PUFA, SFA
2019 Effect of Saccharomyces boulardii Supplementation on Performance and Physiological Traits of Holstein Calves under Heat Stress Conditions. HS, S.b
2019 Effects of acute heat stress on intestinal microbiota in grow-finishing pigs, and associations with feed intake and serum profile. FI, HS, PF, SCFAs
2019 Effects of dietary chromium propionate on growth performance, metabolism, and immune biomarkers in heat-stressed finishing pigs1. Cr, HS, HSCr, PFCr, PFCtl, RH, TNCr
10  2019 Effects of source on bioavailability of selenium, antioxidant status, and performance in lactating dairy cows during oxidative stress-inducing conditions. HS
11  2019 Evaluating the Effects of In Utero Heat Stress on Piglet Physiology and Behavior Following Weaning and Transport. HS, NEFA
12  2019 Extracellular vesicles of follicular fluid from heat-stressed cows modify the gene expression of in vitro-matured oocytes. COCs, EVs, HS
13  2019 Gene expression of heat shoc kproteins/factors (HSP60, HSP70, HSP90, HSF-1, HSF-3) and antioxidant enzyme activities in heat stressed broilers treated with vitamin C. CAT, GPx, GST, HS, MDA, SOD
14  2019 Heat stress affects fecal microbial and metabolic alterations of primiparous sows during late gestation. HS, HSP70, LBP, LPS, OTUs, SCFA, TCA
15  2019 Heat stress modifies the lactational performances and the urinary metabolomic profile related to gastrointestinal microbiota of dairy goats. HS, PCA, Phe, PLS-DA
16  2019 Housing temperature affects the acute and chronic metabolic adaptations to exercise in mice. BAT, eWAT, iWAT, RT
17  2019 Impact of galactooligosaccharides delivered in ovo on mitigating negative effects of heat stress on performance and welfare of broilers. BW, DFI, DWG, FCR, FPD, GOS, HS
18  2019 Impacts of Strain Variation on Response to Heat Stress and Boldo Extract Supplementation to Broiler Chickens. AA, AV, HS
19  2019 In ovo Injection of a Galacto-Oligosaccharide Prebiotic in Broiler Chickens Submitted to Heat-Stress: Impact on Transcriptomic Profile and Plasma Immune Parameters. GOS, HS
20  2019 Inhibition of miR-324-5p increases PM20D1-mediated white and brown adipose loss and reduces body weight in juvenile mice. BAT, eWAT, HFD, iWAT, RT
21  2019 Lactational Responses of Heat-Stressed Dairy Goats to Dietary L-Carnitine Supplementation. CAR, CON, HS
22  2019 Organic Chromium Form Alleviates the Detrimental Effects of Heat Stress on Nutrient Digestibility and Nutrient Transporters in Laying Hens. CF, CP, CrHis, CrPic, DM, HS, OM
23  2019 Resveratrol mitigates hypercholesterolemia exacerbated hyperthermia in chronically heat-stressed rats. HC, HS, LP, PL, TAO, TC, TGs
24  2019 Spray-dried porcine plasma improves feed intake of weaned piglets subjected to heat stress. HS, SDPP
25  2018 A short-term supranutritional vitamin E supplementation alleviated respiratory alkalosis but did not reduce oxidative stress in heat stressed pigs. AOPP, BAP, HS, VE
26  2018 An evaluation of an immunomodulatory feed ingredient in heat-stressed lactating Holstein cows: Effects on hormonal, physiological, and production responses. CON, HS, OG, REC, RR, RT
27  2018 Characterization of the acute heat stress response in gilts: III. Genome-wide association studies of thermotolerance traits in pigs. DeltaTS, GHR, RR, SNP, Tr, Ts
28  2018 Characterizing the acute heat stress response in gilts: I. Thermoregulatory and production variables. FI, HS, RR, SUS, TOL, Tr, Ts
29  2018 Characterizing the acute heat stress response in gilts: II. Assessing repeatability and association with fertility. CL, HS, SUS, TOL, Tr, TS
30  2018 Chronic heat stress increases insulin-like growth factor-1(IGF-1) but does not affect IGF-binding proteins in growing pigs. HS, IGF-1, PFTN
31  2018 Early life thermal stress: Impact on future thermotolerance, stress response, behavior, and intestinal morphology in piglets exposed to a heat stress challenge during simulated transport. ELTN, ELTS, HS, TC, Tr, Ts
32  2018 Effects of active dry yeast on ruminal pH characteristics and energy partitioning of finishing steers under thermoneutral or heat-stressed environment. ADY, AUC, CON, DMD, DUR, HE, HS, RH, TEMP, TRT
33  2018 Effects of chronic heat stress on lactational performance and the transcriptomic profile of blood cells in lactating dairy goats. HS, THI
34  2018 Effects of dietary supplemental lysophospholipids and vitamin C on performance, antioxidant enzymes, lipid peroxidation, thyroid hormones and serum metabolites of broiler chickens reared under thermoneutral and high ambient temperature. HS, LPLs, VC
35  2018 Effects of heat stress and insulin sensitizers on pig adipose tissue. Cr, HS, HSAL, HSSO, RR, SO, TNPF, Tr, Ts
36  2018 Effects of heat stress during porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection on metabolic responses in growing pigs. FI, HP, HS, PRRSV, RR, TP, Tr, WBC
37  2018 Effects of zinc amino acid complex on biomarkers of gut integrity and metabolism during and following heat stress or feed restriction in pigs. HS, HSCtl, HSZn, PFCtl, PFZn, TNF-alpha, Zn
38  2018 Impact of heat stress during the follicular phase on porcine ovarian steroidogenic and phosphatidylinositol-3 signaling. HS
39  2018 Neuroinflammation, cortical activity, and fatiguing behaviour during self-paced exercise. HS, IL, RPE
40  2018 Precision feeding strategy for growing pigs under heat stress conditions. CON, FS, HT
41  2018 Short-term heat stress altered metabolism and insulin signaling in skeletal muscle. ACC, GLUT4, GS, HS, mTOR, pATPCL, PFTN, PKC, STR
42  2018 Short-term heat stress results in increased apoptotic signaling and autophagy in oxidative skeletal muscle in Sus scrofa. ---
43  2018 Supplementation of Bacillus subtilis-based probiotic reduces heat stress-related behaviors and inflammatory response in broiler chickens. HS, HSP
44  2018 The effect of recovery from heat stress on circulating bioenergetics and inflammatory biomarkers. HS
45  2017 Determining the effects of early gestation in utero heat stress on postnatal fasting heat production and circulating biomarkers associated with metabolism in growing pigs. FHP, HS
46  2017 Evaluating the behavior, growth performance, immune parameters, and intestinal morphology of weaned piglets after simulated transport and heat stress when antibiotics are eliminated from the diet or replaced with L-glutamine. FI, GLU, HS, RH
47  2017 Heat stress causes dysfunctional autophagy in oxidative skeletal muscle. ---
48  2017 Prompt Gamma-ray Activation Analysis for Certification of Sulfur in Fuel Oil SRMs. CNPGAA
49  2017 Serum concentrations of free amino acids in growing pigs exposed to diurnal heat stress fluctuations. aa, AT, BT, SC
50  2017 Short-term heat stress causes altered intracellular signaling in oxidative skeletal muscle. HS, PFTN, SOD
51  2017 Temporal proteomic response to acute heat stress in the porcine muscle sarcoplasm. HS
52  2017 The effect of cold ambient temperatures on climbing-specific finger flexor performance. EMG, MVC
53  2017 Thermoregulatory responses of Holstein cows exposed to experimentally induced heat stress. DMI, HR, HS, RR, Tre, VT
54  2016 A supplement containing multiple types of gluconeogenic substrates alters intake but not productivity of heat-stressed Afshari lambs. HS, HSG, PFTN
55  2016 Bile acids induce uncoupling protein 1-dependent thermogenesis and stimulate energy expenditure at thermoneutrality in mice. BAs, CA, DIO2, EE, HFD
56  2016 Chronic Heat Stress Induces Immune Response, Oxidative Stress Response, and Apoptosis of Finishing Pig Liver: A Proteomic Approach. HS, PF
57  2016 Dietary rosemary oil alleviates heat stress-induced structural and functional damage through lipid peroxidation in the testes of growing Japanese quail. AR, HS, RO
58  2016 Does heat stress alter the pig's response to dietary fat? AEE, CO, HS, PFTN, TAL, TTTD
59  2016 Effect of heat stress on the endogenous intestinal loss of amino acids in growing pigs. BT, EIL, HS, HSd2, HSd8
60  2016 Effects of heat stress on metabolism, digestibility, and rumen epithelial characteristics in growing Holstein calves. HS, PFTN, THI
61  2016 Evaluation of dietary betaine in lactating Holstein cows subjected to heat stress. Bet, CON, HI, HS, HSP, MID
62  2016 Heat stress affects the apparent and standardized ileal digestibilities of amino acids in growing pigs. HS, SID
63  2016 Metabolomics revealed diurnal heat stress and zinc supplementation-induced changes in amino acid, lipid, and microbial metabolism. BUN, HS, SCFAs, Zn
64  2016 Modulation of ambient temperature promotes inflammation and initiates atherosclerosis in wild type C57BL/6 mice. WT
65  2016 Novel energy-saving strategies to multiple stressors in birds: the ultradian regulation of body temperature. ---
66  2016 Physiological Effects of Ergot Alkaloid and Indole-Diterpene Consumption on Sheep under Hot and Thermoneutral Ambient Temperature Conditions. PRGT
67  2016 Rapid cooling after acute hyperthermia alters intestinal morphology and increases the systemic inflammatory response in pigs. HS, TGI
68  2015 Dietary organic zinc attenuates heat stress-induced changes in pig intestinal integrity and metabolism. CON, HS, HS, PFTN, ZnAA
69  2015 Effects of in utero heat stress on postnatal body composition in pigs: I. Growing phase. HS, ISG
70  2015 Effects of in utero heat stress on postnatal body composition in pigs: II. Finishing phase. HS, ISG
71  2015 Effects of zinc sulfate pretreatment on heat tolerance of Bama miniature pig under high ambient temperature. BWG, HT
72  2015 Environmental heat stress modulates thyroid status and its response to repeated endotoxin challenge in steers. HS, LPS, PTTA
73  2015 High dietary selenium and vitamin E supplementation ameliorates the impacts of heat load on oxidative status and acid-base balance in sheep. HS, RH, Vit E
74  2015 Human brown adipose tissue depots automatically segmented by positron emission tomography/computed tomography and registered magnetic resonance images. 18F-FDG, BAT, CA, MRI, PET-CT
75  2015 Human Physiology in an Aquatic Environment. HOWI
76  2015 In utero heat stress increases postnatal core body temperature in pigs. HS, HSTN
77  2015 Palm Cooling and Heating Delays Fatigue During Resistance Exercise in Women. 1RM, PC, PH
78  2015 Proteomic changes to the sarcoplasmic fraction of predominantly red or white muscle following acute heat stress. HS
79  2015 Short communication: Hepatic progesterone-metabolizing enzymes cytochrome P450 2C and 3A in lactating cows during thermoneutral and heat stress conditions. HS, PF
80  2015 The control of short-term feed intake by metabolic oxidation in late-pregnant and early lactating dairy cows exposed to high ambient temperatures. HS, RQ, THI
81  2015 The effect of cyclical and severe heat stress on growth performance and metabolism in Afshari lambs. HS, PFTN, THI
82  2015 The impact of in utero heat stress and nutrient restriction on progeny body composition. DXA, FI, HS, PFTN
83  2015 Using wireless rumen sensors for evaluating the effects of diet and ambient temperature in nonlactating dairy goats. HF, HS, LF
84  2014 A dose-response evaluation of rumen-protected niacin in thermoneutral or heat-stressed lactating Holstein cows. HS, RPN
85  2014 Dietary antioxidants at supranutritional doses improve oxidative status and reduce the negative effects of heat stress in sheep. HS
86  2014 Dietary antioxidants at supranutritional doses modulate skeletal muscle heat shock protein and inflammatory gene expression in sheep exposed to heat stress. HS, HSF1, HSP70, NF-kappaB, TNF-alpha
87  2014 Effect of ambient temperature and sodium bicarbonate supplementation on water and electrolyte balances in dry and lactating Holstein cows. DMI, FWI, HT
88  2014 Short-term exposure to heat stress attenuates appetite and intestinal integrity in growing pigs. HS, HSP, RR, TER, Tr
89  2014 The effect of cyclical and mild heat stress on productivity and metabolism in Afshari lambs. HS, PFTN, THI
90  2013 Effects of a controlled heat stress during late gestation, lactation, and after weaning on thermoregulation, metabolism, and reproduction of primiparous sows. HS
91  2013 Effects of mammalian in utero heat stress on adolescent body temperature. HS, RR
92  2013 Ergot alkaloids from endophyte-infected tall fescue decrease reticuloruminal epithelial blood flow and volatile fatty acid absorption from the washed reticulorumen. CON, HS
93  2013 Heat stress and reduced plane of nutrition decreases intestinal integrity and function in pigs. FITC, HS, LPS, PFTN, TER
94  2013 Heat-tolerant versus heat-sensitive Bos taurus cattle: influence of air temperature and breed on the acute phase response to a provocative immune challenge. ANG, HS, LPS, RO, RT, SBSs, Ta, TNF-alpha
95  2013 Heat-tolerant versus heat-sensitive Bos taurus cattle: influence of air temperature and breed on the metabolic response to a provocative immune challenge. ANG, HS, LPS, RO, Ta
96  2013 Metabolic response to lipid infusion in fasting winter-acclimatized king penguin chicks (Aptenodytes patagonicus). WA
97  2013 Physiological responses and lactational performances of late-lactation dairy goats under heat stress conditions. HS
98  2013 The effects of heat stress and plane of nutrition on metabolism in growing pigs. FI, HS, RR, Tr, Ts
99  2012 Heat stress reduces barrier function and alters intestinal metabolism in growing pigs. FI, HS, RR, TER, Tr
100  2012 Influence of environmental temperature on the physiological, endocrine, and immune responses in livestock exposed to a provocative immune challenge. LPS