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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Improved autoregressive model for correction of noise serial correlation in fast fMRI. SC
2020 Magnetic resonance imaging of the vocal fold oscillations with sub-millisecond temporal resolution. EGG
2020 Radiomics and Machine Learning With Multiparametric Preoperative MRI May Accurately Predict the Histopathological Grades of Soft Tissue Sarcomas. STSs, T1 WI, TE
2020 Radiomics nomogram for differentiating between benign and malignant soft-tissue masses of the extremities. AUC, FOV, FSE, LASSO, T2 WIs, TE
2020 Statistical analysis of the accuracy of water content-based electrical properties tomography. EPs, FAs, wEPT
2019 A comparison of denoising pipelines in high temporal resolution task-based functional magnetic resonance imaging data. ER-fMRI, MP
2019 Cerebrovascular blood oxygenation level dependent pulsatility at baseline and following acute exercise among healthy adolescents. TE
2019 Continuous prospectively navigated multi-echo GRE for improved BOLD imaging of the kidneys. BH-BOLD, BOLD, FB-BOLD, SNR
2019 Fat Quantification in the Vertebral Body: Comparison of Modified Dixon Technique with Single-Voxel Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. MRS, TE
10  2019 Increased signal intensity of low-concentration gadolinium contrast agent by longer repetition time in heavily T2-weighted-3D-FLAIR. CSF, Gd, SI, SI, SI
11  2019 Low SAR 31 P (multi-echo) spectroscopic imaging using an integrated whole-body transmit coil at 7T. CSI, SARs, SNR
12  2019 Measuring inorganic phosphate and intracellular pH in the healthy and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy hearts by in vivo 7T 31P-cardiovascular magnetic resonance spectroscopy. ATP, HCM, PCr, Pi, SNR
13  2019 Neuronal loss or dysfunction in patients with early Lyme neuroborreliosis: a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study of the brain. 1H-MRS, LNB, MRI, TE
14  2019 Optimizing 3D FLAIR to detect MS lesions: pushing past factory settings for precise results. CNR, FLAIR4800, MS, SNR
15  2019 Pattern recognition analysis of dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC)-MRI curves automatically segments tissue areas with intact blood-brain barrier in a rat stroke model: A feasibility and comparison study. BBB, cNMF, DCE, DSC, EPI, MCAO, ROIs
16  2019 Stromal Collagen Content in Breast Tumors Correlates With In Vivo Diffusion-Weighted Imaging: A Comparison of Multi b-Value DWI With Histologic Specimen From Benign and Malignant Breast Lesions. ADC, DWI, TE
17  2018 An optimised repetition time (TR) for cine imaging of uterine peristalsis on 3 T MRI. CNRs, MRI, SNRs
18  2018 Apparent diffusion coefficients of the five major metabolites measured in the human brain in vivo at 3T. ADC, TE, TM
19  2018 Evaluating the impact of fast-fMRI on dynamic functional connectivity in an event-based paradigm. dFC, FCD, MB
20  2018 Evaluation of SLIce Dithered Enhanced Resolution Simultaneous MultiSlice (SLIDER-SMS) for human fMRI. SLIDER, SMS
21  2018 Feasibility of synthetic MRI in knee imaging in routine practice. MR, MRI, PD, STIR, TE, TI
22  2018 High resolution isotropic diffusion imaging in post-mortem neonates: a feasibility study. DWI, PMMR, SE-EPI, TE
23  2018 High temporal resolution motion estimation using a self-navigated simultaneous multi-slice echo planar imaging acquisition. EKF, EPI, NMSE, rs-fMRI, SMS, TE
24  2018 Improving apparent diffusion coefficient accuracy on a compact 3T MRI scanner using gradient nonlinearity correction. ADCs, ANOVA, C3T, GNL, GNLC, TE
25  2018 Mutual connectivity analysis of resting-state functional MRI data with local models. fMRI, MCA-LM
26  2018 Noninvasive Quantification of Liver Fat Content by Different Gradient Echo Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sequences in Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. FIs, GRE, NAFLD
27  2018 Olfactory fMRI: Implications of Stimulation Length and Repetition Time. fMRI, GLM, TICA
28  2018 Optimization of T2-weighted imaging for shoulder magnetic resonance arthrography by synthetic magnetic resonance imaging. MRA, MRI, PD, T2W, TE
29  2018 Right heart catheterization using metallic guidewires and low SAR cardiovascular magnetic resonance fluoroscopy at 1.5 Tesla: first in human experience. CMR, RF, SAR
30  2018 Serial correlations in single-subject fMRI with sub-second TR. AR, SMS
31  2018 Simultaneous MR thermometry and acoustic radiation force imaging using interleaved acquisition. ARFI, MEG, PRF
32  2018 Simultaneous QSM and metabolic imaging of the brain using SPICE. SNR, SPICE, TE
33  2018 Snapshot-CEST: Optimizing spiral-centric-reordered gradient echo acquisition for fast and robust 3D CEST MRI at 9.4T. CEST, GRE, MRI, NOE, SNR, UHF
34  2018 T1 mapping with the variable flip angle technique: A simple correction for insufficient spoiling of transverse magnetization. ---
35  2018 Variable refocusing flip angle single-shot fast spin echo imaging of liver lesions: increased speed and lesion contrast. CNRs, SSFSE, vrf
36  2018 Volumetric MRI thermometry using a three-dimensional stack-of-stars echo-planar imaging pulse sequence. SENSE
37  2017 B0 mapping using rewinding trajectories (BMART). TE
38  2017 Comparison of Feline Brain Anatomy in 0.25 and 3Tesla Magnetic Resonance Images. TE
39  2017 Diffusion tensor spectroscopic imaging of the human brain in children and adults. DTSI, FA, MD, PEG, PEPSI, tCho, tCr, tNAA
40  2017 Dual-Pathway sequences for MR thermometry: When and where to use them. FA, TNR
41  2017 Echo-Planar J-resolved Spectroscopic Imaging using Dual Read-outs: Implementation and Quantitation of Human Brain Metabolites. EP, JRESI, ME-EP-JRESI, ProFit
42  2017 Effect of repetition time on metabolite quantification in the human brain in 1 H MR spectroscopy at 3 tesla. ---
43  2017 Efficient 31 P band inversion transfer approach for measuring creatine kinase activity, ATP synthesis, and molecular dynamics in the human brain at 7 T. ATP, CK, MRS, MT
44  2017 Exploring connectivity with large-scale Granger causality on resting-state functional MRI. AUC, fMRI, ICA, lsGC
45  2017 Functional Sensitivity of 2D Simultaneous Multi-Slice Echo-Planar Imaging: Effects of Acceleration on g-factor and Physiological Noise. BOLD, fMRI, SMS, SNR, tSNR
46  2017 Fundamental Study of Three-dimensional Fast Spin-echo Imaging with Spoiled Equilibrium Pulse. CNR, ETL, MRI, RF, SpE
47  2017 Improving labeling efficiency in automatic quality control of MRSI data. PRESS, TE
48  2017 Magnetization transfer from inhomogeneously broadened lines (ihMT): Improved imaging strategy for spinal cord applications. CSF, ECG, ihMT, SC
49  2017 Rapid and robust variable flip angle T1 mapping using interleaved two-dimensional multislice spoiled gradient echo imaging. RF, SPGR
50  2017 Regression DCM for fMRI. DCMs, fMRI, rDCM, SNR
51  2017 Simultaneous multislice magnetic resonance fingerprinting (SMS-MRF) with direct-spiral slice-GRAPPA (ds-SG) reconstruction. ds-SG, FA, MB, SMS-MRF
52  2017 Simultaneous Time Interleaved MultiSlice (STIMS) for Rapid Susceptibility Weighted acquisition. CS, FLAIR, GRE, MP-RAGE, QSM, SMS, STIMS, SWI, TE
53  2017 Variable slice thickness (VAST) EPI for the reduction of susceptibility artifacts in whole-brain GE-EPI at 7 Tesla. GE-EPI, ROI, tSNR, VAST
54  2016 An exploration of task based fMRI in neonates using echo-shifting to allow acquisition at longer TE without loss of temporal efficiency. es-EPI, TE
55  2016 Can FLAIR hyperintense vessel (FHV) signs be influenced by varying MR parameters and flow velocities? A flow phantom analysis. FA, FHV, FLAIR, MR, TE, TI
56  2016 Effect of imaging parameters on the accuracy of apparent diffusion coefficient and optimization strategies. ADC, DWI, TE
57  2016 Effect of respiratory and cardiac gating on the major diffusion-imaging metrics. FA, MD, MK
58  2016 Effect of the saturation pulse duration on chemical exchange saturation transfer in amide proton transfer MR imaging: a phantom study. APT, CEST
59  2016 Evaluation of multi-echo ICA denoising for task based fMRI studies: Block designs, rapid event-related designs, and cardiac-gated fMRI. fMRI, ME-ICA
60  2016 Influence of fat on liver T1 measurements using modified Look-Locker inversion recovery (MOLLI) methods at 3T. bSSFP, HLC, MOLLI
61  2016 Rapid multi-orientation quantitative susceptibility mapping. COSMOS, GRE, QSM, STI, SWI
62  2016 Reversed half-echo stack-of-stars TrueFISP (TrueSTAR). TE
63  2016 Temporal pattern of acoustic imaging noise asymmetrically modulates activation in the auditory cortex. HDRs
64  2016 [Study on optimization of a fewest layer measuring method of osteonecrotic area in femoral head]. T1W, TE
65  2015 Acquisition strategy to reduce cerebrospinal fluid partial volume effects for improved DTI tractography. CSF, DTI
66  2015 Compensatory UTE/T2W Imaging of Inflammatory Vascular Wall in Hyperlipidemic Rabbits. DMNC, MR, T2W, TEM, UTE, WHHL
67  2015 Disrupted glutamate-glutamine cycle in acute encephalopathy with biphasic seizures and late reduced diffusion. Gln, Glu, TE
68  2015 High resolution MRI imaging at 9.4 Tesla of the osteochondral unit in a translational model of articular cartilage repair. FA, MSME, NEX, SGE, TE
69  2015 In vivo post-contrast 1H-MRS evaluation of malignant and benign breast lesions: a meta-analysis. CI, MRS, NLR, PLR, SROC
70  2015 In vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of liver metabolites in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats: T2 relaxation times in methylene protons. HF, NC, PRESS, TE
71  2015 In vivo proton T1 relaxation times of mouse myocardial metabolites at 9.4 T. SD
72  2015 Novel gradient echo sequence‑based amide proton transfer magnetic resonance imaging in hyperacute cerebral infarction. ADC, APT, CEST, GRE, MCAO, MRI
73  2015 Optimization of white-matter-nulled magnetization prepared rapid gradient echo (MP-RAGE) imaging. MP-RAGE, RFB, SNR, TS, WMn
74  2015 Pancreatic iron and fat assessment by MRI-R2* in patients with iron overload diseases. DBA, FC, TE, TM
75  2015 Quantitative study of liver magnetic resonance spectroscopy quality at 3T using body and phased array coils with physical analysis and clinical evaluation. MRS, PRESS, SNR, TE
76  2015 Self-gated fat-suppressed cardiac cine MRI. ATR-SSFP, ECG
77  2015 The correlation between biochemical abnormalities in frontal white matter, hippocampus and serum thyroid hormone levels in first-episode patients with major depressive disorder. ACC, Cho, Cr, MDD, NAA, TE, TSH, WMP
78  2015 The Impact of Flip Angle and TR on the Enhancement Ratio of Dynamic Gadobutrol-enhanced MR Imaging: In Vivo VX2 Tumor Model and Computer Simulation. 2D FSPGR, DCE-MRI, FA, T1W
79  2014 A pilot validation of multi-echo based echo-planar correlated spectroscopic imaging in human calf muscles. EMCL, EP-COSI, IMCL, ME-EPCOSI, T2D, UIs
80  2014 Characterization and reduction of cardiac- and respiratory-induced noise as a function of the sampling rate (TR) in fMRI. ---
81  2014 Imaging of the murine biliopancreatic tract at 7 Tesla: technique and results in a model of primary sclerosing cholangitis. MRCP, PSC
82  2014 Lag-based effective connectivity applied to fMRI: a simulation study highlighting dependence on experimental parameters and formulation. DTF, GC, GGC, HRF, LFP, PDC, PSI, SNR, TE
83  2014 Magnetization transfer prepared gradient echo MRI for CEST imaging. CEST, EPI, FA, GRE, MT
84  2014 Online spatial normalization for real-time FMRI. AFR, beta, DCT, GN, NLR, PA, rtfMRI
85  2014 Optimizing full-brain coverage in human brain MRI through population distributions of brain size. FOV
86  2014 Positive contrast MR imaging of tendons, ligaments, and menisci by subtraction of signals from a double echo steady state sequence (Sub-DESS). DESS, Sub-DESS
87  2014 Relaxation by amplitude modulation: A rapid T1 measurement method. ---
88  2014 Short repetition time multiband echo-planar imaging with simultaneous pulse recording allows dynamic imaging of the cardiac pulsation signal. BOLD fMRI, EPI
89  2014 Similarities of biochemical abnormalities between major depressive disorder and bipolar depression: a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. ACC, BD, Cho, Cr, MDD, NAA, TE, WMP
90  2014 Three-dimensional acquisition of cerebral blood volume and flow responses during functional stimulation in a single scan. ASL, CBV, CNR, FAIR, SNR, VASO
91  2013 B1+-mapping with the transient phase of unbalanced steady-state free precession. ---
92  2013 BOLD fMRI in the white matter as a marker of aging and small vessel disease. cs-BOLD, NAWM, SVD, wb-BOLD, WMH
93  2013 Effects of image contrast on functional MRI image registration. dMVD, FAs, ITVs, MVD
94  2013 Evaluation of the dependence of CEST-EPI measurement on repetition time, RF irradiation duty cycle and imaging flip angle for enhanced pH sensitivity. CEST, DC, EPI, MRI, SNRput
95  2013 Functional brain hubs and their test-retest reliability: a multiband resting-state functional MRI study. R-fMRI, TRT
96  2013 High frame rate retrospectively triggered Cine MRI for assessment of murine diastolic function. LV
97  2013 High-throughput optogenetic functional magnetic resonance imaging with parallel computations. GPUs
98  2013 Implementation of P22 viral capsids as intravascular magnetic resonance T1 contrast conjugates via site-selective attachment of Gd(III)-chelating agents. MR
99  2013 Optimization of scan parameters for T₁-FLAIR imaging at 1.5 and 3T using computer simulation. TE, WM
100  2013 Optimized design and analysis of sparse-sampling FMRI experiments. fMRI