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Abbreviation:   TR  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   transferrin receptor
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2016 Effect of testosterone on hepcidin, ferroportin, ferritin and iron binding capacity in patients with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and type 2 diabetes. HH, MNC
2015 Maternal hemochromatosis gene H63D single-nucleotide polymorphism and lead levels of placental tissue, maternal and umbilical cord blood. ---
2014 A novel genotoxicity assay of carbon nanotubes using functional macrophage receptor with collagenous structure (MARCO)-expressing chicken B lymphocytes. CNTs, MARCO, MWCNTs
2011 Retention of thrombin inhibitory activity by recombinant serpins expressed as integral membrane proteins tethered to the surface of mammalian cells. AR, AT, HCII
2004 Role of transmembrane domain and cytoplasmic tail amino acid sequences of influenza a virus neuraminidase in raft association and virus budding. CT, NA, TMD
2004 [Characteristics of erythropoiesis regulation in population living at high altitude]. Ep, IDA
2003 High serum transferrin receptor level in anemia of chronic disorders indicates coexistent iron deficiency. ACD, IDA, TIBC
2000 Analysis of the transmembrane domain of influenza virus neuraminidase, a type II transmembrane glycoprotein, for apical sorting and raft association. aa, NA, TMD, TX-100
2000 Down-regulation of cell surface receptors is modulated by polar residues within the transmembrane domain. TM
10  1999 Biogenesis of Salmonella typhimurium-containing vacuoles in epithelial cells involves interactions with the early endocytic pathway. SCV
11  1999 Casein kinase II activity is required for transferrin receptor endocytosis. CKII
12  1998 Analysis of the structural requirements for lysosomal membrane targeting using transferrin receptor chimeras. ---
13  1998 Expression of the neuronal transferrin receptor is age dependent and susceptible to iron deficiency. ---
14  1998 In polarized MDCK cells basolateral vesicles arise from clathrin-gamma-adaptin-coated domains on endosomal tubules. BFA, pIgR
15  1998 Signal-dependent trafficking of beta-amyloid precursor protein-transferrin receptor chimeras in madin-darby canine kidney cells. APP
16  1998 Sorting mechanisms regulating membrane protein traffic in the apical transcytotic pathway of polarized MDCK cells. EGFR, pIgR
17  1997 Structural requirements for basolateral sorting of the human transferrin receptor in the biosynthetic and endocytic pathways of Madin-Darby canine kidney cells. MDCK
18  1996 Analogs of cord red blood cell membrane components displayed on placenta, amnion and amniotic cells in culture. RBC
19  1996 Coincident expression and distribution of melanotransferrin and transferrin receptor in human brain capillary endothelium. BBB, GPI, MTf, Tf
20  1996 Iron status of Filipino infants and preschoolers using plasma ferritin and transferrin receptor levels. CRP, Hb, PF
21  1996 The carboxyl terminus of GLUT4 contains a serine-leucine-leucine sequence that functions as a potent internalization motif in Chinese hamster ovary cells. ---
22  1996 Transferrin receptor containing the SDYQRL motif of TGN38 causes a reorganization of the recycling compartment but is not targeted to the TGN. ---
23  1996 Transferrin receptor expression by blast cells in acute lymphoblastic leukemia correlates with white cell count & immunophenotype. ALL, cALL, TLC
24  1996 Transferrin receptor-independent uptake of differic transferrin by human hepatoma cells with antisense inhibition of receptor expression. NTR
25  1995 A novel iron uptake mechanism mediated by GPI-anchored human p97. GPI
26  1995 Barriers for lateral diffusion of transferrin receptor in the plasma membrane as characterized by receptor dragging by laser tweezers: fence versus tether. ---
27  1995 Characterization of sorting signals in the beta-amyloid precursor protein cytoplasmic domain. APP
28  1995 Transferrin receptor expression of the hyperplastic lesions of hepatocyte in experimental hepatocarcinogenesis. ---
29  1994 A DNA-binding activity, TRAC, specific for the TRA element of the transferrin receptor gene copurifies with the Ku autoantigen. ---
30  1994 Analysis of the signals for polarized transport of influenza virus (A/WSN/33) neuraminidase and human transferrin receptor, type II transmembrane proteins. NA
31  1994 Cloning, characterization, and modeling of a monoclonal anti-human transferrin antibody that competes with the transferrin receptor. Tf
32  1994 Expression and extracellular release of transferrin receptors during peripheral erythroid progenitor cell differentiation in liquid culture. EPO, IL-3
33  1994 Placental transferrin receptor in diabetic pregnancies with increased fetal iron demand. ---
34  1994 Sorting signals in the MHC class II invariant chain cytoplasmic tail and transmembrane region determine trafficking to an endocytic processing compartment. ---
35  1993 Effect of Tolpa Peat Preparation on some immune parameters in healthy volunteers. Preliminary data. IL-1, IL-2, TNF-alpha
36  1993 Effects of combined administration of FK 506 and the purine biosynthesis inhibitors mizoribine or mycophenolic acid on lymphocyte DNA synthesis and T cell activation molecule expression in human mixed lymphocyte cultures. MLC, MPA, MZB
37  1993 Rapid detection of transferrin receptor expression on glioma cell lines by using magnetic microspheres. ---
38  1993 The v-sis protein retains biological activity as a type II membrane protein when anchored by various signal-anchor domains, including the hydrophobic domain of the bovine papilloma virus E5 oncoprotein. ASGPR, BPV, NA
39  1993 The vitamin D-binding protein gene: quantitation of amplified nucleic acids by ELISA. ELISA
40  1993 YTRF is the conserved internalization signal of the transferrin receptor, and a second YTRF signal at position 31-34 enhances endocytosis. ---
41  1992 Interaction of multiple factors with a GC-rich element within the mitogen responsive region of the human transferrin receptor gene. ---
42  1992 Monoclonal antibodies against defined epitopes of the human transferrin receptor cytoplasmic tail. CEF, CEFs, mAbs
43  1992 Structural requirements for high efficiency endocytosis of the human transferrin receptor. LDLR, Man-6-PR
44  1991 Cell surface transport, oligomerization, and endocytosis of chimeric type II glycoproteins: role of cytoplasmic and anchor domains. NA
45  1991 Measurement of proliferation nuclear and membrane markers in tumor cells by flow cytometry. EGFR
46  1991 Morphological, immunocytochemical and growth characteristics of three human glioblastomas established in vitro. EGF-R, GAA, mAbs, NGFR
47  1991 SV40 activates transcription from the transferrin receptor promoter by inducing a factor which binds to the CRE/AP-1 recognition sequence. SV40
48  1991 Transplanted LDL and mannose-6-phosphate receptor internalization signals promote high-efficiency endocytosis of the transferrin receptor. ASGPR, LDLR, Man-6-PR
49  1991 [Expression of transferrin receptor on transitional cell cancer]. TCC
50  1991 [Transferrin receptors in squamous epithelial cancers of the head and neck]. ---
51  1990 Analysis of cis-acting promoter elements using microinjected synthetic oligonucleotides. ---
52  1990 Correlation of transferrin receptor expression with histologic grade and immunophenotype in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. CLL, mAb, NHL, PLL
53  1990 Cytofluorimetric analysis of mitogen-activated peripheral blood lymphocytes of non-leukemic lymphoma patients reveals an abnormal disease-related expression pattern of activation antigens. DR, PBL
54  1990 Peripheral blood lymphocytes of nonleukemic lymphoma patients exhibit aberrant expression of T-cell activation markers after polyclonal stimulation in vitro. Con A, HLA-DR, IL-2, PBL, PHA, PWM
55  1990 Serum transferrin receptor measurements in hematologic malignancies. CLL
56  1990 Synergistic inhibition of lymphoid tumor growth in vitro by combined treatment with the iron chelator deferoxamine and an immunoglobulin G monoclonal antibody against the transferrin receptor. ATRA, DFO, IgG
57  1990 The influence of FK-506 and low-concentration ciclosporin on human lymphocyte activation antigen expression and blastogenesis: a flow cytometric analysis. IL-2R
58  1990 Transferrin receptor expression in early postimplantation mouse trophoblast and associated tissues. EPC, TGC
59  1990 Transferrin receptor expression in tumours of the human nervous system: relation to tumour type, grading and tumour growth fraction. ---
60  1989 Correlation of proliferative activity with pathological features in breast carcinoma. ---
61  1989 Nuclear proteins TREF1 and TREF2 bind to the transcriptional control element of the transferrin receptor gene and appear to be associated as a heterodimer. ---
62  1988 A role for the cytoplasmic domain in transferrin receptor sorting and coated pit formation during endocytosis. ---
63  1988 Phorbol ester treatment increases the exocytic rate of the transferrin receptor recycling pathway independent of serine-24 phosphorylation. CHO, PMA
64  1987 A comparison of three methods for the determination of the growth fraction in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. BrdU, mAb, NHL
65  1987 Endocytosis of the transferrin receptor requires the cytoplasmic domain but not its phosphorylation site. ---
66  1987 Foreign transmembrane peptides replacing the internal signal sequence of transferrin receptor allow its translocation and membrane binding. ---
67  1987 Lymphocyte subsets and activation antigens in a reference population: a flow cytometric study using single and double antibody staining. DR, PE
68  1987 Phosphorylation of the human transferrin receptor by protein kinase C is not required for endocytosis and recycling in mouse 3T3 cells. ---
69  1987 Potent and specific killing of human malignant brain tumor cells by an anti-transferrin receptor antibody-ricin immunotoxin. ---
70  1987 Pulmonary alveolar macrophages in patients with sarcoidosis and hypersensitivity pneumonitis: characterization by monoclonal antibodies. BAL, HP, IL-2R, MHC, MoAbs, PAM
71  1987 Role of the transferrin receptor in lymphocyte growth: a rat IgG monoclonal antibody against the murine transferrin receptor produces highly selective inhibition of T and B cell activation protocols. IL-1, IL-2, MLR
72  1986 Cyclosporine inhibits the expression of receptors for interleukin 2 and transferrin on mitogen-activated human T lymphocytes. CsA, IL-2R
73  1986 Early activation marker expression to detect impaired proliferative responses to pokeweed mitogen and tetanus toxoid: studies in patients with AIDS and related disorders. HIV, IL-2R, PWM, TT
74  1986 Expression of transferrin receptor on human carcinomas--an immunohistological study. CEA, EMA
75  1986 Role of target and effector cell structures in natural killer-mediated cytotoxicity. NK
76  1986 The transmembrane segment of the human transferrin receptor functions as a signal peptide. ---
77  1986 Unique pattern of interleukin 2 receptor expression by lymphocytes in response to anti-Leu 4 monoclonal antibody: relationship to monocyte accessory cell function. IL-2R, MC, NR
78  1985 Interferon-gamma is a strong modulator of NK susceptibility and expression of beta 2-microglobulin but not of transferrin receptors of K562 cells. beta2m
79  1983 Assignment of the gene for human melanoma-associated antigen p97 to chromosome 3. ---
80  1983 Isolation of cDNA clones for the human transferrin receptor. ---
81  1983 Transferrin receptors in human tissues: their distribution and possible clinical relevance. ---