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■ 略語/展開語 : TRAD/traditional resistance training

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略語:   TRAD  (>> 共起略語)
展開形:   traditional resistance training
No. 発表年 題目 共起略語
2021 Effects of Drop-Set and Pyramidal Resistance Training Systems on Microvascular Oxygenation: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Approach. AUC, CP, DS
2021 Individual Muscle Adaptations in different Resistance Training Systems in Well-Trained Men. CP, CSA, DS
2019 A randomised controlled trial of movement quality-focused exercise versus traditional resistance exercise for improving movement quality and physical performance in trained adults. FMS, MQ, sRPE
2019 Isokinetic resistance training combined with eccentric overload improves athletic performance and induces muscle hypertrophy in young ice hockey players. ---
2017 Crescent pyramid and drop-set systems do not promote greater strength gains, muscle hypertrophy, and changes on muscle architecture compared with traditional resistance training in well-trained men. CP, CSA, DS, FL, PA, TTV
2016 A randomized trial of traditional and golf-specific resistance training in amateur female golfers: Benefits beyond golf performance. GSRT
2010 The metabolic costs of reciprocal supersets vs. traditional resistance exercise in young recreationally active adults. EE, EPOC, SUPERs