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Long Form:   topoisomerase 1
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2019 Carboxylate-functionalized foldamer inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase and Topoisomerase 1: artificial analogues of DNA mimic proteins. HIV-1 IN, SPS
2019 Discovery and Mechanistic Study of Tailor-Made Quinoline Derivatives as Topoisomerase 1 Poison with Potent Anticancer Activity. CPT, Top1ccs
2019 Genome-wide mutagenesis resulting from topoisomerase 1-processing of unrepaired ribonucleotides in DNA. RER
2019 Interactions of HLA-DR and Topoisomerase I Epitope Modulated Genetic Risk for Systemic Sclerosis. HLA
2019 Novel 9-(2-(1-arylethylidene)hydrazinyl)acridine derivatives: Target Topoisomerase 1 and growth inhibition of HeLa cancer cells. HeLa
2019 Topotecan Alleviates Lipopolysaccharide-Mediated Acute Lung Injury Via the NF-kappaB Signaling Pathway. ALI, LPS, NF, TPT
2018 Change in Topoisomerase 1-Positive Circulating Tumor Cells Affects Overall Survival in Patients with Advanced Breast Cancer after Treatment with Etirinotecan Pegol. C2D1, CTC, EP, MBC, OS, Top1Hi, Top1Lo, Top2, TPC, TUNEL
2018 DNA Topoisomerase 1 Structure-BASED Design, Synthesis, Activity Evaluation and Molecular Simulations Study of New 7-Amide Camptothecin Derivatives Against Spodoptera frugiperda. CPTs
2018 Gold nanoparticles - an optical biosensor for RNA quantification for cancer and neurologic disorders diagnosis. GAG, TDP2
10  2018 Phase I Study of ATR Inhibitor M6620 in Combination With Topotecan in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors. ---
11  2018 Studying Topoisomerase 1-Mediated Damage at Genomic Ribonucleotides. ---
12  2018 Tdp1 processes chromate-induced single-strand DNA breaks that collapse replication forks. BER, CPT, DDRs, ICL, NER, PNKP, PRR, SCR, seDSBs, SSBs
13  2017 Antiviral screen identifies EV71 inhibitors and reveals camptothecin-target, DNA topoisomerase 1 as a novel EV71 host factor. EV71, HFMD
14  2017 Aspergillus subgenus Polypaecilum from the built environment. aw, BenA, CaM, ITS
15  2017 DNA Topoisomerase 1 Prevents R-loop Accumulation to Modulate Auxin-Regulated Root Development in Rice. ---
16  2017 Genetic evidence for functional interaction of Smc5/6 complex and Top1 with spatial frequency of replication origins required for maintenance of chromosome stability. ---
17  2017 Health-related quality of life in patients with locally recurrent or metastatic breast cancer treated with etirinotecan pegol versus treatment of physician's choice: Results from the randomised phase III BEACON trial. EORTC, GHS, HRQoL, MBC, OS, QLQ-C30, TPC
18  2017 Interplay between Top1 and Mms21/Nse2 mediated sumoylation in stable maintenance of long chromosomes. YACs
19  2017 Topoisomerase 1 Inhibition Promotes Cyclic GMP-AMP Synthase-Dependent Antiviral Responses. cGAS, CPT, SV40
20  2016 A Novel Inhibitor of Topoisomerase I Is Selectively Toxic for a Subset of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines. NSCLC
21  2016 Genetic variants in microRNAs predict non-small cell lung cancer prognosis in Chinese female population in a prospective cohort study. NSCLC, OS, SNP
22  2016 Identification of early gene expression changes in primary cultured neurons treated with topoisomerase I poisons. ActD, betaLAP, CPT
23  2016 Poly(ADP-ribose) polymers regulate DNA topoisomerase I (Top1) nuclear dynamics and camptothecin sensitivity in living cells. CPT, PARP, Top1cc
24  2016 RNA Polymerase II Regulates Topoisomerase 1 Activity to Favor Efficient Transcription. ChIP-seq, CTD, RNAPII, TOP1-seq
25  2016 Sophoridinol derivative 05D induces tumor cells apoptosis by topoisomerase1-mediated DNA breakage. ATM, ATR
26  2016 Stress granules and RNA processing bodies are novel autoantibody targets in systemic sclerosis. CENP, IP, PB, SG, SSc
27  2016 The new world of inorganic polyphosphates. Nsr1, PASK, polyP, PTMs
28  2016 Topoisomerase 1 inhibition suppresses inflammatory genes and protects from death by inflammation. ---
29  2016 Topoisomerase 1 Regulates Gene Expression in Neurons through Cleavage Complex-Dependent and -Independent Mechanisms. cc's
30  2016 Topoisomerase I in Human Disease Pathogenesis and Treatments. ---
31  2016 Visualizing ensembles in structural biology. ---
32  2015 A phase II study of weekly irinotecan in patients with locally advanced or metastatic HER2- negative breast cancer and increased copy numbers of the topoisomerase 1 (TOP1) gene: a study protocol. ---
33  2015 Clinical and cellular roles for TDP1 and TOP1 in modulating colorectal cancer response to irinotecan. TDP1
34  2015 Error-free and mutagenic processing of topoisomerase 1-provoked damage at genomic ribonucleotides. RER
35  2015 Evidence that processing of ribonucleotides in DNA by topoisomerase 1 is leading-strand specific. pol, RER
36  2015 Genome-destabilizing effects associated with top1 loss or accumulation of top1 cleavage complexes in yeast. CPT, LOH, RCO, Top1cc
37  2015 Large expansion of CTG•CAG repeats is exacerbated by MutSbeta in human cells. TRED
38  2015 Protein polyphosphorylation of lysine residues by inorganic polyphosphate. Nsr1, PASK, polyP, PTMs
39  2015 Repair synthesis step involving ERCC1-XPF participates in DNA repair of the Top1-DNA damage complex. CPTs, ERCC1-XPF, NER, RPA
40  2015 TOP1 gene copy numbers are increased in cancers of the bile duct and pancreas. CEN-20, PC
41  2015 Topoisomerase 1-dependent deletions initiated by incision at ribonucleotides are biased to the non-transcribed strand of a highly activated reporter. RNase, rNMPs
42  2015 Topoisomerase-1 and -2A gene copy numbers are elevated in mismatch repair-proficient colorectal cancers. CRC, dMMR, FFPE, MMR, pMMR
43  2015 Topoisomerase-1 gene copy aberrations are frequent in patients with breast cancer. BC
44  2015 [Tyrosyl-DNA Phosphodiesterase 1 Is a New Player in Repair of Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Sites]. AP sites, Tdp1
45  2014 A meta-analysis approach for characterizing pan-cancer mechanisms of drug sensitivity in cell lines. CCLE, HDAC, MDR, MEK
46  2014 Aberrant topoisomerase-1 DNA lesions are pathogenic in neurodegenerative genome instability syndromes. ---
47  2014 Anticancer drug FL118 is more than a survivin inhibitor: where is the Achilles' heel of cancer? IAP
48  2014 Cytocidal activities of topoisomerase 1 inhibitors and 5-azacytidine against pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma cells in primary human tumor cultures and mouse cell lines. MPC
49  2014 Development of an oligonucleotide-based fluorescence assay for the identification of tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 1 (TDP1) inhibitors. TDP1
50  2014 Protracted dosing of the lipophilic camptothecin analogue AR-67 in non-small cell lung cancer xenografts and humans. ---
51  2014 Selective anti-tumor activity of the novel fluoropyrimidine polymer F10 towards G48a orthotopic GBM tumors. GBM, i.c, TS
52  2014 TDP1/TOP1 Ratio as a Promising Indicator for the Response of Small Cell Lung Cancer to Topotecan. SCLC, TDP1
53  2014 Topoisomerase 1 inhibition reversibly impairs synaptic function. ---
54  2013 DNA topoisomerase 1 facilitates the transcription and replication of the Ebola virus genome. EBOV
55  2013 MiR-23a-mediated inhibition of topoisomerase 1 expression potentiates cell response to etoposide in human hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC, TOP2A
56  2013 Replication-dependent irreversible topoisomerase 1 poisoning is responsible for FdUMP[10] anti-leukemic activity. AML, DSBs, THY, Top1cc, TS
57  2013 STK295900, a dual inhibitor of topoisomerase 1 and 2, induces G(2) arrest in the absence of DNA damage. TOP2
58  2013 Topoisomerase 1(TOP1) gene copy number in stage III colorectal cancer patients and its relation to prognosis. FFPE, FISH, mCRC, OS, TTR
59  2013 Topoisomerase 1-mediated removal of ribonucleotides from nascent leading-strand DNA. RER
60  2013 Topoisomerases facilitate transcription of long genes linked to autism. ASD
61  2013 Two distinct mechanisms of Topoisomerase 1-dependent mutagenesis in yeast. rNMPs
62  2012 PARP and CSB modulate the processing of transcription-mediated DNA strand breaks. BER, CPT, CSB
63  2012 The AID dilemma: infection, or cancer? AID
64  2012 TOP1 gene copy numbers in colorectal cancer samples and cell lines and their association to in vitro drug sensitivity. mCRC
65  2012 Upregulation of ERCC1 and DPD expressions after oxaliplatin-based first-line chemotherapy for metastatic colorectal cancer. DPD, ERCC1, NCI60
66  2011 A combined experimental and mathematical approach for molecular-based optimization of irinotecan circadian delivery. ABC, CES2, CT, PK-PD, UGT1A1
67  2011 DNA repair factor MRE11/RAD50 cleaves 3'-phosphotyrosyl bonds and resects DNA to repair damage caused by topoisomerase 1 poisons. ---
68  2011 Gene expression profile can predict pathological response to preoperative chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer. CRT, ITGB1, NFKB2, TGFB1
69  2011 Genomic profiling in CEPH cell lines distinguishes between the camptothecins and indenoisoquinolines. CEPH, QTL
70  2011 Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase signaling of topoisomerase 1-dependent DNA damage in carcinoma cells. PARP, TPT
71  2011 The stability of a model substrate for topoisomerase 1-mediated DNA religation depends on the presence of mismatched base pairs. ---
72  2011 Topoisomerase 1 and single-strand break repair modulate transcription-induced CAG repeat contraction in human cells. siRNA, SSBR, TDP1
73  2010 Does interference between replication and transcription contribute to genomic instability in cancer cells? ---
74  2010 Exon array analyses across the NCI-60 reveal potential regulation of TOP1 by transcription pausing at guanosine quartets in the first intron. ---
75  2010 Genome-wide mRNA and microRNA profiling of the NCI 60 cell-line screen and comparison of FdUMP[10] with fluorouracil, floxuridine, and topoisomerase 1 poisons. ANXA6, FdU, miRNA
76  2010 Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase 1 targeting for modulation of camptothecin-based treatment. TDP1
77  2009 AID-induced decrease in topoisomerase 1 induces DNA structural alteration and DNA cleavage for class switch recombination. AID, CSR
78  2009 Interaction of DNA topoisomerase 1 with DNA intermediates and proteins of base excision repair. ---
79  2009 Mechanistic studies of the modulation of cleavage activity of topoisomerase I by DNA adducts of mono- and bi-functional PtII complexes. ---
80  2008 Par-4 binds to topoisomerase 1 and attenuates its DNA relaxation activity. Par-4
81  2007 ATM, the Mre11/Rad50/Nbs1 complex, and topoisomerase I are concentrated in the nucleus of Purkinje neurons in the juvenile human brain. AT, ATM
82  2007 TDP1 facilitates repair of ionizing radiation-induced DNA single-strand breaks. DSBs, IR, Lig3alpha, SCAN1, SSBR, SSBs, TDP1
83  2006 Identification of gene polymorphisms of human DNA topoisomerase I in the National Cancer Institute panel of human tumour cell lines. SNPs
84  2005 Defective DNA single-strand break repair in spinocerebellar ataxia with axonal neuropathy-1. SCAN1, SSBR, TDP1
85  2005 Methyl jasmonate disrupts shoot formation in tobacco thin cell layers by over-inducing mitotic activity and cell expansion. MJ, RNR, ubi-CEP
86  2002 Analyses of the extent of shared synteny and conserved gene orders between the genome of Fugu rubripes and human 20q. ---
87  2001 Characterisation of two topoisomerase 1 genes in the pufferfish (Fugu rubripes). ---
88  2001 Quantitative structure-antitumor activity relationships of camptothecin analogues: cluster analysis and genetic algorithm-based studies. CPTs, GFA, NCI, PCR, PLS, QSAR
89  2000 Sensitivity to CPT-11 of xenografted human colorectal cancers as a function of microsatellite instability and p53 status. CRCs, i.p
90  1999 Synthesis of cytotoxic indenoisoquinoline topoisomerase I poisons. ---