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Abbreviation:   VCG  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   vectorcardiogram
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Detection of myocardial ischemia due to clinically asymptomatic coronary artery stenosis at rest using supervised artificial intelligence-enabled vectorcardiography - A five-fold cross validation of accuracy. CAD
2020 Dynamic atrioventricular delay programming improves ventricular electrical synchronization as evaluated by 3D vectorcardiography. BiV, BiV Nominal, CRT, LV, QRSd
2020 Spatial velocity of the dynamic vectorcardiographic loop provides crucial insight in ventricular dysfunction. SV
2019 Applicability of the Electro-Vectorcardiogram in Current Clinical Practice. ECG
2019 Comparison of Different Electrocardiography with Vectorcardiography Transformations. ECG, MSE, PTB
2019 Comparison of the integral indices of the vectorcardiogram with the data of echocardiography in patients with idiopathic and chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension. CTEPH, EchoCG, IPH, RA, sPAP, VG
2019 Fully automated QRS area measurement for predicting response to cardiac resynchronization therapy. CRT, ECG
2019 Heterogeneous Recurrence Analysis of Disease-altered Spatiotemporal Patterns in Multi-Channel Cardiac Signals. EEG, EMG
2019 Planarity of the spatial QRS loop of vectorcardiogram is a crucial diagnostic and prognostic parameter in acute myocardial infarction. UDL
10  2019 The Psychophysiological Implications of Soundscape: A Systematic Review of Empirical Literature and a Research Agenda. ECG, HR, ISO
11  2019 Vectorcardiogram in athletes: The Sun Valley Ski Study. GEH, LVH, RVH, SCD
12  2018 Changes in spatial QRS-T angle and QTc interval in patients with traumatic brain injury with or without intra-abdominal hypertension. IAP, iTBI, pTBI, TBI
13  2018 Improved acute haemodynamic response to cardiac resynchronization therapy using multipoint pacing cannot solely be explained by better resynchronization. BiV, CRT, ECG, LV
14  2018 Left posterior fascicular block, state-of-the-art review: A 2018 update. COPD, LPFB, MI, RBBB, RVH
15  2018 Normal values of the ventricular gradient and QRS-T angle, derived from the pediatric electrocardiogram. ECGs, SA, VG
16  2018 Relationship between vectorcardiographic QRSarea, myocardial scar quantification, and response to cardiac resynchronization therapy. CMR, CRT, ECV
17  2018 Tailoring device settings in cardiac resynchronization therapy using electrograms from pacing electrodes. Ap-QRSonset, Ap-RVaCRT, AV, CRT, ECG, EGM, LV, QRSampl, RV
18  2017 A new anatomical view on the vector cardiogram: The mean temporal-spatial isochrones. PVCs
19  2017 Biventricular Paced QRS Area Predicts Acute Hemodynamic CRT Response Better Than QRS Duration or QRS Amplitudes. AHR, BV, CRT, IQR, LBBB, QRSd
20  2017 Detection of elevated pulmonary pressures by the ECG-derived ventricular gradient: A comparison of conversion matrices in patients with suspected pulmonary hypertension. INVD, PH, sPAP
21  2017 ECG-derived spatial QRS-T angle is strongly associated with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. HCM, SCD, SVG, TpTe
22  2017 Inter-Patient ECG Heartbeat Classification with Temporal VCG Optimized by PSO. ECG, PSO, Se, TVCG
23  2017 Optimal configuration of adhesive ECG patches suitable for long-term monitoring of a vectorcardiogram. ---
24  2017 Right precordial-directed electrocardiographical markers identify arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy in the absence of conventional depolarization or repolarization abnormalities. ARVD/C, QRSd, RPD
25  2017 Vectorcardiography identifies patients with electrocardiographically concealed long QT syndrome. ecLQT1, ecLQT2, ecLQT3, ecLQTS, LQTS
26  2016 A review of beat-to-beat vectorcardiographic (VCG) parameters for analyzing repolarization variability in ECG signals. ECG
27  2016 Changes in P-wave morphology after pulmonary vein isolation: insights from computer simulations. PV, PWD
28  2016 Effect of Noise on Time-frequency Analysis of Vibrocardiographic Signals. IF, PCT, SNR, SPWVD
29  2016 Effects of Preexcitation Syndrome on Terminal QRS Vector Observed in Spatial Vector. AP
30  2016 Frank vectorcardiographic system from standard 12 lead ECG: An effort to enhance cardiovascular diagnosis. CVDs, IDT, KT, PCA
31  2016 Identification of Patients with Myocardial Infarction. Vectorcardiographic and Electrocardiographic Analysis. ECG, MI
32  2016 Non-invasive, model-based measures of ventricular electrical dyssynchrony for predicting CRT outcomes. DHF, LBBB
33  2016 Prediction of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease from Three-Dimensional Vectorcardiographic Parameters. COLD, PAH, PASP, RVH, VG
34  2016 Quantitative Assessment of Vectorcardiographic Loop Morphology. VT
35  2016 Self-organizing visualization and pattern matching of vectorcardiographic QRS waveforms. LBBB
36  2016 T-wave area as biomarker of clinical response to cardiac resynchronization therapy. CRT, HF, LBBB
37  2016 Value of the QRS-T area angle in improving the prediction of sudden cardiac death after acute coronary syndromes. ACS, SCD
38  2016 Vectorcardiographic QRS area identifies delayed left ventricular lateral wall activation determined by electroanatomic mapping in candidates for cardiac resynchronization therapy. CRT, EAM, IVCD, LBBB, LV, RBBB
39  2015 An in-silico analysis of the effect of heart position and orientation on the ECG morphology and vectorcardiogram parameters in patients with heart failure and intraventricular conduction defects. IVCDs
40  2015 Automatic cardiac arrhythmia detection and classification using vectorcardiograms and complex networks. ECG, SVM
41  2015 Cardiac memory in cardiac resynchronization therapy: A vectorcardiographic comparison of biventricular and left ventricular pacing. BiV, CM, CRT, HF, LBBB, LV, SVA
42  2015 Continuous Rapid Quantification of Stroke Volume Using Magnetohydrodynamic Voltages in 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging. BF, MRI, VMHD
43  2015 The synthesized vectorcardiogram resembles the measured vectorcardiogram in patients with dyssynchronous heart failure. CRT, ECG
44  2015 Vectorcardiographic diagnostic & prognostic information derived from the 12-lead electrocardiogram: Historical review and clinical perspective. ECG
45  2015 Vectorcardiographic predictors of ventricular arrhythmia inducibility in patients with tetralogy of Fallot. EPs, TOF, VAI
46  2015 Vectorcardiographic QRS area as a novel predictor of response to cardiac resynchronization therapy. CI, CRT, LBBB, OR
47  2015 Vectorcardiography for optimization of stimulation intervals in cardiac resynchronization therapy. AV, CRT, LBBB, RV
48  2014 3DQRS: a method to obtain reliable QRS complex detection within high field MRI using 12-lead electrocardiogram traces. AF, ECG, PVC
49  2014 Electrocardiogram derived respiratory rate from QRS slopes and R-wave angle. ECG, EDR
50  2014 Novel technique for ST-T interval characterization in patients with acute myocardial ischemia. PTCA, ST-TVD, STCVM, SVG, TVD
51  2014 Patient-specific modeling of ventricular activation pattern using surface ECG-derived vectorcardiogram in bundle branch block. ECG, LBBB
52  2014 Transient repolarization alterations dominate the initial phase of an acute anterior infarction--a vectorcardiography study. ST-VM, VR
53  2013 Baseline vectorcardiography as a predictor of invasively determined acute hemodynamic response to cardiac resynchronization therapy. CRT, TI
54  2013 Derivation of the 12-lead electrocardiogram and 3-lead vectorcardiogram. ECG
55  2013 Detection of myocardial scar from the VCG using a supervised learning approach. MI
56  2013 ECG-based gating in ultra high field cardiovascular magnetic resonance using an independent component analysis approach. CMR, ECG, IC, ICA, MHD, Se
57  2013 Electrocardiogram derived respiration from QRS slopes. ECG
58  2013 Multiscale adaptive basis function modeling of spatiotemporal vectorcardiogram signals. ---
59  2013 Novel set of vectorcardiographic parameters for the identification of ischemic patients. SENS, SPEC
60  2013 On the Detection of Myocadial Scar Based on ECG/VCG Analysis. ECG
61  2013 Topology and random-walk network representation of cardiac dynamics for localization of myocardial infarction. ECG, MI
62  2013 Vectorcardiographic loop alignment for fetal movement detection using the expectation-maximization algorithm and support vector machines. ---
63  2013 Vectorcardiographic recordings of the Q-T interval in a pediatric long Q-T syndrome population. ECG, LQTS
64  2013 Vectorcardiography shows cardiac memory and repolarization heterogeneity after ablation of accessory pathways not apparent on ECG. AP, LS, PS
65  2013 Wavelet packet analysis of disease-altered recurrence dynamics in the long-term spatiotemporal vectorcardiogram (VCG) signals. ---
66  2012 Aortic stiffness, left ventricle hypertrophy, and homogeneity of ventricle repolarization in adult dialyzed patients. CAPD, HD
67  2012 Beat-to-beat vectorcardiographic analysis of ventricular depolarization and repolarization in myocardial infarction. MI
68  2012 Identification of myocardial infarction (MI) using spatio-temporal heart dynamics. CART, ECG, HC, MI
69  2012 Left atrial volume index as a predictor of ventricle repolarization abnormalities in adult dialyzed patients. CAPD, HD, LA
70  2012 Self-organized neural network for the quality control of 12-lead ECG signals. ECG
71  2012 Spatiotemporal representation of cardiac vectorcardiogram (VCG) signals. AF, BBB, HC, MI
72  2012 Transformation of the Mason-Likar 12-lead electrocardiogram to the Frank vectorcardiogram. BSPMs, ECG, ML, RMSE
73  2012 Vectorcardiography analysis of the repolarization response to pharmacologically induced autonomic nervous system modulation in healthy subjects. HR, ISO, VR
74  2012 Vectorcardiography as a tool for easy optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy in canine left bundle branch block hearts. AV, CRT, LBBB, LV, MIVD
75  2011 A vectorcardiogram-based classification system for the detection of Myocardial infarction. MI, MLC
76  2011 Cardiac memory in humans: vectocardiographic quantification in cardiac resynchronization therapy. CM, CRT
77  2011 Clinical determinants of electrocardiographic and spatial vectorcardiographic descriptors of ventricular repolarization in healthy children. ECG
78  2011 Detection and classification of cardiac ischemia using vectorcardiogram signal via neural network. ECG
79  2011 Diagnostic utility of the spatial versus individual planar QRS-T angles in cardiac disease detection. AUC, ECG, ROC
80  2011 Effect of heart rate on ventricular repolarization in healthy individuals applying vectorcardiographic T vector and T vector loop analysis. HR, VG, VR
81  2011 Multiscale recurrence quantification analysis of spatial cardiac vectorcardiogram signals. MI, RQA
82  2011 Noninvasive vectorcardiographic evaluation of pulmonary vein-atrial reconnection after pulmonary vein isolation for atrial fibrillation. AF, PV, PVI
83  2011 The effect of reduced intercellular coupling on electrocardiographic signs of left ventricular hypertrophy. ECG, LVH
84  2011 Transient repolarization instability following the initiation of cardiac resynchronization therapy. CRT, VR
85  2010 A robust physiology-based source separation method for QRS detection in low amplitude fetal ECG recordings. BSS, ECG, ICA, PCA, SNR
86  2010 An artificial vector model for generating abnormal electrocardiographic rhythms. HR, TWA
87  2010 Analysis of QRS loop in the Vectorcardiogram of patients with Chagas' disease. HRECG
88  2010 Bayesian approach to patient-tailored vectorcardiography. ---
89  2010 Bootstrap quantification of cardiac pulsation artifact in DTI. ---
90  2010 Frontal plane vectorcardiograms: theory and graphics visualization of cardiac health status. ECG, HAV, HDVC
91  2010 Ischemia-induced repolarization response in relation to the size and location of the ischemic myocardium during short-lasting coronary occlusion in humans. MaR, VR
92  2009 Analysis of QRS loop changes in the beat-to-beat Vectocardiogram of ischemic patients undergoing PTCA. ECG, PTCA
93  2009 Effect of biventricular pacing on ventricular repolarization and functional indices in patients with heart failure: lack of association with arrhythmic events. BiV, ECG, EPS, HF, ICD, VT
94  2009 Initial results of cardiac imaging at 7 Tesla. TEM
95  2009 Limitations of Dower's inverse transform for the study of atrial loops during atrial fibrillation. AF, ECG
96  2009 Linear affine transformations between 3-lead (Frank XYZ leads) vectorcardiogram and 12-lead electrocardiogram signals. ECG, HC, MI
97  2008 A noncontact approach for the evaluation of large artery stiffness: a preliminary study. PTT, PWV
98  2008 An Artificial Multi-Channel Model for Generating Abnormal Electrocardiographic Rhythms. HMM, HR, HRV, TWA
99  2008 Contributions of myocardial ischemia and heart rate to ST segment changes in patients with or without coronary artery disease. CAD, GCV, HRs, STC-VM
100  2008 Fetal movement quantification by fetal vectorcardiography: a preliminary study. ---