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Abbreviation:   VCN  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   ventral cochlear nucleus
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Local targets of T-stellate cells in the ventral cochlear nucleus. IC
2022 NAD+attenuates bilirubin-induced augmentation of voltage-gated calcium currents in neurons of the ventral cochlear nucleus. VGCC
2021 Differential contributions of voltage-gated potassium channel subunits in enhancing temporal coding in the bushy cells of the ventral cochlear nucleus. APs
2021 KATP and TRPM2-like channels couple metabolic status to resting membrane potential of octopus neurons in the mouse ventral cochlear nucleus. CNS, TRPM2
2021 Using Cortical Neuron Markers to Target Cells in the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus. AAV, ChR2, CLARITY, DCN, MNTB
2020 Identification of an inhibitory neuron subtype, the L-stellate cell of the cochlear nucleus. ---
2020 Information Processing by Onset Neurons in the Cat Auditory Brainstem. AM, FM, VNLL
2020 Loss of inner hair cell ribbon synapses and auditory nerve fiber regression in Cldn14 knockout mice. CNC, DCN
2020 Modulation of the excitability of stellate neurons in the ventral cochlear nucleus of mice by TRPM2 channels. 8-Br-cADPR, ACA, ADPR, FFA, TRPM2
10  2020 Nitric oxide increases gain in the ventral cochlear nucleus of guinea pigs with tinnitus. NMDA, NO
11  2020 Subcortical neural generators of the envelope-following response in sleeping children: A transfer function analysis. ABR, CN, EFR, PLV
12  2019 Classification of neurons in the adult mouse cochlear nucleus: Linear discriminant analysis. CN, DCN, LDA
13  2019 Is there "hidden hearing loss" in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis? ABR, CRS, DPOAE, OHCs
14  2019 Large-Scale Networks for Auditory Sensory Gating in the Awake Mouse. ASG, ISI
15  2019 Morphological development of the human cochlear nucleus. CN, CV, DCN, WG
16  2019 Nitric oxide regulates the firing rate of neuronal subtypes in the guinea pig ventral cochlear nucleus. L-NAME, nNOS, NO, SNOG
17  2019 Nitric Oxide-Mediated Plasticity of Interconnections Between T-Stellate cells of the Ventral Cochlear Nucleus Generate Positive Feedback and Constitute a Central Gain Control in the Auditory System. nNOS, NO, NO-GC
18  2019 Sensory deafferentation modulates and redistributes neurocan in the rat auditory brainstem. AGG, ECM, MMP-2, NCAN, POD, SD
19  2018 Cholinergic innervation of principal neurons in the cochlear nucleus of the Mongolian gerbil. ---
20  2018 Cholinergic responses of acoustically-characterized cochlear nucleus neurons: An invivo iontophoretic study in Guinea pig. ACh, Ct, DCN, Oc, Pb
21  2018 Developmental Emergence of Phenotypes in the Auditory Brainstem Nuclei of Fmr1 Knockout Mice. FXS, KO, LSO, MNTB
22  2018 ERG Channels Regulate Excitability in Stellate and Bushy Cells of Mice Ventral Cochlear Nucleus. AP, CN, ERG, LQTS
23  2018 NADPH oxidase inhibitor apocynin decreases mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis in the ventral cochlear nucleus of D-galactose-induced aging model in rats. 8-OHdG, cyt c, D-gal, GSH-Px, MMP, p-p47phox, T-SOD, TNF-alpha, UCP2
24  2018 Repeated Prenatal Exposure to Valproic Acid Results in Auditory Brainstem Hypoplasia and Reduced Calcium Binding Protein Immunolabeling. ASD, CB, CR, MNTB, SOC, VPA
25  2018 Responses of neurons in the feline inferior colliculus to modulated electrical stimuli applied on and within the ventral cochlear nucleus; Implications for an advanced auditory brainstem implant. ABIs, DCN, ICC, VS
26  2018 Role of BMP Signaling for the Formation of Auditory Brainstem Nuclei and Large Auditory Relay Synapses. KO, MNTB
27  2018 Synaptic Reorganization Response in the Cochlear Nucleus Following Intense Noise Exposure. BDNF, DCN
28  2017 Bilirubin augments Ca2+ load of developing bushy neurons by targeting specific subtype of voltage-gated calcium channels. HVA, VGCCs
29  2017 Cellular Computations Underlying Detection of Gaps in Sounds and Lateralizing Sound Sources. ---
30  2017 Genetic perturbations suggest a role of the resting potential in regulating the expression of the ion channels of the KCNA and HCN families in octopus cells of the ventral cochlear nucleus. alpha-DTX, TEA
31  2017 Morphological and morphometrical maturation of ventral cochlear nucleus in human foetus. ---
32  2017 NAD+ Attenuates Bilirubin-Induced Hyperexcitation in the Ventral Cochlear Nucleus by Inhibiting Excitatory Neurotransmission and Neuronal Excitability. eEPSCs, mEPSCs, PPR, Pr
33  2017 Radiate and Planar Multipolar Neurons of the Mouse Anteroventral Cochlear Nucleus: Intrinsic Excitability and Characterization of their Auditory Nerve Input. ---
34  2016 Enhancement of forward suppression begins in the ventral cochlear nucleus. ICC
35  2016 Neural Segregation of Concurrent Speech: Effects of Background Noise and Reverberation on Auditory Scene Analysis in the Ventral Cochlear Nucleus. ---
36  2016 Salicylate-Induced Hearing Loss Trigger Structural Synaptic Modifications in the Ventral Cochlear Nucleus of Rats via Medial Olivocochlear (MOC) Feedback Circuit. ABR, BDNF, DPOAE, GFAP, MOC
37  2016 The effects of the auditory brainstem response before and after fluoro-gold injection in medial geniculate body. ABR, DCN, FG, MGB, NIC, SON
38  2015 Auditory nerve synapses persist in ventral cochlear nucleus long after loss of acoustic input in mice with early-onset progressive hearing loss. ---
39  2015 Deletion of Fmr1 alters function and synaptic inputs in the auditory brainstem. ABR, FXS, LSO, MNTB
40  2015 Effects of acoustic trauma on the auditory system of the rat: The role of microglia. CN, DC
41  2015 Ephrin-A2 and ephrin-A5 guide contralateral targeting but not topographic mapping of ventral cochlear nucleus axons. MNTB
42  2015 Modulating central gain in tinnitus: changes in nitric oxide synthase in the ventral cochlear nucleus. AOE, NO, NOS
43  2015 Noradrenergic refinement of glutamatergic neuronal circuits in the lateral superior olivary nucleus before hearing onset. EPSC, LSO, NA
44  2015 Reverberation impairs brainstem temporal representations of voiced vowel sounds: challenging "periodicity-tagged" segregation of competing speech in rooms. ---
45  2015 The role of gamma-aminobutyric acid/glycinergic synaptic transmission in mediating bilirubin-induced hyperexcitation in developing auditory neurons. GABA, sIPSCs
46  2014 A role for microglial cells in reshaping neuronal circuitry of the adult rat auditory brainstem after its sensory deafferentation. LSO
47  2014 Distribution of glial cells in the auditory brainstem: normal development and effects of unilateral lesion. ALDH1L1, GFAP, Iba1, MNTB, OLIG2
48  2014 GABAergic and glycinergic inhibitory synaptic transmission in the ventral cochlear nucleus studied in VGAT channelrhodopsin-2 mice. IPSPs
49  2014 Loss of auditory activity modifies the location of potassium channel KCNQ5 in auditory brainstem neurons. MNTB, TTX
50  2014 NADPH oxidase 2-dependent oxidative stress, mitochondrial damage and apoptosis in the ventral cochlear nucleus of D-galactose-induced aging rats. 8-OHdG, CAS, CD, cyt c, D-gal, dUTP, MMP, mtDNA, NOX, NOX2, TdT
51  2014 Neural changes accompanying tinnitus following unilateral acoustic trauma in the guinea pig. ABRs, IC, NOS, SFRs
52  2014 Wistar rats: a forgotten model of age-related hearing loss. ABR, ARHL, VGAT, VGLUT1
53  2013 Assembly of the auditory circuitry by a Hox genetic network in the mouse brainstem. ---
54  2013 EphB2 signaling regulates lesion-induced axon sprouting but not critical period length in the postnatal auditory brainstem. MNTB
55  2013 Neurometric amplitude-modulation detection threshold in the guinea-pig ventral cochlear nucleus. AM, CS, CT, PL
56  2013 Up-regulation of GAP-43 in the chinchilla ventral cochlear nucleus after carboplatin-induced hearing loss: correlations with inner hair cell loss and outer hair cell loss. GAP-43, IHC, OHC
57  2012 Brainstem auditory evoked potentials suggest a role for the ventral cochlear nucleus in tinnitus. ABR, SBC
58  2012 Embryonic assembly of auditory circuits: spiral ganglion and brainstem. MNTB
59  2012 Minocycline cannot protect neurons against bilirubin-induced hyperexcitation in the ventral cochlear nucleus. sEPSCs
60  2012 Spontaneous hyperactivity in the auditory midbrain: relationship to afferent input. CFs, DCN, IC
61  2011 Apoptotic cascades in the central auditory pathway after noise exposure. DCN, ICC, TUNEL
62  2011 Bilirubin facilitates depolarizing GABA/glycinergic synaptic transmission in the ventral cochlear nucleus of rats. BAPTA-AM, EGABA, GABA, PKA
63  2011 EphB signaling regulates target innervation in the developing and deafferented auditory brainstem. MNTB
64  2011 Relationship between noise-induced hearing-loss, persistent tinnitus and growth-associated protein-43 expression in the rat cochlear nucleus: does synaptic plasticity in ventral cochlear nucleus suppress tinnitus? GAP-43, GPIAS, SPL
65  2011 The dolphin cochlear nucleus: topography, histology and functional implications. CN, DCN
66  2011 The magnitudes of hyperpolarization-activated and low-voltage-activated potassium currents co-vary in neurons of the ventral cochlear nucleus. ---
67  2011 Ultrastructure, synaptic organization, and molecular components of bushy cell networks in the anteroventral cochlear nucleus of the rhesus monkey. BCs
68  2011 Vesicular glutamate transporters: spatio-temporal plasticity following hearing loss. CN, DCN
69  2010 Auditory nerve fibers excite targets through synapses that vary in convergence, strength, and short-term plasticity. CTZ, eEPSCs, NMDA, PhTX
70  2010 Differences in glutamate-mediated calcium responses in the ventral cochlear nucleus and inferior colliculus of the developing rat. CIC, mGluRs, NAS
71  2010 Ephrin-B reverse signaling is required for formation of strictly contralateral auditory brainstem pathways. MNTB
72  2010 Formation and maturation of the calyx of Held. MNTB
73  2010 Inferior colliculus responses to dual-site intralamina stimulation in the ventral cochlear nucleus. ABI, CIC
74  2010 Mode-locked spike trains in responses of ventral cochlear nucleus chopper and onset neurons to periodic stimuli. ISI, LIF, SAM
75  2010 Protein kinase A and C signaling induces bilirubin potentiation of GABA/glycinergic synaptic transmission in rat ventral cochlear nucleus neurons. mIPSC, PKA
76  2010 The multiple functions of T stellate/multipolar/chopper cells in the ventral cochlear nucleus. DCN, IC, LSO, VNLL, VNTB
77  2009 A bushy cell network in the rat ventral cochlear nucleus. BCs
78  2009 Central auditory plasticity after carboplatin-induced unilateral inner ear damage in the chinchilla: up-regulation of GAP-43 in the ventral cochlear nucleus. ---
79  2009 Commissural neurons in the rat ventral cochlear nucleus. PA
80  2009 Deficiency of neural recognition molecule NB-2 affects the development of glutamatergic auditory pathways from the ventral cochlear nucleus to the superior olivary complex in mouse. KO, LSO, MNTB
81  2009 Electrophysiological properties of octopus neurons of the cat cochlear nucleus: an in vitro study. 4-AP, alpha-DTX, TTX
82  2009 Electrophysiological properties of ventral cochlear nucleus neurons of the dog. alpha-DTX, CN, TTX
83  2009 Hearing preservation in vestibular schwannoma stereotactic radiosurgery: what really matters? SRS
84  2009 Neural synchrony in ventral cochlear nucleus neuron populations is not mediated by intrinsic processes but is stimulus induced: implications for auditory brainstem implants. CFs
85  2009 Preferential localization of neural cell recognition molecule NB-2 in developing glutamatergic neurons in the rat auditory brainstem. CIC, MNTB, SOC
86  2009 Topographical and cellular distribution of perineuronal nets in the human cochlear nucleus. CN, DCN
87  2009 Ventral cochlear nucleus responses to contralateral sound are mediated by commissural and olivocochlear pathways. CA, CHL, OCB
88  2008 Auditory nerve inputs to cochlear nucleus neurons studied with cross-correlation. AN, EP
89  2008 Encoding intensity in ventral cochlear nucleus following acoustic trauma: implications for loudness recruitment. BF, RLFs
90  2008 In the ventral cochlear nucleus Kv1.1 and subunits of HCN1 are colocalized at surfaces of neurons that have low-voltage-activated and hyperpolarization-activated conductances. HCN
91  2008 The role of auditory nerve innervation and dendritic filtering in shaping onset responses in the ventral cochlear nucleus. AN, BF, OC, OI, OL, PSTHs
92  2008 The ventral nucleus of the lateral lemniscus of the gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus): organization of connections with the cochlear nucleus and the inferior colliculus. BDA, CNIC, VNLL
93  2007 Deletion of EphA4 enhances deafferentation-induced ipsilateral sprouting in auditory brainstem projections. MNTB
94  2007 Direct comparison between properties of adaptation of the auditory nerve and the ventral cochlear nucleus in response to repetitive clicks. AN, ANEPs
95  2007 Inferior colliculus responses to multichannel microstimulation of the ventral cochlear nucleus: implications for auditory brain stem implants. CIC
96  2007 Math5 expression and function in the central auditory system. ABR, bHLH, CN, LL, LSO, MNTB, RGC
97  2007 Molecular guidance cues necessary for axon pathfinding from the ventral cochlear nucleus. SOC, VAS
98  2007 Performance of multisite silicon microprobes implanted chronically in the ventral cochlear nucleus of the cat. DLVM, ICC
99  2007 Reduction of metabotropic glutamate receptor-mediated heterosynaptic inhibition of developing MNTB-LSO inhibitory synapses. IPSCs, LSO, mGluR, MNTB
100  2007 Subthreshold K+ channel dynamics interact with stimulus spectrum to influence temporal coding in an auditory brain stem model. AN