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2021 Biosynthesis of Glycoconjugate Virus-like Particles (VLPs). ---
2020 A Chimeric Sudan Virus-Like Particle Vaccine Candidate Produced by a Recombinant Baculovirus System Induces Specific Immune Responses in Mice and Horses. GP, rBV, SUDV
2020 A complement component C1q-mediated mechanism of antibody-dependent enhancement of Ebola virus infection. ADE, EBOV, FcR
2020 A Heterodimeric Antibody Fragment for Passive Immunotherapy Against Norovirus Infection. ---
2020 A novel rapid modularized hepatitis B core virus-like particle-based platform for personalized cancer vaccine preparation via fixed-point coupling. HBc, MIR
2020 A novel vaccine candidate based on chimeric virus-like particle displaying multiple conserved epitope peptides induced neutralizing antibodies against EBV infection. EBV, EBV-GC, NPC
2020 A potential MRI agent and an anticancer drug encapsulated within CPMV virus-like particles. CIS, CPMV
2020 Adaptive laboratory evolution of stable insect cell lines for improved HIV-Gag VLPs production. ALE
2020 Adjuvant formulated virus-like particles expressing native-like forms of the Lassa virus envelope surface glycoprotein are immunogenic and induce antibodies with broadly neutralizing activity. GP, LASV
10  2020 An Alternative Perfusion Approach for the Intensification of Virus-Like Particle Production in HEK293 Cultures. CSPR, DoE, EGE
11  2020 Angiomotin regulates budding and spread of Ebola virus. Amot, EBOV, YAP
12  2020 Application of advanced quantification techniques in nanoparticle-based vaccine development with the Sf9 cell baculovirus expression system. BEVS, CCI, DoE, MOI, NTA, TOH
13  2020 Arabidopsis retrotransposon virus-like particles and their regulation by epigenetically activated small RNA. cPPTs, ddm1, easiRNA, RDR6
14  2020 Assembly of pigeon circovirus-like particles using baculovirus expression system. IM, PiCV, YPDS
15  2020 Bi-enzymatic virus-like bionanoreactors for the transformation of endocrine disruptor compounds. EDCs
16  2020 Bile Facilitates Human Norovirus Interactions with Diverse Histoblood Group Antigens, Compensating for Capsid Microvariation Observed in 2016-2017 GII.2 Strains. HBGA, HuNoV, SMV
17  2020 Biotechnologically produced fucosylated oligosaccharides inhibit the binding of human noroviruses to their natural receptors. HBGAs, HMOs, LNFP I
18  2020 Brome mosaic virus-like particles as siRNA nanocarriers for biomedical purposes. BMV, CCMV, GPF, siRNA
19  2020 Cancer Associated Endogenous Retroviruses: Ideal Immune Targets for Adenovirus-Based Immunotherapy. ERVs, VLV, WHO
20  2020 Characterization and differential retention of Q beta bacteriophage virus-like particles using cyclical electrical field-flow fractionation and asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation. CyElFFF, DLS, MALS, TEM
21  2020 Characterization of Coxsackievirus B4 virus-like particles VLP produced by the recombinant baculovirus-insect cell system expressing the major capsid protein. CVB4, T1D, VP1
22  2020 Characterization of the nuclear localization sequence of beak and feather disease virus capsid proteins and their assembly into virus-like particles. BFDV, hpi, NES, NLS
23  2020 Clustered Lysine Residues of the Canine Distemper Virus Matrix Protein Regulate Membrane Association and Budding Activity. CDV, PM
24  2020 Co-assembly of HPV capsid proteins and aggregation-induced emission fluorogens for improved cell imaging. DSAI, HPV
25  2020 Comparative Molecular Biology Approaches for the Production of Poliovirus Virus-Like Particles Using Pichia pastoris. PV, RhPV, TaV, VLP
26  2020 Comprehensive Flow Cytometry Analysis of PEI-Based Transfections for Virus-Like Particle Production. CHIK, pDNA
27  2020 Construction and Immunogenicity of a Novel Multivalent Vaccine Prototype Based on Conserved Influenza Virus Antigens. LAH, M2e
28  2020 Construction and immunogenicity of novel bivalent virus-like particles bearing VP60 genes of classic RHDV(GI.1) and RHDV2(GI.2). RHD, RHDV
29  2020 Construction and Immunogenicity of Virus-Like Particles of Feline Parvovirus from the Tiger. FPV, HA, HI, IFA, WB
30  2020 Controlled Gene Delivery Systems: Nanomaterials and Chemical Approaches. NPs
31  2020 Correlation between cervical HPV DNA detection and HPV16 seroreactivity measured with L1-only and L1+L2 viral capsid antigens. HPV, ROC
32  2020 Coupling Microscopy and Flow Cytometry for a Comprehensive Characterization of Nanoparticle Production in Insect Cells. BV, cryo-TEM, EGFP, NTA
33  2020 CTLA-4 Blockade, during HIV Virus-Like Particles Immunization, Alters HIV-Specific B-Cell Responses. ADCC, Env
34  2020 Current status and future directions of fish vaccines employing virus-like particles. IPNV, NNV, SAV
35  2020 Deletion of a decoy epitope in porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2) capsid protein affects the protective immune response in mice. Cp, PCV2
36  2020 Designing a therapeutic hepatitis B vaccine to circumvent immune tolerance. CHB, HBV, NAb, Tg, WHcAg
37  2020 Development and characterization of an enterovirus 71 (EV71) virus-like particles (VLPs) vaccine produced in Pichia pastoris. EV71, HFMD
38  2020 Development and validation of a solid-phase competition ELISA based on virus-like particles of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype A for antibody detection. FMD, FMDV, SPCE
39  2020 Development of a non-viral platform for rapid virus-like particle production in Sf9 cells. BEVS, DoE, PEI, TGE
40  2020 Diverse and unique viruses discovered in the surface water of the East China Sea. ECS, EM, GQI, TEM, YRE, YSH
41  2020 Doxorubicin-Loaded Physalis Mottle Virus Particles as a pH-Responsive Prodrug for Cancer Therapy. PEG, PhMV
42  2020 Dynamics of the HIV Gag Lattice Detected by Localization Correlation Analysis and Time-Lapse iPALM. HIV, iPALM
43  2020 E. coli production process yields stable dengue 1 virus-sized particles (VSPs). DLS, STED, TEM, VSPs
44  2020 Ebola Virus Inclusion Body Formation and RNA Synthesis Are Controlled by a Novel Domain of Nucleoprotein Interacting with VP35. CD, EBOV, IBs, IBs, NP, NP, NP-Ct
45  2020 Effects of an HIV-1 maturation inhibitor on the structure and dynamics of CA-SP1 junction helices in virus-like particles. BVM, CA, PR, SP1, SSNMR
46  2020 Efficient application of a baculovirus-silkworm larvae expression system for obtaining porcine circovirus type 2 virus-like particles for a vaccine. ELISA, ORFs, PCV2
47  2020 ELISA-Based Methods to Detect and Quantify Norovirus Virus-Like Particle Attachment to Histo-Blood Group Antigens. ELISAs, HBGA, NoV
48  2020 Encapsidation of Different Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles by the CCMV CP. CCMV, CP
49  2020 Endocytosis in cellular uptake of drug delivery vectors: Molecular aspects in drug development. ---
50  2020 Engineering a Plant Viral Coat Protein for In Vitro Hybrid Self-Assembly of CO2-Capturing Catalytic Nanofilaments. ---
51  2020 Engineering a Virus-like Particle to Display Peptide Insertions Using an Apparent Fitness Landscape. SyMAPS
52  2020 Enhanced protective immune response of foot-and-mouth disease vaccine through DNA-loaded virus-like particles. FMDV
53  2020 Ensembles of Hydrophobicity Scales as Potent Classifiers for Chimeric Virus-Like Particle Solubility - An Amino Acid Sequence-Based Machine Learning Approach. HBcAg, sEVC
54  2020 Enzyme Stabilization by Virus-Like Particles. ---
55  2020 Expression, Purification and Characterization of the Hepatitis E Virus Like-Particles in the Pichia pastoris. aa, HEV, P. pastoris
56  2020 Functional Characterization of Pepper Vein Banding Virus-Encoded Proteins and Their Interactions: Implications in Potyvirus Infection. PVBV
57  2020 Generation and immunogenicity of virus-like particles based on mink enteritis virus capsid protein VP2 expressed in Sf9 cells. HA, MEV
58  2020 Genetic engineering strategies for construction of multivalent chimeric VLPs vaccines. chi-VLPs
59  2020 Genomic and biological characterization of a pandemic norovirus variant GII.4 Sydney 2012. aa, GII.4 NoVs, HBGAs, mAbs, nt
60  2020 Genotype-Specific Neutralization of Norovirus is Mediated by Antibodies Against the Protruding Domain of the Major Capsid Protein. ---
61  2020 Glycan-Modified Virus-like Particles Evoke T Helper Type 1-like Immune Responses. DCs
62  2020 High stability of plant-expressed virus-like particles of an insect virus in artificial gastric and intestinal fluids. GI, NomegaV, TEM
63  2020 High-speed imaging of ESCRT recruitment and dynamics during HIV virus like particle budding. ESCRT, TIRF
64  2020 Histo-blood group antigens of glycosphingolipids predict susceptibility of human intestinal enteroids to norovirus infection. GSLs, HBGAs, HIEs, HuNoV
65  2020 HIV biosensors for early diagnosis of infection: The intertwine of nanotechnology with sensing strategies. Ab, AIDS, HIV, NCs, NPs, POC, QDs, SERS, SPR
66  2020 HIV-1 Accessory Protein Vpr Interacts with REAF/RPRD2 To Mitigate Its Antiviral Activity. HIV-1
67  2020 HSV-1 Amplicon Vectors as Genetic Vaccines. ---
68  2020 Human BST-2/tetherin inhibits Junin virus release from host cells and its inhibition is partially counteracted by viral nucleoprotein. BST-2, JUNV, NP
69  2020 Identification of a dominant linear epitope on the VP2 capsid protein of porcine parvovirus and characterization of two monoclonal antibodies with neutralizing abilities. ELISA, mAbs, PPV, VN, WB
70  2020 Immune responses induced by a combined vaccination with a recombinant chimera of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae antigens and capsid virus-like particles of porcine circovirus type 2. Cap, Mhp, MPS, PCV2
71  2020 Immunization of human hepatitis E viruses conferred protection against challenge by a camel hepatitis E virus. HEV-1, HEV-3
72  2020 Immunization with a fusion protein vaccine candidate generated from truncated peptides of human enterovirus 71 protects mice from lethal enterovirus 71 infections. EV71, HFMD
73  2020 Immunogenicity and protective potency of Norovirus GII.17 virus-like particle-based vaccine. GII.17, HBGAs, NoVs
74  2020 Immunogenicity of HIV-1 Vaccines Expressing Chimeric Envelope Glycoproteins on the Surface of Pr55 Gag Virus-Like Particles. Env, HA, MVA, NAbs
75  2020 Immunological Analysis of the Hepatitis B Virus "a" Determinant Displayed on Chimeric Virus-Like Particles of Macrobrachium rosenbergii Nodavirus Capsid Protein Produced in Sf9 Cells. ELISPOT, MrNV
76  2020 Immunosensor Based on Long-Period Fiber Gratings for Detection of Viruses Causing Gastroenteritis. LPFGs
77  2020 In silico design of a T-cell epitope vaccine candidate for parasitic helminth infection. MLN
78  2020 In vitro preparation of uniform and nucleic acid free hepatitis B core particles through an optimized disassembly-purification-reassembly process. HBc
79  2020 Incorporation of a truncated form of flagellin (TFlg) into porcine circovirus type 2 virus-like particles enhances immune responses in mice. Cap, PCV2, PCVADs, TEM, TFlg
80  2020 Induction of adaptive immune responses against antigens incorporated within the capsid of simian virus 40. CTLs, i.p, OVA, SV40
81  2020 Influence of temperature on the antigenic changes of virus-like particles. ---
82  2020 Influenza Virus Like Particles (VLPs): Opportunities for H7N9 Vaccine Development. ---
83  2020 Integrated Process for Capture and Purification of Virus-Like Particles: Enhancing Process Performance by Cross-Flow Filtration. CFF, DSP, SEC
84  2020 Integrating nanoparticle quantification and statistical design of experiments for efficient HIV-1 virus-like particle production in High Five cells. BEVS
85  2020 Interaction Between Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) and Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRRs) From Dendritic Cells (DCs): Toward Better Engineering of VLPs. APCs, DCs, PRRs
86  2020 Interleukin 12-containing influenza virus-like-particle vaccine elevate its protective activity against heterotypic influenza virus infection. AcNPV, BmNPV, CHI, HA, IL
87  2020 Internalization and antigen presentation by mouse dendritic cells of rotavirus VP6 preparations differing in nanostructure. APCs, BMDCs, NoV, RV
88  2020 Intradermal Immunization of EBOV VLPs in Guinea Pigs Induces Broader Antibody Responses Against GP Than Intramuscular Injection. EBOV, GP
89  2020 Large-scale manufacture of VP2 VLP vaccine against porcine parvovirus in Escherichia coli with high-density fermentation. DLS, E. coli, HA, HI, PPV, TEM, VN
90  2020 Modified vaccinia Ankara vaccine expressing Marburg virus-like particles protects guinea pigs from lethal Marburg virus infection. MARV
91  2020 Molecular Characterization of the Coproduced Extracellular Vesicles in HEK293 during Virus-Like Particle Production. EVs
92  2020 Mosquito Cell-Derived Japanese Encephalitis Virus-Like Particles Induce Specific Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses in Mice. BacMos, GIII, JEV, prM
93  2020 Multi-epitope insert modulates solubility-based and chromatographic purification of human papilloma virus 16 L1-based vaccine without inhibiting virus-like particle assembly. AEX, DEAE, IB, IMAC
94  2020 Multiplexed Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of HEK293 Provides Insights into Molecular Changes Associated with the Cell Density Effect, Transient Transfection, and Virus-Like Particle Production. ---
95  2020 N-Linked Glycans and K147 Residue on Hemagglutinin Synergize To Elicit Broadly Reactive H1N1 Influenza Virus Antibodies. COBRA, HA, HAI, RBS
96  2020 Novel ssRNA phage VLP platform for displaying foreign epitopes by genetic fusion. ---
97  2020 Optimization and validation of a blocking ELISA for quantitation of anti-rabies immunoglobulins in multispecies sera. bELISA
98  2020 Overcoming Symmetry Mismatch in Vaccine Nanoassembly via Spontaneous Amidation. ---
99  2020 Parenterally Administered Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus-Like Particle-Based Vaccine Formulated with CCL25/28 Chemokines Induces Systemic and Mucosal Immune Protectivity in Pigs. PEDV
100  2020 PEI-Mediated Transient Transfection of High Five Cells at Bioreactor Scale for HIV-1 VLP Production. BEVS, PEI, TGE