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Abbreviation:   VRC  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   ventral respiratory column
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Glutamate receptor plasticity in brainstem respiratory nuclei following chronic hypercapnia in goats. BRN, COPD, HMN, InCO2, MR, RTN
2018 Carotid chemoreceptors tune breathing via multipath routing: reticular chain and loop operations supported by parallel spike train correlations. p-NTS
2018 Differential Expression of Ion Channels in Adult and Neonatal Rat Ventral Respiratory Column. ---
2018 Inputs to medullary respiratory neurons from a pontine subregion that controls breathing frequency. PB
2018 Julius H. Comroe Distinguished Lecture: Interdependence of neuromodulators in the control of breathing. HMN
2018 Probing the function of glycinergic neurons in the mouse respiratory network using optogenetics. GlyT2-Cre, PN
2018 Serotonergic projections to the ventral respiratory column from raphe nuclei in rats. BC, CTB, cVRG, PBC, rVRG, TPH2
2017 Effects on breathing of agonists to mu-opioid or GABAA receptors dialyzed into the ventral respiratory column of awake and sleeping goats. DAMGO, mCSF
2017 Impaired central respiratory chemoreflex in an experimental genetic model of epilepsy. RTN, WAR
10  2017 Ventilation and neurochemical changes during -opioid receptor activation or blockade of excitatory receptors in the hypoglossal motor nucleus of goats. GG, HMN, mCSF, NREM
11  2016 Cellular and network-level adaptations to in utero methadone exposure along the ventral respiratory column in the neonate rat. CNPase, MBP, MTD, NAL, NAS, NTE, pNFH
12  2015 Activation of 5-HT1A receptors in the preBotzinger region has little impact on the respiratory pattern. PPA
13  2015 Blockade of neurokinin-1 receptors in the ventral respiratory column does not affect breathing but alters neurochemical release. NK1R, SP
14  2015 Combined unilateral blockade of cholinergic, peptidergic, and serotonergic receptors in the ventral respiratory column does not affect breathing in awake or sleeping goats. mACh, NREM
15  2015 Evidence for respiratory neuromodulator interdependence after cholinergic disruption in the ventral respiratory column. SP
16  2015 Functional connectivity in raphe-pontomedullary circuits supports active suppression of breathing during hypocapnic apnea. ---
17  2015 Peripheral chemoreceptors tune inspiratory drive via tonic expiratory neuron hubs in the medullary ventral respiratory column network. t-E
18  2014 Defining modulatory inputs into CNS neuronal subclasses by functional pharmacological profiling. pre-BotC
19  2014 The preBotzinger complex as a hub for network activity along the ventral respiratory column in the neonate rat. pre-BotC
20  2013 Atropine microdialysis within or near the pre-Botzinger Complex increases breathing frequency more during wakefulness than during NREM sleep. br, mCSF, NREM, pre-BotC, SP
21  2012 Central chemoreceptor modulation of breathing via multipath tuning in medullary ventrolateral respiratory column circuits. BotC, pre-BotC, RTN-pF, VRG
22  2012 Increased GABA(A) receptor epsilon-subunit expression on ventral respiratory column neurons protects breathing during pregnancy. pre-BotC
23  2012 Opposing effects on the phrenic motor pathway attributed to dopamine-D1 and -D3/D2 receptor activation. ---
24  2011 Caudal nuclei of the rat nucleus of the solitary tract differentially innervate respiratory compartments within the ventrolateral medulla. NTS
25  2011 Changes in ventral respiratory column GABAaR epsilon- and delta-subunits during hibernation mediate resistance to depression by EtOH and pentobarbital. EtOH
26  2011 Hydrogen peroxide differentially affects activity in the pre-Botzinger complex and hippocampus. MDA, pre-BotC, ROS
27  2011 Modulation of respiratory responses to chemoreflex activation by L-glutamate and ATP in the rostral ventrolateral medulla of awake rats. BotC, KYN, pre-BotC, RVLM
28  2011 Ventrolateral medullary functional connectivity and the respiratory and central chemoreceptor-evoked modulation of retrotrapezoid-parafacial neurons. Bot-VRG, RTN-pF
29  2010 Somatostatin selectively ablates post-inspiratory activity after injection into the Botzinger complex. post-I, SST
30  2009 Central and peripheral chemoreceptors evoke distinct responses in simultaneously recorded neurons of the raphe-pontomedullary respiratory network. ---
31  2009 Hibernation induces pentobarbital insensitivity in medulla but not cortex. IBA, NTS, SA
32  2009 Pontine-ventral respiratory column interactions through raphe circuits detected using multi-array spike train recordings. PRG
33  2008 Functional connectivity in the pontomedullary respiratory network. PRG
34  2008 Reconfiguration of the pontomedullary respiratory network: a computational modeling study with coordinated in vivo experiments. PRG
35  2007 Central nervous system distribution of the transcription factor Phox2b in the adult rat. RTN
36  2007 Transgenic expression of fluorescent proteins in respiratory neurons. EYFP, FPs, LRt, pre-BotC, rVRG
37  2006 Afferent and efferent connections of the rat retrotrapezoid nucleus. GABA, ir, ML, RTN
38  2006 Enhanced c-Fos expression in the rostral ventral respiratory complex and rostral parapyramidal region by inhibition of the Na+/H+ exchanger type 3. NHE3, ppy
39  2006 Expression of Phox2b by brainstem neurons involved in chemosensory integration in the adult rat. CPG, RTN
40  2004 Glutamatergic neuronal projections from the marginal layer of the rostral ventral medulla to the respiratory centers in rats. ML, VGLUT2, VMS
41  2002 Parvalbumin in respiratory neurons of the ventrolateral medulla of the adult rat. NK1R, VRG