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Abbreviation:   WG  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   white gastrocnemius
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Strenuous Acute Exercise Induces Slow and Fast Twitch-Dependent NADPH Oxidase Expression in Rat Skeletal Muscle. NADPH, RG, ROS, SOL
2019 Effects of Aging and Caloric Restriction on Fiber Type Composition, Mitochondrial Morphology and Dynamics in Rat Oxidative and Glycolytic Muscles. AL, CR, IMF, O-CR, SOL, SS
2019 Skeletal muscle energetics are compromised only during high-intensity contractions in the Goto-Kakizaki rat model of type 2 diabetes. GK, T2D, WC
2016 Differential Expression of NADPH Oxidases Depends on Skeletal Muscle Fiber Type in Rats. CAT, GPx, NOX, RG, ROS, SOD, SOL
2016 Prior swimming exercise favors muscle recovery in adult female rats after joint immobilization. IRS, IRT, IS, IT, SOL
2015 Activation of the endoplasmic reticulum stress response in skeletal muscle of G93A*SOD1 amyotrophic lateral sclerosis mice. ALS, PERK, RG, WT, XBP1
2015 Autophagic signaling and proteolytic enzyme activity in cardiac and skeletal muscle of spontaneously hypertensive rats following chronic aerobic exercise. LV, SHR, WKY
2015 Characterization of lipolytic inhibitor G(0)/G(1) switch gene-2 protein (G0S2) expression in male Sprague-Dawley rat skeletal muscle compared to relative content of adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) and comparitive gene identification-58 (CGI-58). ATGL, CGI-58, G0S2, G0S2, RG, SOL
2015 High-intensity interval and endurance training are associated with divergent skeletal muscle adaptations in a rodent model of hypertension. HIF-1alpha, HIIT, SDH
10  2015 Interval versus continuous training with identical workload: physiological and aerobic capacity adaptations. AT, GTC, RG, wk
11  2014 SFRR-E Young Investigator AwardeealphaB-crystallin modulation after acute exercise in skeletal muscle: the role of oxidative stress and fiber composition. CRYAB, HNE, pCRYAB
12  2013 Mild eccentric exercise increases Hsp72 content in skeletal muscles from adult and late middle-aged rats. ---
13  2011 Differential apoptosis-related protein expression, mitochondrial properties, proteolytic enzyme activity, and DNA fragmentation between skeletal muscles. AIF, ARC, HSP70, Smac
14  2011 Enhanced Ca2+ transport and muscle relaxation in skeletal muscle from sarcolipin-null mice. EDL, RG, SLN
15  2011 Interleukin-6 modifies mRNA expression in mouse skeletal muscle. ACC, AMPK, IL, KO, PGC, Quad, TNF, WT
16  2010 Metformin Improves Insulin Signaling in Obese Rats via Reduced IKKbeta Action in a Fiber-Type Specific Manner. IKKbeta, RG
17  2009 Exercise training modulates the nitric oxide synthase profile in skeletal muscle from old rats. eNOS, iNOS, NOS, OE, OS, SOL, YS
18  2008 Diabetes-induced atrophy is associated with a muscle-specific alteration in NF-kappaB activation and expression. PL, RG, SOL, STZ
19  2008 Fiber-specific responses of muscle glycogen repletion in fasted rats physically active during recovery from high-intensity physical exertion. FT, SO, SOL
20  2008 PGC-1alpha is not mandatory for exercise- and training-induced adaptive gene responses in mouse skeletal muscle. ALAS, AMPK, COX, cyt c, HK, KO, PGC, WT
21  2008 Resistance to Ca2+-induced opening of the permeability transition pore differs in mitochondria from glycolytic and oxidative muscles. PTP, SOL
22  2008 Skeletal muscle type comparison of pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphatase activity and isoform expression: effects of obesity and endurance training. PDH, PDK, PDP, RG
23  2007 Alpha-catalytic subunits of 5'AMP-activated protein kinase display fiber-specific expression and are upregulated by chronic low-frequency stimulation in rat muscle. AMPK, CLFS, MG, MHC, RG, SOL, TA
24  2007 Effect of lipid infusion on metabolism and force of rat skeletal muscles during intense contractions. G6P, LCFA, RG, SO
25  2007 Role of AMPKalpha2 in basal, training-, and AICAR-induced GLUT4, hexokinase II, and mitochondrial protein expression in mouse muscle. HKII, KO, WT
26  2007 Skeletal muscle fiber type comparison of pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphatase activity and isoform expression in fed and food-deprived rats. FD, PDH, RG
27  2006 Blood flow and O2 extraction as a function of O2 uptake in muscles composed of different fiber types. FT, MG
28  2006 Differential effects of repetitive activity on sarcoplasmic reticulum responses in rat muscles of different oxidative potential. RG, SOL, SR
29  2006 Exercise is the primary factor associated with Hsp70 induction in muscle of treadmill running rats. CON, EX, SOL, STIM
30  2006 Inverse relationship between PGC-1alpha protein expression and triacylglycerol accumulation in rodent skeletal muscle. WT
31  2005 Na+-K+-ATPase properties in rat heart and skeletal muscle 3 mo after coronary artery ligation. 3-O-MFPase, CHF, DIA, LV, RG, SOL
32  2005 Subsarcolemmal and intermyofibrillar mitochondria play distinct roles in regulating skeletal muscle fatty acid metabolism. CPT1beta, IMF, RG, SS
33  2004 Exercise rapidly increases expression of the monocarboxylate transporters MCT1 and MCT4 in rat muscle. SOL
34  2004 Na+-K+-ATPase in rat skeletal muscle: content, isoform, and activity characteristics. 3-O-MFPase, CM, EDL, Hom, RG, SOL
35  2003 Muscle creatine uptake and creatine transporter expression in response to creatine supplementation and depletion. beta-GPA, Cr, Crt, PCr
36  2003 Relative rates of anaplerotic flux in rested and contracted rat skeletal muscle measured by 13C NMR spectroscopy. RG, TCA
37  2001 Co-administration of etomoxir and RU-486 mitigates insulin resistance in hepatic and muscular tissues of STZ-induced diabetic rats. 2-DG, EGP, FFA, GCs, GDR, GIR, GUI, RG, STZ
38  2001 Coordinately regulated expression of FAT/CD36 and FACS1 in rat skeletal muscle. RTA, SOL, WTA
39  2001 Creatine transporter protein content, localization, and gene expression in rat skeletal muscle. CreaT, SOL, tCr
40  2001 Muscle fiber type comparison of PDH kinase activity and isoform expression in fed and fasted rats. PDK, RG
41  2001 Relationship between NADP-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase and glutathione peroxidase in aging rat skeletal muscle. G6PD, GPx, ME, RG, SOL
42  2000 Alterations in the expression and activity of creatine kinase-M and mitochondrial creatine kinase subunits in skeletal muscle following prolonged intense exercise in rats. 48 h PS, CK, sCK-Mit
43  2000 Exercise attenuates the fasting-induced transcriptional activation of metabolic genes in skeletal muscle. CPT I, LCAD, LPL, PL, RG, UCP3
44  2000 Heat shock transcription factor activation and hsp72 accumulation in aged skeletal muscle. HSF, HSPs
45  2000 Onset of rigor mortis is earlier in red muscle than in white muscle. RG, SO
46  1999 Temporal responses of oxidative vs. glycolytic skeletal muscles to K+ deprivation: Na+ pumps and cell cations. ECF
47  1998 Effect of prior eccentric contractions on lactate/H+ transport in rat skeletal muscle. CON, ECC
48  1998 Training intensity-dependent and tissue-specific increases in lactate uptake and MCT-1 in heart and muscle. EDL, MCT-1, SOL
49  1997 Distribution of lactate and other ions in inactive skeletal muscle: influence of hyperkalemic lactacidosis. PLT, SOL
50  1996 Effect of electrical stimulation patterns on glucose transport in rat muscles. 2-DG, NST, RG
51  1996 L-type Ca2+ channel and Na+/Ca2+ exchange inhibitors reduce Ca2+ accumulation in reperfused skeletal muscle. PCr, PL, TAN
52  1996 Reciprocal GLUT-1 and GLUT-4 expression and glucose transport in denervated muscles. PNS, RG
53  1995 Effect of blood flow on muscle lactate release studied in perfused rat hindlimb. ---
54  1995 Lactate transport studied in sarcolemmal giant vesicles from rat skeletal muscles: effect of denervation. LDH, SDH
55  1994 Expression of the insulin-regulatable transporter GLUT-4 in muscle is influenced by neurogenic factors. ---
56  1994 Preservation of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2(+)-sequestering function in homogenates of different type composition following sprint activity. RG, SOL
57  1993 Acute exercise and skeletal muscle antioxidant and metabolic enzymes: effects of fiber type and age. OC, OE, PFK, RG, SOL, YC, YE
58  1993 Effects of exercise training on muscle GLUT-4 protein content and translocation in obese Zucker rats. EDL, RG, TR, UT
59  1993 Effects of muscle activity and fiber composition on glucose transport and GLUT-4. 3-MG, EDL, PL, SOL
60  1993 Energy metabolism and adenine nucleotide degradation in twitch-stimulated rat hindlimb during ischemia-reperfusion. FG, PCr, SO, TAN
61  1992 Exercise training-induced alterations in skeletal muscle oxidative and antioxidant enzyme activity in senescent rats. ET, GPx, HADH, RG, SDH
62  1992 The effects of testosterone on insulin sensitivity in male rats. EDL, RG, SOL
63  1991 Anaerobic energy provision in aged skeletal muscle during tetanic stimulation. dm, FG
64  1991 Lactate metabolism in inactive skeletal muscle during lactacidosis. PL, SL
65  1990 Effects of alkalosis on muscle ions at rest and with intense exercise. ---
66  1989 Glycogenesis in muscle and liver during exercise. EDL, PL, SOL
67  1987 Effects of intense swimming and tetanic electrical stimulation on skeletal muscle ions and metabolites. CP, PL, RG, SOL, STIM
68  1986 Chronic exercise increases insulin binding in muscles but not liver. EDL
69  1985 Heterogeneity of insulin action in individual muscles in vivo: euglycemic clamp studies in rats. RG, SOL