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2020 Synthesis of antibacterial dimethacrylate derived from niacin and its application in preparing antibacterial dental resin system. Bis-GMA, DC, SL, TEGDMA, VS
2019 Biological, mechanical and adhesive properties of universal adhesives containing zinc and copper nanoparticles. AMA, AMB, CTX, DC, MH, NL, PBA, SO
2019 Determining acceptable limits for water sorption and solubility of interim denture resilient liners. CC, CS, DC, DS, HC, HSD, RL, ST, TS, VG
2019 Effect of diphenyliodonium hexafluorophosphate salt on experimental infiltrants containing different diluents. CA, CS, DC, DPI, EDAB, Icon, SOL
2019 Effect of radiant exposure and UV accelerated aging on physico-chemical and mechanical properties of composite resins. DC, FS
2019 Effect of the addition of thiourethane oligomers on the sol⿿gel composition of BisGMA/TEGDMA polymer networks. DC, SL, Tg, TU
2019 Evaluation of mechanical properties of new elastomer material applicable for dental 3D printer. DA, SBS, UTS
2019 Influence of ceramic laminate on water sorption, solubility, color stability, and microhardness of resin cements. ---
2019 Mechanical properties and water sorption of two experimental glass ionomer cements with hydroxyapatite or calcium fluorapatite formulation. CFA, FS, GICs, HA, VHN
10  2019 Physicochemical and biological properties of novel chlorhexidine-loaded nanotube-modified dentin adhesive. CHX, KHN, SL
11  2019 Preparation of low shrinkage stress dental composite with synthesized dimethacrylate oligomers. DC, DMA, FS, SL, Tg, VS
12  2019 Use of (meth)acrylamides as alternative monomers in dental adhesive systems. DC, MTBS, SL
13  2018 Influence of a hydrophobic monomer on the physical and mechanical properties of experimental surface sealants. CQ, DC, DDDMA, EDBA, UDMA, WSB
14  2018 Mechanical and antibacterial properties of benzothiazole-based dental resin materials. DC, FS, SL, VS
15  2018 Physical and chemical properties of model composites containing quaternary ammonium methacrylates. DC, DMADDM, DMAHDM, DT, EM, FS, HE, KNH, PS, QAS, SL, Tg
16  2018 Studies on the Curing Efficiency and Mechanical Properties of Bis-GMA and TEGDMA Nanocomposites Containing Silver Nanoparticles. Bis-GMA, DC, TEGDMA
17  2018 Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of a fluorinated resin monomer with low water sorption. Bis-GMA, BPA, CA, CS, DC, DOC, FM, FS, FTIR, PS, TEGDMA, VM, WL
18  2017 Comparative Evaluation of Sealing Ability, Water Absorption, and Solubility of Three Temporary Restorative Materials: An in vitro Study. IRM, SL
19  2017 Does laser diode irradiation improve the degree of conversion of simplified dentin bonding systems? DBS, DC, WSB
20  2017 Influence of bioactive particles on the chemical-mechanical properties of experimental enamel resin infiltrants. ACP, BAG 45S5, beta-TCP, BisEMA, CR, DC, ERIs, HAP, KHN, SL, SR, TCS, TEGDMA
21  2017 Influence of Different Concentration and Ratio of a Photoinitiator System on the Properties of Experimental Resin Composites. CQ, DC, EM, FS, Wsl, YL
22  2017 Mechanical and microbiological properties and drug release modeling of an etch-and-rinse adhesive containing copper nanoparticles. AMA, CN, CR, DC, IM, NL, SO, UTS
23  2017 Preparation and characterization of high radio-opaque E-glass fiber-reinforced composite with iodine containing methacrylate monomer. DC, EFRC, FS, HMTIB, RIS, SL
24  2017 Titanium dioxide nanotubes addition to self-adhesive resin cement: Effect on physical and biological properties. SL
25  2017 ZnCl2 Incorporated into Experimental Adhesives: Selected Physicochemical Properties and Resin-Dentin Bonding Stability. NL, SO
26  2016 Effect of incorporating antifungals on the water sorption and solubility of interim resilient liners for denture base relining. MICs
27  2016 Physical and chemical properties of an antimicrobial Bis-GMA free dental resin with quaternary ammonium dimethacrylate monomer. ADT, Bis-GMA, DC, DCT, FM, FS, FTIR, S. mutans, TEGDMA
28  2016 Preparation and characterization of Bis-GMA free dental resin system with synthesized dimethacrylate monomer TDDMMA derived from tricyclo[,6)]-decanedimethanol. DC, FS, SL, TEGDMA
29  2016 Preparation of a Bis-GMA-Free Dental Resin System with Synthesized Fluorinated Dimethacrylate Monomers. BPA, DC, FDMA, FS, TEGDMA, VS
30  2016 Six-month color change and water sorption of 9 new-generation flowable composites in 6 staining solutions. CC, CF, DW, OJ, RW
31  2015 Effect of agitation and storage temperature on water sorption and solubility of adhesive systems. SL
32  2015 Effect of zinc-doping in physicochemical properties of dental adhesives. MH, SB, SEB, SO, UTS
33  2015 Experimental etch-and-rinse adhesive systems containing MMP-inhibitors: Physicochemical characterization and resin-dentin bonding stability. EXP, SB2, SO
34  2015 Synthesis of fluorinated dimethacrylate monomer and its application in preparing Bis-GMA free dental resin. DC, FS, SL, TEGDMA
35  2014 A comprehensive laboratory screening of three-step etch-and-rinse adhesives. ALB3, DC, FSDL, ISDC, NL, OBFL, SBMP, SL, UTS
36  2014 Characterization of water sorption, solubility, and roughness of silorane- and methacrylate-based composite resins. SO, SR
37  2014 Effects of adding barium-borosilicate glass to a simplified etch-and-rinse adhesive on radiopacity and selected properties. DC, SL, UTS
38  2014 Effects of chlorhexidine-containing adhesives on the durability of resin-dentine interfaces. AM, CR, DC, ER, IM, NL, SO, UTS, XP
39  2014 Mechanical properties and modeling of drug release from chlorhexidine-containing etch-and-rinse adhesives. AM, CHX, SO, UTS, XP
40  2014 Physicochemical properties of a methacrylate-based dental adhesive incorporated with epigallocatechin-3-gallate. DC, EGCG, FS, SL
41  2014 Preparation and properties of calcium-silicate filled resins for dental restoration. Part I: chemical-physical characterization and apatite-forming ability. ANOVA, ATR-FTIR, DSC, SL, Tg
42  2014 Replacing HEMA with alternative dimethacrylates in dental adhesive systems: evaluation of polymerization kinetics and physicochemical properties. FS, PK, SL
43  2014 Synthesis of none Bisphenol A structure dimethacrylate monomer and characterization for dental composite applications. BPA, DC, FS, RGR, SL, VS
44  2014 The Effect of Light Exposure on Water Sorption and Solubility of Self-Adhesive Resin Cements. SL
45  2014 The role of spacer carbon chain in acidic functional monomers on the physicochemical properties of self-etch dental adhesives. DC, UTS
46  2013 Bacterial viability and physical properties of antibacterially modified experimental dental resin composites. FM, FS, SL, ST
47  2013 Measurement of solubility and water sorption of dental nanocomposites light cured by argon laser. Bis-GMA, CQ, SL, TEGDMA
48  2013 Preparation and evaluation of dental resin with antibacterial and radio-opaque functions. DC, DDMAI, FS, MMA
49  2013 Self-etching dental adhesive containing a natural essential oil: anti-biofouling performance and mechanical properties. CPB, EAO, SL
50  2013 Synthesis and characterization of new dimethacrylate monomer and its application in dental resin. BMPPB, BOPPB, DC, FS, FTIR, SL, TEGDMA
51  2012 Can extended photoactivation time of resin-based fissure sealer materials improve ultimate tensile strength and decrease water sorption/solubility? UTS
52  2012 Hydrolytic degradation of the resin-dentine interface induced by the simulated pulpal pressure, direct and indirect water ageing. DWE, IWE, RBSs, SPP
53  2012 pH neutralization and influence on mechanical strength in self-adhesive resin luting agents. FS, GCA, GCC, MCE, RX2, RXC, RXM, SO, SPC, TC
54  2010 Effects of adhesive, base and diluent monomers on water sorption and conversion of experimental resins. DC, PMGDM, RH, WSH, WSI
55  2010 How light sources and distance of the light tip influence water sorption, solubility, and biaxial flexural strength of a composite resin. BFS, SL
56  2009 Characterization of water sorption, solubility and filler particles of light-cured composite resins. SEM, SO
57  2008 Effect of ethyl-alpha-hydroxymethylacrylate on selected properties of copolymers and ACP resin composites. ACP, BE, BFS, BH, BTE, BTH, DC, EHMA, FTIR, HEMA, TEGDMA
59  2008 Light-cured dimethacrylate-based resins and their composites: comparative study of mechanical strength, water sorption and ion release. ACP, BFS, EBPADMA
60  2007 Dental composites based on amorphous calcium phosphate - resin composition/physicochemical properties study. ACP, BFS, DC, HEMA, HmDMA, PS
61  2007 Water sorption and solubility of dentin bonding agents light-cured with different light sources. DBA, LED
62  2006 Ethoxylated bisphenol dimethacrylate-based amorphous calcium phosphate composites. ACP, BFS, DC, EBPADMA, HEMA, MEP, TEGDMA
63  2004 Organosilicon dental composite restoratives based on 1,3-bis[(p-acryloxymethyl) phenethyl] tetramethyldisiloxane. BAPD, DC, DTS
64  2003 Effect of bifunctional comonomers on mechanical strength and water sorption of amorphous calcium phosphate- and silanized glass-filled Bis-GMA-based composites. BFS, GDMA, HEMA, Si-ACP