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Abbreviation:   WWTP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   wastewater treatment plant
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A citizen science approach estimating titanium dioxide released from personal care products. PCP
2020 A framework for the analysis of polar anticancer drugs in wastewater: On-line extraction coupled to HILIC or reverse phase LC-MS/MS. 5-FU, CAP, CYC, CYT, dFdU, GEM, IFO, LOD, MTX, SPE
2020 A multibiomarker approach to assess toxic effects of wastewater treatment plant effluents and activated defence mechanisms in marine (Ruditapes philippinarum) and fresh water (Corbicula fluminea) bivalve species. ---
2020 Abiotic and biotic transformation of torasemide - Occurrence of degradation products in the aquatic environment. TPs
2020 Abundance and diversity of microbial arsenic biotransformation genes in the sludge of full-scale anaerobic digesters from a municipal wastewater treatment plant. AD, arsM, MMA
2020 Activated Sludge Microbial Community and Treatment Performance of Wastewater Treatment Plants in Industrial and Municipal Zones. ---
2020 Acute ecotoxicity and genotoxicity assessment of two wastewater treatment units. AB, AR, ATS, CW, ET, UASB
2020 Addressing and reducing parameter uncertainty in quantitative microbial risk assessment by incorporating external information via Bayesian hierarchical modeling. BHM, QMRA
2020 Advanced oxidation processes for waste water treatment: from laboratory-scale model water to on-site real waste water. ---
10  2020 Advancements in effect-based surface water quality assessment. ---
11  2020 Aerobic biodegradation in freshwater and marine environments of textile microfibers generated in clothes laundering: Effects of cellulose and polyester-based microfibers on the microbiome. MCC
12  2020 An African perspective on the prevalence, fate and effects of carbapenem resistance genes in hospital effluents and wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) final effluents: A critical review. AMR, AR
13  2020 Analysis of the aerobic biodegradation of glucocorticoids: Elucidation of the kinetics and transformation reactions. GCs, TPs
14  2020 Antibiogram and beta-lactamase genes among cefotaxime resistant E. coli from wastewater treatment plant. CREc, EAEC, EPEC, ETEC, TEc, WHO
15  2020 Application of mesoporous nanofibers as sorbent for removal of veterinary drugs from water systems. ---
16  2020 Application of unsupervised learning and process simulation for energy optimization of a WWTP under various weather conditions. BIC, EM, GMM
17  2020 Assessing Emissions from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Based on Temporal High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data. ---
18  2020 Assessment of watershed characteristics with limited water quantity and quality data. SWAT, WRAP
19  2020 Biodegradation of sulfamethoxazole by microalgae-bacteria consortium in wastewater treatment plant effluents. ARG, SMX
20  2020 Biofilm Sampling for Detection of Cryptosporidium spp. Oocysts in a Southeastern Pennsylvania Watershed. ---
21  2020 Biopolymers recovery: dynamics and characterization of alginate-like exopolymers in an aerobic granular sludge system treating municipal wastewater without sludge inoculum. AGS, ALE, EPS, PCA
22  2020 Bioremediation of emerging micropollutants in irrigation water. The alternative of microalgae-based treatments. 4-MBC, BP-3, PBR
23  2020 Changes in the granulometric composition of particles in wastewater flowing through a hydroponic lagoon used as the third stage in a wastewater treatment plant. ---
24  2020 Characteristics of bacterial populations in an industrial scale petrochemical wastewater treatment plant: Composition, function and their association with environmental factors. BAF, CASS, PHAU, RDA, SHAU, VPA
25  2020 Characterization of dissolved organic matter in wastewater during aerobic, anaerobic, and anoxic treatment processes by molecular size and fluorescence analyses. DOM, EEM
26  2020 Chemometric Assessment of Bulgarian Wastewater Treatment Plants' Effluents. TSS
27  2020 Clinical class 1 integron-integrase gene - A promising indicator to monitor the abundance and elimination of antibiotic resistance genes in an urban wastewater treatment plant. ARGs, AS, MBR, MGEs
28  2020 Comparative endocrine disrupting compound removal from real wastewater by UV/Cl and UV/H2O2: Effect of pH, estrogenic activity, transformation products and toxicity. BPA, EDCs, TOC, TPs
29  2020 Contribution of the construction phase to environmental impacts of the wastewater treatment plant. ---
30  2020 Corbicula fluminea: A sentinel species for urban Rare Earth Element origin. Gd, MREEs, REEs
31  2020 COVID-19 surveillance in Southeastern Virginia using wastewater-based epidemiology. COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, WBE
32  2020 Cytostatic compounds in sludge and sediment: extraction and determination by a combination of microwave-assisted extraction and UHPLC-MS/MS. MAE, RSDs
33  2020 Denoising Autoencoders and LSTM-Based Artificial Neural Networks Data Processing for Its Application to Internal Model Control in Industrial Environments-The Wastewater Treatment Plant Control Case. ANN-based IMC, ANNs, IAE, ISE
34  2020 Design of control strategies for nutrient removal in a biological wastewater treatment process. MPC, PI
35  2020 Determination of 131I activity concentration and rate in main inflows and outflows of Salitre wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), Bogota. ---
36  2020 Determining the effects of Class I landfill leachate on biological nutrient removal in wastewater treatment. SBRs, SOUR
37  2020 Differentiating between adsorption and biodegradation mechanisms while removing trace organic chemicals (TOrCs) in biological activated carbon (BAC) filters. BAC, BAC, BVT, GAC, PSDM, RSSCT, TOrCs
38  2020 Disinfection for decentralized wastewater reuse in rural areas through wetlands and solar driven onsite chlorination. ET, OCG, VFCW
39  2020 Ecotoxicological effects of micropollutant-loaded powdered activated carbon emitted from wastewater treatment plants on Daphnia magna. PAC
40  2020 Ecotoxicological risk assessment of micropollutants from treated urban wastewater effluents for watercourses at a territorial scale: Application and comparison of two approaches. ERA, RQ
41  2020 Effect of packing substrates on the purification of municipal wastewater treatment plant effluent. CW
42  2020 Effect of temperature on biogas yield increase and formation of refractory COD during thermal hydrolysis of waste activated sludge. BMP, COD, TH, WAS
43  2020 Effect of Thermal Drying and Chemical Treatments with Wastes on Microbiological Contamination Indicators in Sewage Sludge. AD, SS, UM
44  2020 Effective column adsorption of triclosan from pure water and wastewater treatment plant effluent by using magnetic porous reduced graphene oxide. MPrGO, PAC, TCS
45  2020 Effects of ciprofloxacin on metabolic activity and algal biomass of urban stream biofilms. GPP, PPCPs
46  2020 Efficient municipal wastewater treatment by oxidation ditch process at low temperature: Bacterial community structure in activated sludge. AOB, COD, NOB, SS, SVI, TN, TP
47  2020 Electrooxidation of short and long chain perfluorocarboxylic acids using boron doped diamond electrodes. DI, PFCAs, PFOA
48  2020 Emerging concerns of VOCs and SVOCs in coking wastewater treatment processes: Distribution profile, emission characteristics, and health risk assessment. MW, PAHs
49  2020 Energy optimization of a wastewater treatment plant based on energy audit data: small investment with high return. ---
50  2020 Enhanced photocatalytic removal of amoxicillin with Ag/TiO2/mesoporous g-C3N4 under visible light: property and mechanistic studies. AMX, B-g-C3N4, HW, M-g-C3N4, NPs, SW
51  2020 Enhanced removal of the endocrine disruptor compound Bisphenol A by adsorption onto green-carbon materials. Effect of real effluents on the adsorption process. BPA, BPA, DLS, EDC, NOM
52  2020 Enhanced Transformation of Emerging Contaminants by Permanganate in the Presence of Redox Mediators. BPA, BPAF, HBT
53  2020 Environmental exposure of northern pike to a primary wastewater effluent: Impact on the lipidomic profile and lipid metabolism. LPCs
54  2020 Environmental monitoring of Aichi virus and human bocavirus in samples from wastewater treatment plant, drain, and River Nile in Egypt. AiV, HBoV, PCR
55  2020 Evaluation of antibiotic resistance dissemination by wastewater treatment plant effluents with different catchment areas in Germany. ARGs, FPB
56  2020 Evaluation of chemical and biological contaminants of emerging concern in treated wastewater intended for agricultural reuse. ARGs, CECs, LC-HRMS, MBR
57  2020 Evaluation of Nontarget Long-Term LC-HRMS Time Series Data Using Multivariate Statistical Approaches. GPCA, LC-HRMS, LC-QTOF-MS, NTS, PCA, TrOCs
58  2020 Expand, relocate, or underground? Social acceptance of upgrading wastewater treatment plants. WTP
59  2020 Fe3+-NTA as iron source for solar photo-Fenton at neutral pH in raceway pond reactors. CECs, RPR
60  2020 Ferrate effectively removes antibiotic resistance genes from wastewater through combined effect of microbial DNA damage and coagulation. ARGs
61  2020 Filamentous organisms degrade oxygen transfer efficiency by increasing mixed liquor apparent viscosity: Mechanistic understanding and experimental verification. BSR, OTE, SFL, SV, SV30, SVI
62  2020 First confirmed detection of SARS-CoV-2 in untreated wastewater in Australia: A proof of concept for the wastewater surveillance of COVID-19 in the community. RT-qPCR, WBE
63  2020 First proof of the capability of wastewater surveillance for COVID-19 in India through detection of genetic material of SARS-CoV-2. WBE
64  2020 First quantification of semi-crystalline microplastics in industrial wastewaters. DSC, PA, PE, PET, PP
65  2020 Full-scale increased iron dosage to stimulate the formation of vivianite and its recovery from digested sewage sludge. DS
66  2020 Full-scale investigation of ferrous dosing in sewers and a wastewater treatment plant for multiple benefits. ---
67  2020 High Prevalence of Human-Associated Escherichia coli in Wetlands Located in Eastern France. ESBL
68  2020 Highly efficient ammonium removal through nitrogen assimilation by a hydrogen-oxidizing bacterium, Ideonella sp. TH17. HOB
69  2020 Horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands as tertiary treatment: Can they be an efficient barrier for microplastics pollution? CWs, MPs
70  2020 Hybrid life cycle assessment of agro-industrial wastewater valorisation. GVA, SCP
71  2020 Identification of behavioural model input data sets for WWTP uncertainty analysis. ---
72  2020 Identification of unknowns in industrial wastewater using offline 2D chromatography and non-target screening. HRMS, LC, TrOC, UV
73  2020 Impact of treated sewage effluent on the bacterial community composition in an intermittent mediterranean stream. ASV, EF
74  2020 Impact of wastewater effluent pollution on stream functioning: A whole-ecosystem manipulation experiment. ---
75  2020 Integrated ecological modelling for evidence-based determination of water management interventions in urbanized river basins: Case study in the Cuenca River basin (Ecuador). ABI, CSOs, GLMs, IEM, IUWS
76  2020 Integrating alum sludge with waste-activated sludge in co-conditioning and dewatering: a case study of a city in south France. CST, SRF
77  2020 Investigating Industrial Effluent Impact on Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant in Vaal, South Africa. Al, BOD, COD, DO, EC, HMs, ICP-OES, TDS, Zn
78  2020 Is sequential batch reactor an efficient technology to protect recipient against non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and paracetamol in treated wastewater? RQs, SBRs
79  2020 Isolation, characterization, and comparative genomic analysis of a phage infecting high-level aminoglycoside-resistant (HLAR) Enterococcus faecalis. HLAR, ORFs, TEM, WGS
80  2020 Large scale micropollutants and lipids screening in the sludge layers and the ecosystem of a vertical flow constructed wetland. GC, HRMS, LC, VFCWs
81  2020 Life-cycle assessment of sewage sludge-based large-scale biogas plant. LCA
82  2020 Long-term assessment of nanoplastic particle and microplastic fiber flux through a pilot wastewater treatment plant using metal-doped plastics. TSS
83  2020 Low complexity wastewater treatment process in developing countries: A LCA approach to evaluate environmental gains. LCA, LCI
84  2020 Membrane bioreactor and rapid sand filtration for the removal of microplastics in an urban wastewater treatment plant. LDPE, MBR, MPPs, MPs, NYL, PV, RSF
85  2020 Metabolite identification of ibuprofen biodegradation by Patulibacter medicamentivorans under aerobic conditions. IBU
86  2020 Metabolomic profiling for juvenile Chinook salmon exposed to contaminants of emerging concern. CECs
87  2020 Methodology for Energy Optimization in Wastewater Treatment Plants. Phase III: Implementation of an Integral Control System for the Aeration Stage in the Biological Process of Activated Sludge and the Membrane Biological Reactor. ---
88  2020 Microbial community shifts in streams receiving treated wastewater effluent. ---
89  2020 Microbial Metabolic Potential of Phenol Degradation in Wastewater Treatment Plant of Crude Oil Refinery: Analysis of Metagenomes and Characterization of Isolates. ---
90  2020 Microplastic particle emission from wastewater treatment plant effluents into river networks in Germany: Loads, spatial patterns of concentrations and potential toxicity. ---
91  2020 Microplastics in an urban wastewater treatment plant: The influence of physicochemical parameters and environmental factors. MP
92  2020 Mitigating rural WWTP impacts: System dynamics modeling of downstream nutrient outputs. ---
93  2020 Modelling daily and hourly loads of pharmaceuticals in urban wastewater. ---
94  2020 Modelling the seasonal impacts of a wastewater treatment plant on water quality in a Mediterranean stream using microbial indicators. SDD
95  2020 Monitoring microbial community structure and variations in a full-scale petroleum refinery wastewater treatment plant. PRW, SCOD
96  2020 Moving bed biofilm reactor as an alternative wastewater treatment process for nutrient removal and recovery in the circular economy model. MBBR, WWTPs
97  2020 Multi-approach assessment for the evaluation of spatio-temporal estrogenicity in fish from effluent-dominated surface waters under low instream flow. ECC, EDCs, VTG, WoE
98  2020 Multi-region assessment of pharmaceutical exposures and predicted effects in USA wadeable urban-gradient streams. EAR
99  2020 Municipal wastewater effluent influences dissolved organic matter quality and microbial community composition in an urbanized stream. DOM
100  2020 New insights to study the accumulation and erosion processes of fine-grained organic sediments in combined sewer systems from a laboratory scale model. CSO, SfM