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Long Form:   yolk sac
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Early pregnancy ultrasound measurements and prediction of first trimester pregnancy loss: A logistic model. CRL, GS, HR
2020 Fetal monocytes possess increased metabolic capacity and replace primitive macrophages in tissue macrophage development. AM, EMP, pMPhi
2020 Pilot study establishing a nomogram of yolk sac growth during the first trimester of pregnancy. ---
2019 Convergence between Microglia and Peripheral Macrophages Phenotype during Development and Neuroinflammation. CNS
2019 Do specific ultrasonography features identified at the time of early pregnancy loss predict fetal chromosomal abnormality? - A systematic review and meta-analysis. CRL, EPL, GS, STROBE
2019 Expression of avian beta-defensin mRNA in the chicken yolk sac. AvBD
2019 In ovo injection of branched-chain amino acids: Embryonic development, hatchability and hatching quality of turkey poults. BCAAb, GIT, SA
2019 Long-Term Engraftment of ESC-Derived B-1 Progenitor Cells Supports HSC-Independent Lymphopoiesis. ESC, HSCs
2019 Neuronal extracellular microRNAs miR-124 and miR-9 mediate cell-cell communication between neurons and microglia. BM, CNS, HDLs, NCM
10  2019 Secondary Placental Defects in Cxadr Mutant Mice. CXADR
11  2019 The lymphoid-associated interleukin 7 receptor (IL7R) regulates tissue-resident macrophage development. IL7R, trMACs
12  2019 VE-Cadherin and ACE Co-Expression Marks Highly Proliferative Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Human Embryonic Liver. AGM, HSPCs
13  2019 Yolk sac size & shape as predictors of first trimester pregnancy outcome: A prospective observational study. GSD, NPV, PPV, YSD
14  2018 Decreased microglial numbers in Vav1-Cre+:dicer knock-out mice suggest a second source of microglia beyond yolk sac macrophages. CNS
15  2018 Epidermal gammadelta T cells originate from yolk sac hematopoiesis and clonally self-renew in the adult. DETCs, LCs
16  2018 Hemogenic Endothelial Fate Mapping Reveals Dual Developmental Origin of Mast Cells. HSCs, MCs
17  2018 Identification of cells expressing OLFM4 and LGR5 mRNA by in situ hybridization in the yolk sac and small intestine of embryonic and early post-hatch chicks. DOH, Lgr5, OLFM4
18  2018 Murine hematopoietic stem cell activity is derived from pre-circulation embryos but not yolk sacs. dHSC, Em-Ex, sp
19  2018 Yolk sac macrophage progenitors traffic to the embryo during defined stages of development. ---
20  2018 Yolk sac-embryo distance in correlation with soluble form of vascular endothelial growth factor levels in pregnancy with potentially reserved evolutivity. CRL
21  2018 [Hematopoietic stem cell emergence and stem cell-independent hematopoiesis in the mouse embryo]. HSCs
22  2017 Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Macrophages Share Ontogeny with MYB-Independent Tissue-Resident Macrophages. HSCs, iPSCs
23  2017 Induced-Pluripotent-Stem-Cell-Derived Primitive Macrophages Provide a Platform for Modeling Tissue-Resident Macrophage Differentiation and Function. iMacs, iPSCs
24  2017 The Yolk Sac Feeds Pancreatic Tumors. PDAC
25  2016 Endothelial differentiation of canine yolk sac cells transduced with VEGF. ---
26  2016 LYVE1 Marks the Divergence of Yolk Sac Definitive Hemogenic Endothelium from the Primitive Erythroid Lineage. FL, HSC, HSPCs, LYVE-1
27  2016 Pdgfrb-Cre targets lymphatic endothelial cells of both venous and non-venous origins. EMPs, HemEC, LECs
28  2016 Pias1 is essential for erythroid and vascular development in the mouse embryo. PIAS1, RBCs
29  2016 Relation between types of yolk sac abnormalities and early embryonic morphology in first-trimester missed miscarriage. ---
30  2016 The early pregnancy volume measurements in predicting pregnancy outcome. CRL, EV, GS, GS, GSV, YSV
31  2016 Transcriptome-based profiling of yolk sac-derived macrophages reveals a role for Irf8 in macrophage maturation. ---
32  2015 C-Myb(+) erythro-myeloid progenitor-derived fetal monocytes give rise to adult tissue-resident macrophages. EMPs, FL, MOs
33  2015 Functional differences between the arteries perfusing gas exchange and nutritional membranes in the late chicken embryo. ACh, EFS, ET
34  2015 Isolation and characterization of mesenchymal stem cells from the yolk sacs of bovine embryos. MSCs
35  2015 Most Tissue-Resident Macrophages Except Microglia Are Derived from Fetal Hematopoietic Stem Cells. HSC
36  2015 Ontogeny of Tissue-Resident Macrophages. EMPs, FL
37  2015 Temporal-Spatial Resolution Fate Mapping Reveals Distinct Origins for Embryonic and Adult Microglia in Zebrafish. RBI, VDA
38  2015 The role of the gastrointestinal epithelium as a possible pathway for the transfer of nutrients to the embryo's circulation. AFP, NNEs
39  2014 A lineage of diploid platelet-forming cells precedes polyploid megakaryocyte formation in the mouse embryo. HPC, MK
40  2014 Clonal analysis identifies hemogenic endothelium as the source of the blood-endothelial common lineage in the mouse embryo. ---
41  2014 Expression of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein in lipoprotein-synthesizing tissues of the developing chicken embryo. apoB, MTP
42  2014 Functional B-1 progenitor cells are present in the hematopoietic stem cell-deficient embryo and depend on Cbfbeta for their development. AGM, HSC
43  2014 Gastrokine-2 is transiently expressed in the endodermal and endothelial cells of the maturing mouse yolk sac. Gkn2
44  2014 Identification of multipotent progenitors that emerge prior to hematopoietic stem cells in embryonic development. AGM
45  2014 Loss of PiT-1 results in abnormal endocytosis in the yolk sac visceral endoderm. AV, KO, ME, VE
46  2014 Notch1 regulates progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation during mouse yolk sac hematopoiesis. N1ICD, Tie-2, WT
47  2014 Proteomic analysis of the early bovine yolk sac fluid and cells from the day 13 ovoid and elongated preimplantation embryos. ---
48  2014 Temporal transcriptome analysis of the chicken embryo yolk sac. ---
49  2013 A morphological analysis of the transition between the embryonic primitive intestine and yolk sac in bovine embryos and fetuses. ---
50  2013 A prediction model for viability at the end of the first trimester after a single early pregnancy evaluation. EPU, GS, IUP, ROC, TVS
51  2013 Changes in yolk sac membrane absorptive area and fat digestion during chick embryonic development. YSC, YSM
52  2013 Development and homeostasis of "resident" myeloid cells: the case of the microglia. HSCs
53  2013 During twenty years of Cisplatin-based therapy the face of nonseminomatous testicular germ cell tumors is still changing: an evaluation of presentation, management, predictive factors and survival. CSI, CSS, NSGCT, OR, RFS, RPLND
54  2013 Origin and differentiation of microglia. CNS
55  2013 The developing chicken yolk sac acquires nutrient transport competence by an orchestrated differentiation process of its endodermal epithelial cells. apoA-I, EEC
56  2013 The N-end rule proteolytic system in autophagy. N-recognins
57  2013 UBR box N-recognin-4 (UBR4), an N-recognin of the N-end rule pathway, and its role in yolk sac vascular development and autophagy. N-degrons, UBR4
58  2013 [Differentiation potential of CD41⁺ cells derived from the mouse aorta-gonad-mesonephros region, yolk sac and embryonic circulating blood]. AGM, BMP-4, CB
59  2012 A lineage of myeloid cells independent of Myb and hematopoietic stem cells. DCs, HSCs
60  2012 Adult Langerhans cells derive predominantly from embryonic fetal liver monocytes with a minor contribution of yolk sac-derived macrophages. DCs, LCs
61  2012 Antibody repertoire development in fetal and neonatal piglets. XXII. lamda Rearrangement precedes kappa rearrangement during B-cell lymphogenesis in swine. dg, SJC
62  2012 Are the first trimester volumetric measurements with two dimensional ultrasonography satisfactory? CRL, EV, GS
63  2012 Autonomous murine T-cell progenitor production in the extra-embryonic yolk sac before HSC emergence. ---
64  2012 Fibroblastic potential of CD41+ cells in the mouse aorta-gonad-mesonephros region and yolk sac. AGM
65  2012 First trimester volumetric measurements: relation with hormone levels and fetal heart rate. CRL, FHR, GS
66  2012 Hatching egg and newly hatched chick yolk sac total IgY content at 3 broiler breeder flock ages. ---
67  2012 Hemangioblast: an in vitro phantom. BC, BI, EC
68  2012 Yolk sac carbohydrate levels and gene expression of key gluconeogenic and glycogenic enzymes during chick embryonic development. ---
69  2012 [Monochorionic biamniotic twins with a common yolk sac in the first trimester ultrasound scan - is there a higher risk of a congenital defect?]. ---
70  2011 Assessment of yolk sac volume by 3D-sonography using the XI VOCAL method from 7 to 10 + 6 weeks of pregnancy. CRL, GA, XI VOCAL
71  2011 Embryonic day 9 yolk sac and intra-embryonic hemogenic endothelium independently generate a B-1 and marginal zone progenitor lacking B-2 potential. HSCs, MZ, P-Sp
72  2011 Identification of a yolk sac cell population with hematopoietic activity in view of CD45/c-Kit expression. ---
73  2011 Mesenchymal progenitor cells from canine fetal tissues: yolk sac, liver, and bone marrow. BM, LV, MP, MSC, VE
74  2011 Portrayal of the Notch system in embryonic stem cell-derived embryoid bodies. DCR, EBs, ESC
75  2011 Yolk sac endoderm is the major source of serum proteins and lipids and is involved in the regulation of vascular integrity in early chick development. ---
76  2010 Development and homeostasis of 'resident' myeloid cells: the case of the Langerhans cell. DCs, HSCs, LCs
77  2010 Developmental niches for embryonic erythroid cells. EryD
78  2010 Single and combination diagnostic test efficiency and cost analysis for detection and isolation of avian influenza virus from wild bird cloacal swabs. AIV, CAS, ECE, MDCK, rRT
79  2010 Two different pathways for the transport of primitive and definitive blood cells from the yolk sac to the embryo in humans. ---
80  2010 Yolk sac nutrient composition and fat uptake in late-term embryos in eggs from young and old broiler breeder hens. COH
81  2010 [Clarification of lymphoid potential in mouse E8.5 embryos by OP9/OP9-DL1 coculture]. SP
82  2009 Dynamics of yolk sac content absorption and intestine development in ducklings fed mixtures with increasing dietary methionine level. ---
83  2009 Efficient reprogramming of human and mouse primary extra-embryonic cells to pluripotent stem cells. AM, iPSC
84  2009 Estrogen metabolism by the equine embryo proper during the fourth week of pregnancy. ---
85  2009 Thrombopoietin controls proliferation of embryonic multipotent hematopoietic progenitors. EP, JAK2, MPP, SCF, STAT5, TPO
86  2008 All primitive and definitive hematopoietic progenitor cells emerging before E10 in the mouse embryo are products of the yolk sac. EP, HPC, WT
87  2008 Expression of angiotensin-converting enzyme (CD143) identifies and regulates primitive hemangioblasts derived from human pluripotent stem cells. ACE, hESC, RAS
88  2008 The presence of 19-norandrostenedione and its sulphate form in yolk-sac fluid of the early equine conceptus. RIA
89  2007 B cell potential can be obtained from pre-circulatory yolk sac, but with low frequency. AGM
90  2007 Effects of temperature on embryonic development of the veiled chameleon, Chamaeleo calyptratus. AV, CAM
91  2007 Gene transfer to pre-hematopoietic and committed hematopoietic precursors in the early mouse yolk sac: a comparative study between in situ electroporation and retroviral transduction. HSC
92  2006 An unexpected role for IL-3 in the embryonic development of hematopoietic stem cells. AGM, HSCs
93  2006 Effects of copper deficiency on mouse yolk sac vasculature and expression of angiogenic mediators. Ang-1, GD, VEGF
94  2006 Tracing the first waves of lymphopoiesis in mice. P-Sp
95  2006 Ultrasonic morphological characteristics of yolk sac in pregnancy complicated with type-1 diabetes mellitus. CRL, DM, GA, hCG, TVS
96  2005 Emergence of a glomus-like body in the human yolk sac: a microanatomical analysis of its structure. ---
97  2005 GATA motifs regulate early hematopoietic lineage-specific expression of the Gata2 gene. G2-EHRD, GFP, P-Sp
98  2005 The value of the secondary yolk sac in predicting pregnancy outcome. TVS
99  2005 Three pathways to mature macrophages in the early mouse yolk sac. dpc, GFP
100  2005 [Expression of CD34, CD14, CD10, CD31 and factor VIII on hematopoietic cells of yolk sac blood island, AGM region and liver of human embryo and fetus]. AGM