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Abbreviation:   amoA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   ammonia monooxygenase
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Improving stability of mainstream Anammox in an innovative two-stage process for advanced nitrogen removal from mature landfill leachate. TN
2021 Linking 16S rRNA Gene Classification to amoA Gene Taxonomy Reveals Environmental Distribution of Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaeal Clades in Peatland Soils. AOA
2021 Long-Term Adaptation of Acidophilic Archaeal Ammonia Oxidisers Following Different Soil Fertilisation Histories. AOA
2021 Micro-nano aeration is a promising alternative for achieving high-rate partial nitrification. CV, HAO, MN, nxrA, OTE, OTR
2021 Simultaneous nitrification and phosphate removal by bioaugmented aerobic granules treating a fluoroorganic compound. 2-FP, AOB, DGGE, DPAO, NOB, PAO
2021 The inhibition effect of tea polyphenols on soil nitrification is greater than denitrification in tea garden soil. EGCG
2021 Utilizing Cattle Manure Compost Increases Ammonia Monooxygenase A Gene Expression and Ammonia-oxidizing Activity of Both Bacteria and Archaea in Biofiltration Media for Ammonia Deodorization. AOA, AOB
2020 Community diversity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in shrimp pond sediment at different culture stages. AOA, AOB, qPCR, SCP, TOC, TP
2020 Stability of microbial functionality in anammox sludge adaptation to various salt concentrations and different salt-adding steps. hzsA
10  2020 Use of Newly Designed Primers for Quantification of Complete Ammonia-Oxidizing (Comammox) Bacterial Clades and Strict Nitrite Oxidizers in the Genus Nitrospira. cynS, NXR, qPCR, sNOB
11  2019 Alteration of soil nitrifiers and denitrifiers and their driving factors during intensive management of Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens). AOA, AOB, NM, qPCR, SOC
12  2019 Annual nitrification dynamics in a seasonally ice-covered lake. AO, AOB and AOA
13  2019 Comparison of the microbiomes of two drinking water distribution systems-with and without residual chloramine disinfection. DWDSs, USA
14  2019 Design and Assessment of Species-Level qPCR Primers Targeting Comammox. Ca, DO
15  2019 Effect of soil types and ammonia concentrations on the contribution of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria to CH4 oxidation. AOB, MOB, pmoA
16  2019 Effects of allochthonous dissolved organic matter input on microbial composition and nitrogen-cycling genes at two contrasting estuarine sites. DOM
17  2019 Effects of Oenanthe javanica on Nitrogen Removal in Free-Water Surface Constructed Wetlands under Low-Temperature Conditions. FWS-CWS, nirS
18  2019 Extent of the annual Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone influences microbial community structure. AOA, DO, nGOM
19  2019 Nitrous oxide emissions associated with ammonia-oxidizing bacteria abundance in fields of switchgrass with and without intercropped alfalfa. AOA, AOB
20  2019 Nonylphenol causes shifts in microbial communities and nitrogen mineralization in soil microcosms. AOB, NP, T-RFLP
21  2019 Short term changes in the abundance of nitrifying microorganisms in a soil-plant system simultaneously exposed to copper nanoparticles and atrazine. AOA, AOB, ATZ, qPCR
22  2019 The responses of bacterial community and N2O emission to nitrogen input in lake sediment: Estrogen as a co-pollutant. HAO
23  2019 Toxicity comparison of three imidazolium bromide ionic liquids to soil microorganisms. AOA, AOB, IBR, ILs
24  2019 Variable responses of nitrification and denitrification in a paddy soil to long-term biochar amendment and short-term biochar addition. AOB
25  2018 Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea and Bacteria Differentially Contribute to Ammonia Oxidation in Sediments from Adjacent Waters of Rushan Bay, China. AOA, chla
26  2018 Effects of 1-octyl-3-methylimidazolium nitrate on the microbes in brown soil. AOA, AOB, ILs, q-PCR, T-RFLP
27  2018 Evaluating toxicity of 1-octyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate to microorganisms in soil. AWCD, ILs, RT-PCR
28  2018 Extensive nitrification and active ammonia oxidizers in two contrasting coastal systems of the Baltic Sea. AOA
29  2018 Functional Transcripts Indicate Phylogenetically Diverse Active Ammonia-Scavenging Microbiota in Sympatric Sponges. glnA, hzsA
30  2018 Primer selection influences abundance estimates of ammonia oxidizing archaea in coastal marine sediments. AOA, PPB
31  2018 Short operational differences support granulation in a lab scale reactor in comparison to another conventional activated sludge reactor. ---
32  2018 [Effects of Biochar on Nitrous Oxide Fluxes and the Abundance of Related Functional Genes from Agriculture Soil in the North China Plain]. ---
33  2017 Individual and combined effects of enrofloxacin and cadmium on soil microbial biomass and the ammonia-oxidizing functional gene. AOA, AOB, Cd, ENR
34  2017 Marine Microbial Gene Abundance and Community Composition in Response to Ocean Acidification and Elevated Temperature in Two Contrasting Coastal Marine Sediments. nirS
35  2017 Metagenomic potential for and diversity of N-cycle driving microorganisms in the Bothnian Sea sediment. HAO, hzsA, nxrA, PCR
36  2017 ROCker: accurate detection and quantification of target genes in short-read metagenomic data sets by modeling sliding-window bitscores. FDR, pmoA, ROC
37  2017 Simultaneous heterotrophic nitrification and aerobic denitrification at high concentrations of NaCl and ammonia nitrogen by Halomonas bacteria. SND
38  2017 Toxic effects of oxytetracycline and copper, separately or combined, on soil microbial biomasses. AOA, AOB, OTC, RT-PCRs
39  2016 Abundance and Diversity of Aerobic/Anaerobic Ammonia/Ammonium-Oxidizing Microorganisms in an Ammonium-Rich Aquitard in the Pearl River Delta of South China. AOA, AOM
40  2016 Biofilm Thickness Influences Biodiversity in Nitrifying MBBRs-Implications on Micropollutant Removal. qPCR
41  2016 Biotransformation of Two Pharmaceuticals by the Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaeon Nitrososphaera gargensis. AOA, AOB, MIA, RAN, TP
42  2016 Contribution of ammonia oxidation to chemoautotrophy in Antarctic coastal waters. AO
43  2016 Effect of short term external perturbations on bacterial ecology and activities in a partial nitritation and anammox reactor. hzsA, PN/A
44  2016 Nanosilver inhibits nitrification and reduces ammonia-oxidising bacterial but not archaeal amoA gene abundance in estuarine sediments. AOB, NPR
45  2016 New Dimensions in Microbial Ecology-Functional Genes in Studies to Unravel the Biodiversity and Role of Functional Microbial Groups in the Environment. APS, fmoA
46  2016 Population Dynamics and Community Composition of Ammonia Oxidizers in Salt Marshes after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. AOA
47  2016 Spatial and temporal dynamics of ammonia oxidizers in the sediments of the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea. AOB, GoF, T-RFLP
48  2016 Toxic effects of ionic liquid 1-octyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate on soil enzyme activity and soil microbial community diversity. AOA, AOB, HPLC, ILs, RT-PCR, T-RFLP
49  2016 [Distribution Characteristics of Nitrifiers and Denitrifiers in the River Sediments of Tongling City]. AGA, AGH, NiR, nirS, qPCR
50  2015 Ammonia-oxidizing Bacteria of the Nitrosospira cluster 1 dominate over ammonia-oxidizing Archaea in oligotrophic surface sediments near the South Atlantic Gyre. AOA and AOB
51  2015 Differential distribution patterns of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in acidic soils of Nanling National Nature Reserve forests in subtropical China. AOA, AOB
52  2015 Effects of planting Phragmites australis on nitrogen removal, microbial nitrogen cycling, and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing and denitrifying microorganisms in sediments. ---
53  2015 Evaluation of bacterial communities by bacteriome analysis targeting 16S rRNA genes and quantitative analysis of ammonia monooxygenase gene in different types of compost. ---
54  2014 Abundance and diversity of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in sediments of trophic end members of the Laurentian Great Lakes, Erie and Superior. AOA, CCA
55  2014 Agreement between amoA gene-specific quantitative PCR and fluorescence in situ hybridization in the measurement of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in activated sludge. AOB, FISH, qPCR
56  2014 Ammonia oxidation-dependent growth of group I.1b Thaumarchaeota in acidic red soil microcosms. ---
57  2014 amoA Gene abundances and nitrification potential rates suggest that benthic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and not Archaea dominate N cycling in the Colne Estuary, United Kingdom. AOA, AOB, DGGE, gdw
58  2014 Archaeal amoA and ureC genes and their transcriptional activity in the Arctic Ocean. ---
59  2014 Community structure and distribution of planktonic ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in the Dongjiang River, China. AOA
60  2014 Connecting the dots: linking nitrogen cycle gene expression to nitrogen fluxes in marine sediment mesocosms. ---
61  2014 Depth-related distribution of a key gene of the tetraether lipid biosynthetic pathway in marine Thaumarchaeota. GDGT, GGGP
62  2014 Differential contributions of archaeal ammonia oxidizer ecotypes to nitrification in coastal surface waters. WCA, WCB
63  2014 Differential sensitivity of nitrifying bacteria to silver nanoparticles in activated sludge. AOB, NOB, WWTPs
64  2014 Evaluation of revised polymerase chain reaction primers for more inclusive quantification of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria. AOA
65  2014 High abundances of potentially active ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in oligotrophic, high-altitude lakes of the Sierra Nevada, California, USA. AOA
66  2014 Influence of edaphic and management factors on the diversity and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing thaumarchaeota and bacteria in soils of bioenergy crop cultivars. AOA, AOB
67  2014 Microbial community structure of relict niter-beds previously used for saltpeter production. AOA, AOB, UNESCO
68  2014 Phylogenetic diversity of archaea and the archaeal ammonia monooxygenase gene in uranium mining-impacted locations in Bulgaria. RFLP
69  2014 Temporal and spatial stability of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in aquarium biofilters. AOA, AOB, DGGE, NMDS, qPCR
70  2013 Abundance and distribution of archaeal acetyl-CoA/propionyl-CoA carboxylase genes indicative for putatively chemoautotrophic Archaea in the tropical Atlantic's interior. OMZ
71  2013 Assessment of N2O emission from a photobioreactor treating ammonia-rich swine wastewater digestate. ---
72  2013 Effects of chlorimuron-ethyl application with or without urea fertilization on soil ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea. AOB, CE, qPCR
73  2013 Evaluation of hydroxylamine oxidoreductase as a functional and phylogenetic marker to differentiate Nitrosomonas spp. HAO, SSCP
74  2013 Impact of food to microorganism (F/M) ratio and colloidal chemical oxygen demand on nitrification performance of a full-scale membrane bioreactor treating thin film transistor liquid crystal display wastewater. AOB, COD, DMSO, F/M, MBR, MEA, NMS, NOB, T-RFLP, TFT-LCD
75  2013 Short-term effect of elevated temperature on the abundance and diversity of bacterial and archaeal amoA genes in Antarctic Soils. AOB
76  2013 Transcriptional response of nitrifying communities to wetting of dry soil. nxrA
77  2012 Abundance and diversity of ammonia-oxidizing prokaryotes in the root-rhizosphere complex of Miscanthus giganteus grown in heavy metal-contaminated soils. AOB, HM, T-RFLP
78  2012 Elevated atmospheric CO2 impacts abundance and diversity of nitrogen cycling functional genes in soil. ---
79  2012 High abundance of ammonia-oxidizing archaea in acidified subtropical forest soils in southern China after long-term N deposition. AOA, AOB, NOB
80  2012 Relative susceptibility and transcriptional response of nitrogen cycling bacteria to quantum dots. PEI, PMAO, QDs
81  2012 [Community structure of microbes involved in nitrification and denitrification in typical shrimp-farming water]. nirS, nxrA, PCR-DGGE, RFLP
82  2011 Abundance, diversity, and activity of ammonia-oxidizing prokaryotes in the coastal Arctic ocean in summer and winter. ---
83  2011 Ammonia oxidation coupled to CO2 fixation by archaea and bacteria in an agricultural soil. CARD, SIP
84  2011 Ammonia-oxidizing archaea and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in six full-scale wastewater treatment bioreactors. AOA, AOB
85  2011 Aquarium nitrification revisited: Thaumarchaeota are the dominant ammonia oxidizers in freshwater aquarium biofilters. AOA, AOB, DGGE, NMDS, qPCR
86  2011 Distinct responses in ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria after addition of biosolids to an agricultural soil. AOA, AOB
87  2011 Environmental shaping of sponge associated archaeal communities. PCA
88  2011 Impacts of different N management regimes on nitrifier and denitrifier communities and N cycling in soil microenvironments. AOB
89  2011 Links between ammonia oxidizer community structure, abundance, and nitrification potential in acidic soils. AOA, qPCR, T-RFLP
90  2011 Nitrogen removal and ammonia-oxidising bacteria in a vertical flow constructed wetland treating inorganic wastewater. AOB
91  2011 Quantitative analyses of ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA) and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) in fields with different soil types. AOA, AOB, GLS, LHA, YS
92  2011 Sulfur-oxidizing chemolithotrophic proteobacteria dominate the microbiota in high arctic thermal springs on Svalbard. qPCR
93  2010 Biodiversity and population dynamics of microorganisms in a full-scale membrane bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment. CAS, DGGE, MBR
94  2010 Community analysis of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in activated sludge of eight wastewater treatment systems. AOB, PCR, T-RFLP, WWTP
95  2010 Diversity of nitrifying bacteria in a full-scale petroleum refinery wastewater treatment plant experiencing unstable nitrification. AOB, NOB
96  2010 Effects of estuarine sediment hypoxia on nitrogen fluxes and ammonia oxidizer gene transcription. DO
97  2010 Effects of sponge bleaching on ammonia-oxidizing Archaea: distribution and relative expression of ammonia monooxygenase genes associated with the barrel sponge Xestospongia muta. AOA, SOB, T-RFLP
98  2010 Molecular biological characterization and biostimulation of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in brackishwater aquaculture. AOB
99  2010 Molecular characterization and geological microenvironment of a microbial community inhabiting weathered receding shale cliffs. ---
100  2010 Nitrogen and phosphorus enrichment alter the composition of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in salt marsh sediments. AOB