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Abbreviation:   bipy  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   2,2'-bipyridine
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 High-sensitivity detection of nitroaromatic compounds (NACs) by the pillared-layer metal-organic framework synthesized via ultrasonic method. FESEM, LMOFs, MOF, NACs, TNP
2019 In vitro anti-Trypanosoma cruzi activity of ternary copper(II) complexes and in vivo evaluation of the most promising complex. 2-CH, 2-MH, 4-MH, dmb, phen
2019 Kinetic Trapping Effects in Amphiphilic Iron(II) Spin Crossover Compounds. DMAP
2019 Photochemical property of two Ru(II) compounds based on 5-(2-pyrazinyl)tetrazole for cancer phototherapy by changing auxiliary ligand. EPR, NPs, PDT, phen
2019 Polypyridyl-Based Copper Phenanthrene Complexes: A New Type of Stabilized Artificial Chemical Nuclease. AMN, CW-EPR, dppz, dpq, ENDOR, HYSCORE, PD, phen, TPMA
2019 Reductive Termination of Cyanoisopropyl Radicals by Copper(I) Complexes and Proton Donors: Organometallic Intermediates or Coupled Proton-Electron Transfer? AIBN, IS-PCET, OS-PCET, RRT, TPMA
2019 Ru(II)/N-N/PPh3 complexes as potential anticancer agents against MDA-MB-231 cancer cells (N-N = diimine or diamine). CT, HSA, phen
2019 Tubelike Uranyl-Phenylenediacetate Assemblies from Screening of Ligand Isomers and Structure-Directing Counterions. 1,2-, 1,3-, or 1,4-H2PDA, phen
2018 Bismuth as a versatile cation for luminescence in coordination polymers from BiX3/4,4'-bipy: understanding of photophysics by quantum chemical calculations and structural parallels to lanthanides. CPs, MLCT
10  2018 Fluorescence and electron paramagnetic resonance studies of norfloxacin and N-donor mixed-ligand ternary copper(II) complexes: Stability and interaction with SDS micelles. EPR, NFX, phen, SDS
11  2018 Impact of junction formation processes on single molecular conductance. DAB, Py
12  2018 Monomeric thorium chalcogenolates with bipyridine and terpyridine ligands. ---
13  2018 Oxidative Addition, Transmetalation, and Reductive Elimination at a 2,2'-Bipyridyl-Ligated Gold Center. ---
14  2018 Positive and negative nano-electrospray mass spectrometry of ruthenated serum albumin supported by docking studies: an integrated approach towards defining metallodrug binding sites on proteins. Cl-tpy, DACH, HSA
15  2018 Room temperature olefination of methane with titanium-carbon multiple bonds. PNP
16  2018 Synthesis and Characterization of Heterometallic Iron-Uranium Complexes with a Bidentate N-Donor Ligand (2,2'-Bipyridine or 1,10-Phenanthroline). phen
17  2017 Adamantyl metal complexes: new routes to adamantyl anions and new transmetallations. ---
18  2017 Engaging the Terminal: Promoting Halogen Bonding Interactions with Uranyl Oxo Atoms. Cl-terpy, IR, phen
19  2017 Incorporation of Pyrazine and Bipyridine Linkers with High-Spin Fe(II) and Co(II) in a Metal-Organic Framework. MOFs, pyz
20  2017 Interaction of zinc(II) with the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug niflumic acid. phen
21  2017 Interligand C-C Coupling between alpha-Methyl N-Heterocycles and bipy or phen at Rhenium Tricarbonyl Complexes. CO, phen
22  2017 Metal-Organic Frameworks with Internal Urea-Functionalized Dicarboxylate Linkers for SO2 and NH3 Adsorption. bpe, MOFs
23  2017 Molecular and Electronic Structures of Eight-Coordinate Uranium Bipyridine Complexes: A Rare Example of a Bipy2- Ligand Coordinated to a U4+ Ion. ---
24  2017 Novel copper(II) complexes with hydrazides and heterocyclic bases: Synthesis, structure and biological studies. 4-NH, dmb
25  2017 On the Redox Reactivity of a Geometrically Constrained Phosphorus(III) Compound. DMAP, ONO
26  2017 Preparation and Characterization of Group 13 Cyanides. py
27  2017 Preparation of a uranium metallacyclocumulene and its reactivity towards unsaturated organic molecules. DFT
28  2017 Preparation of tetrazine-containing [2 + 1] complexes of 99mTc and in vivo targeting using bioorthogonal inverse electron demand Diels-Alder chemistry. BPS
29  2017 Ruthenium Complexes are pH-Activated Metallo Prodrugs (pHAMPs) with Light-Triggered Selective Toxicity Toward Cancer Cells. 4,4'-dhbp, 6,6'-dhbp, dop, pHAMPs, phen
30  2017 Sequence-specific fluorometric recognition of HIV-1 ds-DNA with zwitterionic zinc(II)-carboxylate polymers. dsDNA, pbz, phen, ssDNA
31  2017 Structural Consequences of 1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylate Cis/Trans Isomerism in Uranyl Ion Complexes: From Molecular Species to 2D and 3D Entangled Nets. ---
32  2017 Synthesis, Optical Investigation and Biological Properties of Europium(III) Complexes with 2-(4-Chlorophenyl)-1-(2-Hydroxy-4-Methoxyphenyl)Ethan-1-one and Ancillary Ligands. CHME, CHME, neo, phen
33  2017 The Uranium(VI) Oxoazides [UO2 (N3 )2 ⋅CH3 CN], [(bipy)2 (UO2 )2 (N3 )4 ], [(bipy)UO2 (N3 )3 ]- , [UO2 (N3 )4 ]2- , and [(UO2 )2 (N3 )8 ]4. ---
34  2017 Ytterbium and Europium Complexes of Redox-Active Ligands: Searching for Redox Isomerism. ArO
35  2017 Zinc complexes of diflunisal: Synthesis, characterization, structure, antioxidant activity, and in vitro and in silico study of the interaction with DNA and albumins. phen
36  2016 Characterization and biological properties of copper(II)-ketoprofen complexes. phen
37  2016 Cobalt(II) complexes of sparfloxacin: Characterization, structure, antimicrobial activity and interaction with DNA and albumins. phen
38  2016 Construction of Insulin 18-mer Nanoassemblies Driven by Coordination to Iron(II) and Zinc(II) Ions at Distinct Sites. HI, SA
39  2016 Crystal structure of cis-aqua-bis-(2,2'-bi-pyridine-kappa(2) N,N')chlorido-chromium(III) tetra-chlorido-zincate determined from synchrotron data. ---
40  2016 Influence of Primary Ligands (ODA, TDA) on Physicochemical and Biological Properties of Oxidovanadium (IV) Complexes with Bipy and Phen as Auxiliary Ligands. ODA, phen, TDA, TDA
41  2016 Interaction of dinuclear cadmium(II) 5-Cl-salicylaldehyde complexes with calf-thymus DNA. CT, EB, phen
42  2016 Nickel-diflunisal complexes: synthesis, characterization, in vitro antioxidant activity and interaction with DNA and albumins. Hpko, phen
43  2016 Norfloxacin and N-Donor Mixed-Ligand Copper(II) Complexes: Synthesis, Albumin Interaction, and Anti-Trypanosoma cruzi Activity. BSA, HSA, phen
44  2016 The niobium oxoazides [NbO(N3)3], [NbO(N3)32CH3CN], [(bipy)NbO(N3)3], Cs2[NbO(N3)5] and [PPh4]2[NbO(N3)5]. ---
45  2016 Transfer hydrogenation with abnormal dicarbene rhodium(iii) complexes containing ancillary and modular poly-pyridine ligands. phen
46  2016 Uranyl Ion Complexes with Long-Chain Aliphatic alpha,omega-Dicarboxylates and 3d-Block Metal Counterions. phen
47  2015 4-Substituent pyridine directed cobalt(II) azides: solvothermal synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties. bepy, EE, EO, VIPY
48  2015 A zinc(II) metal-organic framework with a novel topology formed from 4,4',4''-nitrilotribenzoate and 4,4'-bipyridine ligands. ---
49  2015 Aerobic oxidation of alcohols and the synthesis of benzoxazoles catalyzed by a cuprocupric coordination polymer (Cu(+)-CP) assisted by TEMPO. ---
50  2015 Antioxidant Activity and Polyphenol Content of Some Brazilian Medicinal Plants Exploiting the Formation of the Fe(II)/2,2'-bipyridine Complexes. PA, TPC
51  2015 Asymmetric induction in homochiral MOFs: from interweaving double helices to single helices. ---
52  2015 Cationic cluster formation versus disproportionation of low-valent indium and gallium complexes of 2,2'-bipyridine. ---
53  2015 Copper(II) complexes with the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug tolfenamic acid: Structure and biological features. CT, DMF, EB, MeOH, phen, py
54  2015 Crystal structure of bis-(mu-2-benzoyl-benzoato-kappa(2) O:O')bis-[bis-(2,2'-bi-pyridine-kappa(2) N,N')manganese(II)] bis-(perchlorate). ---
55  2015 Cytotoxicity of Ru(II) piano-stool complexes with chloroquine and chelating ligands against breast and lung tumor cells: Interactions with DNA and BSA. CQ
56  2015 Five water-soluble zwitterionic copper(II)-carboxylate polymers: role of dipyridyl coligands in enhancing the DNA-binding, cleaving and anticancer activities. EB, GE, phen
57  2015 Imidazole-based [2 + 1] Re(I)/99mTc(I) complexes as isostructural nuclear and optical probes. ---
58  2015 Integration of a semi-rigid proline ligand and 4,4'-bipyridine in the synthesis of homochiral metal-organic frameworks with helices. HMOFs
59  2015 Modular Synthetic Platform for the Construction of Functional Single-Chain Polymeric Nanoparticles: From Aqueous Catalysis to Photosensitization. phen, pPFPA, SCPNs
60  2015 Selective endo and exo binding of mono- and ditopic ligands to a rhomboidal diporphyrin prism. ---
61  2015 Structure and luminescent property of complexes of aryl carboxylic acid-functionalized polystyrene with Eu(III) and Tb(III) ions. BA, NA, phen, PS
62  2015 Supramolecular bimetallic assemblies for photocatalytic hydrogen generation from water. 2,3-dpp, 2,5-dpp, dceb
63  2015 Synthesis, structure and biological activity of nickel(II) complexes with mefenamato and nitrogen-donor ligands. CT, phen, py
64  2015 Targeting divalent metal cations with Re(I) tetrazolato complexes. phen
65  2015 The First Molybdenum(VI) and Tungsten(VI) Oxoazides MO2(N3)2, MO2(N3)2⋅2 CH3CN, (bipy)MO2(N3)2, and [MO2(N3)4](2-) (M=Mo, W). ---
66  2015 Uranyl and uranyl-3d block cation complexes with 1,3-adamantanedicarboxylate: crystal structures, luminescence, and magnetic properties. ---
67  2015 Versatile structures of group 13 metal halide complexes with 4,4'-bipy: from 1D coordination polymers to 2D and 3D metal-organic frameworks. ---
68  2014 A one-dimensional cobalt(II) coordination polymer based on 2,4'-oxydibenzoic acid: poly[[[diaquabis[2-(4-carboxyphenoxy)benzoato-kappaO(1)]cobalt(II)]-mu-4,4'-bipyridine-kappa(2)N:N'] dihydrate]. ---
69  2014 Active layer solution-processed NIR-OLEDs based on ternary erbium(III) complexes with 1,1,1-trifluoro-2,4-pentanedione and different N,N-donors. 5NO2phen, bath, FTIR, NIR, OLEDs
70  2014 Azidophosphenium cations: versatile reagents in inorganic synthesis. dmb
71  2014 Cobalt(II) complexes with the antimicrobial drug enrofloxacin: structure, antimicrobial activity, DNA- and albumin-binding. CT-DNA, DMF, EB, pDNA, phen, py
72  2014 Complexes of different nitrogen donor heterocyclic ligands with SbCl3 and PhSbCl2 as potential antileishmanial agents against Sb(III)-sensitive and -resistant parasites. dpq, phen
73  2014 Dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons with metal-carbon multiple bonds and trapping of a titanium(II) intermediate. ---
74  2014 Effect of the capping ligand on luminescent erbium(III) beta-diketonate single-ion magnets. 5NO2phen, bath, NIR
75  2014 Homoleptic 2,2'-bipyridine metalates(-I) of iron and cobalt, one cocrystallized with an anthracene radical anion and the other with neutral anthracene. THF
76  2014 Photophysics of bis-bipyridyl nitro complexes of ruthenium(II) with pyridine ligands: substituent effects. apy, bpa, isnc, nr, phpy, py
77  2014 Preparation of the first manganese(III) and manganese(IV) azides. ---
78  2014 Structure and biological perspectives of Cu(II)-indomethacin complexes. CT, EB, phen
79  2014 Synthesis, characterization, thermal and DNA-binding properties of new zinc complexes with 2-hydroxyphenones. CT-DNA, EB, phen
80  2014 Two novel ternary dicopper(II) mu-guanazole complexes with aromatic amines strongly activated by quantum dots for DNA cleavage. phen
81  2013 Combination of anti-biofouling and ion-interaction by click chemistry for endotoxin selective removal from protein solution. ET, MSs
82  2013 Copper(II) interacting with the non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug flufenamic acid: structure, antioxidant activity and binding to DNA and albumins. CT-DNA, DFT, DMF, EB, phen, py
83  2013 Creation of ternary multicomponent crystals by exploitation of charge-transfer interactions. 3,5-dnda, 4-ABA, 4-ASA, 4-dmaba, SAA
84  2013 Dynamic multivalency for carbohydrate-protein recognition through dynamic combinatorial libraries based on Fe(II)-bipyridine complexes. DCLs
85  2013 First- and second-generation quinolone antibacterial drugs interacting with zinc(II): structure and biological perspectives. CT, EB, phen
86  2013 Heterobimetallic coordination polymers based on the [Pt(SCN)4]2- and [Pt(SeCN)4]2- building blocks. en, phen
87  2013 Novel mixed-ligand copper(I) complexes: role of diimine ligands on cytotoxicity and genotoxicity. dmp, dpq, FISH, phen
88  2013 Oxo-Mo(IV)(dithiolene)thiolato complexes: analogue of reduced sulfite oxidase. phen
89  2013 Preparation of tetrabutylammonium salt of a mono-Ru(III)-substituted alpha-Keggin-type silicotungstate with a 4,4'-bipyridine ligand and its electrochemical behaviour in organic solvents. CV, ESR, TBA, XANES
90  2013 Suitable combination of promoter and micellar catalyst for kilo fold rate acceleration on benzaldehyde to benzoic acid conversion in aqueous media at room temperature: a kinetic approach. PA, phen
91  2013 Syntheses and structures of uranyl ethylenediphosphonates: from layers to elliptical nanochannels. phen
92  2013 Synthesis, structures, and properties of uranyl hybrids constructed by a variety of mono- and polycarboxylic acids. bpi, dib, phen
93  2013 Theoretical QTAIM, ELI-D, and Hirshfeld surface analysis of the Cu-(H)B interaction in [Cu2(bipy)2B10H10]. ELI-D, QTAIM
94  2012 (2,2'-Bipyridine-kappa(2)N,N')bis-(4-formyl-benzoato-kappaO(1))copper(II). ---
95  2012 Bis(2,2'-bipyridine-kappa(2)N,N')(3-methyl-benzoato-kappa(2)O,O')zinc 3-methyl-benzo-ate-3-methyl-benzoic acid-water (1/1/2). ---
96  2012 Copper(II) complexes with antimicrobial drug flumequine: structure and biological evaluation. CT-DNA, EB, phen, py
97  2012 Copper(II)-fluoroquinolone complexes with anti-Trypanosoma cruzi activity and DNA binding ability. LEV, phen, SPAR
98  2012 DNA targeting polyaza macrobicyclic dizinc(II) complexes promoting high in vitro caspase dependent anti-proliferative activity against human carcinoma cancer cells. BSA, phen
99  2012 Dynamic porous coordination polymer based on 2D stacked layers exhibiting high sorption selectivity for CO2. dcpy, PCP
100  2012 Formation of N2O from a nickel nitrosyl: isolation of the cis-[N2O2]2- intermediate. ---