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Abbreviation:   cryo-TEM  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   cryogenic transmission electron microscopy
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Albumin-driven disassembly of lipidic nanoparticles: the specific case of the squalene-adenosine nanodrug. BSA, CD, FBS, HSA, ITC, NPs, SANS, SQAd, SSFS
2020 An Injectable Hydrogel Platform for Sustained Delivery of Anti-inflammatory Nanocarriers and Induction of Regulatory T Cells in Atherosclerosis. FM-depot, PEG-b-PPS, SAXS, VDR
2020 Block Copolymers Featuring Highly Photostable Photoacids Based on Vinylnaphthol: Synthesis and Self-Assembly. 2VP, DLS, RAFT, tVN, VN
2020 Coassembly Generates Peptide Hydrogel with Wound Dressing Material Properties. ---
2020 Coexistence of oil droplets and lipid vesicles in propofol drug products. API, HPLC
2020 Coupling Microscopy and Flow Cytometry for a Comprehensive Characterization of Nanoparticle Production in Insect Cells. BV, EGFP, NTA, VLPs
2020 Cryo-FIB-lift-out: practically impossible to practical reality. cryo-LO
2020 Direct Synthesis of Rhenium and Technetium-99m Metallosurfactants by a Transmetallation Reaction of Lipophilic Groups: Potential Applications in the Radiolabeling of Liposomes. HPLC
2020 Double stabilization mechanism of O/W Pickering emulsions using cationic nanofibrillated cellulose. cNFCs
10  2020 Effect of gangliosides on structure and integrity of polyethylene glycol (PEG)-stabilized liposomes. DLS, HEPC, IgM, PEG, PEG-lipid
11  2020 Entrapment of Citrus limon var. pompia Essential Oil or Pure Citral in Liposomes Tailored as Mouthwash for the Treatment of Oral Cavity Diseases. ---
12  2020 Exploring Large Ductility in Cellulose Nanopaper Combining High Toughness and Strength. CNFs, IL
13  2020 Flash Freeze Flow Tube to Vitrify Aerosol Particles at Fixed Relative Humidity Values. ERH, LLPS, RH, SRH
14  2020 Hybrid Biopolymer and Lipid Nanoparticles with Improved Transfection Efficacy for mRNA. mRNA, SANS, SAXS
15  2020 In Situ Construction of a LiF-Enriched Interface for Stable All-Solid-State Batteries and its Origin Revealed by Cryo-TEM. Li, LMBs, PEO, SPEs
16  2020 Low-energy in-line electron holographic imaging of vitreous ice-embedded small biomolecules using a modified scanning electron microscope. cryo-EM, SEM
17  2020 Measuring energy-dependent photoelectron escape in microcrystals. ---
18  2020 Micellar Fd3m cubosomes from monoolein - long chain unsaturated fatty acid mixtures: Stability on temperature and pH response. PBS, SAXS
19  2020 Native Structure of the Plant Cell Wall Utilized for Top-Down Assembly of Aligned Cellulose Nanocrystals into Micrometer-Sized Nanoporous Particles. CNCs
20  2020 Poly[oligo(ethylene glycol) methacrylate]-b-poly[(vinyl benzyl trimethylammonium chloride)] Based Multifunctional Hybrid Nanostructures Encapsulating Magnetic Nanoparticles and DNA. MNPs
21  2020 Protein Expression Knockdown in Cancer Cells Induced by a Gemini Cationic Lipid Nanovector with Histidine-Based Polar Heads. FC, MOG, pDNA, SAXS, siRNA, zeta
22  2020 Quality Assessment of Virus-Like Particles at Single Particle Level: A Comparative Study. EM, EVs, NTA, PSD, SRFM, VLPs
23  2020 Rosin-based chiral wormlike Micelles: Rheological behavior and its application in preparing ultrasmall gold nanoparticles. CD
24  2020 Self-Assembled Vesicles Formed by Positional Isomers of Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate-Based Pseudogemini Surfactants. DLS, POM
25  2020 Streptococcal Extracellular Membrane Vesicles Are Rapidly Internalized by Immune Cells and Alter Their Cytokine Release. ELISA, IL, MVs, NTA, OMVs, SEC, TNF
26  2020 Supramolecular Hydrogels with Chiral Nanofibril Structures Formed from beta-Cyclodextrin and a Rosin-Based Amino Acid Surfactant. beta-CD
27  2020 Synthesis of multilamellar walls vesicles polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexes from pH-stimulated phase transition using microbial biosurfactants. Co, MLWV, PESCs, SAXS
28  2020 Thermoresponsive Structure and Dye Encapsulation of Micelles Comprising Bolaamphiphilic Quercetin Polyglycoside. CMC, IQ, QP, Que
29  2020 Uncommon Structures of Oppositely Charged Hyaluronan/Surfactant Assemblies under Physiological Conditions. LS, PBS, PESCs, SANS, TTAB
30  2020 Wavelength dependent photo-cytotoxicity to ovarian carcinoma cells using temoporfin loaded tetraether liposomes as efficient drug delivery system. AFM, CAM, CLSM
31  2019 A Non-Viral Plasmid DNA Delivery System Consisting on a Lysine-Derived Cationic Lipid Mixed with a Fusogenic Lipid. FACS, SAXS
32  2019 Antiadhesion effect of the C17 glycerin ester of isoprenoid-type lipid forming a nonlamellar liquid crystal. C17GE, SAXS
33  2019 Bayesian inference for three-dimensional helical reconstruction using a soft-body model. ---
34  2019 Block copolymers as bile salt sequestrants: intriguing structures formed in a mixture of an oppositely charged amphiphilic block copolymer and bile salt. PNIPAM
35  2019 Characterization of LiCoO2 nanoparticle suspensions by single collision events. DLS, UME
36  2019 Counterion binding on coacervation of dioctyl sulfosuccinate in aqueous sodium chloride. DLS, DOSS, EMF
37  2019 Cryo-analytical STEM of frozen, aqueous dispersions of nanoparticles. EDX, EELS, STEM
38  2019 Cryo-TEM and AFM Observation of the Time-Dependent Evolution of Amorphous Probucol Nanoparticles Formed by the Aqueous Dispersion of Ternary Solid Dispersions. AFM, NMR, PBC, PXRD, SPD
39  2019 Dispersibility of phospholipids and their optimization for the efficient production of liposomes using supercritical fluid technology. DOPC, DOPE, DOTAP, DSPC, PDI, PLs, SCF
40  2019 Effect of depletion forces on the morphological structure of carboxymethyl cellulose and micro/nano cellulose fiber suspensions. CMC, CNF, TEMPO, UV-vis
41  2019 Evolution of the Solid-Electrolyte Interphase on Carbonaceous Anodes Visualized by Atomic-Resolution Cryogenic Electron Microscopy. SEI
42  2019 Fibril Charge Affects alpha-Synuclein Hydrogel Rheological Properties. ---
43  2019 How does solubilisation of plant waxes into nonionic surfactant micelles affect pesticide release? CP, NMR, SANS
44  2019 Imaging of Extracellular Vesicles by Atomic Force Microscopy. AFM, EVs
45  2019 Improving enzymatic hydrolysis of acid-pretreated bamboo residues using amphiphilic surfactant derived from dehydroabietic acid. AP-BR
46  2019 In situ phase transition of microemulsions for parenteral injection yielding lyotropic liquid crystalline carriers of the antitumor drug bufalin. BUF, DLS, LC, MCT, ME, SAXS
47  2019 Influenza A matrix protein M1 induces lipid membrane deformation via protein multimerization. cryo-ET, IAV, PM, SFCS
48  2019 Insight into the Dynamics of Different Fluorophores in the Interior of Aerosol OT Lamellar Structures in the Presence of Sugars: From Picosecond-to-Femtosecond Study. AOT, DLS, FTIR, POM, SAXS
49  2019 Internal Structure of Nanometer-Sized Droplets Prepared by Antisolvent Precipitation. AP, DSC, NPs, PCS, SDS, WAXS
50  2019 Ionic strength for tailoring the synthesis of monomodal stealth cationic liposomes in microfluidic devices. PBS, PDI, PEG, SCL
51  2019 Large and Giant Unilamellar Vesicle(s) Obtained by Self-Assembly of Poly(dimethylsiloxane)-b-poly(ethylene oxide) Diblock Copolymers, Membrane Properties and Preliminary Investigation of their Ability to Form Hybrid Polymer/Lipid Vesicles. DLS, GHUV, PDMS-b-PEO, SANS, SLS
52  2019 Metallo-Cubosomes: Zinc-Functionalized Cubic Nanoparticles for Therapeutic Nucleotide Delivery. DLS, GMO, SAXS
53  2019 Nanofluidic and monolithic environmental cells for cryogenic microscopy. ---
54  2019 Noncovalent Aqua Materials Based on Perylene Diimides. cryo-SEM, ONCs, PDI, PEG
55  2019 One-Pot Assembly of Complex Giant Unilamellar Vesicle-Based Synthetic Cells. FRAP, GUVs, SUVs
56  2019 Optimization of Innovative Three-Dimensionally-Structured Hybrid Vesicles to Improve the Cutaneous Delivery of Clotrimazole for the Treatment of Topical Candidiasis. SAXS, TEM
57  2019 PEGylation and surface functionalization of liposomes containing drug nanocrystals for cell-targeted delivery. DBCO, DLS
58  2019 pH-Driven Morphological Diversity in Poly[n-Butyl Acrylate-block-(2-(Dimethylamino)Ethyl Acrylate)] Amphiphilic Copolymer Solutions. ---
59  2019 Polarization-Modulated Bent-Core Liquid Crystal Thin Films without Layer Undulation. FF-TEM
60  2019 Polymeric Self-Assemblies Based on tetra-ortho-Substituted Azobenzene as Visible Light Responsive Nanocarriers. DLS, ROP, TEM
61  2019 Preparation and characterization of beta-casein stabilized lipopeptide lyotropic liquid crystal nanoparticles for delivery of doxorubicin. DOXHCl, LLC NPs, SAXS
62  2019 Self-Assembly, Antimicrobial Activity, and Membrane Interactions of Arginine-Capped Peptide Bola-Amphiphiles. SAXS
63  2019 Stimuli-Responsive Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Nanosystems with Incorporated Poly(2-Dimethylamino Ethyl Methacrylate)-b-Poly(Lauryl Methacrylate) Amphiphilic Block Copolymer. PDMAEMA-b-PLMA, XRD
64  2019 Temperature dependent self-organization of DMPC membranes promoted by intermediate amounts of the saponin aescin. DMPC, SAXS
65  2019 The influence of the essential oil extracted from hops on monolayers and bilayers imitating plant pathogen bacteria membranes. BAM
66  2019 Thermodynamic insights and molecular environments into catanionic surfactant systems: Influence of chain length and molar ratio. ITC
67  2019 Vesicle transition of catanionic redox-switchable surfactants controlled by DNA with different chain lengths. bp, SWT
68  2019 What happens when pesticides are solubilized in nonionic surfactant micelles. AZ, CP, DF, DLS, DN, NMR, SANS
69  2018 Aggregate evolution in aqueous solutions of a Gemini surfactant derived from dehydroabietic acid. FF-TEM, ITC
70  2018 Analytical considerations for measuring the globule size distribution of cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsions. CCA, DLS, HMPC, LD, NTA
71  2018 Asymmetric flow field flow fractionation for the characterization of globule size distribution in complex formulations: A cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion case. DLS
72  2018 Coacervation of resilin fusion proteins containing terminal functionalities. ---
73  2018 Conformation and Aggregation of Selectively PEGylated and Lipidated Gastric Peptide Hormone Human PYY3-36. AUC, CD, SAXS
74  2018 Controlled self-assembly of stomatosomes by use of single-component fluorinated dendritic amphiphiles. cryo-ET
75  2018 Core-Shell-Corona Micelles from a Polyether-Based Triblock Terpolymer: Investigation of the pH-Dependent Micellar Structure. DLS, FFF-MALS, Nagg, P tBGE, PEO, SAXS
76  2018 Correlative Cryogenic Spectromicroscopy to Investigate Selenium Bioreduction Products. SHXM
77  2018 Cryo-STEM mapping of solid-liquid interfaces and dendrites in lithium-metal batteries. cryo-STEM
78  2018 Cubic lyotropic liquid crystals as drug delivery carriers: Physicochemical and morphological studies. XRD
79  2018 Dimeric camptothecin derived phospholipid assembled liposomes with high drug loading for cancer therapy. CPT, di-CPT-GPC, DLS
80  2018 Ferrihydrite Nanoparticle Aggregation Induced by Dissolved Organic Matter. DOM, Fh
81  2018 Flash nanoprecipitation permits versatile assembly and loading of polymeric bicontinuous cubic nanospheres. BCNs, DLS, FNP, MPL, PEG17-bl-PPS75, SAXS
82  2018 Freeze-dried and re-hydrated liquid crystalline nanoparticles stabilized with disaccharides for drug-delivery of the plectasin derivative AP114 antimicrobial peptide. DLS, LCNPs, SAXS
83  2018 Gelation, Phase Separation, and Fibril Formation in Aqueous Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose Solutions. HPMC, MC, SANS, SAXS
84  2018 Hierarchical spidroin micellar nanoparticles as the fundamental precursors of spider silks. ---
85  2018 Image processing for cryogenic transmission electron microscopy of symmetry-mismatched complexes. ---
86  2018 Insights into gliadin supramolecular organization at digestive pH 3.0. DLS, MD, SAXS
87  2018 Layer-by-layer assembly of graphene oxide on thermosensitive liposomes for photo-chemotherapy. AFM, DSC, GO, IR, LBL Lipo-graph, NIR, SEM, TGA, UV-vis
88  2018 Liposomes assembled from dimeric retinoic acid phospholipid with improved pharmacokinetic properties. APL, ATRA, Di-ATRA-PC, DLS, MS, NMR, RARs, TEM
89  2018 Monoolein-based nanoparticles for drug delivery to the central nervous system: A platform for lysosomal storage disorder treatment. CNS, DLS, LSDs, SAXS
90  2018 Nanoparticle Wettability Influences Nanoparticle-Phospholipid Interactions. AFM, BALF, DPPA, DPPC, NP
91  2018 New Insights on the Role of Urea on the Dissolution and Thermally-Induced Gelation of Cellulose in Aqueous Alkali. DWS, PTssNMR
92  2018 Non-equilibrium phenomena and kinetic pathways in self-assembled polyelectrolyte complexes. SAXS
93  2018 On the Formation and Morphology of Lipid Nanoparticles Containing Ionizable Cationic Lipids and siRNA. LNPs
94  2018 Phase Behavior and Aggregation in a Catanionic System Dominated by an Anionic Surfactant Containing a Large Rigid Group. ASTP, CTAB
95  2018 Practical aspects in size and morphology characterization of drug-loaded nano-liposomes. DLS, EMA, FDA
96  2018 Preparation of lactic acid- and glucose-responsive poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-b-poly(ethylene oxide) block copolymer micelles using phenylboronic ester as a sensitive block linkage. DAF, epsilon-CL, PBS, PCL, PCLBA, PEO, PEO, ROP, SLS
97  2018 Proteome Response of a Metabolically Flexible Anoxygenic Phototroph to Fe(II) Oxidation. ---
98  2018 Small Angle X-ray Scattering and Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy Study on Fragrance Infused Cationic Vesicles Modeling Scent-Releasing Fabric Softeners. ESR, GIFT, MLVs, SAXS
99  2018 The Effect of Lipidation on the Self-Assembly of the Gut-Derived Peptide Hormone PYY3-36. CAC, SAXS
100  2018 The Kinetics of Growth of Metallo-supramolecular Polyelectrolytes in Solution. MEPEs