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Abbreviation:   fcc  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   face-centered cubic
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Anticancer and Antibacterial Activities of Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) Synthesized from Cucumis melo L. EDAX, SEM, UV-vis, XRD
2020 Antimicrobial and catalytic activities of biosynthesized gold, silver and palladium nanoparticles from Solanum nigurum leaves. PdNPs, SNL
2020 Application of a Novel CVD TiN Coating on a Biomedical Co-Cr Alloy: An Evaluation of Coating Layer and Substrate Characteristics. Co-Cr, CVD, hcp, PVD, TiN
2020 Basin Hopping Genetic Algorithm for Global Optimization of PtCo Clusters. BH, BHGA
2020 Bioengineered gold nanoparticles from marine seaweed Acanthophora spicifera for pharmaceutical uses: antioxidant, antibacterial, and anticancer activities. XRD
2020 Bromide Ions Triggered Synthesis of Noble Metal-Based Intermetallic Nanocrystals. hcp
2020 Characterizing local metallic bonding variation induced by external perturbation. LMBV
2020 Colloidal PbS quantum dot stacking kinetics during deposition via printing. GISAXS, QDs
2020 Crystal-Phase-Engineered PdCu Electrocatalyst for Enhanced Ammonia Synthesis. bcc, NRR
10  2020 Development of Heterostructured Ferroelectric SrZrO₃/CdS Photocatalysts with Enhanced Surface Area and Photocatalytic Activity. ---
11  2020 Discovery of face-centred cubic Os nanoparticles. hcp, NPs, Os
12  2020 DNA Base Pair Stacking Crystallization of Gold Colloids. bp, NP
13  2020 Dynamic Behavior of the Structural Phase Transition of Hydrogel Formation Induced by Temperature Ramp and Addition of Ibuprofen. bcc, hcp, SAXS
14  2020 Eco-friendly green synthesis of clove buds extract functionalized silver nanoparticles and evaluation of antibacterial and antidiatom activity. AFM, CE, FTIR, SEM-EDX, TEM, UV-vis, XRD
15  2020 Effect of Aging Time on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in a Cu-Bearing Marine Engineering Steel. ---
16  2020 Effect of Ni content in PdNi/C anode catalysts on power and methanol co-generation in alkaline direct methane fuel cell type. ADMEFCs
17  2020 Effect of Ti Content on the Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of CoCrFeNiTix High Entropy Alloys Prepared by Laser Cladding. HEA, XPS
18  2020 Ethylene Selectivity in Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction on Cu Nanomaterials: A Crystal Phase-Dependent Study. CO2RR
19  2020 Exotic Transverse-Vortex Magnetic Configurations in CoNi Nanowires. hcp
20  2020 Fast and highly efficient catalytic degradation of dyes using kappa-carrageenan stabilized silver nanoparticles nanocatalyst. zeta
21  2020 Gas-assisted transformation of gold from fcc to the metastable 4H phase. ---
22  2020 Generalized Stress-Redox Equivalence: A Chemical Link between Pressure and Electronegativity in Inorganic Crystals. AMM, CP
23  2020 Green synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles from Moringa oleifera flower and assessment of antimicrobial and sensing properties. EDS, FTIR, MOF, SPR, TEM, XRD, ZOI
24  2020 Heteroatom Tracing Reveals the 30-Atom Au-Ag Bimetallic Nanocluster as a Dimeric Structure. NCs
25  2020 Hierarchical Eutectoid Nano-lamellar Decomposition in an Al0.3CoFeNi Complex Concentrated Alloy. CCA, HEA
26  2020 Highly Correlated Size and Composition of Pt/Au Alloy Nanoparticles via Magnetron Sputtering onto Liquid. NPs
27  2020 Highly stable AgNPs prepared via a novel green approach for catalytic and photocatalytic removal of biological and non-biological pollutants. COD, ROS, RR141
28  2020 Influence of Ti on the Tensile Properties of the High-Strength Powder Metallurgy High Entropy Alloys. ---
29  2020 Investigation of Phase Transformation of Fe65Ni35 Alloy by the Modified Pulse Method. MPM
30  2020 Irradiation-Induced Extremes Create Hierarchical Face-/Body-Centered-Cubic Phases in Nanostructured High Entropy Alloys. bcc, HEA, SFs
31  2020 Ligand-Exchange-Induced Amorphization of Pd Nanomaterials for Highly Efficient Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. ---
32  2020 Light-Mediated Green Synthesis of DNA-Capped Silver Nanoparticles and Their Antibacterial Activity. DLS, TEM
33  2020 Light-Responsive Colloidal Crystals Engineered with DNA. bcc, Tm
34  2020 Magnetic ground state of face-centered-cubic structure of iron. AFMD
35  2020 Micrometric Monodisperse Solid Foams as Complete Photonic Bandgap Materials. ---
36  2020 Na-Ni-H Phase Formation at High Pressures and High Temperatures: Hydrido Complexes [NiH5]3- Versus the Perovskite NaNiH3. DFT, NiH3
37  2020 Novel -75 C SEM cooling stage: Application for martensitic transformation in steel. bcc, EBSD, ECCI, SEM
38  2020 Observation of Non-FCC Copper in Alkynyl-Protected Cu53 Nanoclusters. NCs
39  2020 Octupolar versus Neel Order in Cubic 5d^{2} Double Perovskites. ---
40  2020 Origin of High Activity and Durability of Twisty Nanowire Alloy Catalysts under Oxygen Reduction and Fuel Cell Operating Conditions. bcc, ORR, PDF, TNW
41  2020 Phase diagram of the frustrated FCC antiferromagnet from effective-field theory. CVM, EFT, MC
42  2020 Pressure-induced assemblies and structures of graphitic-carbon sheet encapsulated Au nanoparticles. OLC
43  2020 Pressure-Temperature Phase Diagram of Lithium, Predicted by Embedded Atom Model Potentials. bcc, EAMs, hcp, MEAM
44  2020 Protonation-Driven Aqueous Lyotropic Self-Assembly of Synthetic Six-Tail Lipidoids. bcc, LLCs, MD, SAXS
45  2020 Real-time observations of TRIP-induced ultrahigh strain hardening in a dual-phase CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy. hcp
46  2020 Reduced Thermal Conductivity of Mg2(Si, Sn) Solid Solutions by a Gradient Composition Layered Microstructure. ---
47  2020 Relationship between Microstructure and Properties of Cu-Cr-Ag Alloy. bcc, SEM, TEM
48  2020 Self-assembly of polyelectrolyte diblock copolymers within mixtures of monovalent and multivalent counterions. PE
49  2020 Synthesis of Bioactive Silver Nanoparticles by a Pseudomonas Strain Associated with the Antarctic Psychrophilic Protozoon Euplotes focardii. EDS, FTIR, TEM, XRD
50  2020 Synthesis, Structures, and Photoluminescence of Elongated Face-Centered-Cubic Ag14 Clusters Containing Lipoic Acid and Its Amide Analogue. ---
51  2020 The Importance of Unbound Ligand in Nanocrystal Superlattice Formation. bcc, bct, GISAXS, NCs, NMR, SL
52  2020 The Missing Link: Au191(SPh-tBu)66 Janus Nanoparticle with Molecular and Bulk-Metal-like Properties. ---
53  2020 The order-disorder transition in Cu2Se and medium-range ordering in the high-temperature phase. TEM
54  2020 The Phase Behavior of Nanoparticle Superlattices in the Presence of a Solvent. bcc
55  2020 Unique universal scaling in nanoindentation pop-ins. bcc
56  2020 Unraveling the Spatial Distribution of Catalytic Non-Cubic Au Phases in a Bipyramidal Microcrystallite by X-ray Diffraction Microscopy. bco, SXDM
57  2020 Volume expansive pressure (VEP) driven non-trivial topological phase transition in LiMgBi. BZ, EBS, HH, LDOS, TI, TPT, VEP
58  2019 A facile and rapid method for green synthesis of Achyranthes aspera stem extract-mediated silver nano-composites with cidal potential against Aedes aegypti L. AASE, EDX, FTIR, SEM, TEM, XRD
59  2019 A high-entropy B4(HfMo2TaTi)C and SiC ceramic composite. DFT, hcp
60  2019 A Metastable Crystalline Phase in Two-Dimensional Metallic Oxide Nanoplates. bct
61  2019 A Novel TiZrHfMoNb High-Entropy Alloy for Solar Thermal Energy Storage. bcc, HEA
62  2019 A parameter-free double-shear theory for lath martensite. bcc, single-shear
63  2019 A strategy of designing high-entropy alloys with high-temperature shape memory effect. hcp, HEAs, SMAs
64  2019 Analytical model of the elastic behavior of a modified face-centered cubic lattice structure. ---
65  2019 Atomic Simulations of Grain Structures and Deformation Behaviors in Nanocrystalline CoCrFeNiMn High-Entropy Alloy. ---
66  2019 Bimodal self-assembly of granular spheres under vertical vibration. hcp
67  2019 Can we study 3D grid codes non-invasively in the human brain? Methodological considerations and fMRI findings. fMRI
68  2019 Capture and separation of circulating tumor cells using functionalized magnetic nanocomposites with simultaneous in situ chemotherapy. CTCs, Fe3O4-FePt MNCs, NPs, ROS
69  2019 Carboxylic acid stimulated silver shell isomerism in a triple core-shell Ag84 nanocluster. ---
70  2019 Chemical, Physical, and Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of Laser-Sintered Co-25Cr-5Mo-5W (SP2) and W-Free Co-28Cr-6Mo Alloys for Dental Applications. T.E
71  2019 Construction of the interface potential from a series of canonical ensemble simulations. ---
72  2019 Crystal phase effect upon O2 activation on gold surfaces through intrinsic strain. hcp
73  2019 Cu2+ -Induced Structural Isomers: Effect of Foreign Metal Ions on the Structure and Properties of Silver Nanoclusters. ---
74  2019 Data regarding the influence of Al, Ti, and C additions to as-cast Al0.6CoCrFeNi compositionally complex alloys on microstructures and mechanical properties. BSE, CCAs, EDX, SEM, TEM, XRD
75  2019 Direct observation of crystallization and melting with colloids. bcc
76  2019 Dynamic Crystallization and Phase Transition in Evaporating Colloidal Droplets. RCP, rhcp
77  2019 Effect of Long-Time Annealing at 1000 C on Phase Constituent and Microhardness of the 20Co-Cr-Fe-Ni Alloys. SEM, XRD
78  2019 Effect of Si and C additions on the reaction mechanism and mechanical properties of FeCrNiCu high entropy alloy. ---
79  2019 Effects of C Addition on the Microstructures of As-Cast Cu-Fe-P Alloys. bcc
80  2019 Effects of the rare earth element lanthanum on the metal-ceramic bond strength of dental casting Co-Cr alloys. HCP, HSD, La
81  2019 Fabrication of Spherical Titania Inverse Opal Structures Using Electro-Hydrodynamic Atomization. ---
82  2019 Face-Centered-Cubic Ag Nanoclusters: Origins and Consequences of the High Structural Regularity Elucidated by Density Functional Theory Calculations. NCs
83  2019 Facile Synthesis of LiH-Stabilized Face-Centered-Cubic YH3 High-Pressure Phase by Ball Milling Process. BM, HP
84  2019 Fcc versus Non-fcc Structural Isomerism of Gold Nanoparticles with Kernel Atom Packing Dependent Photoluminescence. ---
85  2019 FCC ↔ BCC Phase Transitions in Convex and Concave Hard Particle Systems. bcc
86  2019 Generalized Stacking Fault Energy of Al-Doped CrMnFeCoNi High-Entropy Alloy. hcp, HEAs
87  2019 Generalized stacking fault energy of carbon-alloyed paramagnetic [Formula: see text]-Fe. GSFE
88  2019 Green Synthesis and Characterization of Pullulan Mediated Silver Nanoparticles through Ultraviolet Irradiation. HRTEM, NPs, PXRD, SAED, UV
89  2019 Green synthesis of AgNPs@PPE and its Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation activity compared to pomegranate peel extract. ---
90  2019 Growth of close-packed crystalline polypyrrole on graphene oxide via in situ polymerization of two-monomer-connected precursors. FT-IR, GO, HRTEM, Py, TEM, XPS, XRD
91  2019 Growth-Rule-Guided Structural Exploration of Thiolate-Protected Gold Nanoclusters. PSEPT
92  2019 Helminthicidal and Larvicidal Potentials of Biogenic Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized from Medicinal Plant Momordica charantia. ---
93  2019 Hexagonal Close-packed Iron Hydride behind the Conventional Phase Diagram. ---
94  2019 Interstitial Boron Atoms in the Palladium Lattice of an Industrial Type of Nanocatalyst: Properties and Structural Modifications. EELS, hcp, MAS, NMR, STEM-ADF, SXRD, XPDF
95  2019 Interstitial hydrogen atoms in face-centered cubic iron in the Earth's core. ---
96  2019 Measurement of Body-Centered Cubic Gold and Melting under Shock Compression. bcc
97  2019 Morphological Development of Sub-Grain Cellular/Bands Microstructures in Selective Laser Melting. SLM
98  2019 Nano-Scaled Creep Response of TiAlV Low Density Medium Entropy Alloy at Elevated Temperatures. bcc, LD-MEA
99  2019 NiFe Alloy Nanoparticles with hcp Crystal Structure Stimulate Superior Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalytic Activity. hcp, NC, NP, OER
100  2019 Path-Dependent Preparation of Complex Micelle Packings of a Hydrated Diblock Oligomer. bcc, FK, LLCs