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Abbreviation:   iEEG  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   intracranial electroencephalography
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A neurophysiological brain map: Spectral parameterization of the human intracranial electroencephalogram. MNIA
2020 Anesthesia-induced loss of consciousness disrupts auditory responses beyond primary cortex. LFPs, LOC, PAC
2020 Anticipation-induced delta phase reset improves human olfactory perception. ---
2020 Brain-informed speech separation (BISS) for enhancement of target speaker in multitalker speech perception. BISS, EEG
2020 CLoSES: A platform for closed-loop intracranial stimulation in humans. CLoSES
2020 Comparison of fMRI correlates of successful episodic memory encoding in temporal lobe epilepsy patients and healthy controls. TLE
2020 Computational modelling in source space from scalp EEG to inform presurgical evaluation of epilepsy. ROIs
2020 Critical slowing down as a biomarker for seizure susceptibility. ---
2020 Double-Step Machine Learning Based Procedure for HFOs Detection and Classification. HFOs
10  2020 Enhancing gesture decoding performance using signals from posterior parietal cortex: a stereo-electroencephalograhy (SEEG) study. BMI, PoC, PPC, PrC, ROIs, SEEG
11  2020 Evaluation of the ameliorative effects of oral administration of metformin on epileptogenesis in the temporal lobe epilepsy model in rats. ---
12  2020 Hyperdimensional Computing With Local Binary Patterns: One-Shot Learning of Seizure Onset and Identification of Ictogenic Brain Regions Using Short-Time iEEG Recordings. ---
13  2020 Ictal coprolalia occurs due to the activation of the temporal-orbitofrontal network in patients with epilepsy. ---
14  2020 Identification of epilepsy from intracranial EEG signals by using different neural network models. CA, DWT, ENN, LVQ, PNN
15  2020 iEEG: Dura-lining electrodes. BCIs
16  2020 Interictal Epileptiform Discharges and the Quality of Human Intracranial Neurophysiology Data. IEDs
17  2020 Intracranial EEG in the 21st Century. SDE, SEEG, SOZ
18  2020 Learning graph in graph convolutional neural networks for robust seizure prediction. BCI, EEG, GCNN, JGRN
19  2020 Multiband entropy-based feature-extraction method for automatic identification of epileptic focus based on high-frequency components in interictal iEEG. ADASYN, HFOs, sLDA, SOZ
20  2020 Neural repetition suppression effects in the human hippocampus. BOLD
21  2020 Predicting epileptic seizures using nonnegative matrix factorization. NMF, SMOTE, SVM
22  2020 Responses to Visual Speech in Human Posterior Superior Temporal Gyrus Examined with iEEG Deconvolution. pSTG
23  2020 Seizure pathways change on circadian and slower timescales in individual patients with focal epilepsy. ---
24  2020 The FAST graph: A novel framework for the anatomically-guided visualization and analysis of cortico-cortical evoked potentials. CCEPs, SEEG
25  2020 The relation between neuronal firing, local field potentials and hemodynamic activity in the human amygdala in response to aversive dynamic visual stimuli. ---
26  2020 Two types of ictal phase-amplitude couplings in epilepsy patients revealed by spectral harmonicity of intracerebral EEG recordings. PAC, SOZ, TLI
27  2020 Who seizes longest? Impact of clinical and demographic factors. FSs
28  2020 [Clinicopathologic characteristics and causes of difficulty in locating the "difficult to locate" intractable epilepsy]. FCD, MCD, mMCD, MRI
29  2019 A Rare Case of Insular Epilepsy: Not To Be Missed in Refractory Epilepsy Patients. CNS
30  2019 Association of Seizure Spread With Surgical Failure in Epilepsy. TLE
31  2019 Automatic detection of High Frequency Oscillations (80-500Hz) based on Convolutional Neural Network in Human Intracerebral Electroencephalogram. CNN, EEG, HFOs
32  2019 Bispectrum and Recurrent Neural Networks: Improved Classification of Interictal and Preictal States. HOS, LSTM
33  2019 Diffusion geometry approach to efficiently remove electrical stimulation artifacts in intracranial electroencephalography. DCS, SANAR
34  2019 Epileptic Focus Localization via Brain Network Analysis on Riemannian Manifolds. AUC, SOZ
35  2019 High interictal connectivity within the resection zone is associated with favorable post-surgical outcomes in focal epilepsy patients. ---
36  2019 Human amygdala response to unisensory and multisensory emotion input: No evidence for superadditivity from intracranial recordings. ERPs
37  2019 Ictal onset patterns of subdural intracranial electroencephalogram in children: How helpful for predicting epilepsy surgery outcome? IOPs, LVFA, RSW
38  2019 Identification of A Neural Mass Model of Burst Suppression. CD-UKF, GA
39  2019 iEEGview: an open-source multifunction GUI-based Matlab toolbox for localization and visualization of human intracranial electrodes. ---
40  2019 Interictal coupling of HFOs and slow oscillations predicts the seizure-onset pattern in mesiotemporal lobe epilepsy. LVF, NREM, PS, SOZ
41  2019 Intracerebral EEG Artifact Identification Using Convolutional Neural Networks. CNN
42  2019 Is intracranial electroencephalography useful for planning resective surgery in intractable epilepsy with ulegyria? IZs, SOZs
43  2019 Neural correlates of unstructured motor behaviors. ---
44  2019 Probabilistic neuroanatomical assignment of intracranial electrodes using the ELAS toolbox. ---
45  2019 Probabilistic prediction of Epileptic Seizures using SVM. SVM
46  2019 Risk of seizures induced by intracranial research stimulation: analysis of 770 stimulation sessions. ---
47  2019 Slow-Fast Duffing Neural Mass Model. CD-UKF, DNMM, GA, JRNMM, LLF
48  2019 The Noisy Brain: Power of Resting-State Fluctuations Predicts Individual Recognition Performance. ---
49  2018 A New Unsupervised Detector of High-Frequency Oscillations in Accurate Localization of Epileptic Seizure Onset Zones. HFOs
50  2018 Anterior corpus callosotomy in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy: Invasive EEG findings and seizure outcomes. CC
51  2018 Audio-Tactile and Peripersonal Space Processing Around the Trunk in Human Parietal and Temporal Cortex: An Intracranial EEG Study. PPS
52  2018 Automatic bad channel detection in intracranial electroencephalographic recordings using ensemble machine learning. SEEG
53  2018 Bitemporal seizure spread and its effect on autonomic dysfunction. CV, ECG, HRV, RMSSD, SDNN, SUDEP
54  2018 Bone flap elevation for intracranial EEG monitoring: technical note. ---
55  2018 Breathing above the brain stem: volitional control and attentional modulation in humans. ---
56  2018 Continuous behavioral tracing-based online functional brain mapping with intracranial electroencephalography. ECS
57  2018 Degenerate time-dependent network dynamics anticipate seizures in human epileptic brain. ---
58  2018 Dynamics underlying interictal to ictal transition in temporal lobe epilepsy: insights from a neural mass model. Ae, TLE
59  2018 Elevated Ictal Brain Network Ictogenicity Enables Prediction of Optimal Seizure Control. BNI, FC
60  2018 Epilepsyecosystem.org: crowd-sourcing reproducible seizure prediction with long-term human intracranial EEG. ---
61  2018 Epileptic Seizure Prediction Based on Permutation Entropy. FPR, PE, SS, SVM
62  2018 Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Big Data and Deep Learning: Toward a Mobile System. ---
63  2018 Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Diffusion Distance and Bayesian Linear Discriminate Analysis on Intracranial EEG. BLDA, DD, EEG
64  2018 Increased nationwide use of stereoencephalography for intracranial epilepsy electroencephalography recordings. SEEG
65  2018 Integrated analysis of anatomical and electrophysiological human intracranial data. CT, MEG
66  2018 Intracranial high-gamma connectivity distinguishes wakefulness from sleep. ---
67  2018 Localization of musicogenic epilepsy to Heschl's gyrus and superior temporal plane: case report. HG, ME, STP
68  2018 Magnetoencephalographic Mapping of Epileptic Spike Population Using Distributed Source Analysis: Comparison With Intracranial Electroencephalographic Spikes. MEG
69  2018 Network-based brain stimulation selectively impairs spatial retrieval. ---
70  2018 Postictal suppression and seizure durations: A patient-specific, long-term iEEG analysis. ISI, SUDEP
71  2018 Probabilistic functional tractography of the human cortex revisited. CCEP
72  2018 Promises and limitations of human intracranial electroencephalography. ---
73  2018 Ripple oscillations in the left temporal neocortex are associated with impaired verbal episodic memory encoding. CI, LRMs, MTG, OR, RonO, RonS, SOZ
74  2018 Risk factors for surgical site infection after intracranial electroencephalography monitoring for epilepsy in the pediatric population. SSI
75  2018 Surgical resection of ripple onset predicts outcome in pediatric epilepsy. MRE
76  2018 Utility and safety of depth electrodes within the supratemporal plane for intracranial EEG. STP, TLE
77  2017 A small change in neuronal network topology can induce explosive synchronization transition and activity propagation in the entire network. ---
78  2017 Automatic Detection and Classification of High-Frequency Oscillations in Depth-EEG Signals. SVM
79  2017 Bimodal coupling of ripples and slower oscillations during sleep in patients with focal epilepsy. HFOs, NSOZ, SOZ
80  2017 Contextually Mediated Spontaneous Retrieval Is Specific to the Hippocampus. ---
81  2017 Epileptic networks in action: Synchrony between distant hemodynamic responses. fMRI, IEDs
82  2017 How to record high-frequency oscillations in epilepsy: A practical guideline. HFOs
83  2017 Interictal network synchrony and local heterogeneity predict epilepsy surgery outcome among pediatric patients. LOO, SOZ
84  2017 Intracranial EEG fluctuates over months after implanting electrodes in human brain. ---
85  2017 Magnetoencephalography in Preoperative Epileptic Foci Localization: Enlightenment from Cognitive Studies. EEG, MEG, MRI
86  2017 On predicting epileptic seizures from intracranial electroencephalography. ---
87  2017 Prediction of antiepileptic drug treatment outcomes using machine learning. AED, RF, SVMs
88  2017 Seizure Forecasting and the Preictal State in Canine Epilepsy. ---
89  2017 SVM-Based System for Prediction of Epileptic Seizures From iEEG Signal. ---
90  2017 The interactive electrode localization utility: software for automatic sorting and labeling of intracranial subdural electrodes. ---
91  2016 Advances of Intracranial Electroencephalography in Localizing the Epileptogenic Zone. ---
92  2016 An Intracranial Electroencephalography (iEEG) Brain Function Mapping Tool with an Application to Epilepsy Surgery Evaluation. BFM
93  2016 Detection of Epileptic Seizures Using Phase-Amplitude Coupling in Intracranial Electroencephalography. PAC, SI
94  2016 Diagnostic utility of invasive EEG for epilepsy surgery: Indications, modalities, and techniques. ---
95  2016 Exploring the time-frequency content of high frequency oscillations for automated identification of seizure onset zone in epilepsy. HFOs, SOZ
96  2016 Focal Seizures Induced by Intracranial Electroencephalogram Grids. ---
97  2016 Intracranial EEG seizure onset-patterns correlate with high-frequency oscillations in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy. ---
98  2016 Intravenous Topiramate: Pharmacokinetics in Dogs with Naturally Occurring Epilepsy. PB, TPM
99  2016 Mining continuous intracranial EEG in focal canine epilepsy: Relating interictal bursts to seizure onsets. ---
100  2016 moviEEG: An animation toolbox for visualization of intracranial electroencephalography synchronization dynamics. ---