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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Long Non-coding RNA Depletion Using Self-Cleaving Ribozymes. ---
2020 A Balanced Translocation in Kallmann Syndrome Implicates a Long Noncoding RNA, RMST, as a GnRH Neuronal Regulator. GnRH, KS, NCC
2020 A Comparative Study of HOTAIR Expression in Breast Cancer Patient Tissues and Cell Lines. BC, qRT-PCR, ROC
2020 A comprehensive evaluation of differentially expressed mRNAs and lncRNAs in cystitis glandularis with gene ontology, KEGG pathway, and ceRNA network analysis. ceRNA, CG, CNC, KEGG, mRNA
2020 A Heterogeneous Information Network Model for Long Non-Coding RNA Function Prediction. HIN
2020 A high fat diet with a high C18:0/C16:0 ratio induced worse metabolic and transcriptomic profiles in C57BL/6 mice. FFAs, HOMA-IR, IL-6, NFD, SFAs, TNF-alpha
2020 A landscape of circulating long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) expression profile and the predictive value of candidate lncRNAs for disease risk of knee osteoarthritis. DE, KOA
2020 A LHFPL3-AS1/miR-580-3p/STAT3 Feedback Loop Promotes the Malignancy in Melanoma via Activation of JAK2/STAT3 Signaling. LHFPL3-AS1
2020 A lncRNA coordinates with Ezh2 to inhibit HIF-1alpha transcription and suppress cancer cell adaption to hypoxia. PRC2
10  2020 A lncRNA-regulated gene expression system with rapid induction kinetics in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. ---
11  2020 A long non-coding RNA LINC00461-dependent mechanism underlying breast cancer invasion and migration via the miR-144-3p/KPNA2 axis. ceRNA
12  2020 A Long Non-coding RNA, LOC157273, Is an Effector Transcript at the Chromosome 8p23.1-PPP1R3B Metabolic Traits and Type 2 Diabetes Risk Locus. siRNA, T2D
13  2020 A long noncoding RNA acts as a post-transcriptional regulator of heat shock protein (HSP70) synthesis in the cold hardy Diamesa tonsa under heat shock. Hsc70
14  2020 A long noncoding RNA regulates inflammation resolution by mouse macrophages through fatty acid oxidation activation. FAO, LPS
15  2020 A nomogram combining long non-coding RNA expression profiles and clinical factors predicts survival in patients with bladder cancer. BCa, OS, TNM
16  2020 A Novel and Robust Long Noncoding RNA Panel to Predict the Prognosis of Pancreatic Cancer. GSEA, PC
17  2020 A Novel ceRNA Regulatory Network Involving the Long Non-Coding Antisense RNA SPACA6P-AS, miR-125a and its mRNA Targets in Hepatocarcinoma Cells. ceRNA, HCC, miRNA
18  2020 A novel lncRNA BADLNCR1 inhibits bovine adipogenesis by repressing GLRX5 expression. qPCR
19  2020 A Novel lncRNA HOXC-AS3 Acts as a miR-3922-5p Sponge to Promote Breast Cancer Metastasis. ---
20  2020 A novel lncRNA LNC_000052 leads to the dysfunction of osteoporotic BMSCs via the miR-96-5p-PIK3R1 axis. BMSCs
21  2020 A novel lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA competitive endogenous RNA network for uveal melanoma prognosis constructed by weighted gene co-expression network analysis. ceRNA, UM, WGCNA
22  2020 A Novel Micropeptide Encoded by Y-Linked LINC00278 Links Cigarette Smoking and AR Signaling in Male Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. AR, ESCC, YY1
23  2020 A novel molecular-clinicopathologic nomogram to improve prognosis prediction of hepatocellular carcinoma. C-index, HCC, LASSO, OS, tdROC
24  2020 A novel pathway regulates social hierarchy via lncRNA AtLAS and postsynaptic synapsin IIb. AMPAR, syn2b
25  2020 A novel positive feedback loop of linc02042 and c-Myc mediated by YBX1 promotes tumorigenesis and metastasis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. ESCC, TSS
26  2020 A novel risk signature that combines 10 long noncoding RNAs to predict neuroblastoma prognosis. DElncRNA, NBL
27  2020 A Nuclear Long Non-Coding RNA LINC00618 Accelerates Ferroptosis in a Manner Dependent upon Apoptosis. BAX, LSH, ROS, SLC7A11, VCR
28  2020 A Positive Feedback Loop of lncRNA DSCR8/miR-98-5p/STAT3/HIF-1alpha Plays a Role in the Progression of Ovarian Cancer. CCK, EMT, HIF-1alpha, miRNA, OC, RIP, RT-PCR, STAT3
29  2020 A prognostic index based on a fourteen long non-coding RNA signature to predict the recurrence-free survival for muscle-invasive bladder cancer patients. BC, DEGs, RFS, ROC
30  2020 A prognostic long non-coding RNA-associated competing endogenous RNA network in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. ceRNA, DFS, HNSCC, miRNA
31  2020 A random forest based computational model for predicting novel lncRNA-disease associations. AUC, AUPR, DSS, LDA, LFS, LMI, MDAs
32  2020 A reciprocal feedback of Myc and lncRNA MTSS1-AS contributes to extracellular acidity-promoted metastasis of pancreatic cancer. Inr, MTSS1, MTSS1-AS, MYC, MZF1, PC, STUB1
33  2020 A Robust 6-lncRNA Prognostic Signature for Predicting the Prognosis of Patients With Colorectal Cancer Metastasis. CRC, GSEA, ROC
34  2020 A study of the mechanism of lncRNA-CR594175 in regulating proliferation and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma cells in vivo and in vitro. CTNNB1, HCC
35  2020 A three-lncRNA signature of pretreatment biopsies predicts pathological response and outcome in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma with neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy. AUC, DELs, ESCCs, FLDA, pCR
36  2020 Aberrant methylation-mediated downregulation of lncRNA CCND2 AS1 promotes cell proliferation in cervical cancer. 5'-aza, BGS, GEPIA, MSP, qRT-PCR
37  2020 Abnormally expressed lncRNAs in the prognosis and clinicopathology of oesophageal cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. CIs, HRs, ORs, TNM
38  2020 AC-Caps: Attention Based Capsule Network for Predicting RBP Binding Sites of LncRNA. ACC, AUC, RBP
39  2020 ADPGK-AS1 promotes the progression of colorectal cancer via sponging miR-525 to upregulate FUT1. CRC
40  2020 AKT-induced lncRNA VAL promotes EMT-independent metastasis through diminishing Trim16-dependent Vimentin degradation. EMT, LAD
41  2020 ALKBH5-mediated m6A demethylation of lncRNA PVT1 plays an oncogenic role in osteosarcoma. m6A, MeRIP, OS, PVT1, RIP
42  2020 An Association Study of Polymorphisms in the H19 Imprinted Gene in an Iranian Population with the Risk of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS
43  2020 An autophagy-related long non-coding RNA prognostic signature accurately predicts survival outcomes in bladder urothelial carcinoma patients. BLCA, OS
44  2020 An eight-mRNA signature outperforms the lncRNA-based signature in predicting prognosis of patients with glioblastoma. GBM, PH
45  2020 An Immune-Related lncRNA Signature to Predict Survival In Glioma Patients. AUC, GO, PCA
46  2020 An Integrated Analysis of mRNA and lncRNA Expression Profiles Indicates Their Potential Contribution to Brown Fat Dysfunction With Aging. BAT, lncRNAs, mRNAs
47  2020 An integrative approach identifies dysregulated long non-coding RNAs as microRNA decoys during nevus to melanoma transformation. miR
48  2020 An LTR Retrotransposon-Derived Long Noncoding RNA lncMER52A Promotes Hepatocellular Carcinoma Progression by Binding p120-Catenin. HCC, lncMER52A, LTR
49  2020 An oncopeptide regulates m6A recognition by the m6A reader IGF2BP1 and tumorigenesis. m6A, RBRP
50  2020 An optimal prognostic model based on gene expression for clear cell renal cell carcinoma. ccRCC, DE
51  2020 An updated review of the H19 lncRNA in human cancer: molecular mechanism and diagnostic and therapeutic importance. miRNA
52  2020 Analysis of Differentially Expressed Long Noncoding RNA in Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury. IR
53  2020 Analysis of lncRNA expression profiles by sequencing reveals that lnc-AL928768.3 and lnc-AC091493.1 are novel biomarkers for disease risk and activity of rheumatoid arthritis. qPCR, ROC
54  2020 Analysis of lncRNA-mRNA networks after MEK1/2 inhibition based on WGCNA in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. mRNA, PDA
55  2020 Animal Models of Metabolic Epilepsy and Epilepsy Associated Metabolic Dysfunction: A Systematic Review. BAD, GLUT1, KO, LD, ME, PDE, PDH, PRISMA
56  2020 Annotation and curation of the causality information in LncRNADisease. circRNAs, LncRNADisease, ncRNAs
57  2020 ANRIL Variants Are Associated with Risk of Neuropsychiatric Conditions. BP, MDD, SNPs
58  2020 Anti-invasive effect and pharmacological mechanism of genistein against colorectal cancer. CRC, SGK1, TGF-beta1
59  2020 ASB16-AS1 up-regulated and phosphorylated TRIM37 to activate NF-kappaB pathway and promote proliferation, stemness, and cisplatin resistance of gastric cancer. ASB16-AS1, ATM, Co-IP, GC, GEO, RIP, TRIM37
60  2020 Ascorbic acid promotes the reproductive function of porcine immature Sertoli cells through transcriptome reprogramming. DE, ISCs
61  2020 Assessing the Role of Long-Noncoding RNA in Nucleus Accumbens in Subjects with Alcohol Dependence. AD, eQTL, NAc, PCG, WGCNA
62  2020 Association between lncRNA and GCKR gene in type 2 diabetes mellitus. GCKR, T2DM
63  2020 Association Between lncRNA HULC rs7763881 Polymorphism and Gastric Cancer Risk. CI, GC, HULC, OR, SNPs
64  2020 Association study of long non-coding RNA HOTAIR rs920778 polymorphism with the risk of cancer in an elderly Japanese population. SNP
65  2020 Astaxanthin attenuates pulmonary fibrosis through lncITPF and mitochondria-mediated signal pathways. ROC
66  2020 Atorvastatin inhibits pyroptosis through the lncRNA NEXN-AS1/NEXN pathway in human vascular endothelial cells. ---
67  2020 Autophagy dysfunction may be involved in the pathogenesis of ankylosing spondylitis. AS, ATG, ATG16L1, GAS5, HC, LC3, PBMCs, ROC
68  2020 Barley long non-coding RNAs (lncRNA) responsive to excess boron. eTM, qRT-PCR
69  2020 BCALM (AC099524.1) Is a Human B Lymphocyte-Specific Long Noncoding RNA That Modulates B Cell Receptor-Mediated Calcium Signaling. BCALM, PA, PLCG2, PLD1
70  2020 Beyond the RNA-dependent function of LncRNA genes. ---
71  2020 Bioinformatics analyses and biological function of lncRNA ZFPM2-AS1 and ZFPM2 gene in hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC, ROC, ZFPM2, ZFPM2-AS1
72  2020 Bioinformatics analysis of aberrantly expressed exosomal lncRNAs in oral squamous cell carcinoma (CAL-27 vs. oral epithelial) cells. ALIX, HOECs, OSCC
73  2020 Bioinformatics analysis of LINC00426 expression in lung cancer and its correlation with patients' prognosis. DFS, NSCLC, OS
74  2020 Bioinformatics Analysis of the Expression of Key Long Intergenic Non-Protein Coding RNA Genes in Bladder Cancer. DEGs, GO, KEGG, PPI
75  2020 Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer: Current Research and Future Prospects. CRC, EGFR, PVT1
76  2020 Bupivacaine-Induced Neurotoxicity Is Modulated by Epigenetic Axis of Long Noncoding RNA SNHG16 and Hsa-miR-132-3p. BUP, qRT-PCR, SNHG16
77  2020 C-Myc-activated long non-coding RNA PVT1 enhances the proliferation of cervical cancer cells by sponging miR-486-3p. ---
78  2020 CASC15 polymorphisms are correlated with cervical cancer susceptibility in Chinese women. CIs, ORs
79  2020 cfRNAs as biomarkers in oncology - still experimental or applied tool for personalized medicine already? cfRNAs, circRNA, miRNA, mRNA, piRNA, tRFs
80  2020 Changes in long non-coding RNA transcriptomic profiles after ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat spinal cord. DElncRNAs, SCII
81  2020 Characterization of lncRNA-Associated ceRNA Network to Reveal Potential Prognostic Biomarkers in Lung Adenocarcinoma. ceRNA, LUAD
82  2020 Characterization of novel LncRNA P14AS as a protector of ANRIL through AUF1 binding in human cells. ARE
83  2020 Cholangiocyte-Derived Exosomal lncRNA H19 Promotes Macrophage Activation and Hepatic Inflammation under Cholestatic Conditions. BDL, HSCs, IL-6, PBC, PSC
84  2020 Circulating Cell-Free Nucleic Acids as Epigenetic Biomarkers in Precision Medicine. ccfNAs, miRNA
85  2020 Circulating long noncoding RNA, GAS5, as a novel biomarker for patients with atrial fibrillation. AF, AUC, GAS5, KM, RFCA, ROC
86  2020 Circulating miR-4763-3p Is a Novel Potential Biomarker Candidate for Human Adult Fulminant Myocarditis. FM, KEGG, MI, miRNAs
87  2020 Circulating Nucleic Acids in Maternal Plasma and Serum in Pregnancy Complications: Are They Really Useful in Clinical Practice? A Systematic Review. cfDNA, cfDNAff, cffDNA, CNAPS, miRNA, mRNA, mtDNA
88  2020 Circulating plasma lncRNAs as novel markers of EGFR mutation status and monitors of epidermal growth factor receptor-tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy. EGFR, EGFR-TKIs, NSCLC
89  2020 Clinical significance of lncRNA MIR31HG in melanoma. CCK-8, MM, qRT-PCR
90  2020 Clinicopathological association and prognostic value of long non-coding RNA CASC9 in patients with cancer: A meta-analysis. CASC9, NOS, OR
91  2020 Comparative analysis of long noncoding RNAs in long-lived mammals provides insights into natural cancer-resistance. HAR-Lncs, NMR
92  2020 Comparison of characteristics of long noncoding RNA in Hanwoo according to sex. QTL
93  2020 Comparison of Long Non-Coding RNA Expression Profiles of Cattle and Buffalo Differing in Muscle Characteristics. ceRNA
94  2020 Competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNA) regulation network of lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA during the process of the nickel-induced steroidogenesis disturbance in rat Leydig cells. ceRNA, miRNA, ncRNAs, Ni
95  2020 Comprehensive Analysis of a Long Noncoding RNA-Associated Competing Endogenous RNA Network in Wilms Tumor. ceRNA, DE, miRNAs, mRNAs, WT
96  2020 Comprehensive Analysis of Competing Endogenous RNA (ceRNA) Network Based on RNAs Differentially Expressed in Lung Adenocarcinoma Using The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Database. ceRNA, KEGG, miRNA, mRNA
97  2020 Comprehensive analysis of dysregulated exosomal long non-coding RNA networks associated with arteriovenous malformations. AVMs, GO, KEGG
98  2020 Comprehensive analysis of long noncoding RNA and mRNA in five colorectal cancer tissues and five normal tissues. CRC, GO, KEGG
99  2020 Comprehensive Analysis of Non-coding RNA Profiles of Exosome-Like Vesicles From the Protoscoleces and Hydatid Cyst Fluid of Echinococcus granulosus. circRNA, ELVs, HF, miRNA, ncRNAs, PSC
100  2020 Comprehensive analysis of prognostic biomarkers in lung adenocarcinoma based on aberrant lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA networks and Cox regression models. AUC, ceRNA, DElncRNA, FDR, LUAD, PI