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2020 A conjugated microporous polymer as a recyclable heterogeneous ligand for highly efficient regioselective hydrosilylation of allenes. ---
2020 A ferrocene functionalized Schiff base containing Cu(ii) complex: synthesis, characterization and parts-per-million level catalysis for azide alkyne cycloaddition. TOF, TON
2020 A NDIR Mid-Infrared Methane Sensor with a Compact Pentahedron Gas-Cell. NDIR
2020 A Novel Three-Dimensional Ag nanoparticles/rGO Microtubular Field Effect Transistor Sensor for NO2Detections. rGO
2020 Advantages of Two-Dimensional Electron-Induced Dissociation and Infrared Multiphoton Dissociation Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Agrochemicals. EID, IRMPD, ppb
2020 An update on the health benefits promoted by edible flowers and involved mechanisms. ---
2020 Assessment for Less than 20-ppm Oil Leakage in Soil Using Terahertz Wave. THz
2020 Brain Iron Assessment after Ferumoxytol-enhanced MRI in Children and Young Adults with Arteriovenous Malformations: A Case-Control Study. ---
2020 Breath Tests for the Non-invasive Diagnosis of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth: A Systematic Review With Meta-analysis. BTs, GBT, LBT, SIBO
10  2020 Chemical Composition and in Vitro Cytotoxic Screening of Sixteen Commercial Essential Oils on Five Cancer Cell Lines. ---
11  2020 Continuous Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Monitoring using the PortaSens II Portable Gas Leak Detector Model C16 during Laparoscopic or Robotic Surgery Cannot Be Used Intraoperatively to Detect Bowel Injury. ---
12  2020 Development of an Enhanced Total Ion Current Chromatogram Algorithm to Improve Untargeted Peak Detection. ppth, SOT, TIC
13  2020 Dynamic pressure gradient modulation for comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with time-of-flight mass spectrometry detection. 0.03ppb, DPGM, DREF, LOD, LOF, MV, PARAFAC, PM, PW, TOFMS
14  2020 Efficacy of fungicides in controlling rice blast and dirty panicle diseases in Thailand. ---
15  2020 Efficacy of novel aqueous photo-chlorine dioxide against a human norovirus surrogate, bacteriophage MS2, and Clostridium difficile endospores, in suspension, on stainless steel, and under greenhouse conditions. HuNoV
16  2020 Electrochemically-Activated Water Presents Bactericidal Effect Against Salmonella Heidelberg Isolated from Poultry Origin. ECA, SH
17  2020 Geometric distortion characterization and correction for the 1.0T Australian MRI-linac system using an inverse electromagnetic method. DSV, EM, GNL, MRI, SH
18  2020 High-stability, high-voltage power supplies for use with multi-reflection time-of-flight mass spectrographs. ---
19  2020 Innovative Optical-Sensing Technology for the Online Fouling Characterization of Silicon Carbide Membranes during the Treatment of Oily Water. ---
20  2020 Intense Pulsed Light-Treated Near-Field Electrospun Nanofiber on a Quartz Tuning Fork for Multimodal Gas Sensors. IPL, NFES, QTF
21  2020 Introducing a bioelectrochemical method for highly selective enumeration of magnetotactic bacteria. CFU, DO, MTB
22  2020 Laminarin-rich extract improves growth performance, small intestinal morphology, gene expression of nutrient transporters and the large intestinal microbial composition of piglets during the critical post-weaning period. ---
23  2020 Lead Contamination in Opium, Opium Tincture, and Methadone Oral Solution, in Iran. AAS
24  2020 Lowest observed adverse effect level of pulmonary pathological alterations due to nitrous acid exposure in guinea pigs. Lm, LOAEL, SEM, TEM
25  2020 Metal nanoparticle-doped epoxy resin to suppress surface charge accumulation on insulators under DC voltage. HVDC
26  2020 Non-targeted discovery-based analysis for gas chromatography with mass spectrometry: A comparison of peak table, tile, and pixel-based Fisher ratio analysis. F-ratio, GC-MS
27  2020 Operator and Potential Exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide: A Study of the British Columbia Dairy Industry. ---
28  2020 Oven-Controlled MEMS Oscillator with Integrated Micro-Evaporation Trimming. ---
29  2020 Partial Least-Squares Regression as a Tool to Retrieve Gas Concentrations in Mixtures Detected Using Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy. PLSR, QEPAS
30  2020 Potential for Bacteriophage Cocktail to Complement Commercial Sanitizer Use on Produce Against Escherichia coli O157:H7. ---
31  2020 Primordial formation of major silicates in a protoplanetary disc with homogeneous 26Al/27Al. CAIs
32  2020 Sustainable and Cost-Effective Suzuki-Miyaura Couplings toward the Key Biaryl Subunits of Arylex and Rinskor Active. ---
33  2020 The Preliminary Efficacy and Feasibility of Group-Based Smoking Cessation Treatment Program for Incarcerated Smokers. CO, NRT
34  2020 The use of ozone gas for the inactivation of Bacillus anthracis and Bacillus subtilis spores on building materials. RH
35  2020 Why Are We Still Reporting Mass Accuracy in Parts per Million (ppm)? ---
36  2019 A Sensitive Carbon Dioxide Sensor Based on Photoacoustic Spectroscopy with a Fixed Wavelength Quantum Cascade Laser. FW-QCL, MDL, PA, PAS
37  2019 Ambient conditions of elevated temperature and CO2 levels are detrimental to the probabilities of transmission by insects of a Potato virus Y isolate and to its simulated prevalence in the environment. PVY
38  2019 An antiaromatic-walled nanospace. NMR
39  2019 Association of Air Pollution With Increased Risk of Peritonsillar Abscess Formation. aORs, CIs, HIRA-NSC, hPa
40  2019 Carbon monoxide exposures among U.S. wildland firefighters by work, fire, and environmental characteristics and conditions. CO, WLFs
41  2019 Catastrophic Recombination/Reaction of Aluminum Atoms in Cryogenic Parahydrogen Solids. Al
42  2019 CEST MRI reveals a correlation between visceral fat mass and reduced myocardial creatine in obese individuals despite preserved ventricular structure and function. CEST
43  2019 Chlorine exposure during a biological decontamination study in a mock subway tunnel. BA, Bg, OTD, UTR
44  2019 COach2Quit: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of a Personal Carbon Monoxide Monitor for Smoking Cessation. IQR
45  2019 Compact and sensitive mid-infrared all-fiber quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy sensor for carbon monoxide detection. CO, MDL, NNEA, QEPAS, QTF
46  2019 Continuous Monitoring of Soil Nitrate Using a Miniature Sensor with Poly(3-octyl-thiophene) and Molybdenum Disulfide Nanocomposite. ---
47  2019 Detection of Gluten in Gluten-Free Labeled Restaurant Food: Analysis of Crowd-Sourced Data. GF
48  2019 Determination of the Limit of Detection of Multiple Pesticides Utilizing Gold Nanoparticles and Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. SERS
49  2019 Efficacy of Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States-Recommended Methods of Preparation for Malignant Hyperthermia-Susceptible Patients Using Drager Zeus Anesthesia Workstations and Associated Costs. AWSs, CI, OR
50  2019 Enhanced NO2 Sensing at Room Temperature with Graphene via Monodisperse Polystyrene Bead Decoration. ppb, PS
51  2019 Exploring a new ammeter traceability route for ionisation chamber measurements. ---
52  2019 Exposure to Total Hydrocarbons During Cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Risk of Heart Attack Across 5 Years of Follow-up. THC
53  2019 Fluoride and Thyroid Function in Children Resident of Naturally Fluoridated Areas Consuming Different Levels of Fluoride in Drinking Water: An Observational Study. TSH
54  2019 Fluoride toothpastes of different concentrations for preventing dental caries. CENTRAL, CI, dmft, MD, SMD
55  2019 Fluorides for preventing early tooth decay (demineralised lesions) during fixed brace treatment. CENTRAL, CI, RR
56  2019 High-sensitivity and fast-response fiber-tip Fabry-Perot hydrogen sensor with suspended palladium-decorated graphene. Pd
57  2019 Highly Efficient CO2 Utilization via Aqueous Zinc- or Aluminum-CO2 Systems for Hydrogen Gas Evolution and Electricity Production. HER
58  2019 Impact of implementing a tobacco and recreational nicotine-free policy and enhanced treatments on programmatic and patient-level outcomes within a residential substance use disorder treatment program. CO, SUD, TUD
59  2019 Influence on the effect of titanium dioxide nanoparticles as an additive with Mimusops elengi methyl ester in a CI engine. BTE
60  2019 Inhaled Nitric Oxide as an Adjunct to Thrombolytic Therapy in a Patient with Submassive Pulmonary Embolism and Severe Hypoxemia. CT, ICU, iNO, PEEP, PVR, TTE
61  2019 Interventions for preventing osteoradionecrosis of the jaws in adults receiving head and neck radiotherapy. AMED, CENTRAL, CI, HBO, OR, ORN, RCTs, RR
62  2019 Iodine level concentration, coverage of adequately iodized salt consumption and factors affecting proper iodized salt utilization among households in North Ethiopia: a community based cross sectional study. AOR, GEE
63  2019 Magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles decorated graphene for chemoresistive gas sensing: The particle size effects. VOCs
64  2019 Metallic iron limits silicate hydration in Earth's transition zone. MTZ
65  2019 Mucormycosis creeping along the nerves in an immunocompetent individual. CT, MRI
66  2019 New clues to ancient water on Itokawa. ---
67  2019 Parts-per-Million-Level Doping Effects in Organic Semiconductor Films and Organic Single Crystals. ---
68  2019 Polyelemental Nanolithography via Plasma Ion Bombardment: From Fabrication to Superior H2 Sensing Application. ---
69  2019 Protocol of a randomised controlled trial in cardiac surgical patients with endothelial dysfunction aimed to prevent postoperative acute kidney injury by administering nitric oxide gas. AKI, CPB, NO
70  2019 Pulmonary Exposure to Magneli Phase Titanium Suboxides Results in Significant Macrophage Abnormalities and Decreased Lung Function. ---
71  2019 Quantitative Absorption Spectroscopy of Aluminum Atoms in Cryogenic Parahydrogen Solids. Al, IR, UV
72  2019 Reasons for Exclusion from a Smoking Cessation Trial: An Analysis by Race/Ethnicity. RCTs
73  2019 Selective Detection of Nitrogen-Containing Compound Gases. Au-WO3, AZO, NO, NPs, Pt-WO3, TEA, TMA
74  2019 Strain-specific altered nicotine metabolism in 3,3'-diindolylmethane (DIM) exposed mice. DIM, FMO, I3C
75  2019 The Predictive Value of the Hydrogen Breath Test in the Diagnosis of Fructose Malabsorption. AUC
76  2019 The use of end-tidal argon to detect venous air embolism: foiled by "fake oxygen!" EtAr, VAE
77  2019 Trace CO2 capture by an ultramicroporous physisorbent with low water affinity. ---
78  2019 Utilizing larvicidal and pupicidal efficacy of Eucalyptus and neem oil against Aedes mosquito: An approach for mosquito control. LC50
79  2019 Welding Metallophthalocyanines into Bimetallic Molecular Meshes for Ultrasensitive, Low-Power Chemiresistive Detection of Gases. MOFs, ppb
80  2018 Approaching sub-ppm-level asymmetric organocatalysis of a highly challenging and scalable carbon-carbon bond forming reaction. ---
81  2018 Association between air pollutants and anthropometric measurements of boys in primary schools in Dammam, Eastern Saudi Arabia. ---
82  2018 Chamber and Field Studies demonstrate Differential Amb a 1 Contents in Common Ragweed Depending on CO₂ Levels. ---
83  2018 Clinical utility of exhaled carbon monoxide in assessing preoperative smoking status and risks of postoperative morbidity after esophagectomy. CDC, CO
84  2018 Cognitive Performance in Indian School-Going Adolescents Is Positively Affected by Consumption of Iron-Biofortified Pearl Millet: A 6-Month Randomized Controlled Efficacy Trial. ANT, BI, CFE, CRT, GNG, SRT, TfR
85  2018 Combined effects of Deepwater Horizon crude oil and environmental stressors on Fundulus grandis embryos. HEWAF, PAHs, ppb, PSU
86  2018 Complexity of Uranyl Peroxide Cluster Speciation from Alkali-Directed Oxidative Dissolution of Uranium Dioxide. ESI-MS, ICP-OES
87  2018 Detection of a new reaction by-product in BDDE cross-linked autoclaved hyaluronic acid hydrogels by LC-MS analysis. BDDE, HA, LC-MS, TR
88  2018 Effect of Immediate vs Gradual Reduction in Nicotine Content of Cigarettes on Biomarkers of Smoke Exposure: A Randomized Clinical Trial. CO
89  2018 Effects of nitrous acid exposure on baseline pulmonary resistance and Muc5ac in rats. HONO, Lm, NO
90  2018 Effects on health, performance, and tissue residues of the ionophore antibiotic salinomycin in finishing broilers (21 to 38 d). ---
91  2018 Efficient Removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Dyes, and Heavy Metal Ions by a Homopolymer Vesicle. PAA, PAHs, ppb
92  2018 High-sensitivity fiber optic hydrogen sensor in air by optimizing a self-referenced demodulating method. ---
93  2018 Highly Sensitive Room-Temperature Sensor Based on Nanostructured K₂W₇O22 for Application in the Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Diabetes. ---
94  2018 Identification of gene expression predictors of occupational benzene exposure. SL
95  2018 Intestinal DMT1 Is Essential for Optimal Assimilation of Dietary Copper in Male and Female Mice with Iron-Deficiency Anemia. Cp, DMT1, IDA
96  2018 Low hydrogen contents in the cores of terrestrial planets. ---
97  2018 Nasal cytology as a screening tool in formaldehyde-exposed workers. ---
98  2018 Protecting cotton crops under elevated CO2 from waterlogging by managing ethylene. ---
99  2018 Scale distortion from pressure baselines as a source of inaccuracy in triple-isotope measurements. PBL
100  2018 Silica Gel Coated Spherical Micro resonator for Ultra-High Sensitivity Detection of Ammonia Gas Concentration in Air. OSA, ppb