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Abbreviation:   pre-BotC  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   pre-Botzinger complex
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2016 Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia Alters Local Respiratory Circuit Function at the Level of the preBotzinger Complex. CIH, OSA
2016 Developmental nicotine exposure enhances inhibitory synaptic transmission in motor neurons and interneurons critical for normal breathing. DNE
2016 Heme oxygenase-1 dependant pathway contributes to protection by tetramethylpyrazine against chronic hypoxic injury on medulla oblongata in rats. Amb, HO, HO-1, MDA, NTS, SOD, TMP
2016 Inhibition, Not Excitation, Drives Rhythmic Whisking. vIRt
2016 Mixed-mode oscillations and population bursting in the pre-Botzinger complex. MMOs
2016 Modeling the effects of extracellular potassium on bursting properties in pre-Botzinger complex neurons. ---
2016 Organotypic slice cultures containing the preBotzinger complex generate respiratory-like rhythms. ---
2016 Somatostatin 2a receptors are not expressed on functionally identified respiratory neurons in the ventral respiratory column of the rat. BotC, NK-1R, SST, sst2a, VLM
2016 The peptidergic control circuit for sighing. Grp, NMB
10  2015 KCC2-mediated regulation of respiration-related rhythmic activity during postnatal development in mouse medulla oblongata. aCSF, RRA, SL
11  2015 Mechanisms Leading to Rhythm Cessation in the Respiratory PreBotzinger Complex Due to Piecewise Cumulative Neuronal Deletions(1,2,3). ---
12  2015 Midline section of the medulla abolishes inspiratory activity and desynchronizes pre-inspiratory neuron rhythm on both sides of the medulla in newborn rats. pFRG, Pre-I
13  2015 Nociceptin/orphanin FQ slows inspiratory rhythm via its direct effects on the pre-Botzinger complex. aCSF, N/OFQ
14  2015 Optogenetic excitation of preBotzinger complex neurons potently drives inspiratory activity in vivo. ---
15  2015 Optogenetic perturbation of preBotzinger complex inhibitory neurons modulates respiratory pattern. Arch, ChR2
16  2015 Prostaglandin E2 differentially modulates the central control of eupnoea, sighs and gasping in mice. PGE2
17  2015 Robust network oscillations during mammalian respiratory rhythm generation driven by synaptic dynamics. SF
18  2015 Substitution of extracellular Ca2+ by Sr2+ prolongs inspiratory burst in pre-Botzinger complex inspiratory neurons. APs
19  2015 Synaptic Depression Influences Inspiratory-Expiratory Phase Transition in Dbx1 Interneurons of the preBotzinger Complex in Neonatal Mice. ---
20  2014 Anatomical and functional pathways of rhythmogenic inspiratory premotor information flow originating in the pre-Botzinger complex in the rat medulla. ---
21  2014 Change in network connectivity during fictive-gasping generation in hypoxia: prevention by a metabolic intermediate. SIDS
22  2014 Contributions of the pre-Botzinger complex and the Kolliker-fuse nuclei to respiratory rhythm and pattern generation in awake and sleeping goats. KFN
23  2014 Defining modulatory inputs into CNS neuronal subclasses by functional pharmacological profiling. VRC
24  2014 Degeneration of brainstem respiratory neurons in dementia with Lewy bodies. DLB, MSA, ROb, RPa
25  2014 Emergence of sigh rhythmogenesis in the embryonic mouse. ---
26  2014 Identification of the pre-Botzinger complex inspiratory center in calibrated "sandwich" slices from newborn mice with fluorescent Dbx1 interneurons. ---
27  2014 Isocitrate supplementation promotes breathing generation, gasping, and autoresuscitation in neonatal mice. ---
28  2014 Laser ablation of Dbx1 neurons in the pre-Botzinger complex stops inspiratory rhythm and impairs output in neonatal mice. ---
29  2014 Morphological characterization of respiratory neurons in the pre-Botzinger complex. ---
30  2014 Rhythmic bursting in the pre-Botzinger complex: mechanisms and models. ICa
31  2014 Testing the role of preBotzinger Complex somatostatin neurons in respiratory and vocal behaviors. VGLUT2
32  2014 The preBotzinger complex as a hub for network activity along the ventral respiratory column in the neonate rat. VRC
33  2014 When norepinephrine becomes a driver of breathing irregularities: how intermittent hypoxia fundamentally alters the modulatory response of the respiratory network. AIH
34  2013 Atropine microdialysis within or near the pre-Botzinger Complex increases breathing frequency more during wakefulness than during NREM sleep. br, mCSF, NREM, SP, VRC
35  2013 beta-Noradrenergic receptor activation specifically modulates the generation of sighs in vivo and in vitro. beta-NR, FFA
36  2013 Calmodulin and calmodulin kinase II mediate emergent bursting activity in the brainstem respiratory network (preBotzinger complex). CaM
37  2013 Changes in neurochemicals within the ventrolateral medullary respiratory column in awake goats after carotid body denervation. CBD, mCSF, VMC
38  2013 Chronic intermittent hypoxia promotes expression of 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase in adult rat medulla oblongata. 3MST, Amb, CIH, CON, FN, NTS
39  2013 Cooperation of intrinsic bursting and calcium oscillations underlying activity patterns of model pre-Botzinger complex neurons. CAN
40  2013 Developmental nicotine exposure alters AMPA neurotransmission in the hypoglossal motor nucleus and pre-Botzinger complex of neonatal rats. DNE, XIIn
41  2013 Distinct inspiratory rhythm and pattern generating mechanisms in the preBotzinger complex. ---
42  2013 Dynamics of neuromodulatory feedback determines frequency modulation in a reduced respiratory network: a computational study. ---
43  2013 Emergence of population bursts from simultaneous activation of small subsets of preBotzinger complex inspiratory neurons. CPGs
44  2013 Expression of phospho-Ca(2+) /calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II in the pre-Botzinger complex of rats. CaMKII
45  2013 Inhibition of protein kinase A activity depresses phrenic drive and glycinergic signalling, but not rhythmogenesis in anaesthetized rat. PKA, Rp-cAMPS
46  2013 Methylxanthines do not affect rhythmogenic preBotC inspiratory network activity but impair bursting of preBotC-driven motoneurons. GABAA
47  2013 Physiological and morphological properties of Dbx1-derived respiratory neurons in the pre-Botzinger complex of neonatal mice. IA
48  2013 Post-hypoxic recovery of respiratory rhythm generation is gender dependent. SIDS
49  2013 Role of inhibition in respiratory pattern generation. BotC
50  2013 Site-specific hydrogen sulfide-mediated central regulation of respiratory rhythm in medullary slices of neonatal rats. BF, pFRG
51  2013 Sodium and calcium mechanisms of rhythmic bursting in excitatory neural networks of the pre-Botzinger complex: a computational modelling study. ---
52  2013 State-dependent contribution of the hyperpolarization-activated Na+/K+ and persistent Na+ currents to respiratory rhythmogenesis in vivo. ---
53  2013 Structural-functional properties of identified excitatory and inhibitory interneurons within pre-Botzinger complex respiratory microcircuits. ---
54  2013 The physiological determinants of sudden infant death syndrome. SIDS
55  2013 Understanding the rhythm of breathing: so near, yet so far. ---
56  2013 [Effects of intrauterine cigarette smoking exposure on expression of 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase in medulla oblongata of neonatal rats]. 3MST, Amb, FN, NTS
57  2012 Activation of protein kinase C (PKC)alpha or PKCepsilon as an approach to increase morphine tolerance in respiratory depression and lethal overdose. CAPKC, PKC, vlPAG, WTPKC
58  2012 Anoxia response in physiological potassium of the isolated inspiratory center in calibrated newborn rat brainstem slices. ---
59  2012 Atoh1 governs the migration of postmitotic neurons that shape respiratory effectiveness at birth and chemoresponsiveness in adulthood. RTN
60  2012 Central chemoreceptor modulation of breathing via multipath tuning in medullary ventrolateral respiratory column circuits. BotC, RTN-pF, VRC, VRG
61  2012 Control of breathing activity in the fetus and newborn. FBMs, PMNs
62  2012 Cumulative lesioning of respiratory interneurons disrupts and precludes motor rhythms in vitro. ---
63  2012 Increased GABA(A) receptor epsilon-subunit expression on ventral respiratory column neurons protects breathing during pregnancy. VRC
64  2012 Inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum Ca⁺ ATPase in preBotzinger complex of neonatal rat does not affect respiratory rhythm generation. APs, CPA, ER
65  2012 Metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluR5) activate transient receptor potential canonical channels to improve the regularity of the respiratory rhythm generated by the pre-Botzinger complex in mice. DHPG, mGluRs, MPEP, TRPC
66  2012 Preinspiratory calcium rise in putative pre-Botzinger complex astrocytes. ---
67  2012 Reelin demarcates a subset of pre-Botzinger complex neurons in adult rat. ibsVRG, NK-1R, SST
68  2012 Respiratory circuits: development, function and models. ---
69  2012 Synaptic relationship between somatostatin- and neurokinin-1 receptor-immunoreactive neurons in the pre-Botzinger complex of rats. NK-1R, SST
70  2012 Tonic neuromodulation of the inspiratory rhythm generator. ---
71  2011 Activation of alpha-2 noradrenergic receptors is critical for the generation of fictive eupnea and fictive gasping inspiratory activities in mammals in vitro. 5-HT2A, alpha2-NR
72  2011 Altered responses of MeCP2-deficient mouse brain stem to severe hypoxia. HSD, NTS, RTT
73  2011 Anatomic changes in multiple brainstem nuclei after incremental, near-complete neurotoxic destruction of the pre-Botzinger Complex in adult goats. DMV, IA, NA, PRG
74  2011 Chapter 14--looking forward to breathing. ---
75  2011 Determinants of functional coupling between astrocytes and respiratory neurons in the pre-Botzinger complex. ---
76  2011 Dichlorvos-induced central apnea: effects of selective brainstem exposure in the rat. OP
77  2011 Drive latencies in hypoglossal motoneurons indicate developmental change in the brainstem respiratory network. ---
78  2011 Dual oscillator model of the respiratory neuronal network generating quantal slowing of respiratory rhythm. pFRG
79  2011 Graded reductions in oxygenation evoke graded reconfiguration of the isolated respiratory network. ---
80  2011 Hydrogen peroxide differentially affects activity in the pre-Botzinger complex and hippocampus. MDA, ROS, VRC
81  2011 Interactions of persistent sodium and calcium-activated nonspecific cationic currents yield dynamically distinct bursting regimes in a model of respiratory neurons. CAN, CAN
82  2011 K(+) and Ca(+) dependence of inspiratory-related rhythm in novel "calibrated" mouse brainstem slices. ---
83  2011 Modulation of respiratory responses to chemoreflex activation by L-glutamate and ATP in the rostral ventrolateral medulla of awake rats. BotC, KYN, RVLM, VRC
84  2011 Prenatal development of central rhythm generation. LF
85  2011 Purinergic modulation of preBotzinger complex inspiratory rhythm in rodents: the interaction between ATP and adenosine. ADO, P1Rs, P2Rs
86  2011 Respiratory responses to somatostatin microinjections into the Botzinger complex and the pre-Botzinger complex of the rabbit. BotC, iVRG, SOM
87  2011 The interaction of intrinsic dynamics and network topology in determining network burst synchrony. ---
88  2011 The role of spiking and bursting pacemakers in the neuronal control of breathing. ---
89  2010 Caffeine reversal of opioid-evoked and endogenous inspiratory depression in perinatal rat en bloc medullas and slices. ---
90  2010 Clinically relevant infusion rates of mu-opioid agonist remifentanil cause bradypnea in decerebrate dogs but not via direct effects in the pre-Botzinger complex region. MORs, PPA, REMI
91  2010 Control of breathing by "nerve glue". ATP
92  2010 Depression by Ca2+ and stimulation by K+ of fictive inspiratory rhythm in newborn rat brainstem slices. ---
93  2010 Developmental origin of preBotzinger complex respiratory neurons. NK-1R, SST, SST2aR, VLM
94  2010 Effects of sevoflurane on respiratory rhythm oscillators in the medulla oblongata. pFRG, Pre-Is
95  2010 Expressions of 5-HT/5-HT(2A) receptors and phospho-protein kinase C theta in the pre-Botzinger complex in normal and chronic intermittent hypoxic rats. CIH, CSH, IR, NK-1R, P-PKCtheta, PKC
96  2010 First return maps for the dynamics of synaptically coupled conditional bursters. ---
97  2010 Functional anatomical evidence for respiratory rhythmogenic function of endogenous bursters in rat medulla. EBs
98  2010 Geometrical analysis of bursting pacemaker neurons generated by computational models: comparison to in vitro pre-Botzinger complex bursting neurons. ---
99  2010 Glia contribute to the purinergic modulation of inspiratory rhythm-generating networks. ---
100  2010 Glycinergic pacemaker neurons in preBotzinger complex of neonatal mouse. EGFP, GlyT2