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Long Form:   photochemical quenching
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Exogenous Kinetin Promotes the Nonenzymatic Antioxidant System and Photosynthetic Activity of Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) Plants Under Cold Stress Conditions. ETRs
2020 Over-expression of chickpea glutaredoxin (CaGrx) provides tolerance to heavy metals by reducing metal accumulation and improved physiological and antioxidant defence system. APX, CaGrx, CAT, DHAR, ETR, GPx, GR, Grx, Grxs, GST, MDHAR, Pn, SOD, WUE
2020 Photochemistry and photoprotection of 'Gem' avocado (Persea americana Mill.) leaves within and outside the canopy and the relationship with fruit maturity. Ci, DM, DM, ETR, WUEi, WUEins
2020 Photochemistry and proteomics of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) under drought and shading. FNR, NPQ
2020 Photosynthetic activity and RAPD profile of polyethylene glycol treated B. juncea L. under nitric oxide and abscisic acid application. ABA, ATP-S, Ci, ETC, GAPDH, GTS, NO, NPQ, PEG, Pn, PRK, PSII, RuBisCO, SAT, Tr
2020 Photosynthetic toxicity of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on green algae Scenedesmus obliquus. ETR, Fm, KEP, NSAIDs, PPCPs
2020 Pseudomonas fluorescens promote photosynthesis, carbon fixation and cadmium phytoremediation of hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii. Cd, Ci, NPQ, PGPB, Pn, PSII, Tr
2019 Distinction and characterisation of rice genotypes tolerant to combined stresses of salinity and partial submergence, proved by a high-resolution chlorophyll fluorescence imaging system. ChlF, Fm, qN
2019 Effect of Hexavalent Chromium [Cr(VI)] on Phytoremediation Potential and Biochemical Response of Hybrid Napier Grass with and without EDTA Application. BAF, CAT, EDTA, ETR, POD, PSII, qN, SOD, TF
10  2019 Enhancement of disease resistance, growth potential, and photosynthesis in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) by inoculation with an endophytic actinobacterium, Streptomyces thermocarboxydus strain BPSAC147. ETR, PSII
11  2019 Morphological and Physiological Stress Responses of Lettuce to Different Intensities of Continuous Light. AsA, CL, MDA, qN, ROS
12  2019 Spatiotemporal heterogeneity of photosystem II function during acclimation to zinc exposure and mineral nutrition changes in the hyperaccumulator Noccaea caerulescens. NPQ, PQ, PSII
13  2019 The effects of copper on photosynthesis and biomolecules yield in Chlorolobion braunii. NPQ, RLC
14  2019 The JcWRKY tobacco transgenics showed improved photosynthetic efficiency and wax accumulation during salinity. ETR, JcWRKY, NPQ, SA, TFs, WT
15  2018 Effects of Cr2O3 nanoparticles on the chlorophyll fluorescence and chloroplast ultrastructure of soybean (Glycine max). ---
16  2018 Effects of drought and rewatering on leaf photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence, and root architecture of citrus seedlings. Ci, ETR, NPQ, Pn, Tr, WUE
17  2018 Effects of lead stress on the growth, physiology, and cellular structure of privet seedlings. Ci, Pn, qN, Tr
18  2018 Effects of light intensity on photosynthetic capacity and light energy allocation in Panax notoginseng. AQY, CE, ETR, FL, LCP, LSP, NPQ, Phif,d, Rd
19  2018 Exogenously applied spermidine alleviates photosynthetic inhibition under drought stress in maize (Zea mays L.) seedlings associated with changes in endogenous polyamines and phytohormones. DEPS, DS, GA3, IAA, JA, NPQ, PAs, Pn, PSII, SA, Spd, ZR
20  2018 Exposure to lower red to far-red light ratios improve tomato tolerance to salt stress. ETR, FR, MDA, Pn, ROS
21  2018 Regulation of ROS through proficient modulations of antioxidative defense system maintains the structural and functional integrity of photosynthetic apparatus and confers drought tolerance in the facultative halophyte Salvadora persica L. ETR, PSII
22  2018 Resistance mechanisms and their difference between the root and leaf of Microsorum pteropus - A novel potential aquatic cadmium hyperaccumulator. Cd, ETR, M. pteropus, MDA, POD, qN, SOD
23  2018 Root exudation potential in contrasting soybean genotypes in response to low soil phosphorus availability is determined by photo-biochemical processes. ETR, TPU
24  2018 Structural and functional integrity of Sulla carnosa photosynthetic apparatus under iron deficiency conditions. PSII, qN
25  2018 The effect of mandelonitrile, a recently described salicylic acid precursor, on peach plant response against abiotic and biotic stresses. MD, SA
26  2018 UV-B radiation modulates physiology and lipophilic metabolite profile in Olea europaea. PSII, UVB
27  2017 Implications of terminal oxidase function in regulation of salicylic acid on soybean seedling photosynthetic performance under water stress. AOX, APX, CAT, MDA, NADP-MDH, Pn, POD, PTOX, ROS, SA, SOD
28  2017 The Difference of Photosynthetic Responses to the Cadmium Stress Between a Wild Soybean (Glycine soja Sieb. et Zucc.) and a Cultivated Soybean. PhiPSII, Pn
29  2017 [Response and adaptation of photosynthesis of cucumber seedlings to high temperature stress]. Ci, DR, ETR, FBA, Fo, HT, Pn, Pr, RCA, RuBPCase, SBPase, SHT, Tr
30  2016 An In Vivo Quantitative Comparison of Photoprotection in Arabidopsis Xanthophyll Mutants. PAM, pNPQ
31  2016 Biochemical and physiological processes associated with the differential ozone response in ozone-tolerant and sensitive soybean genotypes. ETR
32  2016 Coordinated Changes in Antioxidative Enzymes Protect the Photosynthetic Machinery from Salinity Induced Oxidative Damage and Confer Salt Tolerance in an Extreme Halophyte Salvadora persica L. LA, MDA, Pn, PSII, RWC, WUE
33  2016 Correlation between Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch.) Productivity and Photosynthesis-Related Parameters under Various Growth Conditions. HL, LL, NPQ, Pr, RFd
34  2016 Effects of di-n-butyl phthalate and di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate on the growth, photosynthesis, and chlorophyll fluorescence of wheat seedlings. Ci, DBP, ETR, Pn, qN, Tr
35  2016 Effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on Gynostemma pentaphyllum physiology and bioactive compounds. Cond, ETR
36  2016 Effects of water stress and light intensity on chlorophyll fluorescence parameters and pigments of Aloe vera L. Anth, Chl, Fm, Fv, NPQ
37  2016 Effects of water-controlled irrigation on maize yield and photosynthetic characteristics of ear leaf in Xinjiang Province, China. Ci, NPQ, Pn, Tr
38  2016 Growth, photosynthesis, and defense mechanism of antimony (Sb)-contaminated Boehmeria nivea L. BF, CAT, MDA, POD, PSII, PSII, SOD, SPAD, TI
39  2016 Morpho-physiological response of Populus alba to erythromycin: A timeline of the health status of the plant. NPQ
40  2016 Physiological Responses of Two Epiphytic Bryophytes to Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sulfur Addition in a Subtropical Montane Cloud Forest. Chl, EC
41  2016 [Effects of Elevated Ozone and Nitrogen Deposition on Photosynthetic Characteristics and biomass of Populus cathayana]. Ci, ETR, Pn
42  2016 [Photosynthetic Characteristics and Ozone Dose-response Relationships for Different Genotypes of Poplar]. Car, Chl a, Chl b, ETR, WUE
43  2015 Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation on water status and photosynthesis of Populus cathayana males and females under water stress. AM, GGD, GSL, PSII, PSII, qN, REL, RWC, WUEi
44  2015 Inflorescences vs leaves: a distinct modulation of carbon metabolism process during Botrytis infection. Pn, PSII, qN
45  2015 Quantifying the dynamics of light tolerance in Arabidopsis plants during ontogenesis. ETRs, NPQ, pNPQ
46  2015 Response of carbon assimilation and chlorophyll fluorescence to soybean leaf phosphorus across CO2: Alternative electron sink, nutrient efficiency and critical concentration. CF, CLPC
47  2015 [Effects of different water potentials on leaf gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters of cucumber during post-flowering growth stage]. CE, Ci, LCP, Ls, LSP, Pn, qN, Rd, SWP, Tr, WUEi
48  2015 [Environmental Effect of Substrate Amelioration on Lake: Effects on Phragmites communis Growth and Photosynthetic Fluorescence Characteristics]. PSII, qN
49  2014 Acclimation of photosynthetic tolerance to acute heat stress at elevated CO₂ and N. CE, HSPs, PHS, Pn
50  2014 Effect of off-season flooding on growth, photosynthesis, carbohydrate partitioning, and nutrient uptake in Distylium chinense. ETR, Pn, Tr
51  2014 Effects of CO2 on the tolerance of photosynthesis to heat stress can be affected by photosynthetic pathway and nitrogen. CE, HSPs, Pn
52  2014 Effects of concentrations of sodium chloride on photosynthesis, antioxidative enzymes, growth and fiber yield of hybrid ramie. ETR, MDA, NPQ, PSII, WUE, WUEi
53  2014 Enhanced salt-induced antioxidative responses involve a contribution of polyamine biosynthesis in grapevine plants. APX, MDHAR, MGBG, NPQ, POX, ROS, SAMDC, SOD
54  2014 Exogenous calcium alleviates low night temperature stress on the photosynthetic apparatus of tomato leaves. CEF, LNT, Pn
55  2014 Regulation of photosynthetic performance and antioxidant capacity by ⁶⁰Co gamma-irradiation in Zizania latifolia plants. APX, AsA, Ci, MDA, NPQ, Pn, Tr, WPI
56  2014 The photoprotective role of spermidine in tomato seedlings under salinity-alkalinity stress. NPQ, Spd
57  2014 [Effects of plastic film mulching and rain harvesting modes on chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics, yield and water use efficiency of dryland maize]. ETR, Fm, Fo, FS, qN
58  2014 [Effects of shade and competition of Chenopodium album on photosynthesis, fluorescence and growth characteristics of Flaveria bidentis]. CW, DM, ETR, LCP, LSP, Pn, qN, RCI, SLA, SMR, WUE
59  2012 Disposal of metal treated Salvinia biomass in soil and its effect on growth and photosynthetic efficiency of wheat. ETR, qN
60  2012 Overexpression of OsTLP27 in rice improves chloroplast function and photochemical efficiency. ETR, GFP, PSII, PSII
61  2012 Photosynthetic and physiological analysis of the rice high-chlorophyll mutant (Gc). BN-PAGE, Chl, ETR, LHCII, MALDI-TOF, PSI, PSII, qN
62  2012 [Effects of NaCl and Na2CO3 stresses on the growth and photosynthesis characteristics of Morus alba seedlings]. ---
63  2011 Calcium invigorates the cadmium-stressed Brassica napus L. plants by strengthening their photosynthetic system. Ca, Cd, Ci, Pn, Tr
64  2011 Expression of yeast Hem1 controlled by Arabidopsis HemA1 promoter enhances leaf photosynthesis in transgenic tobacco. ALA-S, ETR, HD, Pc, RC/CS, WT
65  2011 Intraspecific variation in Pinus pinaster PSII photochemical efficiency in response to winter stress and freezing temperatures. NPQ, PSII
66  2011 Methylglyoxal functions as Hill oxidant and stimulates the photoreduction of O(2) at photosystem I: a symptom of plant diabetes. AKR, DBMIB, DCMU, MG, PET, PSI
67  2011 [Photosynthetic mechanisms of northern boundary formation of Quercus wutaishanica forest in Loess Plateau of northern Shaanxi Province]. ETR, LCP, LSP, NPQ, PS II, Rd
68  2010 Accumulation of chlorophyll catabolites photosensitizes the hypersensitive response elicited by Pseudomonas syringae in Arabidopsis. Col-0, hai, HR, LHCs, PaO, SGR
69  2010 [Changes of photosynthesis parameters and chlorophyll fluorescence around sprout tumble of Pinellia ternata under high temperature stress]. Ci, Fm, NPQ, Pn, Tr
70  2009 Acclimation to future atmospheric CO2 levels increases photochemical efficiency and mitigates photochemistry inhibition by warm temperatures in wheat under field chambers. ---
71  2009 Effects of exogenous putrescine on gas-exchange characteristics and chlorophyll fluorescence of NaCl-stressed cucumber seedlings. NPQ, PSII, Put, WUE
72  2009 Effects of light quality on CO2 assimilation, chlorophyll-fluorescence quenching, expression of Calvin cycle genes and carbohydrate accumulation in Cucumis sativus. PFD
73  2009 Feeding enhances photosynthetic efficiency in the carnivorous pitcher plant Nepenthes talangensis. NPQ, PAR
74  2009 [Influence of enhanced UV-B radiation on chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics of soybean]. NPQ
75  2008 Interactive effects of drought stresses and elevated CO2 concentration on photochemistry efficiency of cucumber seedlings. CO2, CO2, Fo, NPQ, sat
76  2008 The effect of cactus spines on light interception and Photosystem II for three sympatric species of Opuntia from the Mojave Desert. PFD, PSII
77  2008 [Effects of low temperature and weak light on the functions of photosystem in Prunus armeniaca L. leaves in solar greenhouse]. Pn, PSII
78  2008 [Effects of silicon on photosynthetic characteristics of Indocalamus barbatus under simulated acid rain stress]. Ci, Fm, Fo, Ls, PhiPSII, Pn, qN
79  2008 [Responses of Jatropha curcas L. seedlings to drought stress]. Ci, ETR, Fo, NPQ, PEG, Pn
80  2007 Acclimation of leaves to contrasting irradiance in juvenile trees differing in shade tolerance. ETR, NPQ
81  2006 Tradeoff between shade adaptation and mitigation of photoinhibition in leaves of Quercus mongolica and Acer mono acclimated to deep shade. ETR, LMA
82  2006 [Effect of water deficit on the PSII photochemical phases in two olive trees varieties]. PSII
83  2006 [Effects of Apatococcus lobatus parasitization on leaf photosynthesis characteristics of orange (Citrus cv. Olinda)]. Car, PS II
84  2006 [Effects of salicylic acid on chlorophyll fluorescence and xanthophyll cycle in cucumber leaves under high temperature and strong light]. Fm, Fo, NPQ, phiPSII, SA
85  2005 Up-regulation of the mitochondrial alternative oxidase pathway enhances photosynthetic electron transport under drought conditions. AOX, NPQ, PSII
86  2005 [Effects of excess Mn on photosynthesis characteristics in cucumber under different light intensity]. Ls, Pn, PSII
87  2005 [Response of strawberry leaves photosynthesis to strong light and its mechanism]. AQY, ETR, Fo, qE, qI, qN, qT
88  2004 Characterization of PSII photochemistry and thermostability in salt-treated Rumex leaves. OEC
89  2004 Photosynthetic pigment composition and photosystem II photochemistry of wheat ears. PSII
90  2003 Effect of Photorespiratory C(2) Acids on CO(2) Assimilation, PS II Photochemistry and the Xanthophyll Cycle in Maize. PPT
91  2002 Effects of salinity stress on photosystem II function in cyanobacterial Spirulina platensis cells. qN, VJ
92  2001 Sensitivity of photosynthetic electron transport to photoinhibition in a temperate deciduous forest canopy: Photosystem II center openness, non-radiative energy dissipation and excess irradiance under field conditions. PSII
93  2000 The photoreduction of H(2)O(2) by Synechococcus sp. PCC 7942 and UTEX 625. ---
94  1998 Application of chlorophyll fluorescence to evaluate Mn tolerance of deciduous broad-leaved tree seedlings native to northern Japan. PSII
95  1996 Effect of High Temperature on Photosynthesis in Beans (I. Oxygen Evolution and Chlorophyll Fluorescence). BA, BL, PSI, PSII, qN
96  1995 Abscisic acid induced protection against photoinhibition of PSII correlates with enhanced activity of the xanthophyll cycle. ABA
97  1993 Photoinhibition of photosystem II in vivo is preceded by down-regulation through light-induced acidification of the lumen: Consequences for the mechanism of photoinhibition in vivo. PFDs, PSII, qE, qI
98  1992 Chlorophyll fluorescence lifetime determination of waterstressed C3- and C4-plants. ---
99  1992 Photoinhibition of photosynthesis represents a mechanism for the long-term regulation of photosystem II. PSII