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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Avian Influenza Virus Detection and Quantitation by Real-Time RT-PCR. AIV
2020 Clinical evaluation of an in-house-developed real-time RT-PCR assay for serotyping of dengue virus. DENV
2020 Could threshold cycle value correctly reflect the severity of novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)? COVID-19, Ct-value, RT-PCR
2020 Foot-and-Mouth Disease Surveillance Using Pooled Milk on a Large-Scale Dairy Farm in an Endemic Setting. FMDV
2020 Genetic characterization and pathogenesis of the first H9N2 low pathogenic avian influenza viruses isolated from chickens in Kenyan live bird markets. AIV, LBMs, LPAIV
2020 Genomic characterization of pestiviruses isolated from bovine, ovine and caprine foetuses in Turkey: A potentially new genotype of Pestivirus I species. C. abortus, Npro
2020 Implementation of a Multiplex rRT-PCR for Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue Viruses: Improving Arboviral Detection in an Endemic Region. CHIKV, DENV, NS1, ZIKV
2020 Molecular analysis of several in-house rRT-PCR protocols for SARS-CoV-2 detection in the context of genetic variability of the virus in Colombia. ---
2020 Utilizing milk from pooling facilities as a novel approach for foot-and-mouth disease surveillance. FMD, FMDV
10  2019 Deep sequencing prompts the modification of a real-time RT-PCR for the serotype-specific detection of polioviruses. NPEV-C, OPV
11  2019 Development and evaluation of a real-time RT-PCR and a field-deployable RT-insulated isothermal PCR for the detection of Seneca Valley virus. FMDV, iiPCR, SVDV, SVV, VESV, VSV
12  2019 Duplex real-time RT-PCR assay for detection and subgroup-specific identification of human respiratory syncytial virus. HRSV
13  2019 Improved detection of influenza A virus from blue-winged teals by sequencing directly from swab material. IAV, NGS
14  2019 Multiplex one-step real-time PCR assay for rapid simultaneous detection of velogenic and mesogenic Newcastle disease virus and H5-subtype avian influenza virus. AIV, CV, vNDV
15  2019 Reverse transcription-PCR using a primer set targeting the 3D region detects foot-and-mouth disease virus with high sensitivity. FMD, FMDV, RT-PCR
16  2019 Serological and molecular epidemiology of foot-and-mouth disease viruses in agro-pastoralist livestock herds in the kachia grazing reserve, Nigeria. FMDV, HH, KGR
17  2019 Underdetection of laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospital admissions among infants: a multicentre, prospective study. IRIS
18  2018 A Rapid and Specific Assay for the Detection of MERS-CoV. MERS-CoV, SARSr, WHO
19  2018 Development and evaluation of a novel real-time RT-PCR to detect foot-and-mouth disease viruses from the emerging A/ASIA/G-VII lineage. FMDV
20  2018 Direct detection and characterization of foot-and-mouth disease virus in East Africa using a field-ready real-time PCR platform. FMD, FMDV, OIE, OP, SAT
21  2018 Field Efficacy of an Attenuated Infectious Bronchitis Variant 2 Virus Vaccine in Commercial Broiler Chickens. ELISA, HI, IBV
22  2018 Rapid and simple detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus: Evaluation of a cartridge-based molecular detection system for use in basic laboratories. FMD, FMDV
23  2017 Assessing the individual risk of fecal poliovirus shedding among vaccinated and non-vaccinated subjects following national health weeks in Mexico. HR, IPV, NHW, PV, RI, tOPV
24  2017 Development of a Novel Reverse Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay for the Rapid Detection of African Horse Sickness Virus. AHS, AHSV, LAMP, OIE, RT
25  2017 Evaluation of Two Lyophilized Molecular Assays to Rapidly Detect Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Directly from Clinical Samples in Field Settings. FMD, FMDV, RT-LAMP
26  2017 Multiplex one-step Real-time PCR by Taqman-MGB method for rapid detection of pan and H5 subtype avian influenza viruses. AIV
27  2017 Phylogenetic assessment reveals continuous evolution and circulation of pigeon-derived virulent avian avulaviruses 1 in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. NDV
28  2017 Rapid detection of Enterovirus and Coxsackievirus A10 by a TaqMan based duplex one-step real time RT-PCR assay. CVA10, EVs
29  2017 Serological and virological surveillance of avian influenza virus in domestic ducks of the north-east region of Bangladesh. AI, HI, HPAI
31  2016 Clinical evaluation of a single-reaction real-time RT-PCR for pan-dengue and chikungunya virus detection. CHIKV, DENV
32  2016 Evaluation of two singleplex reverse transcription-Insulated isothermal PCR tests and a duplex real-time RT-PCR test for the detection of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus and porcine deltacoronavirus. iiPCR, PDCoV, PEDV
33  2016 Genetic characterization of influenza A (H7N6) virus isolated from a live-bird market in Thailand. IAV, LBM
34  2016 Genetic Variability in Probe Binding Regions Explains False Negative Results of a Molecular Assay for the Detection of Dengue Virus. DENV
35  2016 Whole genome alignment based one-step real-time RT-PCR for universal detection of avian orthoreoviruses of chicken, pheasant and turkey origins. ARV, PA
36  2015 Characterization of Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease Viruses from Poultry in Libya. AI, HPAI
37  2015 First generic one step real-time Taqman RT-PCR targeting the RNA1 of betanodaviruses. VNN
38  2015 Laboratory investigation and phylogenetic analysis of an imported Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus case in Greece. MERS-CoV
39  2015 Pathogenicity of newly emergent turkey arthritis reoviruses in chickens. CARVs, p.i, TARVs
40  2015 Simultaneous detection of novel H7N9 and other influenza A viruses in poultry by multiplex real-time RT-PCR. ---
41  2015 [Colorimetric detection of coxsackievirus A6 by reverse transcription loop mediated isothermal amplification]. CV-A6, HNB, RT-LAMP
42  2014 Avian influenza virus (H11N9) in migratory shorebirds wintering in the Amazon Region, Brazil. AIV
43  2014 Avian influenza virus detection and quantitation by real-time RT-PCR. AIV
44  2014 Detection and surveillance of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus using real-time RT-PCR. I. Initial comparison of four protocols. VHSV
45  2014 Differentiation of influenza B lineages from clinical samples by one-step real-time RT-PCR. HI, MGB
46  2014 Effect of human rhinovirus infection in pediatric patients with influenza-like illness on the 2009 pandemic influenza A(H1N1) virus. HRVs
47  2014 Genetic characterization of influenza A virus subtype H7N1 isolated from quail, Thailand. AIVs, H7N1, HPAI H5N1
48  2014 Hand contamination with human rhinovirus in Bangladesh. HRV
49  2014 Isolation and identification of enteroviruses from sewage and sewage-contaminated water in Lagos, Nigeria. ---
50  2014 Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus not detected in children hospitalized with acute respiratory illness in Amman, Jordan, March 2010 to September 2012. CDC, MERS-CoV
51  2014 Rapid detection of equine influenza virus H3N8 subtype by insulated isothermal RT-PCR (iiRT-PCR) assay using the POCKITâ„¢ Nucleic Acid Analyzer. CIV, EI, EIV, iiRT-PCR, IVT
52  2014 RNA extraction from swine samples and detection of influenza A virus in swine by real-time RT-PCR. IAV
53  2013 A duplex SYBR Green I-based real-time RT-PCR assay for the simultaneous detection and differentiation of Massachusetts and non-Massachusetts serotypes of infectious bronchitis virus. IBV, Mass
54  2013 A novel method of real-time reverse-transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification developed for rapid and quantitative detection of human astrovirus. HAstV-1, RRT-LAMP, TEM
55  2013 Development of a multiplex one step RT-PCR that detects eighteen respiratory viruses in clinical specimens and comparison with real time RT-PCR. mRT-PCR
56  2013 Diagnosis of Schmallenberg virus infection in malformed lambs and calves and first indications for virus clearance in the fetus. SBV, VNT
57  2013 Optimal specimen collection and transport methods for the detection of avian influenza virus and Newcastle disease virus. AIV, BHI, HP, LP, NDV, PBS
58  2013 Quantitative real-time PCR detection of Zika virus and evaluation with field-caught mosquitoes. PFU, ZIKV
59  2013 Transcriptome changes initiated by carbon starvation in Aspergillus nidulans. CSSR
60  2012 Avian influenza virus surveillance in hunter-harvested waterfowl, Texas coast, September 2009-January 2010. AIV
61  2012 Comparison of the novel ResPlex III assay and existing techniques for the detection and subtyping of influenza virus during the influenza season 2006-2007. MDCK, RT-PCR
62  2012 Detection of 2009 pandemic influenza A(H1N1) virus Infection in different age groups by using rapid influenza diagnostic tests. NHPHL, RIDTs
63  2012 Development and evaluation of one-step rRT-PCR and immunohistochemical methods for detection of Rift Valley fever virus in biosafety level 2 diagnostic laboratories. BSL-2, IHC, RVFV
64  2012 Development of one-step TaqMan real-time reverse transcription-PCR and conventional reverse transcription-PCR assays for the detection of equine rhinitis A and B viruses. cRT-PCR, TCF
65  2012 Highly (H5N1) and low (H7N2) pathogenic avian influenza virus infection in falcons via nasochoanal route and ingestion of experimentally infected prey. dpi, HPAI, LPAI
66  2012 Influenza a viruses from wild birds in Guatemala belong to the North American lineage. AIV
67  2012 Pathology and virology findings in cases of fatal influenza A H1N1 virus infection in 2009-2010. RT-PCR
68  2012 The first investigation of west nile virus in horses using real time rt-PCR in middle black sea region in Turkey. WNV
69  2011 Development and implementation of the quality control panel of RT-PCR and real-time RT-PCR for avian influenza A (H5N1) surveillance network in mainland China. HA, RT-PCR
70  2011 Evaluation and verification of the Seeplex Diarrhea-V ACE assay for simultaneous detection of adenovirus, rotavirus, and norovirus genogroups I and II in clinical stool specimens. EM, GI, RT-PCR, Seeplex DV
71  2011 Influenza A pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus outbreak in a cat colony in Italy. HA, NA
72  2011 Molecular characterisation of foot-and-mouth disease viruses from Pakistan, 2005-2008. FMD, FMDV
73  2011 The potential of house flies to act as a vector of avian influenza subtype H5N1 under experimental conditions. AI, ECEs, HA, RT-PCR
74  2010 Comparative evaluation of Taqman real-time PCR and semi-nested VP1 PCR for detection of enteroviruses in clinical specimens. ---
75  2010 Detection of influenza A viruses in eggs laid by infected turkeys. ---
76  2010 Development and evaluation of a one-step real-time RT-PCR assay for universal detection of influenza A viruses from avian and mammal species. IA, MP
77  2010 Shedding light on avian influenza H4N6 infection in mallards: modes of transmission and implications for surveillance. AIV
78  2010 Simultaneous typing and HA/NA subtyping of influenza A and B viruses including the pandemic influenza A/H1N1 2009 by multiplex real-time RT-PCR. ---
79  2010 The pathogenesis of H3N8 canine influenza virus in chickens, turkeys and ducks. CIV, dpi, SPF
80  2010 [Two adult cases of influenza A/H1N1v virus pneumonia hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of the Reims University Medical Centre]. COPD, ICU
81  2009 Application of real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction for the detection of SVDV. SVDV
82  2009 Characterization of low pathogenicity avian influenza viruses isolated from wild birds in Mongolia 2005 through 2007. AIV, HP, LP
83  2009 Improving the diagnostic efficiency of H1N1 2009 pandemic flu: analysis of predictive clinical signs through a prospective cohort. RIDT
84  2009 Rapid group-, serotype-, and vaccine strain-specific identification of poliovirus isolates by real-time reverse transcription-PCR using degenerate primers and probes containing deoxyinosine residues. RT-PCR
85  2009 Rapid molecular subtyping by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction of the neuraminidase gene of avian influenza A viruses. AIV, HA, NA
86  2008 Comparison of a commercial qualitative real-time RT-PCR kit with direct immunofluorescence assay (DFA) and cell culture for detection of influenza A and B in children. DFA
87  2008 Detection and identification of the H5 hemagglutinin subtype by real-time RT-PCR. HA
88  2008 Diagnostic evaluation of multiplexed reverse transcription-PCR microsphere array assay for detection of foot-and-mouth and look-alike disease viruses. CI, FMDV, mRT-PCR
89  2008 Type A influenza virus detection and quantitation by real-time RT-PCR. AI
90  2007 A real-time TaqMan RT-PCR method for neuraminidase type 1 (N1) gene detection of H5N1 Eurasian strains of avian influenza virus. AIV
91  2006 Detection of foot-and-mouth disease virus: comparative diagnostic sensitivity of two independent real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction assays. 5'UTR, FMD, FMDV, RT-PCR
92  2006 Development and evaluation of a one-step real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction assay for the detection of salmonid alphaviruses in serum and tissues. Ct, dpi, SAV
93  2006 Development of an internal positive control for rapid diagnosis of avian influenza virus infections by real-time reverse transcription-PCR with lyophilized reagents. AIV, IPC, RT
94  2004 Application of real-time RT-PCR for the quantitation and competitive replication study of H5 and H7 subtype avian influenza virus. AI, ECE
95  2004 Comparison of three rapid detection systems for type A influenza virus on tracheal swabs of experimentally and naturally infected birds. AC-EIA, RT-PCR