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Long Form:   van der Waals
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2020 A design rule for two-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures with unconventional band alignments. ---
2020 A mixed-dimensional 1D Se-2D InSe van der Waals heterojunction for high responsivity self-powered photodetectors. ---
2020 A multiple negative differential resistance heterojunction device and its circuit application to ternary static random access memory. m-NDR, NDR
2020 A New Opportunity for 2D van der Waals Heterostructures: Making Steep-Slope Transistors. CS, FET, MS
2020 A new synthesis of poly heterocyclic compounds containing [1,2,4]triazolo and [1,2,3,4]tetrazolo moieties and their DFT study as expected anti-cancer reagents. ---
2020 A self-driven approach for local ion intercalation in vdW crystals. ---
2020 Artificial Multiferroics and Enhanced Magnetoelectric Effect in van der Waals Heterostructures. FE, FM
2020 Au-InSe van der Waals Schottky junctions with ultralow reverse current and high photosensitivity. InSe
2020 Band alignment control in a blue phosphorus/C2N van der Waals heterojunction using an electric field. DFT
10  2020 Bridging the van der Waals Interface for Advanced Optoelectronic Devices. TMDCs
11  2020 C2N/BlueP van der Waals hetero-structure: an efficient photocatalytic water splitting 2D material. CBM, DFT, VBM
12  2020 Charge-based interactions of antimicrobial peptides and general drugs with lipid bilayers. AMPs, CDs, ES, MAAs, MD
13  2020 Closest-Packing Water Monolayer Stably Intercalated in Phyllosilicate Minerals under High Pressure. HB, MD
14  2020 Coating for preventing nonspecific adhesion mediated biofouling in salty systems: Effect of the electrostatic and van der waals interactions. ---
15  2020 Cognitive Facilitation and Antioxidant Effects of an Essential Oil Mix on Scopolamine-Induced Amnesia in Rats: Molecular Modeling of In Vitro and In Vivo Approaches. AChE, BChE, DP, GC-MS, MO, NOR, RAM, SCO
16  2020 Controlling Exciton and Valley Dynamics in Two-Dimensional Heterostructures with Atomically Precise Interlayer Proximity. BN
17  2020 Creation of a two-dimensional polymer and graphene heterostructure. ---
18  2020 Current Rerouting Improves Heat Removal in Few-Layer WSe2 Devices. FL
19  2020 Density Functional Model for van der Waals Interactions: Unifying Many-Body Atomic Approaches with Nonlocal Functionals. ---
20  2020 Density-functional theory prediction of the elastic constants of ice Ih. GGAs, SCAN
21  2020 Design of van der Waals interfaces for broad-spectrum optoelectronics. ---
22  2020 Directional massless Dirac fermions in a layered van der Waals material with one-dimensional long-range order. ---
23  2020 Disassembling 2D van der Waals crystals into macroscopic monolayers and reassembling into artificial lattices. ---
24  2020 Efficient day-night photocatalysis performance of 2D/2D Ti3C2/Porous g-C3N4 nanolayers composite and its application in the degradation of organic pollutants. ---
25  2020 Electric Field-Modulated Magnetic Phase Transition in van der Waals CrI3 Bilayers. AFM-to-FM
26  2020 Electrochemically exfoliated thin Bi2Se3 films and van der Waals heterostructures Bi2Se3/graphene. ---
27  2020 Enhanced carrier mobility and tunable electronic properties in alpha-tellurene monolayer via an alpha-tellurene and h-BN heterostructure. ---
28  2020 Exchange Bias Effect in Ferro-/Antiferromagnetic van der Waals Heterostructures. AFM, EB, FM
29  2020 Fabrication of a graphene layer probe to measure force interactions in layered heterojunctions. AFM, GLP
30  2020 Gate-Tunable Semiconductor Heterojunctions from 2D/3D van der Waals Interfaces. ---
31  2020 GeC/GaN vdW Heterojunctions: A Promising Photocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting and Solar Energy Conversion. BSE, DFT
32  2020 High mobility in a van der Waals layered antiferromagnetic metal. ---
33  2020 High-Performance p-BP/n-PdSe2 Near-Infrared Photodiodes with a Fast and Gate-Tunable Photoresponse. TMD
34  2020 How Clean Is Clean? Recipes for van der Waals Heterostructure Cleanliness Assessment. ---
35  2020 Hydrodynamic-Colloidal Interactions of an Oil Droplet and a Membrane Surface. ---
36  2020 Interfacial Contact Behavior between CNTs and AgNW with Molecular Dynamics Simulation. CNTs, MD
37  2020 Interfacing Boron Monophosphide with Molybdenum Disulfide for an Ultrahigh Performance in Thermoelectrics, Two-Dimensional Excitonic Solar Cells, and Nanopiezotronics. BP, PCE
38  2020 Large-area epitaxial growth of curvature-stabilized ABC trilayer graphene. TLG
39  2020 Macroscopic Au@PANI Core/Shell Nanoparticle Superlattice Monolayer Film with Dual-Responsive Plasmonic Switches. LSPR, NP, NPs, PANI, SERS
40  2020 Mechano-chemical stability and water effect on gas selectivity in mixed-metal zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: a systematic investigation from van der Waals corrected density functional theory. DFT, ZIFs
41  2020 Mixed-Dimensional Van der Waals Heterostructure Photodetector. ---
42  2020 Mixed-Dimensional Vertical Point p-n Junctions. CNTs, VPpnJ
43  2020 Nanoscale Guiding of Infrared Light with Hyperbolic Volume and Surface Polaritons in van der Waals Material Ribbons. ---
44  2020 Near-Direct Bandgap WSe2/ReS2 Type-II pn Heterojunction for Enhanced Ultrafast Photodetection and High-Performance Photovoltaics. TMD
45  2020 Observation of Magnetic Skyrmion Bubbles in a van der Waals Ferromagnet Fe3GeTe2. TEM
46  2020 On the wetting translucency of hexagonal boron nitride. h-BN
47  2020 Phase Transition across Anisotropic NbS3 and Direct Gap Semiconductor TiS3 at Nominal Titanium Alloying Limit. TMTCs
48  2020 Phosphorus-based metal-free Z-scheme 2D van der Waals heterostructures for visible-light photocatalytic water splitting: a first-principles study. DFT
49  2020 Point defect induced intervalley scattering for the enhancement of interlayer electron transport in bilayer MoS2 homojunctions. TMDC
50  2020 Polarization-Sensitive Self-Powered Type-II GeSe/MoS2 van der Waals Heterojunction Photodetector. ---
51  2020 Pressure and electric field tuning of Schottky contacts in PdSe2/ZT-MoSe2 van der Waals heterostructure. ---
52  2020 Proximity Spin-Orbit Torque on a Two-Dimensional Magnet within van der Waals Heterostructure: Current-Driven Antiferromagnet-to-Ferromagnet Reversible Nonequilibrium Phase Transition in Bilayer CrI3. ---
53  2020 Role of van der Waals interaction in enhancing the photon absorption capability of the MoS2/2D heterostructure. ---
54  2020 Self-Powered Visible-Invisible Multiband Detection and Imaging Achieved Using High-Performance 2D MoTe2/MoS2 Semivertical Heterojunction Photodiodes. ---
55  2020 Solution Synthesis of Layered van der Waals (vdW) Ferromagnetic CrGeTe3 Nanosheets from a Non-vdW Cr2Te3Template. ---
56  2020 Spontaneous self-intercalation of copper atoms into transition metal dichalcogenides. TMDs
57  2020 Strain-engineered BlueP-MoS2 van der Waals heterostructure with improved lithiation/sodiation for LIBs and SIBs. ---
58  2020 Strong anisotropy and layer-dependent carrier mobility of two-dimensional semiconductor ZrGeTe4. BP
59  2020 Study of the GaAs/SiH van der Waals type-II heterostructure: a high efficiency photocatalyst promoted by a built-in electric field. CB, VB
60  2020 Synthetic Semimetals with van der Waals Interfaces. ---
61  2020 The effects of HHP (high hydrostatic pressure) on the interchain interaction and the conformation of amylopectin and double-amylose molecules. HHP, RMSD, RMSF
62  2020 The strain effect on the electronic properties of the MoSSe/WSSe van der Waals heterostructure: a first-principles study. ---
63  2020 Thermal History-Dependent Current Relaxation in hBN/MoS2 van der Waals Dimers. h-BN
64  2020 Thermal Rectification in Asymmetric Graphene/Hexagonal Boron Nitride van der Waals Heterostructures. h-BN, TR
65  2020 Thickness of elemental and binary single atomic monolayers. MD
66  2020 Thickness-Dependent In-Plane Polarization and Structural Phase Transition in van der Waals Ferroelectric CuInP2 S6. ---
67  2020 Transferable High-Quality Inorganic Perovskites for Optoelectronic Devices by Weak Interaction Heteroepitaxy. HOPG
68  2020 Tuning the Schottky barrier height in graphene/monolayer-GeI2 van der Waals heterostructure. m-GeI2
69  2020 Tunneling-based rectification and photoresponsivity in black phosphorus/hexagonal boron nitride/rhenium diselenide van der Waals heterojunction diode. BP, DT, FNT, h-BN, NDR, TMDs
70  2020 uMBD: A Materials-Ready Dispersion Correction That Uniformly Treats Metallic, Ionic, and van der Waals Bonding. DFT
71  2020 Unbinding events of amino acids and peptides from water-pyrite interfaces: A case study of life's origin on mineral surfaces. AFM
72  2020 Unraveling the Elastic Properties of (Quasi)Two-Dimensional Hybrid Perovskites: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study. DFT, HOIPs, PEA
73  2020 van der Waals Function for Molecular Mechanics. ---
74  2020 van der Waals Integrated Devices Based on Nanomembranes of 3D Materials. ---
75  2020 Van der Waals interfacial reconstruction in monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides and gold heterojunctions. ---
76  2020 Wettability of nanostructured hexagonal boron nitride surfaces: molecular dynamics insights on the effect of wetting anisotropy. h-BN, MD
77  2020 X-ray Photoionization Cross Section Spectra of Water and Ammonia Bonded on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: A Quantum Mechanical Interpretation to the Absorption Spectra on Graphene. PAHs, TDDFT
78  2019 A double exponential potential for van der Waals interaction. DE, IPS, LJ
79  2019 A room-temperature polariton light-emitting diode based on monolayer WS2. EL, LEDs, TMDs
80  2019 A type-II C2N/alpha-Te van der Waals heterojunction with improved optical properties by external perturbation. ---
81  2019 Accurate non-bonded potentials based on periodic quantum mechanics calculations for use in molecular simulations of materials and systems. FFs, QM
82  2019 Achieving a direct band gap and high power conversion efficiency in an SbI3/BiI3 type-II vdW heterostructure via interlayer compression and electric field application. CBM, PCE, VBM, XSC
83  2019 Anomalous phase transition behavior in hydrothermal grown layered tellurene. ---
84  2019 Antisymmetric magnetoresistance in van der Waals Fe3GeTe2/graphite/Fe3GeTe2 trilayer heterostructures. GMR, MR
85  2019 Approaching the Collection Limit in Hot Electron Transistors with Ambipolar Hot Carrier Transport. HETs
86  2019 Assessment of the VDW interaction converting DMAPS from the thermal-motion form to the hydrogen-bonded form. DFT
87  2019 Assessment of van der Waals inclusive density functional theory methods for adsorption and selective dehydrogenation of formic acid on Pt(111) surface. DFT
88  2019 Atomic and electronic reconstruction at the van der Waals interface in twisted bilayer graphene. ---
89  2019 Atomically Thin CrCl3: An In-Plane Layered Antiferromagnetic Insulator. ---
90  2019 Atomically thin three-dimensional membranes of van der Waals semiconductors by wafer-scale growth. ML
91  2019 Atomically thin two-dimensional ZnSe/ZnSe(ea)x van der Waals nanojunctions for synergistically enhanced visible light photocatalytic H2 evolution. EA
92  2019 Benchmarking the performance of approximate van der Waals methods for the structural and energetic properties of SiO2 and AlPO4 frameworks. AlPOs, DFT
93  2019 Bilayer MoSe2/HfS2 Nanocomposite as a Potential Visible-Light-Driven Z-Scheme Photocatalyst. HER, OER
94  2019 Carrier multiplication in van der Waals layered transition metal dichalcogenides. CM
95  2019 Catalyst-Selective Growth of Single-Orientation Hexagonal Boron Nitride toward High-Performance Atomically Thin Electric Barriers. DFT, h-BN
96  2019 Computational Analysis of Non-covalent Interactions in Phycocyanin Subunit Interfaces. ---
97  2019 Computational understanding of the structural and electronic properties of the GeS-graphene contact. ---
98  2019 Construction of direct Z-Scheme photocatalysts for overall water splitting using two-dimensional van der waals heterojunctions of metal dichalcogenides. ---
99  2019 Continuous, Ultra-lightweight, and Multipurpose Super-aligned Carbon Nanotube Tapes Viable over a Wide Range of Temperatures. SACNT
100  2019 Controlled Growth of Large-Area Bilayer Tungsten Diselenides with Lateral P-N Junctions. ---