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Abbreviation : 2-CADO
Long Form : 2-chloroadenosine
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2010 2-Chloroadenosine (2-CADO) treatment modulates the pro-inflammatory immune response to prevent acute lung inflammation in BALB/c mice suffering from Klebsiella pneumoniae B5055-induced pneumonia. ALI, AMC, IL, TNF-alpha
2010 Intravenous 2-chloroadenosine protects BALB/c mice from Klebsiella pneumoniae B5055-induced sepsis by modulating the pro-inflammatory immune response. LPS, PIDs
2005 Suppression of generalized seizures activity by intrathalamic 2-chloroadenosine application. EEG, PTZ
2004 Adenosine A1 receptors and the anticonvulsant potential of drugs effective in the model of 3-nitropropionic acid-induced seizures in mice. 3-NPA, DPCPX, R-PIA
2003 Characterization of adenosine receptors mediating the vasodilator effects of adenosine receptor agonists in the microvasculature of the hamster cheek pouch in vivo. 8-SPT, CPA, DPCPX, NECA
2002 2-Chloroadenosine but not adenosine induces apoptosis in rheumatoid fibroblasts independently of cell surface adenosine receptor signalling. ADA, AdoR, NBMPR
2002 Activation of adenosine-receptor-enhanced iNOS mRNA expression by gingival epithelial cells. HGEC
2002 Theophylline blocks ethanol withdrawal-induced hyperalgesia. i.p
2002 [Adenosine in treatment of rats with spinal cord injury]. HPLC, SCI
10  2001 Adenosine regulates the IL-1 beta-induced cellular functions of human gingival fibroblasts. ECM, HGF
11  2000 Adenosine regulates the production of interleukin-6 by human gingival fibroblasts via cyclic AMP/protein kinase A pathway. cAMP, dbtcAMP, HGF, IL, PGE1, PKA
12  2000 Anticonvulsant effect and neurotransmitter modulation of focal and systemic 2-chloroadenosine against the development of pilocarpine-induced seizures. ---
13  2000 Characterisation of adenosine receptors mediating relaxation in hamster isolated aorta. CPA, NECA, R-PIA
14  2000 Effects of P(1) and P2 receptor antagonists on beta, gamma-methyleneATP- and CGS21680-induced cyclic AMP formation in NG108-15 cells. 2-ClATP, beta,gamma-MeATP
15  1999 Adenosine mediates relaxation of human small resistance-like coronary arteries via A2B receptors. 8-SPT, CPA, DMPX, DPCPX, L-NOARG, NECA, R-PIA, S-PIA
16  1997 Effect of adenosine receptor modulation on pentylenetetrazole-induced seizures in rats. CPA, CPCA, DMPX, DPCPX, PTZ
17  1997 Presynaptic GABAB and adenosine A1 receptors regulate synaptic transmission to rat substantia nigra reticulata neurones. EPSCs, SNr
18  1997 The effect of 2-chloroadenosine on lipid peroxide level during experimental cerebral ischemia-reperfusion in gerbils. MDA, TBA
19  1996 Characterization of P1-purinoceptors on rat isolated duodenum longitudinal muscle and muscularis mucosae. 8-PT, CPA, DPCPX, NECA
20  1996 Pharmacological probes for A1 and A2 adenosine receptors in vivo in feline pulmonary vascular bed. DPCPX, PV, XAC
21  1995 Adenosine analogs inhibit acetylcholine release and cyclic AMP synthesis in the guinea-pig superior cervical ganglion. ACh, CHA, DPCPX, FSK, SCG, SUL
22  1995 Contribution of P1-(A2b subtype) and P2-purinoceptors to the control of vascular tone in the rat isolated mesenteric arterial bed. 8-SPT, CPA, L-NAME, NECA
23  1995 Effect of locally infused 2-chloroadenosine, an A1 receptor agonist, on spontaneous and evoked dopamine release in rat neostriatum. DA
24  1995 The in vitro pharmacology of ZM 241385, a potent, non-xanthine A2a selective adenosine receptor antagonist. AB-MECA, NECA, R-PIA
25  1993 ATP and A1 adenosine receptor agonists mobilize intracellular calcium and activate K+ and Cl- currents in normal and cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells. ---
26  1993 Characterization of adenosine receptor-mediated generation of cyclic AMP in slices of rat cerebral cortex with chronic epileptic activity. CHA, R-PIA
27  1993 P1(A2/Ra)-purinoceptors may mediate the stimulatory effect of adenosine and adenosine analogs on acid formation in isolated rabbit parietal cells. ADO, db-cAMP, NECA
28  1992 Effect of 2-chloroadenosine on cerebrovascular reactivity to hypercapnia in newborn pig. ---
29  1992 Interaction of adenosine analogs with morphine in analgesic tests. CHA
30  1992 Neutrophils from asthmatics exhibit diminished responsiveness to 2-chloroadenosine which is reversed by theophylline. Evidence for a cyclic-AMP-independent pathway on human neutrophils. ---
31  1991 Behavioral effects of intrastriatal caffeine mediated by adenosinergic modulation of dopamine. DA
32  1991 Effects of topical adenosine analogs and forskolin on rat pial arterioles in vivo. CHA, R-PIA
33  1991 Local cerebral blood flow response to locally infused 2-chloroadenosine during hypotension in piglets. CBF
34  1991 Role of endothelium in responses of isolated hepatic vessels to vasoactive agents. ACh, HA, MB, PV
35  1990 Adenosine agonists can both inhibit and enhance in vivo striatal dopamine release. CPCA, CPT, DA, DOPAC, NECA
36  1989 A cerebral vasoconstrictive effect of some adenosine analogues. A study of adenosine analogues on local cerebral blood flow and glucose utilisation in the rat. CHA, LCBF
37  1989 Autoradiographic characterization of high-affinity adenosine A2 receptors in the rat brain. CPA, DPX, PACPX, R-PIA, S-PIA, XAC, XCC
38  1989 The effect of local infusion of adenosine and adenosine analogues on local cerebral blood flow. ADO, CBF, ISF, NECA
39  1988 Effects of adenosine and its analogues on porcine basilar arteries: are only A2 receptors involved? CHA, L-PIA, PG
40  1988 Evidence that adenosine A2 and dopamine autoreceptors antagonistically regulate tyrosine hydroxylase activity in rat striatal synaptosomes. DA, TH
41  1986 Pharmacological profile of adenosine A2 receptor in PC12 cells. AC, CHA, CPA, DPX, IBMX, NECA, PACPX
42  1986 Qualitative differences in the effects of adenosine analogs on the cholinergic systems of rat striatum and hippocampus. ACh
43  1986 Vagally mediated stimulation of gastric acid secretion by intravenously administered adenosine derivatives in anaesthetized rats. ADO, CHA, NECA
44  1984 Evidence for an inhibitory prejunctional P1-purinoceptor in the rat portal vein with characteristics of the A2 rather than of the A1 subtype. ADO, CHA, L- and D-PIA, NECA
45  1982 Interaction of 2-phenylaminoadenosine (CV 1808) with adenosine systems in rat tissues. ---