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Abbreviation : 2-DG
Long Form : 2-deoxyglucose
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 2-Deoxy-d-glucose exploits increased glucose metabolism in cancer and viral-infected cells: Relevance to its use in India against SARS-CoV-2. ---
2021 3-Methyladenine prevents energy stress-induced necrotic death of melanoma cells through autophagy-independent mechanisms. 3-MA, AMPK, mTORC1, PI3K
2021 A metabolic inhibitor arms macrophages to kill intracellular fungal pathogens by manipulating zinc homeostasis. ---
2021 A Multi-Omics Study Revealing the Metabolic Effects of Estrogen in Liver Cancer Cells HepG2. ER, HCC, PPT
2021 Acetone Extract of Cornus officinalis Leaves Exerts Anti-Melanoma Effects via Inhibiting STAT3 Signaling. HPLC, ROS
2021 Adherence Affects Monocyte Innate Immune Function and Metabolic Reprogramming after Lipopolysaccharide Stimulation In Vitro. ---
2021 Autophagy mediated lipid catabolism facilitates glioma progression to overcome bioenergetic crisis. FAO
2021 Central µ-Opioid Receptor Antagonism Blocks Glucoprivic LH Pulse Suppression and Gluconeogenesis/Feeding in Female Rats. GnRH, LH, MOR, PVN
2021 Chinese Poplar Propolis Inhibits MDA-MB-231 Cell Proliferation in an Inflammatory Microenvironment by Targeting Enzymes of the Glycolytic Pathway. HK2, IL, LDHA, LPS, PFK, PKM2, ROS, TNF-alpha
10  2021 Cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript peptide (CART) in the tadpole brain: Response to different energy states. CART, EN, EW, POA, vHy
11  2021 Crosstalk between hypoxia-sensing ULK1/2 and YAP-driven glycolysis fuels pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma development. 3-BP, BNIP3, CDX, PDAC, PDX, PKM2, UPS, YAP
12  2021 Early glycolytic reprogramming controls microglial inflammatory activation. 3-BPA, ELISA, Glut1, HK, IKKbeta, LPS, MPTP, mTOR, NF-kappaB, PD, RT-PCR, SIRT1, TH
13  2021 Early-life EV-A71 infection augments allergen-induced airway inflammation in asthma through trained macrophage immunity. BMDMs
14  2021 Effect of ketamine on the physiological responses to combined hypoglycemic and psychophysical stress. CORT, TNF
15  2021 Evidence of hypoglycemic anhedonia and modulation by bupropion in rats. IOSA
16  2021 Experimental and Computational Studies on Structure and Energetic Properties of Halogen Derivatives of 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose. 2FG, DFT
17  2021 Glucose metabolism characteristics and TLR8-mediated metabolic control of CD4+ Treg cells in ovarian cancer cells microenvironment. TLR8
18  2021 Impact of impaired glucose metabolism on responses to a psychophysical stressor: modulation by ketamine. FSS
19  2021 In vitro and in vivo efficacy of thiacloprid against Echinococcus multilocularis. AE, E. multilocularis, HFF, PGI, RH
20  2021 Inhibiting Glucose Metabolism Results in Herpes Simplex Encephalitis. TG
21  2021 Inhibition of glucose use improves structural recovery of injured Achilles tendon in mice. GAGs
22  2021 Involvement of GLUT1 and GLUT3 in the growth of canine melanoma cells. GLUT
23  2021 Leptin promotes glycolytic metabolism to induce dendritic cells activation via STAT3-HK2 pathway. DCs, HK2, PBMC, Th17
24  2021 Metabolic changes in synovial cells in early inflammation: Involvement of CREB phosphorylation in the anti-inflammatory effect of 2-deoxyglucose. CREB, LPS, RA
25  2021 Metabolic preconditioning in CD4+ T cells restores inducible immune tolerance in lupus-prone mice. ---
26  2021 Metabolic shifts modulate lung injury caused by infection with H1N1 influenza A virus. d.p.i, DCA, IAV, PDK, ROT
27  2021 Mitigation of radiation-induced pulmonary fibrosis by small-molecule dye IR-780. NIR, RIPF
28  2021 Morphological Analysis of the Hindbrain Glucose Sensor-Hypothalamic Neural Pathway Activated by Hindbrain Glucoprivation. ARC, CRH, mRNA, NPY, PVN
29  2021 MTAP Deficiency-Induced Metabolic Reprogramming Creates a Vulnerability to Cotargeting De Novo Purine Synthesis and Glycolysis in Pancreatic Cancer. HIF-1alpha, MTAP, PDAC, RIOK1
30  2021 Neuroprotection Effect of Astragaloside IV from 2-DG-Induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress. ATF6, ERS, GRP78, GSK-3beta, IRE1, mPTP, p-PERK, TMRE
31  2021 NIR-II fluorescence imaging guided tumor-specific NIR-II photothermal therapy enhanced by starvation mediated thermal sensitization strategy. FI, HSPs, PTT
32  2021 Norcantharidin combined with 2-deoxy-d-glucose suppresses the hepatocellular carcinoma cells proliferation and migration. NCTD, ROS
33  2021 Novel Facet of an Old Dietary Molecule? Direct Influence of Caffeine on Glucose and Biogenic Amine Handling by Human Adipocytes. IBMX, PrAO
34  2021 Preliminary screening and correlation analysis for lncRNAs related to radiosensitivity in melanoma cells by inhibiting glycolysis. GO, KEGG
35  2021 Sensory neurons derived from diabetic rats exhibit deficits in functional glycolysis and ATP that are ameliorated by IGF-1. ATP, DRG, FRET, IGF-1, STZ
36  2021 The ATP synthase inhibition induces an AMPK-dependent glycolytic switch of mesenchymal stem cells that enhances their immunotherapeutic potential. DTH, GVHD, MSC
37  2021 The rate of aerobic glycolysis is a pivotal regulator of tumor progression. HG, HIF-1 alpha, NG, VEGF
38  2021 Two-photon AMPK and ATP imaging reveals the bias between rods and cones in glycolysis utility. AMPK
39  2021 Vanadium-dependent activation of glucose transport in adipocytes by catecholamines is not mediated via adrenoceptor stimulation or monoamine oxidase activity. beta-ARs, MAO, SSAO
40  2020 2 -Deoxy - d-glucose at chronic low dose acts as a caloric restriction mimetic through a mitohormetic induction of ROS in the brain of accelerated senescence model of rat. CAT, CRM, FRAP, ROS, SOD
41  2020 2-deoxy-d-glucose Ameliorates Animal Models of Dermatitis. TPA
42  2020 2-Deoxy-d-Glucose and Its Analogs: From Diagnostic to Therapeutic Agents. 2-DG-6-P
43  2020 2-Deoxy-D-glucose enhances the anti-cancer effects of idarubicin on idarubicin-resistant P388 leukemia cells. ER, IDA
44  2020 2-Deoxy-d-glucose Promotes Buforin IIb-Induced Cytotoxicity in Prostate Cancer DU145 Cells and Xenograft Tumors. AMP
45  2020 2-Deoxyglucose terminates pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus in neonatal rats. i.p, SE, VEEG
46  2020 A combinatorial approach of a polypharmacological adjuvant 2-deoxy-D-glucose with low dose radiation therapy to quell the cytokine storm in COVID-19 management. LDRT, SARS-CoV-2
47  2020 Acacetin enhances glucose uptake through insulin-independent GLUT4 translocation in L6 myotubes. ROS
48  2020 Activation of unfolded protein response overcomes Ibrutinib resistance in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. ABC, BTK, DLBCL, NHL, UPR
49  2020 Acute Inflammation Alters Brain Energy Metabolism in Mice and Humans: Role in Suppressed Spontaneous Activity, Impaired Cognition, and Delirium. IL, IL-1ra, LPS
50  2020 Acute myeloid leukemia sensitivity to metabolic inhibitors: glycolysis showed to be a better therapeutic target. AML, OXPHOS
51  2020 Amelioration of High-Insulin-Induced Skeletal Muscle Cell Insulin Resistance by Resveratrol Is Linked to Activation of AMPK and Restoration of GLUT4 Translocation. HI, RSV, T2DM
52  2020 Attenuation of Free Fatty Acid (FFA)-Induced Skeletal Muscle Cell Insulin Resistance by Resveratrol is Linked to Activation of AMPK and Inhibition of mTOR and p70 S6K. FFA, RSV, T2DM
53  2020 BDNF secretion from C2C12 cells is enhanced by methionine restriction. BDNF, MR
54  2020 Blockade of N-Glycosylation Promotes Antitumor Immune Response of T Cells. ---
55  2020 Bromodomains and Extra-Terminal (BET) Inhibitor JQ1 Suppresses Proliferation of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia by Inhibiting c-Myc-Mediated Glycolysis. ALL, BET
56  2020 CD205+ polymorphonuclear myeloid-derived suppressor cells suppress antitumor immunity by overexpressing GLUT3. GLUT3, MDSCs, PMN
57  2020 Cell cycle synchronisation using thiazolidinediones affects cellular glucose metabolism and enhances the therapeutic effect of 2-deoxyglucose in colon cancer. TZDs
58  2020 Cellular toxicity of the metabolic inhibitor 2-deoxyglucose and associated resistance mechanisms. FDG
59  2020 CircAKT3 inhibits glycolysis balance in lung cancer cells by regulating miR-516b-5p/STAT3 to inhibit cisplatin sensitivity. CircAKT3, DDP, MTT, qRT-PCR
60  2020 Circular RNA circPITX1 knockdown inhibits glycolysis to enhance radiosensitivity of glioma cells by miR-329-3p/NEK2 axis. circPITX1, circRNAs, miR, NEK2, qRT-PCR
61  2020 Co-delivery of 2-Deoxyglucose and a glutamine metabolism inhibitor V9302 via a prodrug micellar formulation for synergistic targeting of metabolism in cancer. POEG-p-2DG
62  2020 Colchicine treatment impairs skeletal muscle mitochondrial function and insulin sensitivity in an age-specific manner. iMKO
63  2020 Digital autoradiography for efficient functional imaging without anesthesia in experimental animals: Reversing phencyclidine-induced functional alterations using clozapine. ARG, NMDAR, PET
64  2020 Disruption of Glycogen Utilization Markedly Improves the Efficacy of Carboplatin against Preclinical Models of Clear Cell Ovarian Carcinoma. OCC
65  2020 Distinct roles for the hypoxia-inducible transcription factors HIF-1α and HIF-2α in human osteoclast formation and function. HIF-1alpha
66  2020 DNA methylation status influences insulin-induced glucose transport in 3T3-L1 adipocytes by mediating p53 expression. 5-azaC, GLUT1, IRS-1
67  2020 Effect of 2-deoxyglucose-mediated inhibition of glycolysis on the regulation of mTOR signaling and protein synthesis before and after high-intensity muscle contraction. HiMC
68  2020 Enhanced Fatty Acid Synthesis Leads to Subset Imbalance and IFN-γ Overproduction in T Helper 1 Cells. ---
69  2020 ER-to-Golgi Transport in HeLa Cells Displays High Resilience to Ca2+ and Energy Stresses. ER, FPs, GPI
70  2020 Etched multicore fiber sensor using copper oxide and gold nanoparticles decorated graphene oxide structure for cancer cells detection. EWs, GO, LOD, LSPR, MCF, NMs, RIS, SMF
71  2020 Ezrin promotes hepatocellular carcinoma progression by modulating glycolytic reprogramming. EMT, ERM, HCC
72  2020 Glucose transporter 1 is important for the glycolytic metabolism of human endometrial stromal cells in hypoxic environment. GLUTs, HESCs, qPCR
73  2020 Glucose Uptake and Insulin Response in Tissue-engineered Human Skeletal Muscle. 4-PBA
74  2020 Glycolysis and mitochondrial function regulate the radical oxygen species production induced by platelet-activating factor in bovine polymorphonuclear leukocytes. CCCP, mtROS, PAF, PMN, ROS
75  2020 Glycolytic inhibitor 2-deoxyglucose suppresses inflammatory response in innate immune cells and experimental staphylococcal endophthalmitis. BMDM, HKSA
76  2020 Glycolytic reprogramming of macrophages activated by NOD1 and TLR4 agonists: No association with proinflammatory cytokine production in normoxia. MDM, NOD, TLR4
77  2020 Glycometabolic Regulation of the Biogenesis of Small Extracellular Vesicles. N-glycosylation, sEVs
78  2020 Human herpesvirus 6A promotes glycolysis in infected T cells by activation of mTOR signaling. HHV-6
79  2020 Hydrogen sulfide attenuates postoperative cognitive dysfunction through promoting the pathway of Warburg effect-synaptic plasticity in hippocampus. POCD
80  2020 In vitro, in vivo and in silico Antihyperglycemic Activity of Some Semi-synthetic Phytol Derivatives. ADMET, PPARgamma, ROSI, SAR, SLM, STZ
81  2020 Increased Expression of EZH2 Is Mediated by Higher Glycolysis and mTORC1 Activation in Lupus CD4+ T Cells. SLE
82  2020 Increased mTOR and suppressed autophagic flux in the heart of a hypomorphic Pkd1 mouse model of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. ADPKD, Ambra1, BECN1, mTOR
83  2020 Increased Oxidative Phosphorylation Is Required for Stemness Maintenance in Liver Cancer Stem Cells from Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line HCCLM3 Cells. CSCs, LCSCs, OXPHOS
84  2020 Inhibition of glycolysis ameliorate arthritis in adjuvant arthritis rats by inhibiting synoviocyte activation through AMPK/NF-кB pathway. AA
85  2020 Lactic acid accumulation under heat stress related to accelerated glycolysis and mitochondrial dysfunction inhibits the mycelial growth of Pleurotus ostreatus. ATP, ROS
86  2020 Leucine and mTORc1 act independently to regulate 2-deoxyglucose uptake in L6 myotubes. ---
87  2020 Lonidamine potentiates the oncolytic efficiency of M1 virus independent of hexokinase 2 but via inhibition of antiviral immunity. ER, HK2
88  2020 Low-dose 2-deoxy glucose stabilises tolerogenic dendritic cells and generates potent in vivo immunosuppressive effects. EAU, mDC, MTB, OXPHOS, tolDC
89  2020 Metformin and 2-Deoxyglucose Collaboratively Suppress Human CD4+ T Cell Effector Functions and Activation-Induced Metabolic Reprogramming. ---
90  2020 Metformin suppresses Nrf2-mediated chemoresistance in hepatocellular carcinoma cells by increasing glycolysis. ---
91  2020 METTL3 expression is associated with glycolysis metabolism and sensitivity to glycolytic stress in hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC
92  2020 Microfluidic Platform for the Isolation of Cancer-Cell Subpopulations Based on Single-Cell Glycolysis. SIFT
93  2020 Mild Hyperthermia Aggravates Glucose Metabolic Consequences in Repetitive Concussion. lCMRGlc, mTBI, TBI
94  2020 Multiplexed non-invasive tumor imaging of glucose metabolism and receptor-ligand engagement using dark quencher FRET acceptor. AF700, FLIM, MFLI-FRET, NIR
95  2020 Nanoparticle-Mediated Delivery of 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Induces Antitumor Immunity and Cytotoxicity in Liver Tumors in Mice. HCC, PLGA
96  2020 Neuroinflammatory inhibition of synaptic long-term potentiation requires immunometabolic reprogramming of microglia. HIF-1alpha, IL-1beta, LTP
97  2020 NH-sulfoximine: A novel pharmacological inhibitor of the mitochondrial F1 Fo -ATPase, which suppresses viability of cancerous cells. IF1, NHS
98  2020 One-stop radiotherapeutic targeting of primary and distant osteosarcoma to inhibit cancer progression and metastasis using 2DG-grafted graphene quantum dots. 2DG-g-GQD, GQD, OS, RT
99  2020 Paraventricular Dynorphin A Neurons Mediate LH Pulse Suppression Induced by Hindbrain Glucoprivation in Female Rats. ARC, DYN, GnRH, LH, PVN, SON
100  2020 PRKAR2B-HIF-1alpha loop promotes aerobic glycolysis and tumour growth in prostate cancer. CRPC, HIF-1alpha, PKA