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Long Form : abdominal aorta
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Heterogeneous effect of aging on vasorelaxation responses in large and small arteries. ACh, CaM, Cav-1, FA, GFA, IA, SNP
2019 A Novel Rat Model for Comprehensive Microvascular Training of End-to-End, End-to-Side, and Side-to-Side Anastomoses. CIAs, MSA
2019 Clinical and Radiographic Predictors of Great Vessel Resection or Reconstruction During Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection for Testicular Cancer. IVC, RoR, RPLND
2019 Comparison of Efficacy between Internal Iliac Artery and Abdominal Aorta Balloon Occlusions in Pernicious Placenta Previa Patients with Placenta Accrete. EBL, IIA
2019 No association between the abdominal aorta diameter and cervicocephalic atherosclerosis-Potential non-atherosclerotic origins of abdominal aorta aneurysms? CIMT, CSC
2019 Noise-optimised virtual monoenergetic imaging of dual-energy CT: effect on metal artefact reduction in patients with lumbar internal fixation. AI, DECT, IVC, VMI
2019 Nonrenal Systemic Arterial Calcification Predicts the Formation of Kidney Stones. KSFs, NSFs, ORs, SA
2019 Quantitative Time-Harmonic Ultrasound Elastography of the Abdominal Aorta and Inferior Vena Cava. IVC, SWS, THE
2019 Replaced right hepatic artery arising from inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery, in association with left multiple renal arteries: a case report using MDCT angiography. CT, IPDA, MDCT, RAs, rRHA, SMA
10  2019 Superior mesenteric artery syndrome coexists with Nutcracker syndrome in a female: a case report. BMI, LRV, SMA
11  2019 The effect of supine positioning on maternal hemodynamics during late pregnancy. IVC
12  2019 Unilateral left four renal arteries: case report using MDCT angiography. AdRAs, MDCT, RAs
13  2018 A Retroaortic Left Renal Vein in a Female Cadaver. IVC, RLRV, RV
14  2018 An anomalous origin of the gastrosplenic trunk and common hepatic artery arising independently from the abdominal aorta: a case report using MDCT angiography. CHA, GST, LGA, MDCT, SA, SMA
15  2018 Anatomic variation of the relation between the inferior mesenteric artery and the bifurcation point of abdominal aorta during lower anterior resection: A rare case report. IMA, LAR
16  2018 Association between common bile duct diameter and abdominal aorta calcium score. CBD
17  2018 Clinical Efficacy of Transthoracic Echocardiography for Screening Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm in Turkish Patients. AAA, OR, TTE
18  2018 Elevated Plasma Levels of LDL Cholesterol Promote Dissecting Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms in Angiotensin II-Induced Mice. AD, Ang II, LDL
19  2018 Elevated Wall Tension Initiates Interleukin-6 Expression and Abdominal Aortic Dilation. AAA, Ang II, HTN, IL-6, MCP-1, qPCR, VSMCs
20  2018 High-Frame-Rate Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound for Velocimetry in the Human Abdominal Aorta. AM, ePIV, HFR, SVD, UCA
21  2018 On the association between abdominal aorta and basilar artery diameters: a population-based study in community-dwelling older adults. BA
22  2018 Radiographic Study of Lumbar Sympathetic Trunk in Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion Surgery. LST, OLIF, PM
23  2018 Relation of Velocity-Time Integral of the Left Ventricular Outflow Tract to that of the Descending Thoracic Aorta and Usefulness of a Fixed Ratio for Internal Validation. DTA, LVOT VTI
24  2018 The effect of maternal obesity on fetal biometry, body composition and growth velocity. AFM, BMI, EFW
25  2018 [Correlation between the stenosis degree of aorto-iliac artery and superior mesenteric artery in patients with lower extremity atherosclerotic occlusive disease by CT angiography]. AVA, CTA, LEAOD, SMA
26  2017 Ascending Aorta to Hepatic and Mesenteric Artery Bypassing, in Patients with Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia and Extensive Aortic Disease-A Case Report and Review of the Literature. CMI
27  2017 Differential hypertensive protease expression in the thoracic versus abdominal aorta. Ang II, HTN, MMPs, TA
28  2017 Frequency of Acccessory Renal Arteries Diagnosed by Computerized Tomography. ---
29  2017 Identification of the main determinants of abdominal aorta size: a screening by Pocket Size Imaging Device. CAD, CV, PSID
30  2017 Low versus high dialysate calcium concentration in alternate night nocturnal hemodialysis: A randomized controlled trial. BMD, HC, LC, LVMI, NHD, PWV, SFA, VC
31  2017 LPA1 receptor-mediated thromboxane A2 release is responsible for lysophosphatidic acid-induced vascular smooth muscle contraction. KO, LPA, PTX, TA, TP, TXA2, VSMCs
32  2017 Stiffness of Intact Endothelial Cells From Fresh Aortic Bifurcations of Atherosclerotic Rabbits-Atomic Force Microscopic Study. ECs
33  2016 A reappraisal of pediatric abdominal surface anatomy utilizing in vivo cross-sectional imaging. ---
34  2016 Image quality of mean temporal arterial and mean temporal portal venous phase images calculated from low dose dynamic volume perfusion CT datasets in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and pancreatic cancer. DECT, dVPCT, HCC, mTA, mTPV, PV
35  2016 Microstructure and mechanics of healthy and aneurysmatic abdominal aortas: experimental analysis and modelling. AAA
36  2016 Serial Measurements of Splanchnic Vein Diameters in Rats Using High-Frequency Ultrasound. DOCA-salt, IVC, MAP, PV, SMV, SNP
37  2016 Speckle-Tracking-Based Evaluation of Vascular Strain atDifferent Sites of the Arterial Tree in Healthy Adults. CCA, CFA, PA, US
38  2016 The protective effect of melatonin on remote organ liver ischemia and reperfusion injury following aortic clamping. ---
39  2016 Ultrasonographic assessment of inferior vena cava/abdominal aorta diameter index: a new approach of assessing hypovolemic shock class 1. IVC
40  2015 (18)F-FDG PET/CT for the detection of large vessel vasculitis in patients with polymyalgia rheumatica. FTA, IA, LVV, PMR, SAT, TA
41  2015 4D model of hemodynamics in the abdominal aorta. ---
42  2015 Bilateral triple renal arteries. AdRAs, MDCT, RAs
43  2015 Effect of IL-18 binding protein on hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury induced by infrarenal aortic occlusion. IL-18BP, IR
44  2015 Numerical analysis of the hemodynamics of an abdominal aortic aneurysm repaired using the endovascular chimney technique. CFD, CSG, SG, WSS
45  2015 Role of low dose CT angiography in the follow-up after endovascular aneurysm repair of abdominal aorta. BMI, CTA, EVAR, RD
46  2014 Acute gastric dilatation due to a superior mesenteric artery syndrome: an autopsy case. SMA
47  2014 Adrenal dysfunction in portal hypertensive rats with acute hemorrhage. DW, NO, PVL, SMA, TNF-alpha
48  2014 New experimental protocols for tensile testing of abdominal aortic analogues. TPU
49  2014 Nutcracker Syndrome Accompanying Pelvic Congestion Syndrome; Color Doppler Sonography and Multislice CT Findings: A Case Report. CT, LRV, NCS, SMA
50  2014 Protease inhibitor 15, a candidate gene for abdominal aortic internal elastic lamina ruptures in the rat. BN, HS, lincRNA, Pi15, RIEL
51  2014 Seven renal arteries: a case report using MDCT angiography. MDCT, RAs
52  2013 "Total arterial devascularization first" technique for resection of pancreatic head cancer during pancreaticoduodenectomy. PV, RPD, SMA, SMV, TADF
53  2013 A direct anastomosis between the stems of celiac trunk and left colic artery by an anomalous fourth celiac trunk branch: first cadaveric study. CHA, CT, IMA, LCA, LGA, SMA
54  2013 Abdominal aortic calcification and surgical outcomes in patients with no known cardiovascular risk factors. CT, CV, MSQC
55  2013 Biodegradable flow-diverting device for the treatment of intracranial aneurysm: short-term results of a rabbit experiment. FD, PA, PGA-FDs
56  2013 Coarctation-induced degenerative abdominal aortic aneurysm in a porcine model. AAA
57  2013 Common stem origin of left gastric, right and left inferior phrenic arteries, in association with a hepatosplenomesenteric trunk, independently arising from the abdominal aorta: case report using MDCT angiography. HSMT, LGA, LIPA, MDCT, RIPA
58  2013 Comparative in vitro effects of calcineurin inhibitors on functional vascular relaxations of both rat thoracic and abdominal aorta. ACh, CNIs, SNP, TA, TAC
59  2013 Comparison of early (60 min) and delayed (180 min) acquisition of 18F-FDG PET/CT in large vessel vasculitis. FTA, IA, LVV, SAT, TA
60  2013 Correlation between Proximal Abdominal Aortic Stiffness Measured by Ultrasound and Brachial-Ankle Pulse Wave Velocity. baPWV, BMI, SBP
61  2013 Increased large artery intima media thickness in adolescents with either classical or non-classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia. CAH, CC, IMT, IR, NC
62  2012 Absence of the celiac trunk: case report using MDCT angiography. CHA, CT, LGA, SA, SMA
63  2012 Anatomic differences of the distal aorta with dilatation or aneurysm between patients from Asia and Europe as seen on CT imaging. BMI, BW, CIA
64  2012 Is there an underestimation of intima-media thickness based on M-mode ultrasound technique in the abdominal aorta? CCA, IMT, LD, WTS
65  2012 Midaortic syndrome in a premature infant. MAS
66  2012 Physiological regulation of extracellular matrix collagen and elastin in the arterial wall of rats by noradrenergic tone and angiotensin II. Ang II, AT1R, ECM, FA, NE, SNS, VSMCs
67  2012 Physiological regulation of MMPs and tPA/PAI in the arterial wall of rats by noradrenergic tone and angiotensin II. Ang II, ECM, FA, MMP, NE, PAI-1, SNS, tPA, VSMCs
68  2012 Surgical thoracic sympathectomy induces structural and biomechanical remodeling of the thoracic aorta in a porcine model. TA
69  2012 [Specific features of hypolipidemic therapy in patients with abdominal ischemic disease]. AID, UVB
70  2011 A common trunk of origin of the right testicular and middle suprarenal arteries with a retrocaval course. CT, IVC, MSA, RRA, RTA
71  2011 Evaluation of aortic geometries created by magnetic resonance imaging data in healthy volunteers. LD, MRI, TA, WSS
72  2011 Feasibility and reliability of point-of-care pocket-sized echocardiography. HIGH, IVC, LA, LV, POCKET, RV
73  2011 Gastroduodenal-splenic trunk: an anatomical vascular variant. aLHA, CHA, CT, GDA, GDST, LGA, SA
74  2011 On constitutive descriptors of the biaxial mechanical behaviour of human abdominal aorta and aneurysms. ---
75  2011 Superior mesenteric artery syndrome: risk factor for duodenal involvement in Henoch-Schonlein purpura. AMA, AMD, HSP, OI, SMA, SMA syndrome
76  2011 The role of carnitine in preventing renal damage developed as a result of infrarenal aortic ischemia-reperfusion. AIR, CC, IR, MDA, SHAM
77  2011 [Effects of computed tomography contrast medium factors on contrast enhancement]. CT, IVC
78  2011 [The nearest and remote results in treatment aneurysms of the abdominal aorta and the main arteries]. ---
79  2010 A modified technique for heterotopic heart transplantation in rats. BT, IVC, RPA
80  2010 Arterio-venous anastomoses in mice affect perfusion measurements with dynamic contrast enhanced CT. AIC, AVAs, BF, GE
81  2010 Changes in aortic stiffness related to elastic fiber network anomalies in the Brown Norway rat during maturation and aging. BN, IEL, LE
82  2010 Effects of ketamine-xylazine intravenous bolus injection on cardiovascular function in rabbits. FS, KET-XYL
83  2010 Effects of medetomidine-midazolam-fentanyl IV bolus injections and its reversal by specific antagonists on cardiovascular function in rabbits. AFN, HR, IM, MAP, MMF, PI, RI
84  2010 Microsurgical reconstruction of hepatic artery in A-A LDLT: 124 consecutive cases without HAT. AALDLT, GSV, HA, HAT, RHA
85  2010 Prehospital ultrasound by paramedics: results of field trial. EMS, FAST, PO, US
86  2010 The effect of obesity and weight loss on aortic pulse wave velocity as assessed by magnetic resonance imaging. CRP, MRI, PWV
87  2009 Cardiovascular effects of dipyrone and propofol on hemodynamic function in rabbits. MAP
88  2008 Effects of propofol on ultrasonic indicators of haemodynamic function in rabbits. HR, MAP, PI, RI
89  2008 Intravascular ultrasound assessment of atherosclerotic plaque in the aorta. DA, IVUS
90  2008 Traumatic aortic injuries in the pediatric population. Injury Severity Score, TA
91  2007 Comparison of two methods (left carotid artery and abdominal aorta) for surgical implantation of radiotelemetry devices in CD-1 mice. BW, CV, HR, LC, MBP, W/FC
92  2007 Long-term predictors of descending aorta aneurysmal change in patients with aortic dissection. AD, CT, LT, MT, UT
93  2007 Quantitative genetic basis of arterial phenotypes in the Brown Norway rat. BN, PDA, QTL, RIEL
94  2007 Reduced aortic wall stress in diabetes mellitus. AAA, CCA, DBP, IMT, LD
95  2007 Uteroplacental circulation, preeclampsia, and maternal abdominal aortic stiffness in normal and compromised pregnancies. SI
96  2007 [Clinical study of Osaka formula and improved multiparameter ultrasonic measurement for fetal weight estimation]. AC, FL, HL
97  2007 [Effect of hypertonic-hyperoncotic solution infusion on tissue perfusion during surgical treatment of the abdominal aorta]. HH
98  2006 Control of hemorrhage in critical femoral or inguinal penetrating wounds--an ultrasound evaluation. CFA
99  2006 Intimal thickening after arterial balloon injury is increased by intermittent repetitive hypoxia, but intermittent repetitive hyperoxia is not protective. TA
100  2006 The effects of aneurysm on the biaxial mechanical behavior of human abdominal aorta. AAA