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Long Form : acetic acid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Acetic Acid and Ammonium Persulfate Pre-Treated Copper Foil for the Improvement of Graphene Quality, Sensitivity and Specificity of Hall Effect Label-Free DNA Hybridization Detection. AP
2020 Acetic acid together with narrow band imaging for visualizing Kudo's pit pattern. ---
2020 Acetic acid, vinegar, and citric acid as washing materials for cuticle removal to improve hatching performance of quail eggs. CA, CND, CWD
2020 Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant, and Microbiota-Modulating Effects of Camellia Oil from Camellia brevistyla on Acetic Acid-Induced Colitis in Rats. IgG1
2020 Assessment of inoculating various epiphytic microbiota on fermentative profile and microbial community dynamics in sterile Italian ryegrass. IR, LA, MZ, SG
2020 Biochemical evaluation and molecular docking assessment of the anti-inflammatory potential of Phyllanthus nivosus leaf against ulcerative colitis. CAT, COX-2, GC-MS, IL-6, NO, SOD, TNF-alpha, UC
2020 Biosynthesis of adipic acid in metabolically engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ---
2020 Cell wall O-acetyl and methyl esterification patterns of leaves reflected in atmospheric emission signatures of acetic acid and methanol. MeOH
2020 Chitosan ducts fabricated by extrusion-based 3D printing for soft-tissue engineering. FA, GA, LA
10  2020 Cinnamyl Sulfonamide Hydroxamate Derivatives Inhibited LPS-Stimulated NF-kB Expression in RAW 264.7 Cells in In Vitro and Mitigated Experimental Colitis in Wistar Rats in In Vivo. HDAC, LPS
11  2020 Comparison of the antifungal effect of undissociated lactic and acetic acid in sourdough bread and in chemically acidified wheat bread. CHA, LA
12  2020 Contribution of surface application of chitosan-thyme and chitosan-rosemary essential oils to the volatile composition, microbial profile, and physicochemical and sensory quality of dry-fermented sausages during storage. CT, DW, PS
13  2020 Cytotoxicity of Chelating Agents Used In Endodontics and Their Influence on MMPs of Cell Membranes. CH, EDTA
14  2020 Design and characterization of chitosan/citrate films as carrier for oral macromolecule delivery. CA, MFFT, PG, SFE
15  2020 Designing a species-selective lure based on microbial volatiles to target Lobesia botrana. 2-PET
16  2020 Effect of 1,2,4,5-Benzenetetracarboxylic Acid on Unsaturated Poly(butylene adipate-co-butylene itaconate) Copolyesters: Synthesis, Non-Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics, Thermal and Mechanical Properties. BDO, BTCA, IA
17  2020 Effect of endophytic Bacillus megaterium colonization on structure strengthening, microbial community, chemical composition and stabilization properties of Hybrid Pennisetum. BA, LA, LAB, PA
18  2020 Effect of sorbic acid and dual-purpose inoculants on the fermentation quality and aerobic stability of high dry matter rice straw silage. DM, FW, LA, LAB, SA, WSC
19  2020 Effects of Terminal Motif on the Self-Assembly of Dexamethasone Derivatives. DEX, GA, LPS, PA, SA
20  2020 Electroacupuncture Inhibits the Activity of Astrocytes in Spinal Cord in Rats with Visceral Hypersensitivity by Inhibiting P2Y1 Receptor-Mediated MAPK/ERK Signaling Pathway. AWRs, EA, FCA, GFAP, IBS, SD, VH
21  2020 Ensiling of whole-plant hybrid pennisetum with natamycin and Lactobacillus plantarum impacts on fermentation characteristics and meta-genomic microbial community at low temperature. LA, LAB, OTU, PCA, WSC
22  2020 Evaluation of a sanitizing washing step with different chemical disinfectants for the strawberry processing industry. CA, LA, PA, TAM
23  2020 Feasibility of anaerobic digestion as a treatment for the aqueous pyrolysis condensate (APC) of birch bark. AD, APC
24  2020 How long is too long? Application of acetic acid during colposcopy: a prospective study. IQR, MSCL
25  2020 Independent and combined effects of Satureja khuzistanica essential oils and acetic acid on prevalence and intensity of fatty liver syndrome in broiler chickens. ---
26  2020 Independent and combined effects of Satureja khuzistanica essential oils and dietary acetic acid on fatty acid profile in thigh meat in male broiler chicken. CFA, FA, MUFA, PUFA, SFA, TFA
27  2020 Isothermal Kinetics of Poly(butylene adipate-co-butylene itaconate) Copolyesters with Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid. 1,4-BDO, IA, PBABI
28  2020 Low-molecular-weight organic acids as important factors impacting seawater acidification: A case study in the Jiaozhou Bay, China. DIC, FA, LA, LMWOAs, TA
29  2020 Metabolism and urinary excretion kinetics of di(2-ethylhexyl) adipate (DEHA) in four human volunteers after a single oral dose. 5cx-MEPA, 5OH-MEHA, 5oxo-MEHA, BW, DEHA, DEHP, TDI
30  2020 Migration studies and toxicity evaluation of cyclic polyesters oligomers from food packaging adhesives. DEG, IPA
31  2020 Modelling and validation of the antifungal activity of DL-3-phenyllactic acid and acetic acid on bread spoilage moulds. PLA
32  2020 One-Pot Biocatalytic Transformation of Adipic Acid to 6-Aminocaproic Acid and 1,6-Hexamethylenediamine Using Carboxylic Acid Reductases and Transaminases. 6-ACA, CARs, HMD, TAs
33  2020 Peracetic acid-induced kraft lignin solubilization and its characterization for selective production of macromolecular biopolymers. HP, KL, PAA
34  2020 Performance investigation of struvite high-efficiency precipitation from wastewater using silicon-doped magnesium oxide. FESEM-DES, FT-IR, HA, RS, SMG, XPS, XRD
35  2020 Phosphate group adsorption capacity of inorganic elements affects bond strength between CAD/CAM composite block and luting agent. HT, MDP, MFR, PA, PIC, TBS
36  2020 Physiological and Biochemical Response of Alternanthera bettzickiana (Regel) G. Nicholson under Acetic Acid Assisted Phytoextraction of Lead. APX, CAT, HMs
37  2020 Preparation and characterization of carnauba wax/adipic acid oleogel: A new reinforced oleogel for application in cake and beef burger. CW
38  2020 Purified Terephthalic Acid Wastewater Treatment Using Modified Two-Stage UASB Bioreactor Systems. 4-CBA, DGGE, GC, HPLC, HRT, p-TA, qPCR, TA, UASB
39  2020 Response of hypogastric afferent fibers to bladder distention or irritation in cats. HGN
40  2020 Screening a Lactobacillus plantarum strain for good adaption in alfalfa ensiling and demonstrating its improvement of alfalfa silage quality. LA, LAB, LP
41  2020 Selective Methanol Carbonylation to Acetic Acid on Heterogeneous Atomically Dispersed ReO4/SiO2 Catalysts. AC-STEM, XAS
42  2020 Sequencing and microbiota transplantation to determine the role of microbiota on the fermentation type of oat silage. LA
43  2020 Silage Fermentation, Bacterial Community, and Aerobic Stability of Total Mixed Ration Containing Wet Corn Gluten Feed and Corn Stover Prepared with Different Additives. EN, LA, LAB, TMR, WCGF
44  2020 Sustained Release of Linezolid from Prepared Hydrogels with Polyvinyl Alcohol and Aliphatic Dicarboxylic Acids of Variable Chain Lengths. GA, PVA, SA
45  2020 The Effects of Dietary Glycine on the Acetic Acid-Induced Mouse Model of Colitis. Gly
46  2020 The Impact of Ammoniation Treatment on the Chemical Composition and In Vitro Digestibility of Rice Straw in Chinese Holsteins. ADF, BA, CP, DM, GP, IVNDFD, NDF, TVFA
47  2020 The interplay of the inhibitory effect of nifuroxazide on NF-kappaB/STAT3 signaling attenuates acetic acid-induced ulcerative colitis in rats. CRP, GST, LDH, MDA, NOx, SOD, TAC, UC
48  2020 Therapeutic effect of adenosine on experimentally induced acute ulcerative colitis model in rats. AC, MDA, NF-kB
49  2020 Therapeutic effects of Choreito, a traditional Japanese (Kampo) medicine, on detrusor overactivity induced by acetic acid in rats. CRT, DO, HIF-1alpha, OAB
50  2020 Transecting the hypogastric nerve to uncover the bladder-inhibitory pathways involved with saphenous nerve stimulation in anesthetized rats. HGN, HGNi-s, HGNt-a, HGNt-s
51  2019 Abietic acid suppresses non-small-cell lung cancer cell growth via blocking IKKbeta/NF-kappaB signaling. MD, NSCLC
52  2019 Acetic acid: a cost-effective agent for mitigation of seawater-induced salt toxicity in mung bean. PCA
53  2019 Acidification effects on isolation of extracellular vesicles from bovine milk. EVs, HCl, TEM, UC, WB
54  2019 Bio- Fortification of Angelica gigas Nakai Nano-Powder Using Bio-Polymer by Hot Melt Extrusion to Enhance the Bioaccessibility and Functionality of Nutraceutical Compounds. AGN, AGNC, DA, DeltaH, DPPH, DSC, EAGN, FAGN, FRAP, FTIR, HME, HP, HPMC, Tg
55  2019 Comparison of bleach, acetic acid, and other topical anti-infective treatments in pediatric atopic dermatitis: A retrospective cohort study on antibiotic exposure. AD
56  2019 Computational investigation of catalytic effects of CX3COOH (X = F,Cl,H) on the three-component cyclocondensation reaction. TCA, TFA
57  2019 Determination of non-volatile components of a biodegradable food packaging material based on polyester and polylactic acid (PLA) and its migration to food simulants. BD, PA, PLA
58  2019 Effect of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid on Unsaturated Poly(Butylene Adipate-Co-Butylene Itaconate) Copolyester with Low-Melting Point and Controllable Hardness. 1,4-BDO, BA, EDTA, IA, IA, PBABI, Tc, Tg
59  2019 Effects of Acute Sacral Neuromodulation at Different Pulse Widths on Bladder Overactivity in Pigs. NS, SNM
60  2019 Effects of organic acid alone and in combination with H2O2 and NaCl on Escherichia coli O157:H7: An evaluation of antioxidant retention and overall acceptability in Basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum). CA, LA
61  2019 Efficacy of Acetic Acid or Chitosan for Reducing the Prevalence of Salmonella- and Escherichia coli O157:H7-Contaminated Leafy Green Plants in Field Systems. CI
62  2019 Enhancement of Jasmonate-Mediated Antiherbivore Defense Responses in Tomato by Acetic Acid, a Potent Inducer for Plant Protection. JA, POD, PPO, spr8
63  2019 Gadolinium chloride attenuates acetic acid-evoked colitis in mice by reducing neutrophil infiltration and pro-oxidative enzyme activity. ALP, CAT, MDA, MPO, NO, SOD
64  2019 Hollow Silver Nanostructures: The Role of Capping Agents in Tailoring the Shape, Structure, and Plasmonic Properties. FA, HAgNSs, HRTEM
65  2019 Implication of Coformer Structural Diversity on Cocrystallization Outcomes of Telmisartan with Improved Biopharmaceutical Performance. GA, MA, PABA, TEL
66  2019 Influence of stressing conditions caused by organic acids and salts on tolerance of Listeria monocytogenes to Origanum vulgare L. and Rosmarinus officinalis L. essential oils and damage in bacterial physiological functions. FC, LA, MIC
67  2019 Modulator-Mediated Functionalization of MOF-808 as a Platform Tool to Create High-Performance Mixed-Matrix Membranes. BA, HFBA, MMMs, MOF, MoFu, PA, PFPA, TFA
68  2019 Molecular control limiting sensitivity of sweet taste neurons in Drosophila. ---
69  2019 Neuropathic insult increases the responsiveness to acetic acid in mice. CCI
70  2019 Olmesartan ameliorates chemically-induced ulcerative colitis in rats via modulating NFkappaB and Nrf-2/HO-1 signaling crosstalk. OLM, UC
71  2019 Organic Salts and Merrifield Resin Supported [PM12O40]3- (M = Mo or W) as Catalysts for Adipic Acid Synthesis. POMs
72  2019 Probing Elusive Cations: Infrared Spectroscopy of Protonated Acetic Acid. ---
73  2019 Reduction of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, and Naturally Present Microbe Counts on Lettuce using an Acid Mixture of Acetic and Lactic Acid. LA
74  2019 Sympathetic afferents in the hypogastric nerve facilitate nociceptive bladder activity in cats. CMG, HGNS
75  2019 The byproduct-organic acids strengthened pretreatment of cassava straw: Optimization and kinetic study. FA, LA, SLHW
76  2019 The possible ameliorative effect of simvastatin versus sulfasalazine on acetic acid induced ulcerative colitis in adult rats. COX2, IBD, IL1b, MDA, NLRP3, SIM, SOD, TNF-alpha, UC
77  2019 Topochemical engineering of composite hybrid fibers using layered double hydroxides and abietic acid. C-F, C-HF, HF, LDH, REF
78  2019 Upgrading Pectin Production from Apple Pomace by Acetic Acid Extraction. ---
79  2018 A rat model for studying electroacupuncture analgesia on acute visceral hyperalgesia. AWR, CRD, EA, EMG
80  2018 Abietic acid attenuates RANKL induced osteoclastogenesis and inflammation associated osteolysis by inhibiting the NF-KB and MAPK signaling. LPS, RANKL
81  2018 Ameliorative effects of riboflavin on acetic acid-induced colonic injury in rats. Col, MPO, RF, WI
82  2018 An assay for determining the susceptibility of Salmonella isolates to commercial and household biocides. ARA, ARI, ASC, BKC, CA, CHX, CPC, DC, HB, HC, LA, MDR, MIC, PXA, SM, TSP
83  2018 Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-apoptotic activity of diosmin in acetic acid-induced ulcerative colitis. DAI, DIO, MDA, MPO, TNF-alpha, UC
84  2018 Application of 2-Picolylamine Derivatized Ultra-high Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry for the Determination of Short-chain Fatty Acids in Feces Samples. BA, SA, SCFAs
85  2018 Biosynthesis of adipic acid via microaerobic hydrogenation of cis,cis-muconic acid by oxygen-sensitive enoate reductase. CaER, MA, VHb
86  2018 Circular stripes were more common in Barrett's esophagus after acetic acid staining. BE, CS
87  2018 Decreased resistance of sublethally injured Escherichia coli O157:H7 to salt, mild heat, nisin and acids induced by high pressure carbon dioxide. CA, HCl, HPCD, LA, MA, OA, SICs, TA, TSA
88  2018 Determination of Aqueous Formic and Acetic Acids by Purge-and-Trap Analysis with a Needle-Type Extraction Device and Gas Chromatography Barrier Discharge Ionization Detector. ---
89  2018 Direct Conversion of Syngas into Methyl Acetate, Ethanol, and Ethylene by Relay Catalysis via the Intermediate Dimethyl Ether. DME, H-MOR, MA
90  2018 Early experimental results of using a novel delivery carrier, hyaluronan-phosphatidylethanolamine (HA-PE), which may allow simple bladder instillation of botulinum toxin A as effectively as direct detrusor muscle injection. BTX-A, HA-PE, ICI, MP, SNAP-25
91  2018 Effect of hydrophobic and hydrophilic nanoparticles loaded in D2EHPA/M2EHPA - PTFE supported liquid membrane for simultaneous cationic dyes pertraction. M2EHPA, MB, RhB, SLM
92  2018 Effect of nicotine and alpha-7 nicotinic modulators on visceral pain-induced conditioned place aversion in mice. CPA, nAChR
93  2018 Effects of Gamisoyo-San Decoction, a Traditional Chinese Medicine, on Gastrointestinal Motility. GE, GI, GMD, GSS, STZ
94  2018 Evaluation of the mass transfer effects on delignification kinetics of atmospheric acetic acid fractionation of sugarcane bagasse with a shrinking-layer model. SA
95  2018 Experimental and modeling investigation on the rheological behavior of collagen solution as a function of acetic acid concentration. ---
96  2018 Impact of Acetic Acid on HPV Testing Using Hybrid Capture 2. HC2, HPV, RLUs
97  2018 KPR-2579, a novel TRPM8 antagonist, inhibits acetic acid-induced bladder afferent hyperactivity in rats. i.v, SAAs, TRPM8
98  2018 Microbiological and chemical profiles of elephant grass inoculated with and without Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus acidilactici. BA, LA, WSC
99  2018 Protective effects of conventional and colon-targeted lycopene and linalool on ulcerative colitis induced by acetic acid in rats. CAT, COX-2, IL-1beta, MDA, NF-kappaB, Nrf2, TLC, TNF-alpha, UC
100  2018 Sediment matrix characterization as a tool for evaluating the environmental impact of heavy metals in metal mining, smelting, and ore processing areas. EDTA, HR-CS FAAS, IR, SEM-EDS, TOC, XRF