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Abbreviation : AA
Long Form : allyl alcohol
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Role of Graphitic Nitrogen and pi-Conjugated Functional Groups in Selective Oxidation of Alcohols: A DFT based Mechanistic Elucidation. AOS, CA, NG
2018 Utility of Serum miR-122, Liver Enzymes, and Hepatic Histopathology in Response to Hepatotoxicants in Sprague-Dawley Rats. 4,4'-MDA, qPCR
2017 ENDOR characterization of an iron-alkene complex provides insight into a corresponding organometallic intermediate of nitrogenase. ---
2015 Molecular cytotoxicity mechanisms of allyl alcohol (acrolein) in budding yeast. Acr
2014 In-situ modification, regeneration, and application of keratin biopolymer for arsenic removal. CF
2013 A novel murine model to deplete hepatic stellate cells uncovers their role in amplifying liver damage in mice. BDL, GCV, HSCs, HSV-TK, IF, Tg, WT
2012 Interlaboratory study comparison of the 15-day intact adult male rat screening assay: evaluation of an antithyroid chemical and a negative control chemical. IAMRSA, MTD
2007 No contribution of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells to liver regeneration in a rat model of prolonged hepatic injury. DPP-IV, MCS, MS
2007 Synergistic antiyeast activity of garlic oil and allyl alcohol derived from alliin in garlic. FICs, GO
10  2006 Influx of macrophages into livers of rats treated with hepatotoxicants (thioacetamide, allyl alcohol, D-galactosamine) induces expression of HSP25. D-gal, NAC, TAA
11  2006 Therapeutic value of melatonin in an experimental model of liver injury and regeneration. ---
12  2005 Allyl alcohol and garlic (Allium sativum) extract produce oxidative stress in Candida albicans. ---
13  2005 Comparison of murine cirrhosis models induced by hepatotoxin administration and common bile duct ligation. ANIT, CBDL, DDC
14  2005 Dose-dependent liver regeneration in chloroform, trichloroethylene and allyl alcohol ternary mixture hepatotoxicity in rats. CF, SD, TCA, TCE, TCOH, TM
15  2005 Human mesenchymal stem cells xenografted directly to rat liver are differentiated into human hepatocytes without fusion. AFP, AGPR, ALB, CK18, CK19, FISH, MSCs, RT-PCR
16  2005 Tissue repair: an important determinant of final outcome of toxicant-induced injury. TA, TCE
17  2005 [Differentiation of bone marrow derived Thy-1+ beta2M- cells into liver cells in AA induced liver injury micro-environment]. MACS
18  2005 [Differentiation of rat bone marrow derived Thy-1+ beta2M- cells into hepatocytes]. BDTC, ICG, RT-PCR
19  2004 Histological and lipid peroxidation changes after administration of 2-acetylaminofluorene in a rat liver injury model following selective periportal and pericentral damage. 2-AAF, MDA
20  2004 Liver regeneration: a critical toxicodynamic response in predictive toxicology. BM, QM, SD, TA, TCE
21  2004 The effect of Smallanthus sonchifolius leaf extracts on rat hepatic metabolism. TBH
22  2001 Caffeine potentiation of allyl alcohol-induced hepatotoxicity. II. In vitro study. LDH, LPO, MP, NPSH
23  2001 Influence of caffeine on allyl alcohol-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. I. In vivo study. 4-MP, CF, DNP, MDA
24  2001 Real-time analysis of methanol in air and water by membrane introduction mass spectrometry. MIMS, PDMS
25  2000 Pathological changes of hepatic artery and portal vein, after allyl-alcohol and carbon tetrachloride administration. An experimental study. ---
26  1999 Different change patterns of the isozymes of cytochrome P450 and glutathione S-transferases in chemically induced liver damage in rat. AST, BB, DCE, DMF, GST
27  1999 Toxicant-inflicted injury and stimulated tissue repair are opposing toxicodynamic forces in predictive toxicology. TA, TCE
28  1998 Hepatic oval cell activation in response to injury following chemically induced periportal or pericentral damage in rats. 2-AAF, AFP
29  1996 Effect of verapamil on allyl alcohol hepatotoxicity. ADH
30  1995 Participation of small intraportal stem cells in the restitutive response of the liver to periportal necrosis induced by allyl alcohol. AFP, GST-p, i.p
31  1994 Comparative study of the hepatoprotective effect of silymarin and silybin on isolated rat hepatocytes. t-BuOOH
32  1993 Protoberberine alkaloids from Enantia chlorantha therapy of allyl-alcohol- and D-galactosamine-traumatized rats. ALT, APHOS, GalN
33  1992 31P-NMR spectroscopy of perifused rat hepatocytes immobilized in agarose threads: application to chemical-induced hepatotoxicity. 31P NMR, AP, ATP, KH, LD, Pi, PME
34  1992 Hepatic Na(+)-dicarboxylate cotransport: identification, characterization, and acinar localization. blLPMV, KG, TC
35  1991 Phosphoramide mustard is responsible for the ovarian toxicity of cyclophosphamide. CPA, DCPA, PMC, T4P
36  1991 The differential effects of hepatotoxicants on the sulfation pathway in rats. ANIT, BB, Cd, DCE, PAPS, PST, SDH, TA
37  1990 Acrolein mutagenicity in the V79 assay. ACR, FBS
38  1990 Malformed foetuses and karyotype abnormalities in the offspring of cyclophosphamide and allyl alcohol-treated male rats. CP
39  1989 Aspects of allyl alcohol toxicity. ADH
40  1989 Extracellular calcium alleviates cell toxicity due to hepatotoxins that induce lipid peroxidation, but has no effect on toxins that do not cause lipid peroxidation. A study in isolated rat hepatocytes. BIU, DEM, DSF, N-OH-AAF, THA
41  1989 Lipid peroxidation-dependent and -independent protein thiol modifications in isolated rat hepatocytes: differential effects of vitamin E and disulfiram. 4-HNE, BIU, DEM, DSF, DTT
42  1987 Clostridium acetobutylicum Mutants That Produce Butyraldehyde and Altered Quantities of Solvents. Acid, BAD, Spo
43  1987 Effects of methyl (+)(3S)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-3-hydroxy-methyl-beta-carboline-2- carbodithioate (THC), a new hepatoprotective agent, on acute liver injuries induced by various hepatotoxic substances in mice and rats. ANIT, BB, GalN
44  1987 In vitro cytotoxicity of allyl alcohol and bromobenzene in a novel organ culture system. BB, LDH
45  1987 The role of acrolein in allyl alcohol-induced lipid peroxidation and liver cell damage in mice. ---
46  1986 Examination of the differential hepatotoxicity of diallyl phthalate in rats and mice. DAP, HPMA, MAP, PM
47  1985 Alcohol dehydrogenase: a new sensitive marker of hepatic centrilobular damage. ADH, BB, GLDH
48  1985 Comparative hepatic response to bromobenzene and allyl alcohol in the vitamin D-replete and vitamin D-depleted rat. BB
49  1984 Effects of allyl alcohol and bromobenzene on trimethadione metabolism in the rat. AUC, BZ, CL, DMO, TMO, Vd
50  1984 Serum gamma glutamyl transferase as a specific indicator of bile duct lesions in the rat liver. ANIT, AP, GGT