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Long Form : ascorbic acid
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A mesoporous silver-doped TiO2-SnO2 nanocomposite on g-C3N4 nanosheets and decorated with a hierarchicalcore-shell metal-organic framework for simultaneous voltammetric determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid. DA, ITO
2020 A Multicolor Immunosensor for Sensitive Visual Detection of Breast Cancer Biomarker Based on Sensitive NADH-Ascorbic-Acid-Mediated Growth of Gold Nanobipyramids. ---
2020 A turn-on fluorescence assay of alkaline phosphatase activity based on an enzyme-triggered conformational switch of G-quadruplex. AAP, ALP
2020 A two-dimensional zinc(II)-based metal-organic framework for fluorometric determination of ascorbic acid, chloramphenicol and ceftriaxone. BA, CHL, CRO
2020 Amperometric microsensor based on nanoporous gold for ascorbic acid detection in highly acidic biological extracts. NPG
2020 Blood oranges maintain bioactive compounds and nutritional quality by postharvest treatments with gamma-aminobutyric acid, methyl jasmonate or methyl salicylate during cold storage. GABA, MeJA, MeSA, PAL, PPO, TA, TAA, TAC, TPC
2020 Colorimetric determination of ascorbic acid using a polyallylamine-stabilized IrO2/graphene oxide nanozyme as a peroxidase mimic. GO
2020 Colorimetric determination of the activity of alkaline phosphatase by exploiting the oxidase-like activity of palladium cube@CeO2 core-shell nanoparticles. AAP, ALP, oxTMB, TMB
2020 Competitive redox reaction of Au-NCs/MnO2 nanocomposite: Toward colorimetric and fluorometric detection of acid phosphatase as an indicator of soil cadmium contamination. AAP, ACP, Cd, IC, IFE
10  2020 Cu2+ enhanced chemiluminescence of carbon dots-H2O2 system in alkaline solution. CDs, CL
11  2020 CuBr2/EDTA-mediated ATRP for ultrasensitive fluorescence detection of lung cancer DNA. CYFRA21-1 DNA, EDTA, FA, MBs, PNA
12  2020 CuO/Cu composite nanospheres ona TiO2 nanotube array for amperometric sensing of glucose. DA, UA
13  2020 Degradation of benzoic acid in an advanced oxidation process: The effects of reducing agents. BA, Cys, RAs
14  2020 Design and characterization of an organogel system containing ascorbic acid microparticles produced with propolis by-product. ---
15  2020 Differential vasomotor responses to isocapnic hyperoxia: cerebral versus peripheral circulation. BF, FA, ICA, IH, NO, VA
16  2020 Effects of clove extract on oxidative stability and sensory attributes in cooked beef patties at refrigerated storage. CE, TBARS
17  2020 Efficient enhancement of electrochemiluminescence from tin disulfide quantum dots by hollow titanium dioxide spherical shell for highly sensitive detection of chloramphenicol. CAP, ECLIA, PEI, SnS2 QDs
18  2020 Electrodeposited poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) doped with graphene oxide for the simultaneous voltammetric determination of ascorbic acid, dopamine and uric acid. DA, GCE, GO, PBS, PEDOT, UA
19  2020 Enzyme Activity Triggered Blocking of Plasmon Resonance Energy Transfer for Highly Selective Detection of Acid Phosphatase. AAP, ACP, LSPR, PRET, UGPs
20  2020 Green and facile microwave solvent-free synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticle-decorated CNTs as a quadruplet electrochemical platform for ultrasensitive and simultaneous detection of ascorbic acid, dopamine, uric acid and acetaminophen. AC, CV, DA, DPV, UA
21  2020 High-dose ascorbic acid synergizes with anti-PD1 in a lymphoma mouse model. 5hmC
22  2020 One-step solvothermal synthesis of nanoflake-nanorod WS2 hybrid for non-enzymatic detection of uric acid and quercetin in blood serum. DA, DPV, FTIR, LOD, SEM, UA, XRD
23  2020 Oxidase-Inspired Selective 2e/4e Reduction of Oxygen on Electron-Deficient Cu. ORR, TMB, Vmax
24  2020 Porous dendritic PtRuPd nanospheres with enhanced catalytic activity and durability for ethylene glycol oxidation and oxygen reduction reactions. EGOR, HDPC, ORR, PtRuPd NSs
25  2020 Prevention of damage caused by corona discharge-generated reactive oxygen species under electrostatic aerosol-to-hydrosol sampling. EP, ROS
26  2020 Ratiometric sensing of alkaline phosphatase based on the catalytical activity from Mn-Fe layered double hydroxide nanosheets. ALP, LDH, OPD
27  2020 Redox-modulated colorimetric detection of ascorbic acid and alkaline phosphatase activity with gold nanoparticles. ALP
28  2020 The effects of abamectin on oxidative stress and gene expression in rat liver and brain tissues: Modulation by sesame oil and ascorbic acid. ABM, CYP2E1, SO
29  2020 The sensitive "Turn-on" fluorescence platform of ascorbic acid based on conjugated polymer nanoparticles. CPNs, LOD, PSMA
30  2020 Turn-on fluorescent assay for antioxidants based on their inhibiting polymerization of dopamine on graphene quantum dots. Cys, DA, FRET, GQDs, Hcys, PDA
31  2020 Upconversion nanoparticles with bright red luminescence for highly sensitive quantifying alkaline phosphatase activity based on target-triggered fusing reaction. AAP, ALP, ECSAm, FRET, UCNPs
32  2020 Vitamin C controls neuronal necroptosis under oxidative stress. DHA
33  2019 1-Pyrene carboxylic acid functionalized carbon nanotube-gold nanoparticle nanocomposite for electrochemical sensing of dopamine and uric acid. CNT, DA, GCE, PCA, UA
34  2019 3-O-ethyl-l-ascorbic acid: Characterisation and investigation of single solvent systems for delivery to the skin. DiPG, DSC, EA, GLY, HEX, IPA, NMR, PG, PGMC, PGML, TC, TGA, TriPG
35  2019 A "turn-on" sensor based on MnO2 coated UCNPs for detection of alkaline phosphatase and ascorbic acid. AAP, ALP, LET, LOD, UCNPs
36  2019 A carbon dot-based fluorescent nanoprobe for the associated detection of iron ions and the determination of the fluctuation of ascorbic acid induced by hypoxia in cells and in vivo. CD-DB
37  2019 A carbon dot-based ratiometric fluorometric and colorimetric method for determination of ascorbic acid and of the activity of ascorbic acid oxidase. AA-Ox, C-dots, OPDA, oxOPDA
38  2019 A cobalt corrole/carbon nanotube enables simultaneous electrochemical monitoring of oxygen and ascorbic acid in the rat brain. ---
39  2019 A colorimetric assay for ultrasensitive detection of copper (II) ions based on pH-dependent formation of heavily doped molybdenum oxide nanosheets. LSPR
40  2019 A colorimetric strategy for ascorbic acid sensing based on the peroxidase-like activity of core-shell Fe3O4/CoFe-LDH hybrid. TMB
41  2019 A comparison of L-carnitine and several cardiovascular-related biomarkers between healthy vegetarians and omnivores. CV, L-CAR
42  2019 A Facile Approach to Solid-State White Emissive Carbon Dots and Their Application in UV-Excitable and Single-Component-Based White LEDs. CCT, CDs, CEE, CRI, PL, UV, W-CDs, WLEDs
43  2019 A fluorescence "off-on-off" sensing platform based on bimetallic gold/silver nanoclusters for ascorbate oxidase activity monitoring. AAO, DHA
44  2019 A Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with Molybdenite and Ag Nanoparticle Composite for Selectively Sensing of Ascorbic Acid. Ag, GCE, MLN
45  2019 A highly selective and sensitive electrochemical sensor for tryptophan based on the excellent surface adsorption and electrochemical properties of PSS functionalized graphene. GO, PSS-graphene, Trp
46  2019 A hybrid materialcomposed of guanine-rich single stranded DNA and cobalt(III) oxyhydroxide (CoOOH) nanosheets as a fluorescentprobe for ascorbic acid via formation of a complex between G-quadruplex and thioflavin T. CoOOH, CoOOH, FRET, G-rich ssDNA, oxPPD, PPD, ThT
47  2019 A label-free and enzyme-free fluorescent aptasensor for sensitive detection of acetamiprid based on AT-rich dsDNA-templated copper nanoparticles. ds
48  2019 A label-free and signal-on electrochemiluminescence strategy for sensitive amyloid-beta assay. ECL, PBS, ROS
49  2019 A label-free fluorescent sensor based on silicon quantum dots-MnO2 nanosheets for the detection of alpha-glucosidase and its inhibitor. AAG, SiQDs
50  2019 A label-free nano-probe for sequential and quantitative determination of Cr(VI) and ascorbic acid in real samples based on S and N dual-doped carbon dots. IFE, S,N-CDs
51  2019 A label-free ratiometric fluorescence nanoprobe for ascorbic acid based on redox-modulated dual-emission signals. CoOOH
52  2019 A MnO2 nanosheet-based ratiometric fluorescent nanosensor with single excitation for rapid and specific detection of ascorbic acid. DHAA, MnO2 NS, OPDA
53  2019 A molybdenum disulfide quantum dots-based ratiometric fluorescence strategy for sensitive detection of epinephrine and ascorbic acid. EP, FRET, MQDs, PEI
54  2019 A novel "turn-on" fluorometric and magnetic bi-functional strategy for ascorbic acid sensing and in vivo imaging via carbon dots-MnO2 nanosheet nanoprobe. CDs, MRI
55  2019 A novel Cu-metal-organic framework with two-dimensional layered topology for electrochemical detection using flexible sensors. L-His, MOF
56  2019 A novel electrochemical sensor based on carbon nanotubes array for selective detection of dopamine or uric acid. DA, SWCNTs array-GCE, UA
57  2019 A novel electrochemical sensor based on self-assembled platinum nanochains - Multi-walled carbon nanotubes-graphene nanoparticles composite for simultaneous determination of dopamine and ascorbic acid. CV, DA, DPV, EDS, GCE, GNPs, HRTEM, MWCNTs, PtNCs, RSD, SEM, XRD
58  2019 A novel enhanced fluorescence method based on multifunctional carbon dots for specific detection of Hg2+ in complex samples. CA, CQDs
59  2019 A novel fluorescence "turn off-on" nanosensor for sensitivity detection acid phosphatase and inhibitor based on glutathione-functionalized graphene quantum dots. AAP, ACP, PM
60  2019 A novel fluorescent probe for ascorbic acid based on seed-mediated growth of silver nanoparticles quenching of carbon dots fluorescence. AgNP, CDs
61  2019 A novel label-free photoelectrochemical immunosensor based on CdSe quantum dots sensitized Ho3+/Yb3+-TiO2 for the detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus. anti-VP, BSA, LbL, PEC, QDs, Vp
62  2019 A novel photoelectrochemical strategy based on an integrative photoactive heterojunction nanomaterial and a redox cycling amplification system for ultrasensitive determination of microRNA in cells. AAP, ALP, FCA, PEC
63  2019 A novel switchable fluorescent sensor for facile and highly sensitive detection of alkaline phosphatase activity in a water environment with gold/silver nanoclusters. AAP, ALP
64  2019 A phenyl glycinol appended calix[4]arene film for chiral detection of ascorbic acid on gold surface. LOD, QCM
65  2019 A ratiometric fluorescence and light scattering sensing platform based on Cu-doped carbon dots for tryptophan and Fe(III). Cu-CDs, SOS, Trp
66  2019 A ratiometric fluorescence-scattered light strategy based on MoS2 quantum dots/CoOOH nanoflakes system for ascorbic acid detection. QDs, SOS
67  2019 A redox modulated ratiometric fluorometric method based on the use of dual-color carbon dots for determination of the activity of enzymes participating in ascorbic acid-related reactions. ALP, alpha-Glu, B-CDs, yCDs
68  2019 A rhodamine-deoxylactam based fluorescent probe for fast and selective detection of nitric oxide in living cells. Cys, DHA, MGO, NO, RB-OPD
69  2019 A Seedless Method for Gold Nanoparticle Growth inside a Silica Matrix: Fabrication of Materials Capable of Third-Harmonic Generation in the Near-Infrared. BDAC, CTAB, TEOS
70  2019 A simple wet-chemical strategy for facile fabrication of hierarchical PdAu nanodentrites as excellent electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction. ATCA, MA, NDs, ORR
71  2019 A Storage-Dependent Platinum Functionalization with a Commercial Pre-Polymer Useful for Hydrogen Peroxide and Ascorbic Acid Detection. ---
72  2019 A ternary quenching electrochemiluminescence insulin immunosensor based on Mn2+ released from MnO2@Carbon core-shell nanospheres with ascorbic acid quenching AuPdPt-MoS2@TiO2 enhanced luminol. ECL-RET
73  2019 A Transcriptional Activator of Ascorbic Acid Transport in Streptococcus pneumoniae Is Required for Optimal Growth in Endophthalmitis in a Strain-Dependent Manner. ---
74  2019 Adding alpha-tocopherol-selenium and ascorbic acid to periparturient sow diets influences hemogram, lipid profile, leptin, oxidant/antioxidant imbalance, performance and neonatal piglet mortality. ATS, IgG
75  2019 Administration of Intravenous Ascorbic Acid-Practical Considerations for Clinicians. NS
76  2019 Ameliorative Effect of Ascorbic Acid and Glutathione in Combating the Cryoinjuries During Cryopreservation of Exotic Jack Semen. ---
77  2019 An electrochemical enzymatic nanoreactor based on dendritic mesoporous silica nanoparticles for living cell H2O2 detection. NSNs
78  2019 An electrochemical investigation into the effects of local and systemic administrations of sodium nitroprusside in brain extracellular fluid of mice. CPEs, NO, Pt, SNP
79  2019 An ultrasensitive electrochemical biosensor for detection of microRNA-21 based on redox reaction of ascorbic acid/iodine and duplex-specific nuclease assisted target recycling. AAP, DSN, SA-ALP
80  2019 Antioxidants and glycine can improve the developmental competence of vitrified/warmed ovine immature oocytes. NAC, VWS
81  2019 Apocynin and Tempol ameliorate dietary sodium-induced declines in cutaneous microvascular function in salt-resistant humans. HS, LS
82  2019 Aqueous Phase Sensing of Fe3+ and Ascorbic Acid by a Metal-Organic Framework and Its Implication in the Construction of Multiple Logic Gates. IFE
83  2019 Ascorbate Oxidase Mimetic Activity of Copper(II) Oxide Nanoparticles. AAO, DHAA, OPDA
84  2019 Ascorbic Acid and Ozone: Novel Perspectives to Explain an Elusive Relationship. ---
85  2019 Ascorbic acid attenuates cell stress by activating thefibroblast growth factor 21/fibroblast growth factor receptor2/adiponectin pathway in HepG2 cells. ER, FGF21, FGFR2, HMW, NAFLD, NASH, TNF-alpha
86  2019 Ascorbic acid attenuates cognitive impairment and brain oxidative stress in ovariectomized mice. BDNF, GPx, SOD
87  2019 Ascorbic Acid Determination Based on Electrocatalytic Behavior of Metal-Organic Framework MIL-101-(Cr) at Modified Carbon-Paste Electrode. Cr, MOFs
88  2019 Ascorbic acid diminishes bone morphogenetic protein 2-induced osteogenic differentiation of muscle precursor cells. ALP, BMP, mpc
89  2019 Ascorbic acid encapsulated into negatively charged liposomes exhibits increased skin permeation, retention and enhances collagen synthesis by fibroblasts. ---
90  2019 Ascorbic Acid Facilitates Neural Regeneration After Sciatic Nerve Crush Injury. dpi, SCs
91  2019 Ascorbic acid improves thrombotic function of platelets during living donor liver transplantation by modulating the function of the E3 ubiquitin ligases c-Cbl and Cbl-b. LDLT, TEG
92  2019 Ascorbic acid induced activation of persulfate for pentachlorophenol degradation. ROSs
93  2019 Ascorbic acid induces cardiac differentiation of white adipose tissue-derived stem cells. Col I, WAT, WATDCs
94  2019 Ascorbic acid supplementation ameliorates testicular hormonal signaling, sperm production and oxidative stress in male rats exposed to rosuvastatin during pre-puberty. PND
95  2019 Ascorbic acid supplementation improves postprandial glycaemic control and blood pressure in individuals with type 2 diabetes: Findings of a randomized cross-over trial. BP, iAUC
96  2019 Ascorbic Acid Supplements and Kidney Stones Incidence Among Men and Women: A systematic review and meta-analysis. ---
97  2019 Ascorbic acid therapy: A potential strategy against comorbid depression-like behavior in streptozotocin-nicotinamide-induced diabetic rats. ---
98  2019 Ascorbic acid-induced TET activation mitigates adverse hydroxymethylcytosine loss in renal cell carcinoma. 5hmC, ccRCC, L-2-HG, L2HGDH, TET
99  2019 Ascorbic acid-modified brain-specific liposomes drug delivery system with "lock-in" function. CNS, DTX, GLUT1, TDS
100  2019 Bif-1/Endophilin B1/SH3GLB1 regulates bone homeostasis. beta-GP, MAPKs, NF-kappaB, WT