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Abbreviation : ABRs
Long Form : auditory brainstem responses
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A broad filter between call frequency and peripheral auditory sensitivity in northern grasshopper mice (Onychomys leucogaster). ---
2019 Accelerated Age-Related Degradation of the Tectorial Membrane in the Ceacam16betagal/betagal Null Mutant Mouse, a Model for Late-Onset Human Hereditary Deafness DFNB113. DPOAEs, SOAEs
2019 Applicability of subcortical EEG metrics of synaptopathy to older listeners with impaired audiograms. EFRs
2019 Auditory Brainstem Responses in Children with Auditory Processing Disorder. APD, sAPD, TD
2019 Auditory performance in bald eagles and red-tailed hawks: a comparative study of hearing in diurnal raptors. ---
2019 beta-secretase BACE1 is required for normal cochlear function. AD, APP, DPOAEs, SGN
2019 Children With Congenital Unilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Effects of Late Hearing Aid Amplification-A Pilot Study. HA, SLA, SRTs, UHL, USNHL
2019 Cochlear compound action potentials from high-level tone bursts originate from wide cochlear regions that are offset toward the most sensitive cochlear region. AN, CAPs, CF
2019 Data Acquisition and Analysis In Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry In Mice. AEPs, BERA, EEG, EP, SEPs, VEPs
10  2019 Decreased levels of superoxide dismutase in inner pillar cells contribute to ribbon synapse impairment in presbycusis. ARHL
11  2019 Effect of Ginkgo Biloba Extract on N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid Receptor Subunit 2B Expression in a Salicylate-Induced Ototoxicity Model. GAPDH, GBE, GluN2B, IC, SS
12  2019 Effects of Auditory Training on Electrophysiological Measures in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. AEPs, ALRs, APT, cABRs, TAPS-3
13  2019 Effects of presentation rate and onset time on auditory brainstem responses in Northern saw-whet owls (Aegolius acadicus). ---
14  2019 Effects of Residual Hearing on the Auditory Steady State Response for Cochlear Implantation in Children. ASSR, CAP, CI, IT-MAIS
15  2019 Efficacy of 2 Different Intratympanic Steroid Regimen on Prevention of Cisplatin Ototoxicity: An Experimental Study. OAE
16  2019 Elimination of peripheral auditory pathway activation does not affect motor responses from ultrasound neuromodulation. EMG, tFUS, WT
17  2019 Establishing an Animal Model of Single-Sided Deafness in Chinchilla lanigera. ---
18  2019 Evaluation and therapy outcome in children with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD). ANSD, ASSR, CIs, CMRI, CMs, dB, HAs, HSM, OAEs, SNR, SPL
19  2019 Evidence for age-related cochlear synaptopathy in humans unconnected to speech-in-noise intelligibility deficits. ---
20  2019 Hearing Dysfunction in a Large Family Affected by Dominant Optic Atrophy (OPA8-Related DOA): A Human Model of Hidden Auditory Neuropathy. CAP, CMs, ECochG, IHC, OAEs, OHC, SP
21  2019 Hearing Response Following Internal Auditory Canal Decompression in Neurofibromatosis Type 2. IAC, NF2
22  2019 Losartan Prevents Maladaptive Auditory-Somatosensory Plasticity After Hearing Loss via Transforming Growth Factor-beta Signaling Suppression. CN, GAP-43, TGF, VGLUT1, VGLUT2
23  2019 Objective Comparison of the Quality and Reliability of Auditory Brainstem Response Features Elicited by Click and Speech Sounds. CV
24  2019 Ontogeny of auditory brainstem responses in the bat, Phyllostomus discolor. ---
25  2019 Oral administration of an herbal medicine to prevent progressive hearing loss in a mouse model of diabetes. CR, TSOD
26  2019 Photobiomodulation using low-level 808 nm diode laser rescues cochlear synaptopathy after acoustic overexposure in rat. PBM
27  2019 Progressive hearing damage after exposure to repeated low-intensity blasts in chinchillas. DPOAEs, MLRs, TBI
28  2019 Reversible external auditory canal ligation (REACL): A novel surgical technique to induce transient and reversible hearing loss in developing rats. EACL, REACL
29  2019 Reversible Functional Changes Evoked by Anodal Epidural Direct Current Electrical Stimulation of the Rat Auditory Cortex. ---
30  2019 Signal-to-noise ratio of auditory brainstem responses (ABRs) across click rate in the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus). ABR, CONV, I-RSA, MLS, SNR
31  2019 Spatial hearing processing: electrophysiological documentation at subcortical and cortical levels. CAEPs, FFRs, SRM
32  2019 The effects of different packing materials on healing and hearing after trauma to middle ear mucosa, an experimental study in rats. HA
33  2019 The paradox of hearing at the lek: auditory sensitivity increases after breeding in female gray treefrogs (Hyla chrysoscelis). ---
34  2019 Transplantation of human limbus-derived mesenchymal stromal cells via occipital approach improves hearing in animal auditory neuropathy. DPOAEs, HL-MSCs
35  2019 TSP1 and TSP2 Have Unique and Overlapping Roles in Protecting against Noise-Induced Auditory Synaptopathy. NIHL, TSPs
36  2019 Urocortin 3 signalling in the auditory brainstem aids recovery of hearing after reversible noise-induced threshold shift. UCN3
37  2019 [Analyses of audiological examination in children without auditory brainstem response]. ABR, ASSRs, CMs, DPOAEs
38  2018 Accuracy of averaged auditory brainstem response amplitude and latency estimates. EEG, SNR
39  2018 Astrocyte Hypertrophy and Microglia Activation in the Rat Auditory Midbrain Is Induced by Electrical Intracochlear Stimulation. IC
40  2018 Central Compensation in Auditory Brainstem after Damaging Noise Exposure. ---
41  2018 Click-evoked auditory brainstem responses and autism spectrum disorder: A meta-analytic review. ABR, TD
42  2018 Comparison of maximum length sequence and randomized stimulation and averaging methods on the bottlenose dolphin auditory brainstem response. I-RSA, MLS
43  2018 Conditioned attenuation of auditory brainstem responses in dolphins warned of an intense noise exposure: Temporal and spectral patterns. ---
44  2018 Cx26 partial loss causes accelerated presbycusis by redox imbalance and dysregulation of Nfr2 pathway. ARHL, Cx26, DPOAEs, Nrf2
45  2018 Frequency sensitivity in Northern saw-whet owls (Aegolius acadicus). ---
46  2018 Gas Anesthesia Impairs Peripheral Auditory Sensitivity in Barn Owls (Tyto alba). ---
47  2018 Hearing aids in patients with vestibular schwannoma: Interest of the auditory brainstem responses. GBI, VS
48  2018 Laser-induced tissue remodeling within the tympanic membrane. TM
49  2018 Mechanisms of Hearing Loss in a Guinea Pig Model of Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence. SCD, SSCD
50  2018 Modulation rate transfer functions from four species of stranded odontocete (Stenella longirostris, Feresa attenuata, Globicephala melas, and Mesoplodon densirostris). MRTFs
51  2018 Neonate auditory brainstem response repeatability with controlled force gauge bone-conducted stimulus delivery. ---
52  2018 Novel Paradigm to Record Bilateral Click-Evoked Auditory Brainstem Responses Simultaneously (BiSi-ABR). ---
53  2018 PD-1 Inhibition Minimally Affects Cisplatin-Induced Toxicities in a Murine Model. DPOAEs, HNSCC
54  2018 Rapid exhaustion of auditory neural conduction in a prototypical mitochondrial disease, Friedreich ataxia. FRDA
55  2018 Reduction of sound-evoked midbrain responses observed by functional magnetic resonance imaging following acute acoustic noise exposure. fMRI, IC, LL
56  2018 Stimulus-specific adaptation in the anesthetized mouse revealed by brainstem auditory evoked potentials. SSA
57  2018 Test-Retest Reliability of Dual-Recorded Brainstem versus Cortical Auditory-Evoked Potentials to Speech. ABR, FFRs
58  2018 Time course of blast-induced injury in the rat auditory cortex. ---
59  2017 A Comparison of Commercially Available Auditory Brainstem Response Stimuli at a Neurodiagnostic Intensity Level. ---
60  2017 Age-related changes in envelope-following responses at equalized peripheral or central activation. AM, EFRs, SAM
61  2017 Age-Related Differences in Hearing Function and Cochlear Morphology between Male and Female Fischer 344 Rats. DPOAEs, ICI, OHC, SV
62  2017 Auditory brainstem responses after electrolytic lesions in bilateral subdivisions of the medial geniculate body of tree shrews. MGB
63  2017 Autism spectrum disorders and the amplitude of auditory brainstem response wave I. ALs, ASDs, IPLs
64  2017 Brainstem Evoked Potential Indices of Subcortical Auditory Processing After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. mTBI
65  2017 Cannula-based drug delivery to the guinea pig round window causes a lasting hearing loss that may be temporarily mitigated by BDNF. AP, BDNF
66  2017 Cochlear, brainstem, and psychophysical responses show spectrotemporal tradeoff in human auditory processing. GDTs, SFOAE
67  2017 Comparative Study between the use of Melatonin and A Solution with Melatonin, Tryptophan, and Vitamin B6 as an Inducer of Spontaneous Sleep in Children During an Auditory Response Test: An Alternative to Commonly Used Sedative Drugs. ---
68  2017 Deleting the HCN1 Subunit of Hyperpolarization-Activated Ion Channels in Mice Impairs Acoustic Startle Reflexes, Gap Detection, and Spatial Localization. ASRs
69  2017 Developmental window of sensorineural deafness in biotinidase-deficient mice. ---
70  2017 Difference of auditory brainstem responses by stimulating to round and oval window in animal experiments. ---
71  2017 Effects of the cannabinoid CB1 agonist ACEA on salicylate ototoxicity, hyperacusis and tinnitus in guinea pigs. ACEA
72  2017 Elderly listeners with low intelligibility scores under reverberation show degraded subcortical representation of reverberant speech. ---
73  2017 Evaluation of optimal masking levels in place-specific low-frequency chirp-evoked auditory brainstem responses. SNR
74  2017 Hearing Without Neuroglobin. DPOAE, Ngb
75  2017 Manganese superoxide dismutase influences the extent of noise-induced hearing loss in mice. HET, MnSOD, NIHL, ROS, WT
76  2017 Methylmercury Exposure Reduces the Auditory Brainstem Response of Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata ). ---
77  2017 Neural representation of the self-heard biosonar click in bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). ---
78  2017 Noise-induced cochlear synaptopathy in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta). ANFs, IHCs, OAEs, OHCs, PTS, TTS
79  2017 Novel Role of the Mitochondrial Protein Fus1 in Protection from Premature Hearing Loss via Regulation of Oxidative Stress and Nutrient and Energy Sensing Pathways in the Inner Ear. AO, ARHL, EP
80  2017 Reading ability reflects individual differences in auditory brainstem function, even into adulthood. ---
81  2017 Reductions in cortical alpha activity, enhancements in neural responses and impaired gap detection caused by sodium salicylate in awake guinea pigs. ECoG, PPI
82  2017 Relations among Auditory Brainstem and Middle Latency Response Measures, Categorical Loudness Judgments, and Their Associated Physical Intensities. MLRs
83  2017 Speech-evoked auditory brainstem responses in children with hearing loss. EFR
84  2017 Structural changes in the inner ear over time studied in the experimentally deafened guinea pig. CI, GDNF, SGNs
85  2017 The effect of systemic lipoic acid on hearing preservation after cochlear implantation via the round window approach: A guinea pig model. ---
86  2017 Time-varying auditory gain control in response to double-pulse stimuli in harbour porpoises is not mediated by a stapedial reflex. ---
87  2016 A cool approach to reducing electrode-induced trauma: Localized therapeutic hypothermia conserves residual hearing in cochlear implantation. ---
88  2016 A study of hearing function and histopathologic changes in the cochlea of the type 2 diabetes model Tsumura Suzuki obese diabetes mouse. TSNO, TSOD
89  2016 Age-Related Changes in Binaural Interaction at Brainstem Level. ---
90  2016 Aging effects on the binaural interaction component of the auditory brainstem response in the Mongolian gerbil: Effects of interaural time and level differences. BIC, ILD, ITD, SPL
91  2016 Auditory brainstem responses for click and CE-chirp stimuli in individuals with and without occupational noise exposure. ---
92  2016 Cisplatin-Induced Ototoxicity and the Effects of Intratympanic Diltiazem in a Mouse Model. ---
93  2016 d-Methionine reduces tobramycin-induced ototoxicity without antimicrobial interference in animal models. OHC
94  2016 Delayed restoration of maximum speech discrimination scores in patients with idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss. ISSNHL, PTA, SDS, THI
95  2016 Dietary LC-PUFA in iron-deficient anaemic pregnant and lactating guinea pigs induce minor defects in the offsprings' auditory brainstem responses. BTTs, FAs, IDA, IS, LC-PUFA, pnd
96  2016 Effects of aging on peripheral and central auditory processing in rats. DPOAEs
97  2016 Efficacy of the cat deafening method: Co-administration of ethacrynic acid and kanamycin. b.wt, EA, KM
98  2016 Hearing, reactive metabolite formation, and oxidative stress in cochleae after a single acute overdose of acetaminophen: an in vivo study. FS/K
99  2016 Loss of glycine receptors containing the alpha3 subunit compromises auditory nerve activity, but not outer hair cell function. AT, DPOAEs, GlyRalpha3
100  2016 miR-431 is involved in regulating cochlear function by targeting Eya4. SGNs, Tg, WT