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Abbreviation : AC
Long Form : alternating current
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A Fully Self-Powered Vibration Monitoring System Driven by Dual-Mode Triboelectric Nanogenerators. DC
2020 A New Logging-While-Drilling Method for Resistivity Measurement in Oil-Based Mud. LWD, OBM
2020 Alternating Current Photovoltaic Effect. DC
2020 Charge Carrier Transport Behavior and Dielectric Properties of BaF2:Tb3+ Nanocrystals. ---
2020 Dielectric Properties of Graphene/Titania/Polyvinylidene Fluoride (G/TiO2/PVDF) Nanocomposites. ---
2020 Efficient electrochemical generation of ferrate(VI) by iron coil anode imposed with square alternating current and treatment of antibiotics. Dox, SDZ
2020 Evaluation of the Effects of Pre-Slaughter High-Frequency Electrical Stunning Current Intensities on Lipid Oxidative Stability and Antioxidant Capacity in the Liver of Yangzhou Goose (Anser cygnoides domesticus). DPPH, ES
2020 Magnetometer with nitrogen-vacancy center in a bulk diamond for detecting magnetic nanoparticles in biomedical applications. MNPs
2020 Otolith fluctuating asymmetry in larval trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum, as an indication of organism bilateral instability affected by static and alternating magnetic fields. DC, EMF, FA, MF
10  2020 The Structural and Magnetic Properties of FeII and CoII Complexes with 2-(furan-2-yl)-5-pyridin-2-yl-1,3,4-oxadiazole. DC, EA, EPR, FT-IR, NMR, SXRD
11  2020 Two Four-Coordinate and Seven-Coordinate CoII Complexes Based on the Bidentate Ligand 1, 8-Naphthyridine Showing Slow Magnetic Relaxation Behavior. DC, SIMs, Td, ZFS
12  2020 Two Octanuclear {Cu4Ln4} (Ln = Dy or Tb) Complexes with a Butterfly-Shaped Unit Exhibiting Zero-Field Single-Molecule Magnet Behavior. ---
13  2020 Unexpected Giant Microwave Conductivity in a Nominally Silent BiFeO3 Domain Wall. DC, DWs, GHz
14  2019 A concentrated array of copper porphyrin candidate qubits. EPR
15  2019 A Continuous Flow-through Microfluidic Device for Electrical Lysis of Cells. ---
16  2019 A family of lanthanide complexes with a bis-tridentate nitronyl nitroxide radical: syntheses, structures and magnetic properties. ---
17  2019 A Ferromagnetically Coupled, Bell-Shaped [Ni4Gd5] Cage. dc, H2L, NO3
18  2019 A Flexible Loudspeaker Using the Movement of Liquid Metal Induced by Electrochemically Controlled Interfacial Tension. LML
19  2019 A high throughput screening system of coils for ELF magnetic fields experiments: proof of concept on the proliferation of cancer cell lines. DC, ELF-MF
20  2019 A method for extending AC susceptometry to long-timescale magnetic relaxation. DC, SMM, VSM
21  2019 A Novel Differential High-Frequency Current Transformer Sensor for Series Arc Fault Detection. D-HFCT
22  2019 AC-Filtering Supercapacitors Based on Edge Oriented Vertical Graphene and Cross-Linked Carbon Nanofiber. CCNFs, ECs, HF, VG
23  2019 Alternating electric fields induce a period-dependent motion of Escherichia coli in three-dimension near a conductive surface. E. coli
24  2019 Alternating-current driven quantum-dot light-emitting diodes with high brightness. DC, QLEDs
25  2019 Anisotropy effects on the kinetics of colloidal crystallization and melting: comparison of spheres and ellipsoids. SALS
26  2019 Brownian Motion and Large Electric Polarizabilities Facilitate Dielectrophoretic Capture of Sub-200 nm Gold Nanoparticles in Water. ---
27  2019 Calcium Spike Patterns Reveal Linkage of Electrical Stimulus and MSC Osteogenic Differentiation. ES, MSCs
28  2019 Centrosymmetry Breaking and Ferroelectricity Driven by Short-Range Magnetic Order in the Quadruple Perovskite (YMn3)Mn4O12. DC
29  2019 Characteristic Fluctuations of Dynamic Power Delay Induced by Random Nanosized Titanium Nitride Grains and the Aspect Ratio Effect of Gate-All-Around Nanowire CMOS Devices and Circuits. ARs, CMOS, DC, GAA, MOSFET, NW, WKF
30  2019 Charge Transfer Salt and Graphene Heterostructure-Based Micro-Supercapacitors with Alternating Current Line-Filtering Performance. AECs
31  2019 Computational Imaging on the Electric Grid. ---
32  2019 Continuous Cell Characterization and Separation by Microfluidic Alternating Current Dielectrophoresis. CM
33  2019 Continuous Particle Trapping, Switching, and Sorting Utilizing a Combination of Dielectrophoresis and Alternating Current Electrothermal Flow. ACET, DEP
34  2019 Controlling ERK Activation Dynamics in Mammary Epithelial Cells with Alternating Electric Fields through Microelectrodes. EFs, EGF, ERK
35  2019 Corrosion Monitoring of Reinforced Steel Embedded in Cement Mortar under Wet-And-Dry Cycles by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. ---
36  2019 Cytochrome P450 genes play central roles in transcriptional response by keratinocytes to a high-voltage alternating current electric field. EF
37  2019 Direct/Alternating Current Electrochemical Method for Removing and Recovering Heavy Metal from Water Using Graphene Oxide Electrode. DC
38  2019 Directed propulsion of spherical particles along three dimensional helical trajectories. ---
39  2019 Effect of alternating current and Bacillus cereus on the stress corrosion behavior and mechanism of X80 steel in a Beijing soil solution. B. cereus, NRB, SCC
40  2019 Effect of Alternating Current and Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria on Corrosion of X80 Pipeline Steel in Soil-Extract Solution. SRB
41  2019 EIT Imaging of Upper Airway to Estimate Its Size and Shape Changes During Obstructive Sleep Apnea. EIT, OSA
42  2019 Electric field assisted multicomponent reaction in a microfluidic reactor for superior conversion and yield. CFD
43  2019 Electrical Conductivity and Dielectric Properties of Ethylene Glycol-Based Nanofluids Containing Silicon Oxide-Lignin Hybrid Particles. DC, EG
44  2019 Electrical Current Map and Bulk Conductivity of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Nanocomposites. CFRCs, DC, GPOSS, MWCNTs, RFI, TUNA
45  2019 Electrically Tunable Fresnel Lens in Twisted-Nematic Liquid Crystals Fabricated by a Sagnac Interferometer. ---
46  2019 Evaluation of direct and alternating current on nitrate removal using a continuous electrocoagulation process: Economical and environmental approaches through RSM. ANOVA, CEC, DC, RSM
47  2019 Experimental Research on Electromechanical Properties of Multiple Contact Surfaces Copper Bulks under Normal Cyclic Loading and Variable Temperature. ---
48  2019 Fabrication of ZnO@Ag3PO4 Core-Shell Nanocomposite Arrays as Photoanodes and Their Photoelectric Properties. EDS, SEM, XRD
49  2019 Field-induced slow magnetic relaxation in two-dimensional and three-dimensional Co(ii) coordination polymers. SIM
50  2019 Flexible Trapping and Manipulation of Single Cells on a Chip by Modulating Phases and Amplitudes of Electrical Signals Applied onto Microelectrodes. DEP
51  2019 Gate-tunable graphene-based Hall sensors on flexible substrates with increased sensitivity. PI
52  2019 Highly Efficient Organic Room-Temperature Phosphorescent Luminophores through Tuning Triplet States and Spin-Orbit Coupling with Incorporation of a Secondary Group. ISC, LEDs, PhiP
53  2019 Hot-Tip Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy: Theory and Experiments Under Positive and Negative Feedback Conditions. ETF, HT-SECM
54  2019 Impact of extremely low-frequency magnetic fields on human postural control. CoP, DC, MF
55  2019 Implantable Direct Current Neural Modulation: Theory, Feasibility, and Efficacy. DC, iDC
56  2019 In situ analysis of unsaturated fatty acids in human serum by negative-ion paper spray mass spectrometry. CID, FA, LODs, LOQs, PS
57  2019 In Situ Electrochemical Mapping of Lithium-Sulfur Battery Interfaces Using AFM-SECM. AFM-SECM, Li-S, LiPS
58  2019 Influence of the pyrazine substituent on the structure and magnetic properties of dicyanamide-bridged cobalt(ii) complexes. SIM
59  2019 Information can be stored in the human skin memristor which has non-volatile memory. DC
60  2019 Interactive Skin Display with Epidermal Stimuli Electrode. ISDEE
61  2019 Isostructural M(ii) complexes (M = Mn, Fe, Co) with field-induced slow magnetic relaxation for Mn and Co complexes. DC, EPR
62  2019 Liquid Crystals-Enabled AC Electrokinetics. LC, LCEK
63  2019 Magneto-Impedance Sensor Driven by 400 MHz Logarithmic Amplifier. DC, MI, RF, VCO
64  2019 Mapping Dynamical Magnetic Responses of Ultrathin Micron-Size Superconducting Films Using Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond. ---
65  2019 Microbial electrochemical system for the phenol degradation using alternating current: Metabolic pathway study. MES, Vpp
66  2019 Multi-wavelength spatial frequency domain diffuse optical tomography using single-pixel imaging based on lock-in photon counting. DC, DCT, DMD, SFD, SPI
67  2019 Numerical Study of Particle-Fluid Flow Under AC Electrokinetics in Electrode-Multilayered Microfluidic Device. ACEK, ACET, CM, DEP, TB
68  2019 One-directional flow of ionic solutions along fine electrodes under an alternating current electric field. DC
69  2019 Phosphonate-assisted tetranuclear lanthanide assemblies: observation of the toroidic ground state in the TbIII analogue. DC and AC, SMM, SMT
70  2019 Phytoremediation of mixed contaminated soil enhanced with electric current. ---
71  2019 Platinum Nanoparticles to Enable Electrodynamic Therapy for Effective Cancer Treatment. DC, EChT, EDT, PtNPs
72  2019 Practical application of non-contact alternating current electric field mixing for reagent-saving in situ hybridisation of HER2. ASS, DISH, HER2, Saving ISH
73  2019 PT-Level High-Sensitivity Magnetic Sensor with Amorphous Wire. DC, PT
74  2019 Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Bisphenol A Based on Self-Assembly. BPA, LOD, SAM
75  2019 Remote Control System for Battery-Assisted Devices with 16 nW Standby Consumption. DC
76  2019 Resonant and Selective Excitation of Photocatalytically Active Defect Sites in TiO2. HER, PC, PL
77  2019 Significantly Enhanced Electrical Performances of Eco-Friendly Dielectric Liquids for Harsh Conditions with Fullerene. ---
78  2019 Simple and Precise Approach for Determination of Ohmic Contribution of Diaphragms in Alkaline Water Electrolysis. AWE, DC, EIS
79  2019 Single-Molecule Detection of DNA in a Nanochannel by High-Field Strength-Assisted Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy. ---
80  2019 Single-Molecule Magnetism in Three Dy2 Complexes from the Use of a Pentadentate Schiff Base Ligand and Different Benzoates. CASSCF, DC
81  2019 Size-Tunable Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles Using Competitive AC Electrokinetics. AC-DEP, AC-EHD
82  2019 Synthesis of Graphene Oxide-Fe3O4 Based Nanocomposites Using the Mechanochemical Method and in Vitro Magnetic Hyperthermia. AFM, VSM, XRD
83  2019 Technology-driven layer-by-layer assembly of a membrane for selective separation of monovalent anions and antifouling. AEM, ED
84  2019 Tetraoxolene-bridged rare-earth complexes: a radical-bridged dinuclear Dy single-molecule magnet. ---
85  2019 The AC Soft Magnetic Properties of FeCoNixCuAl (1.0 ≤ x ≤ 1.75) High-Entropy Alloys. bcc, fcc, HEAs, Ph, rho, SEM, XRD
86  2019 The Application of Electrical Parameters to Reflect the Hydration Process of Cement Paste with Rice Husk Ash. RHA, SEM, XRD
87  2019 The chopped moving photocarrier grating technique. CMG, DC, MGT
88  2019 The Effect of the Static Load in the UNSM Process on the Corrosion Properties of Alloy 600. EBSD, OM, SEM, UNSM
89  2019 Triggerable Mutually Amplified Signal Probe Based SERS-Microfluidics Platform for the Efficient Enrichment and Quantitative Detection of miRNA. miRNAs, SERS, TMAS
90  2019 Uncertainty estimates for magnetic relaxation times and magnetic relaxation parameters. SMMs
91  2018 A Closed System for Pico-Liter Order Substance Transport from a Giant Liposome to a Cell. DC
92  2018 A family of lanthanide compounds with reduced nitronyl nitroxide diradical: syntheses, structures and magnetic properties. ---
93  2018 A novel protein digestion method with the assistance of alternating current denaturation for high efficient protein digestion and mass spectrometry analysis. MALDI-TOF MS, MS
94  2018 A real scale phytoremediation of multi-metal contaminated e-waste recycling site with Eucalyptus globulus assisted by electrical fields. DC
95  2018 A Simple Wireless Sensor Node System for Electricity Monitoring Applications: Design, Integration, and Testing with Different Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters. EHs, MCU
96  2018 Adsorption/desorption of biomacromolecules involved in catalytic hydrogen evolution. CHER, CPS, PSs
97  2018 Ageing Study of Palm Oil and Coconut Oil in the Presence of Insulation Paper for Transformers Application. CO, PO, RBDPO, TI
98  2018 Alternating current (AC) susceptibility as a particle-focused probe of coating and clustering behaviour in magnetic nanoparticle suspensions. ACS, DLS, MNPs, PEI
99  2018 Analysis and design of the transmitting mode on the pre-polarization surface nuclear magnetic resonance system. PP, SNMR
100  2018 Artificial Asymmetric Cilia Array of Dielectric Elastomer for Cargo Transportation. ---