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Abbreviation : ACS
Long Form : acid synthase
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Auxin-activated MdARF5 induces the expression of ethylene biosynthetic genes to initiate apple fruit ripening. ACO, NAA, TF
2019 Ethylene Response of Plum ACC Synthase 1 (ACS1) Promoter is Mediated through the Binding Site of Abscisic Acid Insensitive 5 (ABI5). ABA, ABI5, ACS1, GL2, GUS, SM, SR, TFs
2019 The Involvement of Ethylene in Calcium-Induced Adventitious Root Formation in Cucumber under Salt Stress. ACC, ACO
2018 Exogenous glycine inhibits root elongation and reduces nitrate-N uptake in pak choi (Brassica campestris ssp. Chinensis L.). Gly
2018 TaWRKY51 promotes lateral root formation through negative regulation of ethylene biosynthesis in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). LRs, TaWRKY51-OE, TaWRKY51-RNAi
2018 The FBH family of bHLH transcription factors controls ACC synthase expression in sugarcane. bHLH, ScFBH1
2018 Transcript Profiling and Gene Identification Involved in the Ethylene Signal Transduction Pathways of Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera) during ISR Response Induced by Butanediol. ACO, BDO, DEGs, ISR
2016 Assessing the allelotypic effect of two aminocyclopropane carboxylic acid synthase-encoding genes MdACS1 and MdACS3a on fruit ethylene production and softening in Malus. ---
2016 Ethylene Potentiates Sulfur-Mediated Reversal of Cadmium Inhibited Photosynthetic Responses in Mustard. Cd, NBD
10  2016 The Andromonoecious Sex Determination Gene Predates the Separation of Cucumis and Citrullus Genera. ---
11  2015 Apple MdACS6 Regulates Ethylene Biosynthesis During Fruit Development Involving Ethylene-Responsive Factor. ERF, VIGS
12  2015 Ethylene Biosynthesis Is Promoted by Very-Long-Chain Fatty Acids during Lysigenous Aerenchyma Formation in Rice Roots. CUT1L, rcn1, VLCFAs
13  2015 Isolation and molecular characterization of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase genes in Hevea brasiliensis. ---
14  2015 MPK3/MPK6 are involved in iron deficiency-induced ethylene production in Arabidopsis. ---
15  2015 New Insights into the Protein Turnover Regulation in Ethylene Biosynthesis. ---
16  2015 Short-term complete submergence of rice at the tillering stage increases yield. ---
17  2014 Alleviation of salt-induced photosynthesis and growth inhibition by salicylic acid involves glycinebetaine and ethylene in mungbean (Vigna radiata L.). AVG, GB, INA, Met, SA
18  2014 Characterization and expression profiles of MaACS and MaACO genes from mulberry (Morus alba L.). ABA, ACO, qRT-PCR
19  2012 A Ser/Thr protein kinase phosphorylates MA-ACS1 (Musa acuminata 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase 1) during banana fruit ripening. MA-ACS1
20  2012 Regulation of ethylene biosynthesis through protein degradation. UPS
21  2011 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase 2 is phosphorylated by calcium-dependent protein kinase 1 during cotton fiber elongation. ACO, CPK1
22  2011 Cotton GhMPK2 is involved in multiple signaling pathways and mediates defense responses to pathogen infection and oxidative stress. ACO, MAPK, PR
23  2011 Resistance of Malus domestica fruit to Botrytis cinerea depends on endogenous ethylene biosynthesis. ERFs
24  2009 1-MCP application suppresses ethylene biosynthesis and retards fruit softening during cold storage of 'Tegan Blue' Japanese plum. 1-MCP, ACC, ACO, EGase, endoPG, exo-PG, PE
25  2009 A conserved ethylene biosynthesis enzyme leads to andromonoecy in two cucumis species. ---
26  2008 MAPK phosphorylation-induced stabilization of ACS6 protein is mediated by the non-catalytic C-terminal domain, which also contains the cis-determinant for rapid degradation by the 26S proteasome pathway. MAPK
27  2007 Aminocyclopropane carboxylic acid synthase is a regulated step in ethylene-dependent induced conifer defense. Full-length cDNA cloning of a multigene family, differential constitutive, and wound- and insect-induced expression, and cellular and subcellular localization in spruce and Douglas fir. ACO
28  2007 Interaction between ACC synthase 1 and 14-3-3 proteins in rice: a new insight. ---
29  2005 A novel plant cysteine protease has a dual function as a regulator of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic Acid synthase gene expression. EIX
30  2004 An evaluation of the effects of exogenous ethephon, an ethylene releasing compound, on photosynthesis of mustard (Brassica juncea) cultivars that differ in photosynthetic capacity. CA, Ci, Pn
31  2004 Inheritance of the Md-ACS1 gene and its relationship to fruit softening in apple ( Malus x domestica Borkh.). ---
32  2004 Phosphorylation of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase by MPK6, a stress-responsive mitogen-activated protein kinase, induces ethylene biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. MAPKs
33  2004 Regulation of ethylene gas biosynthesis by the Arabidopsis ETO1 protein. ---
34  2003 The eto1, eto2, and eto3 mutations and cytokinin treatment increase ethylene biosynthesis in Arabidopsis by increasing the stability of ACS protein. ---
35  2001 Phosphorylation of tomato 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase, LE-ACS2, at the C-terminal region. ---
36  2000 The regulation of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase gene expression during the transition from system-1 to system-2 ethylene synthesis in tomato. Nr, rin