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Abbreviation : AEE
Long Form : activity energy expenditure
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Accelerometer Data Processing and Energy Expenditure Estimation in Preschoolers. HFEN, TEE
2019 Activity energy expenditure is an independent predictor of energy intake in humans. EE, RMR
2019 Comparison of Conventional and Individualized 1-MET Values for Expressing Maximum Aerobic Metabolic Rate and Habitual Activity Related Energy Expenditure. CON, END, MET
2019 Energy expenditure associated with posture transitions in preschool children. ---
2019 Energy Status and Body Composition Across a Collegiate Women's Lacrosse Season. TDEE
2019 Estimating energy expenditure from wrist and thigh accelerometry in free-living adults: a doubly labelled water study. DLW, RMSE, TEE
2019 Gut microbiota diversity is associated with cardiorespiratory fitness in post-primary treatment breast cancer survivors. ---
2018 Measurement of Total Liver Volume Using the Energy Expenditure: A New Formula. BEE, LV
2018 One-year changes in physical activity and sedentary behavior among adolescents: the Croatian Physical Activity in Adolescence Longitudinal Study (CRO-PALS). CRO-PALS, PA, SB, SHAPES, SP, TEE
10  2018 Physical activity in daily life in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. IPF
11  2018 Physical Activity Level Using Doubly-Labeled Water in Relation to Body Composition and Physical Fitness in Preschoolers. DLW, PAL, PAL
12  2018 Self-Reported Physical Activity is Not a Valid Method for Measuring Physical Activity in 15-Year-Old South African Boys and Girls. IPAQ-SF, ISAK, MVPA, PA, PHALS
13  2018 Serum Metabolomics of Activity Energy Expenditure and its Relation to Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity. BMI, MetS, STAR-Q
14  2018 Simultaneous Validation of Seven Physical Activity Questionnaires Used in Japanese Cohorts for Estimating Energy Expenditure: A Doubly Labeled Water Study. BMR, DLW, ICC, JPHC, PAQs, SD, TEE
15  2018 Understanding the Nature of Measurement Error When Estimating Energy Expenditure and Physical Activity via Physical Activity Recall. DLW, MVPA, MVPA, PAQ
16  2017 Energy expenditure in people with motor-complete paraplegia. EE, NEPA, REE
17  2017 Energy Metabolism Profile in Individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome and Implications for Clinical Management: A Systematic Review. DIT, PWS, REE, SEE, TEE
18  2017 Evaluation of the wrist-worn ActiGraph wGT3x-BT for estimating activity energy expenditure in preschool children. MINISTOP, TEE
19  2017 Exercise training improves fat metabolism independent of total energy expenditure in sedentary overweight men, but does not restore lean metabolic phenotype. TEE
20  2017 Impact of Carbohydrate-Electrolyte Beverage Ingestion on Heart Rate Response While Climbing Mountain Fuji at ~3000 m. bpm, HR
21  2017 Is School Type Associated with Objectively Measured Physical Activity in 15-Year-Olds? PA, TEE
22  2017 Measures of Total Energy Expenditure and Its Components Using the Doubly Labeled Water Method in Rehabilitating Burn Children. DRI, REE, TBSA, TEE
23  2017 Surveying predictors of late-life longitudinal change in daily activity energy expenditure. RMR, TEE
24  2017 Temporal and bidirectional associations between physical activity and sleep in primary school-aged children. LPA, MVPA
25  2016 Accelerometer-measured physical activity among older adults in urban India: Results of a study on global AGEing and adult health substudy. ---
26  2016 Alterations in energy balance from an exercise intervention with ad libitum food intake. ATM, EI, PAL
27  2016 Associations between Resting, Activity, and Daily Metabolic Rate in Free-Living Endotherms: No Universal Rule in Birds and Mammals. DEE, RMR
28  2016 Evaluation of the ability of three physical activity monitors to predict weight change and estimate energy expenditure. IDEEA, LCD, TEE
29  2016 Physical efficiency and activity energy expenditure in term pregnancy females measured during cardiopulmonary exercise tests with a supine cycle ergometer. CPET
30  2016 Physical function and activity among older adults in Jodhpur, India. AC, PAL, TDEE
31  2016 Role of physical activity and sleep duration in growth and body composition of preschool-aged children. BMI, FFM, FM, MVPA, TEE
32  2016 State-related differences in the level of psychomotor activity in patients with bipolar disorder- Continuous heart rate and movement monitoring. ACC, YMRS
33  2016 Validity and Reliability of Fitbit Flex for Step Count, Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity and Activity Energy Expenditure. CV, ICC, MVPA
34  2015 Children with cerebral palsy do not achieve healthy physical activity levels. ---
35  2015 Effect of Change in VO2max on Daily Total Energy Expenditure in a Cohort of Norwegian Men: A Randomized Pilot Study. AIT, CS, TEE
36  2015 Evaluation of Actical equations and thresholds to predict physical activity intensity in young children. LPAs, MVPAs, SBs
38  2015 Lean Mass Appears to Be More Strongly Associated with Bone Health than Fat Mass in Urban Black South African Women. ---
39  2014 Accuracy of self-reported physical activity levels in obese adolescents. DLW, ePAL, PAL, REE, TEE
40  2014 Effects of weight gain induced by controlled overfeeding on physical activity. AREE, DLW, SPA, VM
41  2014 Evaluation of Actiheart and a 7d activity diary for estimating free-living total and activity energy expenditure using criterion methods in 15- and 3-year-old children. mAC, MET, MHR, PAL, TEE
42  2014 The Sedentary Time and Activity Reporting Questionnaire (STAR-Q): reliability and validity against doubly labeled water and 7-day activity diaries. CCCs, CI, DLW, STAR-Q, TEE
43  2014 Validating measures of free-living physical activity in overweight and obese subjects using an accelerometer. PAL
44  2014 Validation and comparison of two methods to assess human energy expenditure during free-living activities. IC
45  2014 Validity of a combined heart rate and motion sensor for the measurement of free-living energy expenditure in very active individuals. DLW, HR, REE
46  2013 Activity energy expenditure is a major determinant of dietary fat oxidation and trafficking, but the deleterious effect of detraining is more marked than the beneficial effect of training at current recommendations. ACSL1
47  2013 Energy expenditure by multisensor armband in overweight and obese lactating women validated by doubly labeled water. DLW, SWA, TEE
48  2013 Evaluations of Actiheart, IDEEA and RT3 monitors for estimating activity energy expenditure in free-living women. ---
49  2013 High energy expenditure masks low physical activity in obesity. RMR, TDEE
50  2013 Step count is associated with lower nighttime systolic blood pressure and increased dipping. BP, SC
51  2013 Validation of SenseWear Armband and ActiHeart monitors for assessments of daily energy expenditure in free-living women with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. AH, COPD, DLW, ICC, SWA, TEE
52  2013 Validation of the TracmorD triaxial accelerometer to assess physical activity in preschool children. ACD, ACM, PAL, SMR, TEE
53  2013 Validity of physical activity monitors during daily life in patients with COPD. COPD, DLW, TBW, TEE
54  2013 Weight-loss induced changes in physical activity and activity energy expenditure in overweight and obese subjects before and after energy restriction. PA
55  2012 Concurrent validation of estimated activity energy expenditure using a 3-day diary and accelerometry in adolescents. ---
56  2012 Energy expenditure during 2-day trail walking in the mountains (2,857 m) and the effects of amino acid supplementation in older men and women. BCAA, HR, VJ
57  2012 Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation is associated with free-living activity energy expenditure in the elderly. OXPHOS, PAL
58  2012 Validation of uniaxial and triaxial accelerometers for the assessment of physical activity in preschool children. PA, PAR
59  2012 Validation of Web-based physical activity measurement systems using doubly labeled water. 24hPAR WEB, 7daysRecall WEB, DLW, TEE
60  2012 Validity of combining heart rate and uniaxial acceleration to measure free-living physical activity energy expenditure in young men. ACC, DLW, HR, ICC, LOA, RMSE
61  2011 Activity energy expenditure and incident cognitive impairment in older adults. ---
62  2011 Physical activity in an indigenous Ecuadorian forager-horticulturalist population as measured using accelerometry. AC, PAL
63  2011 Physical activity pattern and activity energy expenditure in healthy pregnant and non-pregnant Swedish women. IDEEA
64  2011 The IDEFICS validation study on field methods for assessing physical activity and body composition in children: design and data collection. ---
65  2011 Validation of an armband to measure daily energy expenditure in older adults. RMR, SWA, SWA 6.1, TEE
66  2010 Associations between energy demands, physical activity, and body composition in adult humans between 18 and 96 y of age. FFM, FM, PAL
67  2010 Body size and human energy requirements: Reduced mass-specific total energy expenditure in tall adults. REE, TEE
68  2010 Estimation of free-living energy expenditure using a novel activity monitor designed to minimize obtrusiveness. DLW, PAL, SMR, TEE
69  2010 Rehabilitation in Parkinson's disease: assessing the outcome using objective metabolic measurements. 6MWT, UPDRS-III
70  2010 Review of prediction models to estimate activity-related energy expenditure in children and adolescents. ---
71  2010 Validation of the Actiheart activity monitor for measurement of activity energy expenditure in children and adolescents with chronic disease. HRaS
72  2009 Activity energy expenditure and change in body composition in late life. FFM, FM, RMR, TEE
73  2009 Physical activity patterns and estimated daily energy expenditures in normal and overweight tunisian schoolchildren. BMI, PAI, PAL, TEE
74  2009 Pregnancy-related changes in activity energy expenditure and resting metabolic rate in Switzerland. RMR, TEE
75  2008 Accuracy of the Actiheart for the assessment of energy expenditure in adults. HR
76  2008 Differences in daily energy expenditure in lean and obese women: the role of posture allocation. DLW, DXA, FFM, FM, RMR, TEE
77  2008 Estimating activity energy expenditure: how valid are physical activity questionnaires? DLW, PAQs, TEE
78  2008 Validation of the RT3 accelerometer for measuring physical activity of children in simulated free-living conditions. ---
79  2008 Very low levels of energy expenditure among pre-adolescent Mexican-American girls. BMI, EA, MA, PAL, REE, TEE, TEE
80  2007 Activity, adiposity and weight change in Jamaican adults. REE, TDEE
81  2007 Estimated energy expenditure and physical activity patterns of adolescent distance runners. TEE
82  2007 Impact of seasonal scarcity on energy balance and body composition in peasant adolescents from Calakmul, Campeche Mexico. BMI, BMR, HCA, HSA, TEE, W/A
83  2007 The influence of physical activity-induced energy expenditure on the variance in body weight change among individuals during a diet intervention. TEE
84  2006 Concurrent validation of the Bouchard Diary with an accelerometry-based monitor. TEE
85  2006 Determinants of physical activity after hospitalization for coronary artery disease: the Tracking Exercise After Cardiac Hospitalization (TEACH) Study. CAD, CHF, PCI, TEACH
86  2006 Predicting activity energy expenditure using the Actical activity monitor. ---
87  2006 Socio-economic and environmental factors influence energy utilization in Brazilian breast-fed infants. MOEE, SES, TEE
88  2006 Total energy expenditure in the Yakut (Sakha) of Siberia as measured by the doubly labeled water method. PAL, TEE
89  2006 Total energy expenditure, resting metabolic rate and physical activity level in free-living rural elderly men and women from Cuba, Chile and Mexico. DLW, ERs, PAL, RMR, TEE
90  2006 Within- and between-individual variability in estimated energy expenditure and habitual physical activity among young adults. CV, IA, MVPA, PA, TEE
91  2005 Association of physical activity with body-composition indexes in children aged 6-8 y at varied risk of obesity. BF, BMI, FMI, LMI, PA
92  2005 Longitudinal changes in energy expenditure in girls from late childhood through midadolescence. PAL, RMR, TEE
93  2005 Relationship between blood pressure and physical activity assessed with stable isotopes. BP
94  2004 Energy expenditure is very high in extremely obese women. REE, TEE, TEF
95  2004 Energy requirements during pregnancy based on total energy expenditure and energy deposition. BMI, BMR, TEE
96  2004 Relation of body mass index and body fatness to energy expenditure: longitudinal changes from preadolescence through adolescence. BMI, EE, RMR, TEE
97  2003 Energy expenditure at age 73 and 78--a five year follow-up. PAL, RMR, SD 0.66, TBW, TEE
98  2002 Activity energy expenditure and adiposity among black adults in Nigeria and the United States. REE, TDEE
99  2002 Assessing risk factors for obesity between childhood and adolescence: II. Energy metabolism and physical activity. RMR, RQ, TEE
100  2002 Canadian population trends in leisure-time physical activity levels, 1981-1998. ---