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Abbreviation : AGID
Long Form : agar gel immunodiffusion
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Applicability of the Platelia EIA Aspergillus test for the diagnosis of aspergilosis in penguins. GM
2019 Detection of Brucella spp. in dogs at Pantanal wetlands. BAPA
2019 Novel canine anti-Coccidioides immunoglobulin G enzyme immunoassay aids in diagnosis of coccidioidomycosis in dogs. CM, EIA, EU, IgG, OD
2019 Serologic Evidence for Influenza A Virus Exposure in Three Loon Species Breeding in Alaska. bELISA, HI, IAVs
2019 Serological diagnosis of equine infectious anemia in horses, donkeys and mules using an ELISA with a gp45 synthetic peptide as antigen. dpi, EIA
2019 Small ruminant lentiviruses in goats in southern Italy: Serological evidence, risk factors and implementation of control programs. SRLVs
2018 Assessment of antibody assay methods in determination of prevalence of infectious bursal disease among local chickens and guinea fowls in Kwara state, North Central Nigeria. ELISA, IBD, IBDV, IHA
2018 Comparison of two agar gel immunodiffusion protocols for diagnosing equine infectious anemia. OIE
2018 Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and agar gel immunodiffusion assay for diagnosis of equine infectious anemia employing p26 protein fused to the maltose-binding protein. ELISA, MBP
10  2018 Equine infectious anemia virus in naturally infected horses from the Brazilian Pantanal. EIA, EIAV, SN-PCR
11  2018 Spatial distribution and risk factors for equine infectious anaemia in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. CI, EIA
12  2017 Characterization of isolates of equine infectious anemia virus in Brazil. ---
13  2017 Evaluation of DNA vaccines encoding M. Tb gene Bfrb and Mpt32 in mice model. BCG, TB
14  2017 Evaluation of six serological ELISA kits available in Italy as screening tests for equine infectious anaemia surveillance. CV, EIA, Se, Sp
15  2017 Investigation of AGID and two commercial ELISAs for the detection of Bovine viral diarrhea virus-specific antibodies in sheep serum. BVDV, ELISAs
16  2016 Epidemiology of a Bluetongue outbreak in a sheep flock in Brazil. BT, BTV, RT-PCR
17  2016 Isolation and adaptation of bovine herpes virus Type 1 in embryonated chicken eggs and in Madin-Darby bovine kidney cell line. BHV-1, CAM, MDBK
18  2016 Outbreaks of Virulent Infectious Bursal Disease in Flocks of Battery Cage Brooding System of Commercial Chickens. IBD
19  2016 Production of pseudorabies virus recombinant glycoprotein B and its use in an agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) test for detection of antibodies with sensitivity and specificity equal to the virus neutralization assay. AD, gB, gE, PRV, VN
20  2016 Sero-epizootiological investigation of infectious laryngotracheitis infection in commercial poultry of Plateau State, north central Nigeria. ILT, LGAs
21  2016 Serologic and molecular evidence of Brucella ovis infection in ovine and caprine flocks in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. ---
22  2015 Detection of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in a sheep flock in Tuscany. ---
23  2015 Diagnosis of peste des petits ruminants infection in small ruminants through in-house developed Indirect ELISA: Practical considerations. cELISA, PPRV
24  2015 Evaluation of an enzyme immunoassay for antibodies to a recombinant Blastomyces adhesin-1 repeat antigen as an aid in the diagnosis of blastomycosis in dogs. EIA, rBAD-1
25  2015 Evaluation of an Immunochromatographic Test to the Diagnosis of Canine Brucellosis Caused by Brucella canis. ICT
26  2015 Interspecific transmission of small ruminant lentiviruses from goats to sheep. ELISA, IB, nPCR, SRLV
27  2015 Seroprevalence of infectious bursal disease virus in local chickens in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State, South East Nigeria. IBDV
28  2015 Three new serotypes of Rhodococcus equi in Prescott's serotyping system - Short communication. ---
29  2014 Agar gel immunodiffusion assay to detect antibodies to Type A influenza virus. RNP
30  2014 Characterization of a novel influenza virus in cattle and Swine: proposal for a new genus in the Orthomyxoviridae family. ICV, RT
31  2014 Development of single-chain Fv against the nucleoprotein of type A influenza virus and its use in ELISA. AIV, CI-ELISA, HI, NP, rNP, scFv, VH, VL
32  2014 Production of equine herpesvirus 1 recombinant glycoprotein D and development of an agar gel immunodiffusion test for serological diagnosis. EHV-1 and 4
33  2013 Development, evaluation, and laboratory validation of immunoassays for the diagnosis of equine infectious anemia (EIA) using recombinant protein produced from a synthetic p26 gene of EIA virus. EIA, EIAV, ELISA
34  2013 Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis confirmed following serological surveillance of small ruminants in Grenada, West Indies. ELISA, MAP
35  2013 Paratuberculosis in different breeds of sheep: A retrospective study of cases. ---
36  2013 Toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis and brucellosis in stray dogs housed at the shelter in Umuarama municipality, Parana, Brazil. BAA, IFA, MAT
37  2013 Validation and evaluation of a commercially available ELISA for the detection of antibodies specific to bovine viral diarrhoea virus (bovine pestivirus). BVDV, ELISA, TG-ROC, VNT
38  2012 Antibody prevalence of low-pathogenicity avian influenza and evaluation of management practices in Minnesota backyard poultry flocks. AIV, LPAI
39  2012 Development of a recombinant ELISA using yeast (Pichia pastoris)-expressed polypeptides for detection of antibodies against avian influenza A subtype H5. cELISA, HA, HI, P. pastoris, rELISA
40  2012 Large-scale serological survey of caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus (CAEV) in Korean black goats (Capra hircus aegagrus). CAEV, ELISA
41  2012 Preliminary study of an immunochromatography test for serological diagnosis of canine brucellosis. ---
42  2012 Serologic survey of brucellosis in captive neotropical wild carnivores in northeast Brazil. CFT
43  2012 Serum and egg yolk antibody detection in chickens infected with low pathogenicity avian influenza virus. dpi, ELISA, HI, LPAIV
44  2011 Brucella canis infection in dogs attended in veterinary clinics from patos, ParabaBA state, Brazil. ---
45  2011 Immunochemical characterization of antigens of Brucella canis and their use in seroprevalence study of canine brucellosis. 2 ME-TAT, B. canis, HPBSE, iELISA, SA
46  2011 Molecular detection, epidemiology, and genetic characterization of novel European field isolates of equine infectious anemia virus. EIAV, HIV-1
47  2011 The recent prevalence of bovine leukemia virus (BLV) infection among Japanese cattle. BLV, ELISA
48  2011 Validation of an ELISA method for the serological diagnosis of canine brucellosis due to Brucella canis. CDV, ELISA, WB
49  2010 Antibodies to type A influenza virus in wild waterbirds from Argentina. AI, bELISA
50  2010 Detection of Brucella ovis in ovine from Paraiba State, in the Northeast region of Brazil. PCR
51  2010 Development of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibody against Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus using recombinant protein of the precursor of the major core protein, p55gag. CAEV, CI, ELISA, wWB
52  2010 Immunochromatographic lateral flow test for detection of antibodies to Equine infectious anemia virus. EIAV, ICLF, rp26
53  2010 Prevalence of antibodies to type a influenza virus in wild avian species using two serologic assays. AI, bELISA, RT-PCR
54  2010 The feasibility of using antigens prepared with rough Brucella strains for diagnosis of canine brucellosis. IELISA, RSAT
55  2010 Validation of egg yolk antibody based C-ELISA for avian influenza surveillance in breeder duck. AIV, cELISA, HI
56  2009 Agar gel immunodiffusion analysis using baculovirus-expressed recombinant bovine leukemia virus envelope glycoprotein (gp51/gp30(T-)). BLV
57  2009 An evaluation of avian influenza diagnostic methods with domestic duck specimens. AI, ELISA, HI, OP, p.i
58  2009 Characterisation of a highly pathogenic influenza A virus of subtype H5N2 isolated from ostriches in South Africa in 2004. HI, IVPI, RT-PCR
59  2009 Comparative efficacy of standard AGID and precipitinogen inhibition test with monoclonal antibodies based competitive ELISA for the serology of Peste des Petits Ruminants in sheep and goats. cELISA, PIT
60  2009 Comparison of agar gel immunodiffusion test, rapid slide agglutination test, microbiological culture and PCR for the diagnosis of canine brucellosis. RSAT and 2ME-RSAT
61  2009 Detection of bovine leukemia virus specific antibodies using recombinant p24-ELISA. BLV, DN, DP, rp24
62  2009 Evaluation of a commercial blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to detect avian influenza virus antibodies in multiple experimentally infected avian species. AI, bELISA, HPAI, LPAI
63  2009 Evaluation of an epitope-blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of antibodies to influenza A virus in domestic and wild avian and mammalian species. bELISA
64  2009 Minimum intravenous infectious dose of ovine progressive pneumonia virus (OPPV). i.v, OPPV
65  2008 Amperometric immunosensor for diagnosis of BLV infection. ELISA, FCA, HRP, TMB
66  2008 Antigen and antibody testing for the diagnosis of blastomycosis in dogs. EIA
67  2008 Avian influenza virus isolation and propagation in chicken eggs. AI
68  2008 Diagnostic detection methods for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in white-tailed deer. CS, DNA, ELISA, MAP, PCR, WTD
69  2007 An investigation of equine infectious anaemia infection in the central Anatolia region of Turkey. EIAV, ELISA
70  2007 Characterization of the sigmaB-encoding genes of muscovy duck reovirus: sigmaC-sigmaB-ELISA for antibodies against duck reovirus in ducks. ARV, DRV, ORF
71  2007 Comparison of a new gold-immunochromatographic assay for the detection of antibodies against avian influenza virus with hemagglutination inhibition and agar gel immunodiffusion assays. AIV, HI
72  2007 Effect of different temperatures on the stability of avian influenza reference reagents. AI
73  2007 Evaluation of three serological tests for diagnosis of Maedi-Visna virus infection using latent class analysis. MVV, PCI, Se, Sp
74  2007 Impact of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis infection on serologic surveillance for Johne's disease in goats. C. pstb, ELISAs, MAP, SHI
75  2007 Improvements to the hemagglutination inhibition test for serological assessment of recombinant fowlpox-H5-avian-influenza vaccination in chickens and its use along with an agar gel immunodiffusion test for differentiating infected from noninfected vaccinated animals. AI, BPL, HI, HPAI
76  2007 Investigation of field outbreaks of turkey haemorrhagic enteritis in Hungary. PCR, TAdV-A, THEV
77  2007 Standardization and validation of an agar gel immunodiffusion test for the diagnosis of equine infectious anemia using a recombinant p26 antigen. EIA, EIAV
78  2006 Acute lymphoblast leukemia in sheep induced by inoculation of bovine leukemia virus: diagnostic electron microscopic morphological study. BLV
79  2006 Comparison of IS900 tissue PCR, bacterial culture, johnin and serological tests for diagnosis of naturally occurring paratuberculosis in goats. AFB, MB, PB
80  2006 Detection of antibodies to Brucella ovis in sheep milk using B. ovis and B. canis antigen. CFT, iELISA, ROC, RSAT
81  2006 Evaluation of a Pourquier ELISA kit in relation to agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) test for assessment of the humoral immune response in sheep and goats with and without Mycobacterium paratuberculosis infection. ---
82  2006 Experimental transmission of Bovine leukemia virus in cattle via rectal palpation. BLV
83  2006 Persistence of immunity in commercial egg-laying hens following vaccination with a killed H6N2 avian influenza vaccine. ---
84  2006 Prevalence of maedi-visna infection in culled ewes in Alberta. MV
85  2006 Sensitivity and specificity of the agar-gel-immunodiffusion test, ELISA and the skin test for detection of paratuberculosis in United States Midwest sheep populations. MAP
86  2006 Surveillance for avian influenza in the United States. AI, HI, NPIP
87  2005 Comparative efficacy of standard AGID, CCIE and competitive ELISA for detecting bluetongue virus antibodies in indigenous breeds of sheep and goats in Rajasthan, India. BTV, CCIE, cELISA
88  2005 Distribution and superinfection of bovine leukemia virus genotypes in Japan. BLV, RFLP
89  2005 Evaluation of a new antibody-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of bovine leukemia virus infection in dairy cattle. BLV, ELISA, Se, Sp
90  2005 Phenotypic and genotypic characterisation of Pasteurella multocida isolated from pigs at slaughter in New Zealand. Cap, HS, PAR, PCR
91  2005 Use of Brucella canis antigen for detection of ovine serum antibodies against Brucella ovis. 2ME-RSAT, CF, RSAT
92  2004 Bluetongue in Bosnia: comparisons of competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and standard agar gel immunodiffusion tests. BT, BTV, cELISA
93  2004 Clinical resolution of Brucella canis-induced ocular inflammation in a dog. IFA
94  2004 Comparison of commercial enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays and agar gel immunodiffusion tests for the serodiagnosis of equine infectious anemia. EIA, ELISA
95  2004 Culture and serologic survey for Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection among southeastern white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). ELISA, Mptb
96  2004 Determination of the presence of bovine immunoglobulin G in liquid or spray-dried porcine plasma and whole blood by agar gel immunodiffusion. IgG
97  2004 Establishment of a new bovine leukosis virus producing cell line. BLV, BVDV, cELISA
98  2004 Evaluation of a LAM ELISA for diagnosis of paratuberculosis in sheep and goats. LAM, PCR, ROC
99  2004 Frequency of serological cross-reactions between Ibaraki and bluetongue viruses using the agar gel immunodiffusion test. BT, cELISA, IB, VNT
100  2004 Physico-chemical and antigenic characterization of unconventional heavy chain antibodies of Indian desert camel (Camelus dromedarius L.). CIEP, HCAbs, IEP