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Abbreviation : AKRs
Long Form : aldo-keto reductases
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 AKR1B1 as a Prognostic Biomarker of High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer. AKR1B1, HGSC
2022 Discovery of Phenylcarbamoylazinane-1,2,4-Triazole Amides Derivatives as the Potential Inhibitors of Aldo-Keto Reductases (AKR1B1 & AKRB10): Potential Lead Molecules for Treatment of Colon Cancer. DFT, MOE
2022 Investigating the Metabolic Mesosulfuron-Methyl Resistance in Aegilops tauschii Coss. By Transcriptome Sequencing Combined with the Reference Genome. GST, GTs
2022 Structural analysis and engineering of aldo-keto reductase from glyphosate-resistant Echinochloa colona. EPSPS
2022 Structural Determinants of Sugar Alcohol Biosynthesis in Plants: The Crystal Structures of Mannose-6-Phosphate and Aldose-6-Phosphate Reductases. Ald6PRase, Man6PRase
2021 Aldo Keto Reductases AKR1B1 and AKR1B10 in Cancer: Molecular Mechanisms and Signaling Networks. NADPH
2021 Aldo-Keto Reductases and Cancer Drug Resistance. Nrf2
2021 Gene mining, codon optimization and analysis of binding mechanism of an aldo-keto reductase with high activity, better substrate specificity and excellent solvent tolerance. C. tropicalis MYA-3404, DKTP
2021 Stress-Induced Detoxification Enzymes in Rice Have Broad Substrate Affinity. ALDH/ADH, RCCs, TFs
10  2020 Analysis of Aldo-Keto Reductase Gene Family and Their Responses to Salt, Drought, and Abscisic Acid Stresses in Medicago truncatula. ABA
11  2020 Influence of Pain Killers on the Urinary Anabolic Steroid Profile. AAS, NSAIDs
12  2020 Michaelis-Menten Kinetics Measurements of Aldo-Keto Reductases for Various Substrates in Murine Tissue. ---
13  2020 Regulation of antioxidant systems in response to anoxia and reoxygenation in Rana sylvatica. GSTs, ROS
14  2020 Structure-function study of AKR4C14, an aldo-keto reductase from Thai jasmine rice (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica cv. KDML105). MDA
15  2020 Synthesis of C11-to-C14 methyl-shifted all-trans-retinal analogues and their activities on human aldo-keto reductases. ---
16  2019 Broadening the repertoire of microbial aldo-keto reductases: cloning and characterization of AKR3B4 from Rhodotorula mucilaginosa LSL strain. ---
17  2019 Key sites insight on the stereoselectivity of four mined aldo-keto reductases toward alpha-keto esters and halogen-substituted acetophenones. ---
18  2019 Pathophysiological roles of autophagy and aldo-keto reductases in development of doxorubicin resistance in gastrointestinal cancer cells. DOX, HNE, ROS
19  2019 PpAKR1A, a Novel Aldo-Keto Reductase from Physcomitrella Patens, Plays a Positive Role in Salt Stress. CAT, MG, POD, RCS, SOD
20  2019 Rational engineering of 2-deoxyribose-5-phosphate aldolases for the biosynthesis of (R)-1,3-butanediol. 1,3BDO, DERAs
21  2018 An aldo-keto reductase, Bbakr1, is involved in stress response and detoxification of heavy metal chromium but not required for virulence in the insect fungal pathogen, Beauveria bassiana. ---
22  2018 Prognostic significance of AKR1B10 in patients with resected lung adenocarcinoma. ---
23  2018 Stereoselective synthesis of a key chiral intermediate of (S)-Rivastigmine by AKR-GDH recombinant whole cells. FCM, GDH
24  2018 Structural and Functional Biology of Aldo-Keto Reductase Steroid-Transforming Enzymes. ---
25  2018 Two G-box-like elements essential to high gene expression of SlAKR4B in tomato leaves. SlAKR4B
26  2017 Aldo-keto reductase activity after diethylhexyl phthalate exposure in eutopic and ectopic endometrial cells. DEHP, EC, EE, ELISA
27  2017 Babesia microti Aldo-keto Reductase-Like Protein Involved in Antioxidant and Anti-parasite Response. BmAKR
28  2017 Characterization of AKR1B16, a novel mouse aldo-keto reductase. ---
29  2017 Engineering the cofactor specificity of an alcohol dehydrogenase via single mutations or insertions distal to the 2'-phosphate group of NADP(H). AdhD
30  2017 Identification and functional characterization of four novel aldo/keto reductases in Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 by integrating wet lab with in silico approaches. ---
31  2017 Novel Aldo-Keto Reductases for the Biocatalytic Conversion of 3-Hydroxybutanal to 1,3-Butanediol: Structural and Biochemical Studies. 1,3-BDO, 3-HB
32  2016 A novel aldo-keto reductase from Jatropha curcas L. (JcAKR) plays a crucial role in the detoxification of methylglyoxal, a potent electrophile. MG, RCs, ROS
33  2016 Aldo-Keto Reductase Regulation by the Nrf2 System: Implications for Stress Response, Chemotherapy Drug Resistance, and Carcinogenesis. NRs
34  2016 Androgen-metabolizing enzymes: A structural perspective. ---
35  2016 Development of a CART Model to Predict the Synthesis of Cardiotoxic Daunorubicinol in Heart Tissue Samples From Donors With and Without Down Syndrome. DA, DAUN, DOX, mtDNA
36  2015 A pathogenesis related-10 protein CaARP functions as aldo/keto reductase to scavenge cytotoxic aldehydes. NADPH, PR-10
37  2015 Aldo-keto Reductase 1B15 (AKR1B15): a mitochondrial human aldo-keto reductase with activity toward steroids and 3-keto-acyl-CoA conjugates. AKR1B15
38  2015 Cloning, expression and characterization of a putative 2,5-diketo-D-gluconic acid reductase in Comamonas testosteroni. 2,5DKGR, C. testosteroni
39  2015 Crystallographic analysis of a novel aldo-keto reductase from Thermotoga maritima in complex with NADP⁺. EOPB
40  2015 Plant aldo-keto reductases (AKRs) as multi-tasking soldiers involved in diverse plant metabolic processes and stress defense: A structure-function update. AKR
41  2015 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: from metabolism to lung cancer. AhR, EHs, NQOs, PAHs
42  2015 Role of DNA Methylation on the Expression of the Anthracycline Metabolizing Enzyme AKR7A2 in Human Heart. DS
43  2014 Altered expression of multiple genes involved in retinoic acid biosynthesis in human colorectal cancer. ATRA
44  2014 Characterization and identification of three novel aldo-keto reductases from Lodderomyces elongisporus for reducing ethyl 4-chloroacetoacetate. ---
45  2014 Exposure to 9,10-phenanthrenequinone accelerates malignant progression of lung cancer cells through up-regulation of aldo-keto reductase 1B10. 9,10-PQ, ROS
46  2014 Human aldo-keto reductases and the metabolic activation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. PAH, ROS
47  2014 Identification of a novel polyfluorinated compound as a lead to inhibit the human enzymes aldose reductase and AKR1B10: structure determination of both ternary complexes and implications for drug design. ---
48  2014 Induction of aldo-keto reductases (AKR1C1 and AKR1C3) abolishes the efficacy of daunorubicin chemotherapy for leukemic U937 cells. DNR, ROS
49  2014 Luteolin modulates expression of drug-metabolizing enzymes through the AhR and Nrf2 pathways in hepatic cells. AhR, CYP1A1, GSTP1, NQO1, Nrf2, TCDD
50  2014 Nitric oxide confers cisplatin resistance in human lung cancer cells through upregulation of aldo-keto reductase 1B10 and proteasome. iNOS, NO, ROS
51  2014 Probing AKR1C30 and AKR1C31 with site-directed mutagenesis: identifying the roles of residues 54 and 56 in the binding of substrates and inhibitors. ---
52  2014 Ruthenium complexes as inhibitors of the aldo-keto reductases AKR1C1-1C3. ---
53  2014 The aldo-keto reductases (AKRs): Overview. AKR, SDRs
54  2014 The rate-determining steps of aldo-keto reductases (AKRs), a study on human steroid 5beta-reductase (AKR1D1). ---
55  2014 The role of cytochromes p450 and aldo-keto reductases in prognosis of breast carcinoma patients. ---
56  2013 Glyoxal detoxification in Escherichia coli K-12 by NADPH dependent aldo-keto reductases. GO, MG
57  2013 Identification of stable benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-dione-DNA adducts in human lung cells. ---
58  2013 Interception of benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-dione by UDP glucuronosyltransferases (UGTs) in human lung cells. PAHs, ROS, UGTs
59  2013 Quantitative evaluation of aldo-keto reductase expression in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cell lines. HCC, MRM, MS
60  2013 [Expression of genes involved in retinoic acid biosynthesis in human gastric cancer]. ATRA
61  2012 AKRs expression in peripheral blood lymphocytes from smokers: the role of body mass index. BMI, mRNA, PAHs, PBLs, ROS
62  2012 Metabolism and distribution of benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-dione (B[a]P-7,8-dione) in human lung cells by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry: detection of an adenine B[a]P-7,8-dione adduct. HPLC-UV-RAM, NAC
63  2012 Pathophysiological roles of aldo-keto reductases (AKR1C1 and AKR1C3) in development of cisplatin resistance in human colon cancers. ---
64  2012 Regulation of aldo-keto reductases in human diseases. ---
65  2012 Role of aldo-keto reductases and other doxorubicin pharmacokinetic genes in doxorubicin resistance, DNA binding, and subcellular localization. ---
66  2012 The diversity of microbial aldo/keto reductases from Escherichia coli K12. ---
67  2011 Detoxication of structurally diverse polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) o-quinones by human recombinant catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) via O-methylation of PAH catechols. COMT, PAH, S-COMT
68  2011 Functional expression of novel human and murine AKR1B genes. ---
69  2011 Metabolic engineering of 1,2-propanediol pathways in Corynebacterium glutamicum. 1,2-PD, MGS
70  2011 Overproduction of a rice aldo-keto reductase increases oxidative and heat stress tolerance by malondialdehyde and methylglyoxal detoxification. MDA, MG, MV
71  2011 Proteasome inhibitors MG-132 and bortezomib induce AKR1C1, AKR1C3, AKR1B1, and AKR1B10 in human colon cancer cell lines SW-480 and HT-29. Nrf2
72  2011 Specificity of human aldo-keto reductases, NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase, and carbonyl reductases to redox-cycle polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon diones and 4-hydroxyequilenin-o-quinone. PAHs, ROS
73  2010 Characterization of human liver enzymes involved in the biotransformation of boceprevir, a hepatitis C virus protease inhibitor. ---
74  2010 Crystal structure and comparative functional analyses of a Mycobacterium aldo-keto reductase. ---
75  2010 Human 20alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (AKR1C1)-dependent biotransformation with recombinant fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. 20alpha-DHD, 20alpha-DHP, MIST
76  2010 Naturally occurring variants of human aldo-keto reductases with reduced in vitro metabolism of daunorubicin and doxorubicin. DAUN, DOX, nsSNPs
77  2009 Aldo-keto reductase (AKR) superfamily: genomics and annotation. AKR, SNPs, Vega
78  2009 Characterization of two novel aldo-keto reductases from Arabidopsis: expression patterns, broad substrate specificity, and an open active-site structure suggest a role in toxicant metabolism following stress. ---
79  2009 Induction of 1C aldoketoreductases and other drug dose-dependent genes upon acquisition of anthracycline resistance. ---
80  2009 Reductive metabolism of AGE precursors: a metabolic route for preventing AGE accumulation in cardiovascular tissue. AGEs, HUVECs
81  2009 The role of aryl hydrocarbon receptor in regulation of enzymes involved in metabolic activation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a model of rat liver progenitor cells. AhR, BaP, NQO1, PAHs, TCDD
82  2008 Aldo-keto reductase 1C2 is essential for 1-nitropyrene's but not for benzo[a]pyrene's induction of p53 phosphorylation and apoptosis. 1-NP, phen, UA
83  2008 Aldo-keto reductases from the AKR1B subfamily: retinoid specificity and control of cellular retinoic acid levels. ---
84  2008 Aldo-keto reductases in which the conserved catalytic histidine is substituted. SDRs
85  2008 Evidence for the aldo-keto reductase pathway of polycyclic aromatic trans-dihydrodiol activation in human lung A549 cells. 8-oxo-dGuo, COMT, PAHs, ROS
86  2008 Structural and kinetic characterization of a maize aldose reductase. AR
87  2008 The pattern of p53 mutations caused by PAH o-quinones is driven by 8-oxo-dGuo formation while the spectrum of mutations is determined by biological selection for dominance. ROS
88  2008 Two allelic variants of aldo-keto reductase 1A1 exhibit reduced in vitro metabolism of daunorubicin. DAUN, DAUNol, DOX, DOXol
89  2007 Human aldo-keto reductases: Function, gene regulation, and single nucleotide polymorphisms. SNPs
90  2007 Identification of the molecular switch that regulates access of 5alpha-DHT to the androgen receptor. AR, DHT, HSDs, SDR
91  2007 Metabolism of benzo[a]pyrene in human bronchoalveolar H358 cells using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. LC-MS, PAH, TCDD
92  2006 Aldo-keto reductases and bioactivation/detoxication. ---
93  2006 Benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-dihydrodiol promotes checkpoint activation and G2/M arrest in human bronchoalveolar carcinoma H358 cells. ATM, ATR, BPD, PAHs
94  2006 Catalytic mechanism and substrate selectivity of aldo-keto reductases: insights from structure-function studies of Candida tenuis xylose reductase. ---
95  2006 Human chorionic gonadotropin-dependent induction of an equine aldo-keto reductase (AKR1C23) with 20alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity during follicular luteinization in vivo. 20alpha-DHP, 20alpha-HSD, hCG
96  2006 Methylglyoxal detoxification by an aldo-keto reductase in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002. ---
97  2006 Multifunctionality of human 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases. 17beta-HSDs, SDRs
98  2006 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) o-quinones produced by the aldo-keto-reductases (AKRs) generate abasic sites, oxidized pyrimidines, and 8-oxo-dGuo via reactive oxygen species. ARP, PAH
99  2005 Conversion of methylglyoxal to acetol by Escherichia coli aldo-keto reductases. MG
100  2005 Formation of 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-oxo-dGuo) by PAH o-quinones: involvement of reactive oxygen species and copper(II)/copper(I) redox cycling. 8-oxodGuo, PAHs