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Abbreviation : AM
Long Form : amylose
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Acid hydrolysis of corn starch genotypes. I. Impact on morphological and molecular properties. AP, HACS, HACS, MM, SEM
2019 Amylose and amylopectin functionality during baking and cooling of bread prepared from flour of wheat containing unusual starches: A temperature-controlled time domain 1H NMR study. AP, BStA
2019 Biogeochemical fate of ferrihydrite-model organic compound complexes during anaerobic microbial reduction. AL, BQ, Fh, GL, GN, OC, TN
2019 Impact of mineral ions on the release of starch and gel forming capacity of potato flakes in relation to water dynamics and oil uptake during the production of snacks made thereof. AP, DM, PFs, RVA
2019 Impacts of nitrogen fertilization rate on the root yield, starch yield and starch physicochemical properties of the sweet potato cultivar Jishu 25. CPV, HPV, PV, SV, Tc, Tp
2019 Molecular causes for the effect of cooking methods on rice stickiness: A mechanism explanation from the view of starch leaching. AP, CLDs, DP, EPC
2019 Properties of octenyl succinic anhydride (OSA) modified starches and their application in low fat mayonnaise. CS, DS, FF, FS, KB, OSA, PS, RS, SP, WCS
2018 Physicochemical characteristics of complexes between amylose and garlic bioactive components generated by milling activating method. DSC, FTIR, GBCs, GC-MS, GP, HPLC, OSCs, SEM, TGA, XRD
2018 Quantifying the surface properties of enzymatically-made porous starches by using a surface energy analyzer. CGT, SEA
10  2017 Encapsulation of the antioxidant ascorbyl palmitate in V-type granular cold-water swelling starch affects the properties of both. AscP, GCWSS
11  2017 Methodologies for producing amylose: A review. DP, G1P
12  2017 Molecular structure of starch isolated from jackfruit and its relationship with physicochemical properties. AP, Mw
13  2017 Preparation, characterization and drug delivery study of a novel nanobiopolymeric multidrug delivery system. Am-CUR, CUR, DOX, PCA, PCL
14  2017 Synthesis and characterization of acetylated amylose and development of inclusion complexes with rifampicin. AMA, DLS, DS, FTIR, RIF, SEM, ZP
15  2017 The protective role of melatonin on L-arginine-induced acute pancreatitis in adult male albino rats. AP, IL-6, L-Arg, LP, MEL, TNF-alpha, VEGF
16  2017 Understanding the fine structure of intermediate materials of maize starches. AP, CL, DP, ECL, ICL, IM, RMS, TICL
17  2016 Development of EMS-induced mutation population for amylose and resistant starch variation in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) and identification of candidate genes responsible for amylose variation. AP
18  2015 Amylose and amylopectin branch chain reactivity in a model derivatization system. AP
19  2015 Derivatization patterns among starch chain populations assessed by ion-exchange chromatography: a model system approach. AP, FL, RI
20  2015 In vitro and in vivo digestibility of corn starch for weaned pigs: Effects of amylose:amylopectin ratio, extrusion, storage duration, and enzyme supplementation. RS
21  2015 Preparation of linear maltodextrins using a hyperthermophilic amylopullulanase with cyclodextrin- and starch-hydrolysing activities. AP
22  2014 Composition, structure, morphology and physicochemical properties of lablab bean, navy bean, rice bean, tepary bean and velvet bean starches. ---
23  2013 Effects of the amylose-amylopectin ratio on starch-hydrocolloid interactions. ---
24  2013 Structural and physical properties of granule stabilized starch obtained by branching enzyme treatment. AP, BE, DSC, XRD
25  2009 Structure and function of starch and resistant starch from corn with different doses of mutant amylose-extender and floury-1 alleles. ae, AP, DSC, fl1, MW, NS, PV, RS, RS-NS, RS-NS, RS-RVA-F, RVA, RVA-R
26  2008 Heterologous expression and characterization of glycogen branching enzyme from Synechocystis sp. PCC6803. BSAM, DP, HPAEC
27  2006 Gels of hydrophobically modified hydroxyethyl cellulose cross-linked by amylose. Competition with cyclodextrin. CD, HMHEC
28  2006 Slow digestion property of native cereal starches. AP, SDS, SEM
29  2005 Investigation of serum protein systems in Chinese pigs. Cp, HPX, PA, Tf
30  2005 Proenzyme therapy of cancer. CG/CH, TG/TR
31  2004 Gels of hydrophobically modified ethyl(hydroxyethyl) cellulose cross-linked by amylose: effects of hydrophobe architecture. HMEHEC
32  2004 [Dynamic changes of enzymes activities and growth factors contents in human colostrum]. ALP, EGF, SOD
33  1996 Resistant starch as energy. AP, ME
34  1991 Leaching of amylose from wheat and corn starch. ---
35  1989 Peritoneal malignant mesothelioma versus serous papillary adenocarcinoma. A histochemical and immunohistochemical comparison. CEA, CK, EMA, MM, PLAP, SC
36  1988 Immunogold determination of amylase concentrations in pancreatic subcellular compartments. LDr, PAA
37  1988 Synthesis and contents of pancreatic exportable enzymes. Effect of oleic acid intraduodenal administration. Chtg, Li, TG
38  1987 Blood biochemical polymorphism in Spanish goat breeds. AL, ALP, CA, Cp, CT, DIA, GSH, Hb, MDH, NP, Tf
39  1986 A quantitative immuno-electronmicroscopic study of amylase and chymotrypsinogen in peri- and tele-insular cells of the rat exocrine pancreas. Ch, PI, TI
40  1984 Immunocytochemical assays of amylase and chymotrypsinogen in rat pancreas secretory granules. Efficacy of using immunogold-labeled ultrathin cryosections to estimate relative protein concentrations. Ch, STI
41  1984 Immunofluorescence study of secretory epithelial markers in pleomorphic adenomas. LF, Ly, SC
42  1983 Genetic polymorphism in Spanish Merino sheep. AL, CA, Hb, Tf
43  1980 Disproportional immunostaining patterns of two secretory proteins in guinea pig and rat exocrine pancreatic cells. An immunoferritin and fluorescence study. Chtg
44  1976 Polymorphism of blood serum amylase and leptospirosis of pigs of large white polish breed. ---