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Abbreviation : AM
Long Form : apparent motion
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Auditory modulation of spiking activity and local field potentials in area MT does not appear to underlie an audiovisual temporal illusion. ISIs, LFP
2016 Apparent Motion Suppresses Responses in Early Visual Cortex: A Population Code Model. ---
2016 Reconstructing representations of dynamic visual objects in early visual cortex. ---
2014 Color updating on the apparent motion path. ---
2014 The influence of spontaneous brain oscillations on apparent motion perception. ---
2013 Apparent motion perception in patients with paranoid schizophrenia. ---
2013 Illusory motion and mislocalization of temporally offset target in apparent motion display. ---
2012 Adaptation to visual or auditory time intervals modulates the perception of visual apparent motion. ISI
2012 Curved apparent motion induced by amodal completion. ---
10  2012 Sound can enhance the suppression of visual target detection in apparent motion trajectory. ---
11  2012 Willpower and conscious percept: volitional switching in binocular rivalry. ST
12  2011 Inhibition of target detection in apparent motion trajectory. ---
13  2010 Apparent motion distorts the shape of a stimulus briefly presented along the motion path. ---
14  2010 The role of multi-area interactions for the computation of apparent motion. ---
15  2009 The timing of feedback to early visual cortex in the perception of long-range apparent motion. ---
16  2009 Type of featural attention differentially modulates hMT+ responses to illusory motion aftereffects. MAE, RM
17  2008 Altered perception of apparent motion in schizophrenia spectrum disorder. PANSS
18  2008 Cortical dynamics subserving visual apparent motion. ---
19  2006 An MEG study into the visual perception of apparent motion in depth. AMS, MEG
20  2006 Primary visual cortex activation on the path of apparent motion is mediated by feedback from hMT+/V5. ---
21  2005 A neural signature of colour and luminance correspondence in bistable apparent motion. ---
22  2005 Rapid detection of salient regions: evidence from apparent motion. ICs
23  2004 A comparison of auditory and visual apparent motion presented individually and with crossmodal moving distractors. SOA
24  2004 Neurophysiology of the parieto-frontal system during target interception. ---
25  2003 Contributions of the visual ventral pathway to long-range apparent motion. ---
26  2003 Physiological evidence of interaction of first- and second-order motion processes in the human visual system: a magnetoencephalographic study. MEG
27  2003 Responses of extrastriate cortex to switching perception of ambiguous visual motion stimuli. KO
28  1997 Time-till-breakdown and scalp electrical potential maps of long-range apparent motion. VEPs
29  1995 Local-level and global-level form characteristics in apparent-motion correspondence. ---
30  1995 Second-order texture contrast resolves ambiguous apparent motion. ---
31  1993 On the loss of apparent motion between isolated chromatic stimuli near isoluminance. TTB
32  1992 Inhibitory interaction in a split/fusion apparent motion: lack of spatial-frequency selectivity. ---
33  1992 No evidence for dichoptic motion sensing: a reply to Carney and Shadlen. MF
34  1991 Contribution of transient and sustained responses to the perception of apparent motion. ISI
35  1991 Time-till-breakdown and VEP measures of short-range apparent motion. ---
36  1991 Two carriers for motion perception: color and luminance. ---
37  1990 The temporal range of motion sensing and motion perception. ISIs
38  1989 The less you see it, the faster it moves: shortening the "on-time" speeds up apparent motion. ---
39  1988 Visual evoked potentials to stimuli in apparent motion. VEPs
40  1987 Effects of movement in the background field on long-range apparent motion. ---
41  1987 Visual inertia in apparent motion. ---
42  1985 Adaptation to apparent motion. RM
43  1985 Effects of luminance and contrast on direction of ambiguous apparent motion. ISI, LR, SR
44  1981 Intensity, spatial frequency, and temporal frequency determinants of apparent motion: Korte revisited. ---