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Abbreviation : AMP
Long Form : adenosine monophosphate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 2'O-galloylhyperin attenuates LPS-induced acute lung injury via up-regulation antioxidation and inhibition of inflammatory responses in vivo. HO-1, Nrf2
2019 A novel ASBT inhibitor, IMB17-15, repressed nonalcoholic fatty liver disease development in high-fat diet-fed Syrian golden hamsters. BA, CYP7A1, ERK, FXR, HDL-C, HFD, JNK, OA, PPARalpha, TG
2019 A novel CDKN2A variant (p16L117P ) in a patient with familial and multiple primary melanomas. CDK
2019 A unified mechanism for LLPS of ALS/FTLD-causing FUS as well as its modulation by ATP and oligonucleic acids. ALS, CTD, DIC, FUS, LLPS, NTD, PLD, RBPs, ssDNA
2019 AAK-2 and SKN-1 Are Involved in Chicoric-Acid-Induced Lifespan Extension in Caenorhabditis elegans. ---
2019 Adenosine 5'-Monophosphate Protects From Hypoxia By Lowering Mitochondrial Metabolism and Oxygen Demand. AMPK, DeltaPsim, mTORC1
2019 Adenosine kinase attenuates cardiomyocyte microtubule stabilization and protects against pressure overload-induced hypertrophy and LV dysfunction. ADK, CADO, MT, WT
2019 Adenosine Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase Signaling Regulates Lipid Metabolism in Response to Salinity Stress in the Red-Eared Slider Turtle Trachemys scripta elegans. ACC, ACO, ChREBP, CPT, FAS, LDL-C, PPARalpha, SREBP-1c, TC, TG
2019 Alpha-Synuclein Is a Target of Fic-Mediated Adenylylation/AMPylation: Possible Implications for Parkinson's Disease. alphaSyn, ER
10  2019 Alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Alleviates Inflammatory Bowel Disease Through Induction of AMPK-mTOR-p70S6K-Mediated Autophagy. alpha7nAChR, BMDMs, DSS, ELISA, IBD, LPS, mTOR
11  2019 AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activator drugs reduce mechanical allodynia in a mouse model of low back pain. AMPK, AUC's
12  2019 AMPK agonist AICAR ameliorates portal hypertension and liver cirrhosis via NO pathway in theBDL rat model. BDL, HSCs, NO, PVL, SECs
13  2019 AMPK alleviates high uric acid-induced Na+-K+-ATPase signaling impairment and cell injury in renal tubules. AICAR, HUA, IL-1beta, LKB1, mTOR, NKA, PTECs, UA
14  2019 AMPK/FOXO1 signaling pathway is indispensable in visfatin-regulated myosin heavy chain expression in C2C12 myotubes. FOXO1, MHC
15  2019 Analysis of Coenzymes and Antioxidants in Tissue and Blood Using 1D 1H NMR Spectroscopy. acetyl-CoA, ADP, CoA
16  2019 Anti-Diabetic Effect of a Shihunine-Rich Extract of Dendrobium loddigesii on 3T3-L1 Cells and db/db Mice by Up-Regulating AMPK-GLUT4-PPARalpha. DLS, GLUT4, PPARalpha
17  2019 Artemisinin alleviates atherosclerotic lesion by reducing macrophage inflammation via regulation of AMPK/NF-kappaB/NLRP3 inflammasomes pathway. HFD, NF-kappaB, NLRP3
18  2019 Associations of AMP and adenosine induced dyspnea sensation to large and small airways dysfunction in asthma. IOS, MBNW
19  2019 Astragaloside IV Alleviates the Myocardial Damage Induced by Lipopolysaccharide via the Toll-Like Receptor 4 (TLR4)/Nuclear Factor kappa B (NF-kappaB)/Proliferator-Activated Receptor alpha (PPARalpha) Signaling Pathway. AS-IV, ATP, FFA, IL-1ss, IL-6, LPS, NF-kappaB, PPARalpha, TLR4, TNF-alpha
20  2019 Berberine Ameliorates High-Fat Diet-Induced Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Rats via Activation of SIRT3/AMPK/ACC Pathway. ACC, AMPK, BBR, HFD, NAFLD, NC, SIRT3
21  2019 Berberine attenuates arthritis in adjuvant-induced arthritic rats associated with regulating polarization of macrophages through AMPK/NF-кB pathway. AA, Arg1, BBR, CFA, COX, iNOS, NF-kappaB, p-IkappaBalpha
22  2019 Biotin Is Required for the Zinc Homeostasis in the Skin. ATP, BD, ZA, ZD
23  2019 Cannabinoid receptor 2 deletion deteriorates myocardial infarction through the down-regulation of AMPK-mTOR-p70S6K signaling-mediated autophagy. CB2R, CCK-8, LDH, MI, OGD
24  2019 Carpinus turczaninowii Extract May Alleviate High Glucose-Induced Arterial Damage and Inflammation. C/EBP, ER, HASMCs, IL-6, p-H2.AX, TNF-alpha, UPLC-Q-TOF
25  2019 Cell type- and tissue-specific functions of ecto-5'-nucleotidase (CD73). CNS, GPI
26  2019 Comparison between Two Assessment Tests for Oral Hygiene: Adenosine Triphosphate + Adenosine Monophosphate Swab Test and Bacteria Number Counting by Dielectrophoretic Impedance Measurement. ATP, DEPIM, VAS
27  2019 Conformational changes in glutaminyl-tRNA synthetases upon binding of the substratesand analogs using molecular docking and molecular dynamics approaches. aaRSs, ATP, Gln, GlnRS, Glu, MDS, tRNA
28  2019 Cordycepin kills Mycobacterium tuberculosis through hijacking the bacterial adenosine kinase. ADD, ADO, Ado-K, hAdoK
29  2019 Cortisol Excess-Mediated Mitochondrial Damage Induced Hippocampal Neuronal Apoptosis in Mice Following Cold Exposure. CORT
30  2019 Determination of nucleotide and enzyme degradation in haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) and herring (Clupea harengus) after high pressure processing. 5'-NT, ADP, ATP, HPP, HX, IMP, Ino, NP
31  2019 Do the Natural Chemical Compounds Interact with the Same Targets of Current Pharmacotherapy for Weight Management?-A Review. AMPK, EMA, FDA, GLP-1, MC4R, PPARgamma
32  2019 Dysregulation of ectonucleotidase-mediated extracellular adenosine during postmenopausal bone loss. ---
33  2019 Early Treatment With Metformin in a Mice Model of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Reduces Pain and Edema. ---
34  2019 Edible quality of soft-boiled chicken processing with chilled carcass was better than that of hot-fresh carcass. GMP, IMP
35  2019 Electrostatic interactions determine entrance/release order of substrates in the catalytic cycle of adenylate kinase. ADP, ATP, MD
36  2019 ETHE1 overexpression promotes SIRT1 and PGC1alpha mediated aerobic glycolysis, oxidative phosphorylation, mitochondrial biogenesis and colorectal cancer. AMPKp, CRC, ETHE1, FAP, PDE, PGC-1alpha, SIRT1
37  2019 Extracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate-dependent protein kinase A autoantibody and C-reactive protein as serum biomarkers for diagnosis of cancer in dogs. CRP, ECPKA, ECPKA-Ab
38  2019 Extraction of nucleobases, nucleosides and nucleotides byemploying a magnetized graphene oxide functionalized with hydrophilic phytic acid and titanium(IV) ions. CMP, GMP, HILIC, IMAC, UMP
39  2019 Failure to sense energy depletion may be a novel therapeutic target in chronic kidney disease. CKD
40  2019 Glibenclamide-Induced Autophagy Inhibits Its Insulin Secretion-Improving Function in beta Cells. 3-MA, mTOR
41  2019 HPV-16 Infection Is Associated with a High Content of CD39 and CD73 Ectonucleotidases in Cervical Samples from Patients with CIN-1. ADO, ATP, CeCa, HR-HPV, NDs
42  2019 In-situ generation of nanozymes by natural nucleotides: a biocatalytic label for quantitative determination of hydrogen peroxide and glucose. CMP, GMP, TMP
43  2019 Inhibition of GSK-3beta activity suppresses HCC malignant phenotype by inhibiting glycolysis via activating AMPK/mTOR signaling. ATP, ECAR, GSK-3beta, HCC, mTOR
44  2019 Inhibitors of Oxidative Phosphorylation Modulate Astrocyte Inflammatory Responses through AMPK-Dependent Ptgs2 mRNA Stabilization. AMPK, ATP, IL-1alpha, PTGS2
45  2019 Intermittent parathyroid hormone promotes cementogenesis in a PKA- and ERK1/2-dependent manner. Co-IP, PKA, PTH, RT-PCR
46  2019 Linseed oil can decrease liver fat deposition and improve antioxidant ability of juvenile largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides. CAT, FBPase, FCR, FI, FO, GPx, HSI, iNOS, LO, MDA, PEPCK, PER, SGR, SOD, TC, TG, WG
47  2019 Magnetic dispersive solid-phase micro-extraction combined with high-performance liquid chromatography for determining nucleotides in Anoectochilus roxburghii (Wall.) Lindl. EF, FTIR, GMP, MDSPME, TEM, TGA, UMP, XRD
48  2019 Maslinic Acid Inhibits Colon Tumorigenesis by the AMPK-mTOR Signaling Pathway. CRC, MA
49  2019 Melatonin ameliorates cuprizone-induced reduction of hippocampal neurogenesis, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, and phosphorylation of cyclic AMP response element-binding protein in the mouse dentate gyrus. BDNF, GLUT3, MBP, NeuN
50  2019 Metabolite Profiles of Incident Diabetes and Heterogeneity of Treatment Effect in the Diabetes Prevention Program. DPP, ILS, MET, PLA, T2D
51  2019 Metformin and Breast Cancer: Molecular Targets. mTORC1
52  2019 Metformin induces apoptotic cytotoxicity depending on AMPK/PKA/GSK-3beta-mediated c-FLIPL degradation in non-small cell lung cancer. FLICE, GSK-3beta, NSCLC, PKA
53  2019 Metformin Regulates the Expression of CD133 Through the AMPK-CEBPbeta Pathway in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Lines. 5-FU, CEBPbeta, CSCs, LAP, LIP, mTOR
54  2019 Mitochondrial dysfunction regulates the JAK/STAT pathway by LKB1-mediated AMPK activation in an ER stress-independent manner. ER, ETC, IFN, LKB1, MD
55  2019 Molybdenum and Cadmium co-induced the levels of autophagy-related genes via adenosine 5'-monophosphate-activated protein kinase/mammalian target of rapamycin signaling pathway in Shaoxing Duck (Anas platyrhyncha) kidney. ATG5, Cd, Mo, mTOR
56  2019 Morin reduces inflammatory responses and alleviates lipid accumulation in hepatocytes. ACC, AMPK, MAPKs, MO, NF-kappaB, OA, PPARalpha, SREBP-1c, TG, TNF-alpha, Ty
57  2019 MoS2 flakes stabilized with DNA/RNA nucleotides: In vitro cell response. FMN, GMP, ROS, TMDCs
58  2019 MOTS-c inhibits Osteolysis in the Mouse Calvaria by affecting osteocyte-osteoclast crosstalk and inhibiting inflammation. AMPK, BMMs, OPG, PPARgamma, RANKL, UHMWPE
59  2019 Nebivolol Improves Obesity-Induced Vascular Remodeling by Suppressing NLRP3 Activation. beta-AR, HFD
60  2019 Omega-3 Fatty Acids-Enriched Fish Oil Activates AMPK/PGC-1alpha Signaling and Prevents Obesity-Related Skeletal Muscle Wasting. HF, LPL, PPARgamma
61  2019 Pharmacodynamic monitoring of mycophenolic acid therapy: Improved LC-MS/MS method for measuring inosin-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase activity. IMPDH, MPA, PBMCs, XMP
62  2019 Physiological alterations of GS-CHO cells in response to adenosine monophosphate treatment. ---
63  2019 Physiology and effects of nucleosides in mice lacking all four adenosine receptors. ARs, QKO
64  2019 Porcine HMGCR Inhibits Porcine Circovirus Type 2 Infection by Directly Interacting with the Viral Proteins. HMGCR, PCV2, PP2A
65  2019 Preparation of titanium ion functionalized polydopamine coated ferroferric oxide core-shell magnetic particles for selective extraction of nucleotides from Cordyceps and Lentinus edodes. CMP, GMP, TMP, UMP
66  2019 proline content alterative 17 (pca17) is involved in glucose response through sulfate metabolism-mediated pathway. Cys, Glc, pca17, WT
67  2019 Protective effect of vildagliptin on TNF-alpha-induced chondrocyte senescence. DPP-4, OA, PAI-1, SA-beta-gal, SIRT1, TNF-alpha
68  2019 Purinergic Signaling in Pulmonary Inflammation. ADA, ADP, AK, ATP, CNTs and ENTs
69  2019 Purines Change at Acupoints along the Pericardium Meridian in Healthy and Myocardial Ischemic Rats. ADO, ADP, ATP
70  2019 Reduning injection ameliorates paraquat-induced acute lung injury by regulating AMPK/MAPK/NF-kappaB signaling. MPO, NF-kappaB, RDN
71  2019 Regulating the Warburg effect on metabolic stress and myocardial fibrosis remodeling and atrial intracardiac waveform activity induced by atrial fibrillation. AERP, AERPd, AF, ATP, CS, DCA, ELISA, IDH, LDHA, MMP-9, PAF, PDH, PDK-1, PE, PWD, RAP, RT-PCR
72  2019 Residue Network Involved in the Allosteric Regulation of Cystathionine beta-Synthase Domain-Containing Pyrophosphatase by Adenine Nucleotides. ATP, CBS
73  2019 Rhodamine-based fluorescent probe for sequential detection of Al3+ ions and adenosine monophosphate in water. ---
74  2019 Safety, tolerability, and pharmacology of AB928, a novel dual adenosine receptor antagonist, in a randomized, phase 1 study in healthy volunteers. CREB, FE, MAD, PD, PK, SAD
75  2019 Sirtuin 4 Depletion Promotes Hepatocellular Carcinoma Tumorigenesis Through Regulating Adenosine-Monophosphate-Activated Protein Kinase Alpha/Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Axis in Mice. ADP, AMPKalpha, ATP, HCCs, KO, LKB1, mTOR, SIRT4
76  2019 Sorafenib-Induced Apoptosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Is Reversed by SIRT1. ATP, HCCs, mTOR, NAD, NMN, SIRT
77  2019 Straightforward Immobilization of Phosphonic Acids and Phosphoric Acid Esters on Mesoporous Silica and Their Application in an Asymmetric Aldol Reaction. ---
78  2019 Study on biochemical divergences of the meat and egg of freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii). ADP, ATP, FAAs, IMP
79  2019 Study on the Volatile Organic Compounds and Its Correlation with Water Dynamics of Bigeye Tuna (Thunnus obesus) during Cold Storage. ADP, HE, VOCs
80  2019 Substrate regulation on co-metabolic degradation of beta-cypermethrin by Bacillus licheniformis B-1. Ala, ATP, beta-CY, F1-6BP, PEP, Phe
81  2019 The influence of ultrasound and adenosine 5'-monophosphate marination on tenderness and the structures of myofibrillar proteins of beef. DW, UAMP, UDW
82  2019 The Lonely Guy (LOG) Homologue SiRe_0427 from the Thermophilic Archaeon Sulfolobus islandicus REY15A Is a Phosphoribohydrolase Representing a Novel Group. LOG
83  2019 The role of chamaejasmine in cellular apoptosis and autophagy in MG-63 cells. mTOR, OS, ROS
84  2019 Umami taste and its association with energy status in harvested Pleurotus geesteranus stored at different temperatures. ADP, ATP, CcO, EUC, SDH
85  2019 Unbiased Measurement of Phosphate and Phosphorus Speciation in Surface Waters. Glucose-P, IC
86  2019 Vaccarin ameliorates insulin resistance and steatosis by activating the AMPK signaling pathway. GlcN, HFD, STZ, T2DM
87  2019 Xiexin Tang ameliorates dyslipidemia in high-fat diet-induced obese rats via elevating gut microbiota-derived short chain fatty acids production and adjusting energy metabolism. ACK, ADP, AMPK, ATP, buk, BUT, EC, MMD, mTOR, PGC-1alpha, SCFAs, UCP2, XXT
88  2019 [Effect of electroacupuncture at "Shenmen"(HT7) and "Sanyinjiao"(SP6) on energy metabolism in paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus of insomnia rats]. AcCoA, CORT, EA, PVN
89  2019 [EXPRESS] mTOR activation due to APPL1 deficiency exacerbates hyperalgesia via Rab5/Akt and AMPK signaling pathway in STZ-induced diabetic rats. mTOR, MWT, PDN, STZ, TWL
90  2018 A high-fat diet impairs mitochondrial biogenesis, mitochondrial dynamics, and the respiratory chain complex in rat myocardial tissues. ATP, HFD
91  2018 A novel method for studying airway hyperresponsiveness in allergic guinea pigs in vivo using the PreciseInhale system for delivery of dry powder aerosols. ---
92  2018 A rapid and simple chemical method for the preparation of Ag colloids for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy using the Ag mirror reaction. CMP, GMP, SERS, UMP
93  2018 A-Kinase Anchoring Protein-Lbc: A Molecular Scaffold Involved in Cardiac Protection. AKAPs, PKA
94  2018 Adenosine and adenosine-5'-monophosphate ingestion ameliorates abnormal glucose metabolism in mice fed a high-fat diet. ADN, AMPK, ITT, OGTT
95  2018 Aging of lymphoid organs: Can photobiomodulation reverse age-associated thymic involution via stimulation of extrapineal melatonin synthesis and bone marrow stem cells? PBM
96  2018 AMP and adenosine are both ligands for adenosine 2B receptor signaling. A2BR, CHO
97  2018 Anandamide Induces Platelet Nitric Oxide Synthase through AMP-Activated Protein Kinase. AEA, CaM, CaMKKbeta, eNOS, LKB1, NO, PI3K, VASP
98  2018 Anti-cancer Effects of Metformin: Recent Evidences for its Role in Prevention and Treatment of Cancer. IGF-1, NF-kappaB, T2DM
99  2018 Baicalin, a Chinese Herbal Medicine, Inhibits the Proliferation and Migration of Human Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) Cells, A549 and H1299, by Activating the SIRT1/AMPK Signaling Pathway. AMPK, MMP, mTOR, NSCLC, siRNA, SIRT1
100  2018 Benfotiamine, a Lipid-Soluble Analog of Vitamin B1, Improves the Mitochondrial Biogenesis and Function in Blunt Snout Bream (Megalobrama amblycephala) Fed High-Carbohydrate Diets by Promoting the AMPK/PGC-1beta/NRF-1 Axis. AMPK, ATP, ATP-6, COX-2, cyt b, Drp1, FCR, Fis1, HC, Mff, Mfn1, NRF-1, Opa-1, PGC-1beta, RFI, SGR, WGR