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Abbreviation : AMT
Long Form : ammonium transporter
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Diazotrophic Paenibacillus beijingensis BJ-18 Provides Nitrogen for Plant and Promotes Plant Growth, Nitrogen Uptake and Metabolism. GS, NR, NRT
2019 The role of ammonium transporter (AMT) against salt stress in plants. AMTs, MeA
2018 Identification of arbuscular mycorrhiza-inducible Nitrate Transporter 1/Peptide Transporter Family (NPF) genes in rice. AMF
2018 Phylogenetic analyses and in-seedling expression of ammonium and nitrate transporters in wheat. NAR2, NRT
2018 Transcriptome responses in wheat roots to colonization by the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Rhizophagus irregularis. AM, DEGs, NRT
2017 Phylogenetic, structural, and functional characterization of AMT3;1, an ammonium transporter induced by mycorrhization among model grasses. AM
2017 Wheat Ammonium Transporter (AMT) Gene Family: Diversity and Possible Role in Host-Pathogen Interaction with Stem Rust. ---
2016 Gene characterization and transcription analysis of two new ammonium transporters in pear rootstock (Pyrus betulaefolia). ---
2016 GintAMT3 - a Low-Affinity Ammonium Transporter of the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Rhizophagus irregularis. AM
10  2016 Whole Genome Sequencing Reveals Potential New Targets for Improving Nitrogen Uptake and Utilization in Sorghum bicolor. ---
11  2016 [Effects of different NO3--N/NH4+-N ratios on cucumber seedlings growth, nitrogen absorption and metabolism under suboptimal temperature and light intensity]. DM, GS, NR, NRT
12  2015 Abiotic Stresses Downregulate Key Genes Involved in Nitrogen Uptake and Assimilation in Brassica juncea L. ASN, GDH, GS, NiR, NR, NRT
13  2014 Direct observation of electrogenic NH4(+) transport in ammonium transport (Amt) proteins. SSM
14  2014 Switching substrate specificity of AMT/MEP/ Rh proteins. Rh
15  2014 Uncoupling of ionic currents from substrate transport in the plant ammonium transporter AtAMT1;2. Rh
16  2014 [Assembling of an ammonium transporter gene in Salicornia europaea by expression pattern analysis of Unigene in transcriptome]. ORF
17  2013 Rapid nitrogen transfer in the Sorghum bicolor-Glomus mosseae arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis. AM
18  2013 The family of ammonium transporters (AMT) in Sorghum bicolor: two AMT members are induced locally, but not systemically in roots colonized by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. AM
19  2011 Intron features of key functional genes mediating nitrogen metabolism in marine phytoplankton. NiR, NR
20  2011 N-terminal cysteines affect oligomer stability of the allosterically regulated ammonium transporter LeAMT1;1. ---
21  2011 Structure of GlnK1, a signalling protein from Archaeoglobus fulgidus. ---
22  2010 The mixed lineage nature of nitrogen transport and assimilation in marine eukaryotic phytoplankton: a case study of micromonas. NRT
23  2009 A mycorrhizal-specific ammonium transporter from Lotus japonicus acquires nitrogen released by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. AM
24  2009 Expression of genes involved in symbiotic carbon and nitrogen transport in Pinus taeda mycorrhizal roots exposed to CO2 enrichment and nitrogen fertilization. EMF, MST
25  2009 Functional analysis of human RhCG: comparison with E. coli ammonium transporter reveals similarities in the pore and differences in the vestibule. Mep
26  2009 Germinating spores of Glomus intraradices can use internal and exogenous nitrogen sources for de novo biosynthesis of amino acids. AM, GC-MS, GDH, GS, HPLC, OAT, qPCR, UAP
27  2007 A cytosolic trans-activation domain essential for ammonium uptake. ---
28  2007 Ammonium channel expression is essential for brain development and function in the larva of Ciona intestinalis. ---
29  2007 Nitrogen-dependent posttranscriptional regulation of the ammonium transporter AtAMT1;1. ---
30  2007 Protonation states of ammonia/ammonium in the hydrophobic pore of ammonia transporter protein AmtB. ---
31  2007 The 1.3-A resolution structure of Nitrosomonas europaea Rh50 and mechanistic implications for NH3 transport by Rhesus family proteins. Rh
32  2007 The conserved carboxy-terminal region of the ammonia channel AmtB plays a critical role in channel function. ---
33  2007 The expanded family of ammonium transporters in the perennial poplar plant. ---
34  2007 The organization of high-affinity ammonium uptake in Arabidopsis roots depends on the spatial arrangement and biochemical properties of AMT1-type transporters. ---
35  2006 Ammonium ion transport by the AMT/Rh homologue LeAMT1;1. ---
36  2006 Rh proteins vs Amt proteins: an organismal and phylogenetic perspective on CO2 and NH3 gas channels. ---
37  2005 Evolutionary conservation and diversification of Rh family genes and proteins. Rh
38  2004 Electron and atomic force microscopy of the trimeric ammonium transporter AmtB. ---
39  2003 Molecular characterization, function and regulation of ammonium transporters (Amt) and ammonium-metabolizing enzymes (GS, NADP-GDH) in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Hebeloma cylindrosporum. ---
40  2002 Gas channels for NH(3): proteins from hyperthermophiles complement an Escherichia coli mutant. ---
41  2001 New insights into the Rh superfamily of genes and proteins in erythroid cells and nonerythroid tissues. ---
42  1999 Three functional transporters for constitutive, diurnally regulated, and starvation-induced uptake of ammonium into Arabidopsis roots. ---
43  1992 Isolation and characterization of a ntrC mutant of Bradyrhizobium (Parasponia) sp. ANU289. GSI, GSII, NR